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A surreal cavern city inhabited by Symenestra where stones glow and streets are reams of silk. Cocoon like structures hang between stalactites and cascade over limestone flows in organic and eerie arabesques. Without a Symenestra willing to escort you, entrance is impossible.

Calendar for Winter 514AV

Postby Neologism on December 10th, 2014, 3:29 am

Winter Calendar

The world around Kalinor moves into an icy Winter. Kalea is blanketed in icy layers of snow, but Kalinor stays warm. Isolated from the harsh mountain winters, the caves only experience a shallow dip in the temperature. Even though the caves are still a comfortable climate, the Symenestra bundle up. Children venture towards the outside to play in the foreign snow. Hunters start spending more time in the Taverns and the Market hosts less over-ground foods. Everything in the caves seems to nestle into a comfortable winter-time bliss, but things are not as they seem...

Harvesters are taking a season off from travelling, and new recruits are preparing to leave. With most of the Symenestra back home, opinions start to clash and scandal is revealed. The Symenestra begin to see the real political unrest that was only hinted at the season before. The strong and trusted government that keeps our small community is starting to reveal its tears. Will you pull the strings or do you want to leave it be?

Winter Holidays

    Do-Vedenza Kina, The Farewell Feast: In late winter, those who intend to participate in the harvest take their leave on the day of Do-Vedenza Kina. Nests observe this solemn day individually, whether they are sending off a loved one, or their harvester has yet to return. Gifts are given to the harvester and a filling meal is prepared. Before the harvester departs, a red scarf, embroidered by the female(s) the harvester is gathering for is tied about the harvester's arm as a token of goodwill.

    21st: The season's events begin with an unusual announcement from the ruling couple. Those who do not attend hear the news quickly, the head of the Ochya. Kassico Plumeria, is going on trial.
    23rd: A jury is selected from the citizens in Kalinor. The thought of paying jurors is not in anyone's mind. (PM me if you wish to join)
    36th-17th: After some preparation, the trials for the head of the Ochya are held in the Clave, almost everyone attends. (SQ available if interested)
    42nd: When the results of the trial are revealed, and Kassico is convicted, the Ochya claim that the Ruling Couple has paid jurors on the decision. Although no one can prove the Ruling Couple paid for perjury, the cities peacekeepers decide to take matters into their own hands.
    43rd-55th: Over the next few days, some Symenestra and Kalinor foreigners find they are being watched. Those who work closely with the Ruling Couple or with the government of Kalinor at all find themselves the object of the Ochya's observations.
    60th: Avadon Hyacinth, the male part to the ruling couple, has suffered an unusual heart attack and died. The city coroner beleives it was due to stress, however there is no autopsy out of respect for Virates.
    62nd: Despite the recent fall out between the two government powers, a ceremony is held for the wrapping of Avadon Hyacinth. Most of the city, including the Ochya, attend out of respect. (Open thread coming soon)
    70th: Nessora Hyacinth disappears, shocking and highly unusual in such a small city. The Ochya are quick to announce their absolute rule until another Ruling Couple can be found. Kassico Plumeria is quickly dropped of all charges.
    71st: A small, independent search party starts grooming the town in search of Nessora. When they find her, the Ochya present evidence to arrest her for treason.
    77th: Nessora goes on trial. No one questions the Ochya anymore. (SQ sign-ups coming soon)
    80th: In an effort to raise spirits, the Weft and Warp hold a embroidery workshop for the the partners of harvesters. Fabrics and threads used for Do-Vedenza Kina gifts are given at a discounted price.
    88th: The snow above Kalinor is almost gone and the newest group of Harvesters leave the caves until the next Fall. The Do-Vedenza Kina, Farewell Feast, is observed silently around Kalinor. Under all the unrest and uncertainty of the future of their city, there is reassurance that the race as a whole will continue to thrive. Their destination is Lhavit.
    92nd: The season ends, and there is still no ruling couple, and no plans for new trials.

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