Contribute to Black Rock's very own 'Newspaper'!

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Contribute to Black Rock's very own 'Newspaper'!

Postby Traverse on December 20th, 2014, 6:34 pm



This space is just waiting to be filled, by you!

Bleak Heights Paper is not a 'newspaper,' at least in the way that we have them today, but it is a semi-regular periodical made to deliver news, events, and entertainment to all on the island, living or dead. What I would love is to actually make these periodicals with articles, poetry, notices, and art you guys make or write and submit here.

Things to keep in mind are the printing capabilities of Sharness and Nikkal. Woodblock printing can get quite detailed, but they don't have things like letter presses, in some cases Sharness or Nikkal might actually hand write news and events on each copy, sometimes carving them into wood and printing the negative space, sometimes not. They love if painters or charcoal artists take a corner of their paper and have at it, though obviously that's hard to reproduce, making each piece that they make unique in its own way.

You can post announcements for events like theatre shows or parties down on the docks, sea shanties, sketches, paintings, the sky is the limit! And it can be from your PC, from an NPC, or simply an anonymous contribution. I want to see some fun ideas thrown in here, and when enough are assembled I'll photoshop a copy of Bleak Heights' periodical for all to see, if we get enough perhaps we can even start an archive of news and events!

If you have any questions on potential submissions, just PM me. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

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