[Diane's Scrapbook] The chains of Life.

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[Diane's Scrapbook] The chains of Life.

Postby Adder on December 28th, 2010, 3:43 pm

There's some heavy stuff in here.
I'm just a simple guy but you have my respect for being able to write this kind of thing. Life is tragedy, I know but bear with it. We all get a nice ride out of it, we just need to keep in the carriadge long enough to realise...
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[Diane's Scrapbook] The chains of Life.

Postby Diane on December 29th, 2010, 7:36 pm

Add@ thank you for the small thoughts, I know that myself and there is more to come, I am very sure of it.Things are never easy and gets even more complicated, each day.

Me.You.Us..or what we used to be.Everything turned to dust, as the wind is taking it away, spreading it in mid air.Our 'love' turned to be only a play to you, not seeing me in future alongside you, twisting me, breaking me into pieces on Christmas Eve was the most cruel thing You could ever have done to me..

I, don't think I could ever forgive you for that, but in the same time I don't regret the feelings which I still have towards you and for You only.I just simply wish that someday, you'll realize that I really cared, listened and Liked you for the You now and the Future You..

The us used to be nice, understanding and even with the arguments, small fights that we had, I don't feel sorry for.I feel sorry for starting to 'love' you, then made a big mistake and called you while I was not in my complete -minds-, with a shrug, and the alcohol spoke for me..Sorry for that.I am also sorry for not being as you want me to be, or for the Me which you expect me to be.I sincerely never thought that I will get down to this, saying all those words to me, when I believed that you did cared even a bit.What did meant all those messages, all those nice/sweet words and the 'you mean a lot to me' Did go?!..

Why do I keep returning to you, in my mind, in the text messages ..why can't I simply not 'search you' but everywhere I turn there it's you, and it's very hard on me to simply Put you aside and forget you, forget all we had..
~Chains of life keep holding me down, behind and making me now to live in the past and not the present as it is.It's hurting me..you know?Do you really know..I wish you knew.

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