Some Inarta questions

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Some Inarta questions

Postby Haizea on December 23rd, 2014, 8:13 am

I'm still pretty new to Mizahar, but I've been looking through the lores and such for a bit before I joined. I'm very interested in the Inarta and I had a couple of questions which hopefully someone will be kind enough to answer.

The first I guess, is how would someone who was an Endal work in a marriage? Like, would their spouse and family share the same quarters in the aeries? There is a lot of mention of higher castes taking advantage of lower ranks, resulting in unwanted children... but what if their moral sense led them to someone they cared about?

Basically, I planned on one of character's parents being a rider while the other was an Avora blacksmith. Am I correct in assuming that they would be raised by their parents until they were eight and then placed in the youth section of the city? The reason I am asking is because I plan to have the parents castes influence their interests.

Anyways, thank you ahead of time for any answers and/or help on this.
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Some Inarta questions

Postby Azira on December 23rd, 2014, 9:20 am

Hi Haizea and welcome!

An Endal has a fair amount of space in their Aerie and that would accommodate a family. The higher castes do indeed take advantage of the lower ones but that's normally a fling. From time to time they find someone that they care about and they move in together. They might go on to marry but I don't believe that that's a guaranteed thing.

The Chiet and the Dek are more normally taken advantage of but the Avora have the power to say no. It's more likely that they would have some control in their relationship whether it was something casual that only led to a one night stand or a more serious long term relationship. It's entirely possible for an Avora and an Endal to get together although an Avora's rank would be improved because of the union. They'd be treated like an Endal unless something happens to their partner in which case they revert to their former caste as far as I know. Just bear that in mind.

Children who are born to Avora and Endal castes are normally raised by them and that would be up until the age of 8 when they enter the Yasi Quarter to learn independence and get an education.

Hope that helped!
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Some Inarta questions

Postby Gossamer on December 23rd, 2014, 1:38 pm

The Inarta normally don't marry ever. They can do lifetime hookups but their children will still be raised by the collective.

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