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All in a day

Postby Sayana on July 6th, 2015, 11:32 pm



Skill EXP
Tracking +2
Observation +5
Stealth +5
Bodybuilding +1
Intimidation +5
Land Navigation +1
Endurance +1
Socialization +5
Interrogation +4
Subterfuge +2
Planning +2
Acting +3
Tactics +4
Persuasion +3
Larceny +3
Rhetoric +1

  • Stick to what you know
  • Stealth: Softening one's footsteps
  • Stealth: Sticking to shadows
  • Shakune: Chaktawe courier
  • A brief glimpse of life at sea
  • Larceny: Distracting a mark
  • Larceny: Planning a robbery
  • Acting: Putting on calm appearance to deceive

Comments :
Great thread and such a variety of skills covered. I liked how Berend decided to go after Shakune even though he didn’t manage to do it successfully.

Thanks for updating your ledger with the expenses for the thread (cider and courier service). For seasonal expenses it’s helpful to have a year attached to the season especially once you’ve been on Mizahar for more than a year. Right now it’s obvious but in future consider adjusting it.


Skill EXP
Negotiation +4
Observation +5
Persuasion +2
Land Navigation +1
Tactics +4
Planning +2
Socialization +5
Flirting +1
Interrogation +3
Rhetoric +3
Storytelling +2
Writing +1
Intelligence +2
Acting +1
Subterfuge +1
Philosophy +2
Running +1

  • Business Tactics: Gaining the signature of the recipient of a delivery to prove delivery
  • Goal: To own a courier business with a shop front and employees
  • Berend: A thief and a liar
  • Interrogation: Be friendly and charming
  • The freedom felt at sea
  • Business Tactics: Including a writing service for courier business
  • Negotiation: Making a sales pitch
  • Intelligence: Assessing a letter's contents
  • Almost getting robbed
  • Philosophy: If a thief eats, then another man does not

Comments :
Wonderful thread. I really enjoyed Shakune’s comments about how to make her business grow. Despite how cautious she is, she’s also quite naïve and it was interesting seeing how she reacted to Berend’s deceit.

If Shakune is using this is as a job thread then no ledger changes are necessary (as they would be included in the job wages), otherwise gain 1gm for the courier fee.

Don't forget to edit/delete your grade request in the grade request thread.

If you have any questions or concerns about your grade please feel free to send me a message (like really, I’m all ears if you feel like I missed something).


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