[Drunken Fish] Caution: Ice (Shakune)

Shakune seeks out Glen Fiddich with an interesting business proposal.

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[Drunken Fish] Caution: Ice (Shakune)

Postby Pulren Marsh on June 27th, 2015, 3:57 pm

A Grade is Coming
Your Wave
Hey gang, great read about negotiations and setup for a job and adventure! Too bad that it didn't set sail.

  • Observation 3
  • Flirting 2
  • Rhetoric 4
  • Socialization 2
  • Negotiation 2
  • Subterfuge 1
  • Seduction 1
  • Climbing 1
  • Sailing 1
  • Organization 1
  • Flirting: A Favorable Way of Greeting
  • Seduction: Belittle the Competition
  • Rhetoric: Using Someone's Native Language for Benefit
  • Negotiation: Start Low
  • Negotiation: Set a Time Limit
  • Negotiation: Suggest Peripheral Profit
  • Subterfuge: Keep Your Emotions to Yourself
  • Sailing: Raising the Mainsail
  • Sailing: Looping the Rope Through the Pulley
  • Organization: Sorting Business Papers
  • Squidgle: Good Judge of Character
  • Chaktawe: Sensing the Wind
  • Svefra Casinor: The Crimson Tide
  • - 4 cm for an ale


Hey, Glen.

Get your affairs in order and PM me and I will be happy to give you some grades.

I enjoyed learning about the characters. I would have given more lores about sailing to you, Shakune, but with five Sailing points and no previous lores, I didn't understand where the specific ship terms and procedures came from. PM me if you need more clarification.


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