Clarification regarding Master Leeching

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Clarification regarding Master Leeching

Postby Casso on February 20th, 2015, 10:08 am

On the Leeching lore page, the master description is as follows

Master (76-100)
A master Leecher can absorb Djed with 100% efficiency. He can absorb from wild Djed patches and do reverse gnosis on them, his magical stamina being almost unlimited in these areas. He can ignore overgiving for up to three hours, but this will make it far worse when it sets in. The Leecher can cast as much magic as many normal wizards; sufficient availability of sources is the only real limit. However, he is by this time a worn out shell who needs to support himself with a stick to even walk. Even when young, the Leecher is an old thing withering away as time passes.

Whereas gnosis is defined as belows on the lore page

Gnosis (Divine magic)
Main article: Gnosis

Divine magic falls into the category of magic granted by the Gods themselves and is generally called Gnosis. Recipients are specifically chosen by a God or Goddess for a wide variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include rewards for worship, linking the person more closely to the deity so the deity can keep tabs on them, or for the potential use of those gnosi as 'tools of the gods'.

A God or Goddess will 'brand' an individual with a Gnosis mark that gives them access to the divine powers of the marker. These marks vary in location and appearance depending upon which god or goddess does the marking. Gnosis marks can be forcefully branded upon the individuals, unwillingly, and grant them powers the users themselves find horrific. Depending upon the nature of these marks, the divine magic granted may work voluntarily, involuntarily, and may in fact harm the wielder.

Which brings me to my question of what the "reverse gnosis"(highlighted in red) actually means. Does it mean that they can also leech on divine magic?
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Clarification regarding Master Leeching

Postby Matthew on February 27th, 2015, 5:07 pm

I wouldn't think they can leech Divine Magic. The Leeching article specifically states that Leeching absorbs Djed, while the Gnosis article says that Gnosis is related to Djed. Other articles mention that Gnosis use Djed somehow, but there is no exact clarification. Since the Leeching article doesn't mention the ability to affect Gnosis (except what you pointed out), I would say that it can't.

When it comes to "reverse Gnosis", I believe that is a typo and was intended to say Reverse Leeching. I can't find any other reference to reverse Gnosis, Leeching being able to effect Gnosis doesn't make sense according to other wiki articles, and Reverse Leeching makes more sense in that particular blurb.

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Clarification regarding Master Leeching

Postby Rayage on February 27th, 2015, 8:19 pm

I had a question about the interaction between magic and gnosis, and the Founders agreed that they wanted to keep the two separate. Wild Djed is mentioned in one of Tarots Vbolgs, and it is totally different from Divine Djed.

''Reverse Gnosis'' is something undefined in the article, and the only person who can really answer this question is one of the Founders or the writer of the article 'Tarot'. I DO know that the Leeching article is due for a revision, to make it more appealing to other players, but those revisions are unknown for right now. (At least I do not know about them)

Though I really wouldnt worry about that ability until someone actually can preform it, and then its up to them to really look for the answers themselves. It would be really cool to get an answer from Tarot, but he is super busy these days.
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