[Group Plotnotes] Team Privateers

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[Group Plotnotes] Team Privateers

Postby Fallon on March 28th, 2015, 5:37 pm

Group Plotnotes: Team Privateer


  • Fallon
  • Shai
  • Zandelia


Team Privateer is the gathering of a select few individuals on a private and otherwise invitation only endeavour. The main focus of the 'team' at the moment exists in phase 1. This is to scrape together the fundings to purchase a sailing vessel and to train in nautical related skills (Sailing, Navigation, Swimming, Survival, etc). Once these goals have been achieved, phase 2 will then commence - the actual sailing and use of the purchased vessel. The sailing vessel itself is as follows (as seen on the price list):

Saique (50 ton cargo) (Mt: 2L) - 15000gm
The Saique is a small merchant vessel, which has a mixed rigging of square and lateen sails. It possesses a large cargo hold for its size and is usually found close to the coasts. This is the most common class of merchant vessel. It supports 2 light mounts. Crew: 10, Passengers: 5

While other pieces will be needed to supplement this, the main focus is the actual base package purchase - other pieces can be brought as and when necessary. As most shipyards require four to five months (120 to 150 Mizahar IC days) to construct a 50 ton ship or larger, and while the Saique has a cargo space of 50 tons and is on the smaller end of the sizes, the educated guess has been taken that it will take approximately 120 days (1 and a third seasons) to build and be constructed. However, due to finances construction completion is due for the 15th Autumn 515 AV - should all payments be met.


While the dates are still being determined, the following points have to be covered in order to pursue with this plot:

    Winter 514 AV:
  • Idea discussion between Fallon & Zandelia (Done)

    Spring 515 AV:
  • Proposition of idea with Shai (Done - Here)
  • Trio sit down and discuss properly, Go and make commission request to the shipwright. Construct payment contract (5k instalments) - being done here
  • First pay instalment

    Summer 515 AV (and onwards):
  • Second pay instalment
  • Third pay instalment
  • Saique finished
  • Party hard


Simply used to keep track of finances, where coin is coming from and where various payments have been made, and by whom. Please notify Fallon if a payment has been made and the "ledger" will be updated to reflect this.

IC DateThreadDescriptionInOutTotal
#-Payment 1-5000gm-
#-Payment 2-5000gm-
#-Payment 3-5000gm-
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