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Image:Scroll2.png " Everyone has a story in them. Everyone has a tale to tell. Maybe it is not a long one, maybe it isn't a saga to span across the ages. But it exists there in each and every one of us, and to us as individuals it is important. It is our story, our tale, and one that weaves to and fro with the lives of others."
- Fallon, to Zandelia in 'So here we are'

Fallon Skylar
Place of birthSylira Region
TitleThe Red Wolf
Gnosis marks

Fallon Skylar is a Human Traveller and a founding member of the Scars– as well as its official leader until its dissolution in Winter 514 AV. Raised in various locations throughout Mizahar during her life, she has some understanding – though not complete - of the various cultures about. Having escaped Sunberth, Fallon has settled in the city of Zeltiva in the Sylira region, and is presently attempting to carve out a more normal existence - taking an easier time in comparison to her previous eventful and challenging year. Of course, she doubts if that is even possible at times.


Physical Description

There is not a lot to Fallon. Smooth pale skin, with the occasional freckle here and there - though there are several places that carry set physical scars of the past. Her face is best described as youthful, giving her an illusion that she is a few years younger than her actual age. A bonus in some situations, but in others not so much. Her features are soft, small and delicate, and where possible she tries to wear an expression of calm - of course there is, on occasion, that mischievous glint that forms upon her face.

Her hair is a thick mane that is beginning to curl at the edges, a mixture of various light and dark highlights appearing at the tips. It is long enough for it to be tied back with ease - and when she does, she more often than not only pulls back the sides and fringe where possible into a ponytail whist leaving the mane behind her ears free and caressing her shoulders. Of course those few strands of hair escapes its holding and rests across her face and so framing her features in a collection of blonde shades. Her chin is slightly pointed, her eyes a selection of greens and blues that appear slightly hypnotic to those who stare too deep. It is a clear, unwavering gaze that fills her face most of the time, but whatever she is truly looking at is a mystery.

Barely above average height for a human with her weight relatively light, she appears both slim and balanced; there is nowhere that is overly distinctive - making her appear androgynous at the best of times. But there is that strange lingering instinct in her form, one of a more wild nature that is kept under control. It is the subtle under growl that appears in her voice when she is annoyed, that gives it away. Otherwise her accent is best described as being crisp and cool, with a rolling lilt that is free of hesitation - and definite dialect - whilst remaining calm.


Fallon is a creature built upon her achievements and her failures, having grown and developed through her struggles from a girl into a woman. It is because of this that her views of the world are realistic and hardened through experience, her mind having now been keened into always attempting to do what she deems as right - no matter the odds. However this feeling of righteousness is not deemed just based on moral values, it is based upon gathering as much information as possible and looking upon the situation objectively. From there with her love of knowledge, she takes hold of her natural inner strength and awareness to the environment around her, and acts accordingly to it be through words, action or both - much like her patron Goddess Eyris.

At heart she is a traveller - a somewhat foolish past time in the present state of the world -, but beyond her lust for such her gaze always facing forwards, bent on her attempt to think of the long term with her own natural intuition guiding her. When there is a problem before her, this woman is capable of pushing herself to extremes regardless of the consequences when faced with problems or issues to confront, and whilst far from perfect at dealing with all of them she still attempts regardless. Always trying and always looking while focused on maintaining balance - be it internally or externally - and taking hold of her natural inner strength and awareness to the environment around her. For the most part she acts accordingly to it - through words, action or both. Her tongue can be quick, her mind quicker and manipulative to reach her end goal - or to get rid of someone through other means.

If preference was to rule however, more often than not she can be found haunting areas where words run easily and knowledge is available; be it in some seedy tavern or some grand library. Both have things available to her, to assist in providing her with the upper hand. If she is not doing this, however, then it is safe to presume she is lurking about trying to solve the next mystery and chase down rumors - all whilst working on the job as a sword arm. This does not mean however that she is willing to simply reveal such to individuals simply upon a whim; such things must be earned, and respect must be obtained, before she would even consider teaching. Even more so when it comes to the practices of magic.

Although she has a preference to avoid dangerous situations and would rather stick to a more mellow exterior, she also understands the necessity of having to deal with things and so is prepared to get her hands dirty - why let a situation grow worse and fester more than necessary. Be it in or outside of work, if she is put in a bad situation she is more than capable of pulling out all the stops to ensure her survival with cold, hard efficiency – or brutality, depending on who you ask.

Finally, while Fallon has been a curious creature, driven by a want to seek and learn new things be it in her practiced magics, combat, the world, or even more academic pursuits - a primary drive that has more often than not gotten her into some form of trouble. With such an interest she can be found haunting areas where words run easily and knowledge is available, from a library to a seedy tavern as both have things that she can use in order to obtain the upper hand with careful lurking and connecting of links. Whilst this does not make her overly intelligent, a genius or even knowledgeable about subjects, what she does know and experienced has made her wise in a worldly fashion and perceptive for someone of her age.


Early Life

Once, perhaps Fallon would have chosen a different style of life to the one that she was now faced with, to have a life of normality. But that was only once. Fallon spent her more memorable early years in the city of Syliras, absent from the influence of responsible parents until she met her mentor. Those before that were left as an enigma, not that it discouraged her too much. From there she was brought into the world of magic, and followed the school of Projection. It was also during this time that her mentor led her round the Sylira and Taldera region on his personal research projects with her serving as his assistant. Her vagabond nature was instilled during this point, and still rests deeply within her to this present day.

When Fallon was in Avanthal she received her first mark from Eyris, and was consequently enlightened to the world of discovery and history seeking. With this drive behind her she began stretching herself all across the Sylira region in the pursuit for knowledge - hungry almost for secrets and adventure. Ravok was also graced briefly, and it was there that she was initiated into Reimancy. From there her travelling lead her to Sahova, in response the citadel left her broken and scarred.

Eventually, she calmed and found herself once more returning to her roots in Syliras. For a time she served as a squire for the Syliran Knights, but upon deeming herself personally inept for the order she sent herself out once more to the world. Though this time she was not alone, having being reunited with her supposed older brother Eygptus Murdock (also known as Wrenmae Sek or the 'Hound'), though she grew increasingly sceptical of their relationship as time and absence went on. With the aims to take the aspects of the knights and work it further afield it was inevitable that her steps lead her from one extreme to the other – Sunberth. It was there that she began the task of change and revolution - spurring the start of a great challenge into a new future. This was to produce a legacy, to bring the city out from its rough state and make something worth fighting for. In theory, at least.

The Scars

Image:Scroll2.png "We are the reminders of the past! Of things we loved and lost! We hunt our foes, we pick our targets. We learned our lessons long ago from things that we have received, and strive to do better than the past. Sorry gentlemen, but we are the Scars, and you, have just been swatted by Hound's little b-"
- Fallon, to the enemy in Sunberth's Baroque Bay

With the idea of change filling her, it was opportunity that Fallon took. Drawing in others with the same views, the formation of the Scars became inevitable. With the forming collation of people from various walks of life - and the untimely disappearance of ‘Hound’ in winter 513 AV when the pair briefly visited Sahova - Fallon begun leading them forward under the name ‘Bitzer’, and later adopted the title 'The Red Wolf' as of late Spring 514 AV. Whilst it took time to establish and gather individuals, compelling them to stay and work towards this end goal, eventually a small foundation in which to work upon became a reality. As of Fall 514 AV, the Head Quarters of the Scars was finally established within the city. It was also during this season that she managed to secure roots and open her own business - a mercenary investigation service known as the Scarred Wolf Investigations.

With the arrival of the Iyvess and the rioting that took the city once more by storm however, Fallon took the opportunity once more to stand up and lead on with the Scars and their purpose - revolution. The tortures of the season finally pushed down and their lands secured however, Fallon's attention was drawn to Sahova, mysteriously upon the Council of Five's request. It was in the beginning of Winter 514 AV she answered their call with two of her Scars members in tow and looked to negotiate with the citadel. But that was not the only antics of the season, upon her return did evidence begin to appear in waves. Quickly it seemed the Scars and its associates were being routed and targeted, looking only for their destruction in the icy chaos that had taken Sunberth. And so, when enough was finally enough, Fallon called for the dissolution of the Scars before inevitably being chased out of the city of anarchy to the safety of Zeltiva.

The Way Ahead

Zeltiva produced some solace for the escapee, allowing them time to recover and recuperate from their losses and begin anew. While the majority of the spring season proved to be quiet and relatively uneventful, there was the few moments excitement. Engagement for one came about and the reforming of her business in the city of sailors began. In time the SWI recovered from its losses and she was able to put some level of focus onto more personal interests. Her attention however was split three ways; to begin with there was he Circumnavigation of Mizahar - something that thus far had only been achieved by Kenabelle Wright. The second was the worrying appearance of Doomsday Preachers within the city. With this new group entering the field Fallon felt it was only a matter of time before she would have to act. And finally, there was a letter she received with the writer claiming to be her father - placing a level of emotional strain and concern on an steadily growing intense environment.

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