Global Grading Status

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Global Grading Status

Postby Orin Fenix on September 10th, 2015, 3:01 pm

So, I wanted to get some serious grading in soon, and decided to start out by updating this. First time here, so apologies in advance for any errors I may have made. Also, I'm not sure that everyone has resubmitted their grades if they had to be deleted, so I'm not sure how we should deal with that. But here's what I got.

RegionCityThread CountDate of Next Request in LineNotes
SyliraNyka6July 8, 2015
Ravok24June 5, 2015
Sahova24July 11, 2015
Sunberth28June 28, 2015
Syliras71July 19, 2015
Zeltiva68June 3, 2015Missed Depths of Diplomacy on Page 2
AkvatarAbura4June 14, 2015
Konti IsleMura1August 12, 2015
CyphrusEndrykas29July 9, 2015
Kenash16July 9, 2015
Riverfall25June 19, 2015
Falyndar20July 28, 2015
KaleaAlvadas3September 1, 2015
Kalinor2November 26, 2014Not sure about the November thread
Lhavit8July 11, 2015
Wind Reach8August 13, 2015

I did run into a few situations where a grader put up a grade pending post, but then a significant amount of time passed. I counted those among the total thread counts, but I'm not sure the procedure in these cases.
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Global Grading Status

Postby Estrellir Konrath on September 21st, 2015, 5:05 pm

A little heads up...

As far as I can see, the Kenash grade requests thread has been cleared. There are only three threads remaining which can be found on page 3 and 4 starting with this post. I would've graded them too if only my PC wasn't involved. :P (Edit: And yes, I haven't deducted living expenses from past seasons because I'm still working on job threads. I'm aware of the fact that you can't award grades to my threads until I've sorted those out.)

The other posts should be ready for deletion though.

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Global Grading Status

Postby Sayana on March 4th, 2016, 12:38 am

Hello everyone. It's gotten a little chaotic with some cities being open and others being closed and thus unable to have the grade queue preened. I looked through all the grade queues and tried to find the date of the next grade in line (then tallied up the number of requests pending). Please bear with me if there are some errors as it was tricky with some cities having inactive players, really old threads, or just a lot to sort through.

Region City Thread Count Date of next request in line
Sylira Nyka 8 January 26 2016
Ravok 0 Done (City closed)
Sahova* 9 August 11 2015
Sunberth 11 February 5 2016
Syliras 97 December 28 2015
Zeltiva** 24 November 20 2015
Mura 0 Done (City closed)
Abura 0
Cyphrus Endrykas 19 February 7 2016
Kenash 4 February 21 2016
Riverfall 77 August 13 2015
Falyndar Region 4 December 26 2015
Kalea Alvadas 6 February 7 2016
Denval 0
Sultros 0
Kalinor 2 July 2 2015
Lhavit 21 January 7 2016
Wind Reach 0 Done (City closed)

* Sahova has a few inactive players with grade requests so the number listed may be inflated compared to what it actually is.

** The Zeltiva grade queue is huge but I'm pretty sure this is the next request in line. Some requests have been skipped over (due to inactivity of the player or someone being unable to grade their own thread). Please leave a comment if you have a request or know of a request earlier in the line than this that should be graded first.

Please be mindful as graders. This is meant to be an overview of the global grading status and it's more than possible that I've overlooked something.
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