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Estrellir Konrath

Postby Estrellir Konrath on September 16th, 2013, 4:02 pm



Theme :

Race: Konti
Age: 68 (born Fall 42, 453 AV)
Birthplace: Kenash, Cyphrus

Like all Konti, Estrellir has a fit and healthy body, although only standing at 5’3’’ (160 cm). Her figure is slender and appears rather boyish, lacking any feminine curves. Her skin is creamy white. Muscles are wired and stringy rather than bulky, if anything. Opalescent white scales spiral over her entire body, drawing patterns up and down her legs, arms, belly and back, finally fading out on her cheeks while softly accenting her eyes. The latter are of a dark violet shade. Her features are fine and sophisticated with prominent cheekbones, a slender nose and expressive mouth, framed by soft locks the color of ivory. The longest strands touch her chin, but not her shoulders, and frequently fall into her eyes. Translucent webbing stretches between her fingers and toes. On the back of her left hand a single stylized lily blooms in violet and white, her gnosis mark of Avalis.

Her wardrobe reflects taste and a sense for fashion, although she does not care for it. At work she wears practical clothes in black, grey or dark tones, simple cuts designed to be practical, no accessories. In fine society, she indulges a little, choosing more intricate designs, flowing fabrics, sometimes embroidered or otherwise decorated. Her colors are of the sea, blues, greens and even the occasional pastel pink. She wears jewelry, although sparse. Still, she prefers pants and only wears dresses that end above the knee. Hats are the closest to a penchant she gets, all kinds of hats. If circumstance demands it, however, she wears anything and everything with no preference at all.

Estrellir is a person of logic and reason. Emotions are only disturbing and even useless, so she tries to blend them out whenever possible. Thus she has a cool and aloof aura to her, although she does not succeed in ignoring them at all times. They can be useful if controlled though. Gifted with a natural talent for acting, she tends to play the role of the typical soft-spoken Konti both in public and with her family. Therefore, she cares for personal hygiene, keeps her hair long and soft and a remotely fashionable wardrobe. Above that, she appears to have genuine interest in other people's matters, miming a good listener and a trustworthy confidant, although all knowledge is used to benefit her and her family. Loyalty to her family is absolute, only overshadowed by a growing thirst for power. She craves being in control and relishes the thrill of manipulation, although she does not quite realize it yet.

When not socializing, eavesdropping or researching, she can relax through smoking Zulaca tobacco, nursing a drink or enjoying sweets, especially Draer chocolates. Smoking helps her think too. She is a bit of a cat person and likes them better than sentient races.

Estrellir was born in Kenash as second daughter to Lorenzo Konrath, the family head. As a child, she rotated through many professions and trades associated with Konti and Akalak, but none caught her interest. She was sent to Mura for a change of scenery and broadening of horizons and spent a few years among sisters, learning the ways of her ancestors, getting to know their culture. The thought of staying and leading their peaceful life never occurred to her though. After returning, she took an interest in politics and started honing skills of questionable nature behind the scenes. A few years ago, she came up with the detective shop and threw herself into work. She has supported her family with secrets gleaned through the shop and her Konti gift ever since. Lately, ambitions have risen though.

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Estrellir Konrath

Postby Estrellir Konrath on December 28th, 2013, 12:17 pm

1 mark of Divination

Estrellir senses family connections. When she sees someone, she knows who their parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins etc. are. For example: If she meets a person and then meets a relative of said person, she knows how they're related, but that sense isn't strong enough to hunt down someone's entire family simply by looking at their face once. It only works with blood connections, so adopted family is excluded from the gift (and so is marriage). The sense grows weaker the more distant the relation is. It only works up to great grandparents and second cousins. (HD)

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Estrellir Konrath

Postby Estrellir Konrath on March 9th, 2016, 4:04 pm


Lhavit Location
Business Plan

Description & Other Stuff

Sir Alwin ("Gramps"), the squash cat.

516 AV, Fa: Okomo On & Woodwork


Kenash Business :


Kenash Location
Business Plan

The bureau is the center of Estrellir’s existence in Kenash. She came up with the idea herself and oversaw renovations of the uninhabited shack on Fire Island. Before that, she was merely drifting, trying to find her place in the world. The bureau has given her purpose and a profession she enjoys tremendously. Everything from concept to furniture to staff was decided by her. She tends to spend more time at the bureau than Boldvine plantation, feeling more comfortable among things that are entirely her own and easier to oversee. Sometimes she sleeps on the couch in the kitchen. The bureau serves as base and crossroads for all her plots and plans concerning Dynasty politics. Learning from each and every case, she hopes to become a master of intelligence within Kenash.


Whimsy & Poppy are two house cats living at the shop. Since they are sisters, their pelts show the same pattern of black and gray tiger stripes. They play with the strangest objects and provide the funniest sights. Nobody can tell them apart, except by the fact that Whimsy likes to cuddle more and Poppy is a little wilder. (Acquired here)

513 AV, Fa: Case of the Smoke Cat & Tailing Shadows
513 AV, Wi: Candles and a Blind Mirror & Spiritual Damage

514 AV, Sp: A Golden Cage & Is the Cake a Lie?
514 AV, Su: Mist the Otherworldly & Out of Order
514 AV, Fa: The Shadows, They Speak & Masks of Smoke
514 AV, Wi: Interventions & Revelations

515 AV, Sp: The Cards Never Lie & True Colors

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Estrellir Konrath

Postby Estrellir Konrath on March 9th, 2016, 4:09 pm

Acting 4
Animal Husbandry 3
Auristics 6
Botany 1
Business 1
Calligraphy 2
Cleaning 1
Climbing 2
Cooking 2
Construction 1
Cosmetology 2
Deduction 1
Diplomacy 1
Disguise 21 (15 sp)
Drawing 2
Endurance 5
Grooming 1
Hosting 2
Impersonation 13 (10 sp)
Intelligence 43 (25 sp)
Interrogation 19
Investigation 32
Fortune Telling 13 (10 rb)
Land Navigation 5
Leadership 8
Logic 12
Medicine 1
Meditation 18
Negotiation 3
Observation 98
Organization 11
Painting 3
Persuasion 4
Philosophy 6
Planning 14
Research 2
Rhetoric 31
Seduction 2
Socialization 69
Stealth 7
Swimming 2
Teaching 2
Tracking 2
Writing 1

All :
A Captivating Stranger
A Deceitful Mediator
A Foolish Task to learn the Best Sweet Shop
A Murky Past, Delving into the Cat's Chavi
A Pattern in the Story of the Missing Slaves
A Stray Cat
Askara Slaves: Dressed for the Occasion
At the Heart's Core
Cats Not Worth the Pay
Cecily Askara: Emphasizes Dynasty Name
Cecily's Pantry: A Good Place
Coal: An Isur
Coal: Radacke Family slave
Coal: Works at the Hammer and Nail
Dariq: A Competent Master of the Guard
Disguise: Pale, Masked Insomniac
Disguise: Swamp Water to Dye Hair
Fizz: Tolerance lowers with use
Flattery, a Means to an End
Help? No, Investigate!
How to Grow Bamboo (sp)
Inari + Pina: An Odd Couple "The Snake and Sheep"
Innocent until proven Guilty
Investment: 220 GM for an Infirm Slave
Jed: Radacke
Jinkies!: I smell a Mystery!
Konrath History (sp)
Konrath: Too Well-Known
Lame Excuses: Prior Thought's a Good Idea
Location: Towery's Casino
Mystery of the Golden Cage: Solved!
Norissa: A Deeper Mystery
Norissa: Addicted to the Fizz
Norissa: Taken?
Personal Slaves: Well-bred
Pestering the Askara, a Desperate Want
Piecing Together a Story
Pregame: Planning out an Investigation
Rajor Gold: An Old and Secret Family Recipe
Rhetoric: Verbal Assault
Rule of Kenash: Dirty Work is Left to the Slaves
Scandal: Thia's promiscuity
Secrets are Worth Every Penny
Sitai Family: Selling Bad Slaves?
The Chalice
The Fizz
The Shadows: A Stalker's Friend
The Velvet Ear: Where Fantasies Come to Life?
Thia Konrath: Useless
Tol: A Creature of Habit
Tol: A Popular Request
Towery's Casino: Scandal in the Past
Using the Dynasty's Power to get what you want
Whimsy and Poppy: New Kitties
Interrogating a Customer
Clientele: Keep em comfortable, keep em talking
Taking the time to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Mura
Acquaintance: Ora
The Basics of Card Shuffling
The Many Meanings of Tarot Cards
Matthew: A Handsome Male Human
Matthew: A Strange Calculating Mind
Meditation Technique: Focusing on a Singular Object and Describing it
Meditation Technique: Letting the Mind Wander, Speaking Without Thinking
Kenash: Detailed Knowledge of The City's Streets
Smoking: Softens The Vocal Cords
Eivl: Even Butterflies Lack Grace and Manners
Eivl: A Useful Metalworker?
Eivl: Can Be Molded To My Will
Aesthetics: The Facade Must Be Improved
Self: Shaky Handwriting
Akvatari: Approach Without a Whisper
Hospitality: I Sit, You Work
Map: Drawing A Map of Kenash's Shops
Investigator's Bureau: Renovation!
Aesthetics: Shrubberies, begone!
Self: Dodgy on the heart
Self: Keeping Up Appearances
Plaque: Like A Present!
Eivl: A Skilled Starter
Self: Like A Magpie
Accepting an Awkward Proposition
The Sitai Have a Food Thief
Diplomacy: Using a Drug to Bond
Drug: The Effects of Fizz
How the World Looks Through a Drugged Lens
Hosting: Giving a Basic Tour
Socialization: Skillful Small Talk
The Morealis Family
Basic Appearance of a Common Ghost
Basic Signs of a Ghostly Presence
Intelligence: Observing and Analysing
Investigation: Simple Scene Analysis
Symenestra: Broad Overview of History
Symenestra: General Appearance
Socialization: Gracefully Handling an Unexpected Social Encounter
Construction: building a firepit
Endurance: persevering through fatigue
Leadership: delegating simple and tedious tasks
Leadership: respecting limits of ability
Leadership: supervising hands-off, but eyes-on
Organization: separating out odds and ends
Painting: laying a solid coat on walls
Planning: dressing to suit the task
Planning: expecting and accommodating mistakes
Planning: listing out necessary tasks
Planning: securing equipment in advance
Escanis: Is a shy girl
Escanis: Prone to sudden outbursts
Mother knows best!
Estrellir: Cares very much for her younger sister
Estrellir: The favourite child!
Neol Konrath: A very handsome man
Neol Konrath: Related to Lorenzo
Neol Konrath: Travels frequently
Neol Konrath: Is still young for an Akalak
Stealth: Walking on the balls of your feet makes less noise
Estrellir: Feels comfortable in the shadows
Stealth: Moving from shadow to shadow to avoid detection
Stealth: Moving with the crowd
Isaac Morealis: Has a beautiful, older sister
Eavesdropping and the ugly truth
The Caged Sun: Has a sinful reputation
Stealth: Making yourself look busy helps
Rum impairs a person’s judgement
Sisters and their secrets
Seduction: Hair is a girl's best weapon
Escanis: The wallflower
Acting: Nerves aren't always bad
Impersonation: Walk the walk
Isaac Morealis: The gentleman
Impersonation: Don't overdo it
Acting: Breaking character to get what you need
Patisserie Novak: Chocolate for a sweet tooth
Patisserie Novak: The best macaroons in town
The Caged Sun: Will meet your darkest desires
Isaac Morealis: Talks the talk
Isaac Morealis: Liar, liar
Isaac Morealis: A brilliant mind
Investigation: A refreshing game
Tactics: Writing in code
Planning: The art of encryption
Observation: The look of a determined man
Kenash: A city with its own rules
Tydus: A polite man
Tydus: A businessman
Observation: A sixth sense
Investigation: Always know the facts first
Socialisation: First impressions matter
Edmund: A private but fair man
Estrellir Konrath: Loathes dressing up
Location: Sitai Ballroom
Edmund: A familiar face
Kenash: A highly political city
Philosophy: Question your reality
Location: Whiplash Plantation
Atia Konrath: Will not take no for an answer
Zaelsen Radacke: Has the best slaves in Kenash
Zaelsen Radacke: The enigma
Logic: Secrecy requires intelligence and effort
Radacke: Volatile and unpredictable
Achenar: The slave
Zaelsen: The manipulator
Achenar: A celestial beauty
Achenar: A quiet, calculating slave
Achenar: One of Leth's children
Achenar: The blue-eyed slave
Odella the has been
Money is no issue for Odella
Basics of Benshira culture
Location: Yahebah
Race: Benshira
Yahal: God of Purity and Faithfulness
Yahal: Enemy of Rhysol
Churil from the tents of Nahalom
Churil's Past
Observation: Unsettling fear
Churil: Familiar
Odella: Lacks taste and style
Bad publicity has its perks
Lhavit: Twilight, Dawn, and Dusk Houses
Lhavit: Magic is Taught Freely
Thomas Cosa: Lily-Blessed
Thomas Cosa: Auristics Teacher
Djed: The Very Core of Reality
Auristics: Initiation
Physical Properties of a Pebble
Auristics: Initiation Depends on the Individual
Auristics: Overgiving Risks
Auristics: Sweet Whispers
Auristics: Sentient Auras
Magic: Personal and World Magic
Magic: Determining the Danger
Magic: Overgiving
Location: Shooting Star Inn
Thomas: Sylarian
Body Language: Basic Hand Motions
Body Language: Basic Posture
Kenash "Winter": Rain, Mud, Little Frost
Investigation: A Noticeable LACK of Noise
Logic: Putting the Pieces Together
Dhani: Excellent Aquatic Guides
Not Healing, but Cleaning
Kaitanu: A Rare Catch
Gonezsh: A Necessary Annoyance
Always Have a Back-Up Plan
Fear That Keeps You Alive (and Running)
Recognizing Vantha by their Eyes
Never Miss a Chance to Advertise
Investigation: Asking the Right Questions, the Right Way
Verena: A Refreshing Dynast
Location: The Amaranthine Gate
Location: Trail of Waterfalls
Location: The Wishing Bridge
Lhavit: Loose Policy on Magic
Goddess: Avalis
Meditation: Breathing Techniques
Auristics: Reaching For the Magic
Auristics: Danger of Blinding Colors
Auristics: Ability to Gain Information Without Physical Touch
Auristics: Plant Life Shows a Unique Pulsing
Auristics: Green Indicates Sap
Auristics: Auras Hold Memories
Auristics: Certain Shade of Yellow Signifies Poison
Philosophy: Auristic Ability May React to Gnosis
Herbalism: Poisonous Blue Flowering Plant
Intelligence: To figure out when an animal is actually a kelvic
Lhavit : Sharai Peak
The stream of gems at Sharai Peak; more stones upstreams
Izuyanai: Small dark haired young woman
The differences of Kenash and Lhavit
Lhavit takes great care that magic does not go wrong
Swimming in ice-cold water
Mountain streams are clear and fresh
Kelvics: Nature seems capricious
Location: The Rabbit Hole
Midir: Works at Okomo Villa
Midir: Nice to look at
Okomo Villa: First Rabbit Hole client in Lhavit
Moon Shadow the missing Okomo
Moon Shadow: Missing for ten days
Okomo: Clever animals sacred to the people of Lhavit
Okomo: Free to roam
Location: Sharai Peak
Location: Okomo Villa
Okomo: Characteristics
Khana Rayastai: Okomo Villa manager
Okomo: Mounts of Lhavit and the Shinya
Okomo: Origin story
Okomo: Native to Lhavit
Oisen: Shinya and Midir's brother
Moon Shadow: Loves sweets
Moon Shadow: Meant to be Oisen's mount
Moon Shadow, found at last

Common (fluent)
Kontinese (basic)
Pavi (poor)

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Estrellir Konrath

Postby Estrellir Konrath on March 9th, 2016, 4:14 pm

Clothing & Accessories

  • 2 shirts, black cotton
  • 2 pairs of pants, black cotton
  • 1 cloak, black silk
  • 1 dress, white cotton with blue & silver embroidery
  • 2 sets of underwear, black & red silk
  • 1 pair of boots, black leather
  • 2 sets of gloves, black leather
  • 2 scarves, black & grey fine wool
Cosmetics & Special

  • 1 waterproof disguise kit
  • 1 toiletries set (comb, brush, razor, soap)
  • 1 round hand mirror
  • 1 dark wood and silver ornamented pipe (family heirloom)
  • 1 deck of painted tarot cards
  • 1 slightly darker stone, round and polished *
  • 1 pale stone with dark veins and a dark spot *

  • 1 Boldvine plantation suite (fireplace, bed, trunk)

Employment: Investigator & Proprietress of The Rabbit Hole (455 kina/season)
Lodging: Simple room at Solar Wind Apartments (3 kina/month)

947.1 kina
-31.1 kina (Sp 516 AV, clothing purchase)
-25 kina (Sp 516AV, fee for Auristics classes)
-10 kina (Sp 516AV, tarot deck purchase)
-2 kina (Sp 516AV, hand mirror purchase)
-13 kina (Sp 516AV, lunch at the Shooting Star) *
-9 kina (Sp 516AV, accommodation)
-135 kina (Sp 516AV, living expenses)
-9 kina (Su 516AV, accommodation)
-135 kina (Su 516AV, living expenses)
-10 kina (Fa 516AV, cat & related purchase) *
-9 kina (Fa 516AV, accommodation)
-135 kina (Fa 516AV, living expenses)
=424 kina

513-515AV :
1000 gm (family allowance, pay back within 1 year)
-250 gm (waterproof disguise kit)
-15 gm (hooded silk cloak)
-0.8 gm (grey linen blouse)
-1 gm (black linen pants)
-1 gm (pair of leather boots)
-20 gm (azure silk dress)
-4 gm (2 fancy hats)
-0.7 gm (fancy blue scarf)
-1 gm (pair of black leather gloves)
+819 gm (Fa 513AV, seasonal wages)
-450 gm (Fa 513AV, living expenses)
-110 gm (Wi 513AV, damaged slave) *
+828 gm (Wi 513AV, seasonal wages)
-450 gm (Wi 513AV, living expenses)
-15.4 gm (Sp 514AV, bakery visit) *
+819 gm (Sp 514AV, seasonal wages)
-450 gm (Sp 514 AV, living expenses)
-19 gm (Su 514AV, clothing purchase) *
-30.9 gm (Su 514AV, costume purchase) *
+819 gm (Su 514AV, seasonal wages)
-450 gm (Su 514AV, living expenses)
+819 gm (Fa 514AV, seasonal wages)
-1000 gm (Fa 514AV, family allowance paid back)
-6.1 gm (Fa 514 AV, plaza & bakery visit) *
+828 gm (Wi 514AV, seasonal wages)
-450 gm (Wi 514AV, living expenses)
-450 gm (Sp 515AV, living expenses)
-450 gm (Su 515AV, living expenses)
-450 gm (Fa 515AV, living expenses)
947.1 gm

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Estrellir Konrath

Postby Estrellir Konrath on March 9th, 2016, 4:17 pm

516 AV, Wi 84: Heart of the Storm
516 AV, Wi 12: Hunting for Knowledge
516 AV, Wi 3: Looking While Falling
516 AV, Fa 45: Folds
516 AV, Fa 10: Gilded Truths

516 AV :
516 AV, Fa 21-28: Okomo On
516 AV, Fa 3: Cloaks of Black and Blue
(Observation +3, Philosophy +1, Painting +1, Meditation +4, Auristics +4, Botany +1)


516 AV, Spring: Seer to Seer
(Socialisation +2, Meditation +3, Observation +1)
516 AV, Sp 90: Reasons to Celebrate
516 AV, Sp 62: Where there is Light, Shadow abounds
516 AV, Sp 30: Not All Is Gold That Glitters
Climbing 2, Intelligence 3, Land Navigation 1, Observation 5, Planning 1, Socializaion 5, Swimming 2
516 AV, Sp 29: We See All
(Socialisation +4, Observation +4, Auristics +2)
516 AV, Sp 21: Down the Rabbit Hole

515 AV :
515 AV, Winter: INACTIVE

515 AV, Fa 12: Half the Pain, Double the Pleasure
515 AV, Fa 9: Fish and Salt

515 AV, Su 40: Melting Point
(Observation - 3, Socialization - 4, Investigation - 2, Cooking - 2)
515 AV, Su 7: Dangerous Illusions

515 AV, Sp 39: True Colors
515 AV, Sp 36: The Cards Never Lie

514 AV :
514 AV, Wi 25: A Wild Ride
(Planning - 2, Observation - 3, Investigation - 3, Disguise - 1, Stealth - 2, Logic - 2, Persuasion - 1, Medicine - 1, Endurance - 2)
514 AV, Wi 13-16: Revelations
(Meditation: 3, Investigation: 2, Endurance: 2, Observation: 2, Logic: 2, Socialisation: 2
Rhetoric: 1)

514 AV, Wi 10-12: Interventions
(Organisation: 2, Animal Husbandry: 1, Observation: 3, Rhetoric: 2, Socialisation: 3, Logic: 1, Investigation: 3, Intelligence: 1, Meditation: 1, Persuasion: 1)

514 AV, Fa 87-91: Masks of Smoke
(Planning +2, Observation +2, Acting +1, Organisation +2, Disguise +1, Impersonation +2, Intelligence +1, Seduction +2, Socialization +2, Rhetoric +2, Investigation +2)
514 AV, Fa 75-79: The Shadows, They Speak
(Planning +2, Persuasion +1, Observation +3, Rhetoric +2, Stealth +3, Socialisation +2, Investigation +1)
514 AV, Fa 54: Sweet Distractions
514 AV, Fa 36: Sweet Talks
(+2 Socialization)
514 AV, Fa 10-17: Dust for the Soul
(Construction +1, Endurance +1, Leadership +3, Organization +3, Painting +2, Planning +5)
514 AV, Fa 7: A Day Early
(+2 Socialization, +2 Observation)
514 AV, Fa 6: Wandering in Kenash
(+2 Observation, +3 Socialization, +1 Rhethoric, +2 Calligraphy, +2 Drawing)
514 AV, Fa 1: Ain't that a Kick in the Head

514 AV, Su 69: Adelaide Sitai's Surrealist Soirée
(Logic +1, Cosmetology +1, Observation +3, Socialisation +2, Intelligence +1, Philosophy +1)
514 AV, Su 63: Insanity loves Company
(+1 Diplomacy, +1 Meditation, +2 Observation, +2 Socialization)
514 AV, Su 48: Out of Order
514 AV, Su 18: The Saffron Thief
(Socialization +1, Observation +2, Negotiation +1)
514 AV, Su 13: Mist the Otherworldly
(+1 Intelligence, +2 Interrogation, +3 Investigation, +2 Observation, +2 Socialization)
514 AV, Su 11: Words and Whispers
(+1 Socialization, +1 Observation)
514 AV, Su 10: The Detective Konrath
(+3 Interrogation, +1 Observation, +1 Rhetoric)

514 AV, Sp 77-83: A Golden Cage
(+1 Cosmetology, +1 Disguise, +1 Stealth, +2 Tracking, +1 Rhetoric, +2 Investigation, +3 Intelligence, +1 Writing)
514 AV, Sp 64: [The Magistrate's Office] Political Gain
(+2 Observation, +3 Rhetoric, +1 Investigation, +2 Interrogation, +1 Intelligence, +1 Planning)
514 AV, Sp 31: Knee Deep in the Swamp
514 AV, Sp 20: Is the Cake a Lie?
(+5 Observation, +2 Socialization, +2 Rhetoric, +1 Investigation)
514 AV, Sp 9: The annoying little sister
(+3 Rhetoric, +1 Socialization, +2 Observation)

513 AV :
513 AV, Wi: Candles and A Blind Mirror
(Observation +3, Interrogation +3, Investigation +2, Rhetoric +1, Stealth +1, Disguise +1)
513 AV, Wi 59: The Dynasties Meet
513 AV, Wi 52: Spiritual Damage
(+2 Observation, +3 Socialization, +3 Interrogation, +2 Rhetoric, +1 Intelligence, +1 Philosophy, +1 Planning, +1 Investigation)
513 AV, Wi 15: Pale Waters Chill The Soul
(Socialization +2, Observation +3, Interrogation +1)

513 AV, Fa 55-63: Tailing Shadows
(+1 Disguise, +2 Rhetoric, +1 Grooming, +1 Impersonation, +3 Observation, +2 Investigation, +1 Intelligence)
513 AV, Fa 45-49: Case of the Smoke Cat
(+4 Observation, +3 Leadership, +3 Interrogation, +3 Socialization, +1 Meditation, +2 Animal Husbandry, +1 Rhetoric)
513 AV, Fa 32: The Funeral of Adair Askara
(Observation +2, Rhetoric +1, Philosophy +1, Socialization +1)
513 AV, Fa 27-28: Midnight Magic
(Observation +3, Rhetoric +2, Philosophy +1, Socialization +1)
513 AV, Fa 11: A Study in Smoke
(Disguise +1, Socialization +2, Persuasion +1, Observation +2)

Flashbacks :
511 AV, Fa 5: A Study in Decadence
511 AV, Su 70: Tied in Chain and String
(Organisation +2, Observation +3, Rhetoric +2, Logic +2, Intelligence +2, Socialisation +4)

507 AV, Su 65: Treading White Waters
(Meditation+ 5, Observation +5, Socialization +2, Teaching +2)

504 AV, Su 11: The wheel keeps spinning
(Fortune Telling +3, Land Navigation +1, Observation +3, Socialization +2)

502, Su 49: Present Practice and Practicing Futures

500 AV, Fa 7: Befriending the Unfamiliar
(+1 Hosting, +2 Observation, +3 Socialization)

Dreams :
514 AV, Wi 42: Behind all the Masks

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