Closed Rule Number One, Try Not to Die (Brandon Blackwing)

Brandon's first Bendi-like assignment, game scouting!

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Rule Number One, Try Not to Die (Brandon Blackwing)

Postby Khara on October 21st, 2015, 2:59 am

Khara looked off in the direction that Brandon had pointed, even if she'd already guessed she wouldn't spot anything. The ground wasn't entirely level, sloping downward and upward again rather sharply in various places. She waited a few ticks, straining to hear even a hint of what her fellow Chiet had caught wind of, but only birdsong and the wind tugging at her hair answered.

A small smile formed on her lips as she looked back to the man and Khara let out a short hushed laugh before quietly speaking. "If you ever get bored of teaching, you at least have a backup. The hunters would love you for being able to tell them things like that."

It wasn't exactly envy that coloured her words, but there was certainly something wistful about the way she spoke. Khara felt it too, as keenly as anything else. While simply tracking down animals for others wasn't exactly her life's goal, any edge she could get over another scout would have been just another thing that added to her possibility of moving upwards.

Stop daydreaming and go find those deer he talked about! The thought came sharply, not entirely with her own internal voice and Khara flinched slightly at the familiarity of it. Not that her mother had actually voiced such things when she was younger, but it never stopped her mind from dressing itself like her from time to time.

As the scout began to take the first few steps down the small ravine she found a small frown forming across her features. Deer didn't normally pass through areas like this. It was more rocky than the denser wooded areas of the lower elevations. They were far more exposed, which meant they were either heading away or towards something... or had been driven out from their usual grounds. Maybe that wolf pack? she mused to herself. It certainly seemed possible, they weren't that far away and startled deer certainly made better time than two Chiet trying to keep quiet.

As the ground began to incline again, Khara turned back towards Brandon. She'd been trying to keep an eye out for any of the usual visual signs of the deer possibly passing this way - prints, scat, disturbed piles of rocks among hose that littered the ground - but nothing had come up. She came to a stop just before a bit of exertion would be needed to reach the next rise, a sheepish expression playing across her face.

"Don't suppose you could offer me any tips on how to sense things like you can?" She whispered, hoping the continued smile she kept would make up for the lack of expression the hushed tones allowed for. Khara wasn't even sure if Brandon could tell her anything, he had made it sound an awful lot like skills he simply had, after all. Still, turning down an opportunity to learn something new was simply foolish.

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Rule Number One, Try Not to Die (Brandon Blackwing)

Postby Brandon Blackwing on October 21st, 2015, 1:44 pm

Brandon waited for Khara to make a decision; would they continue on to Wind Reach, or would they go find the deer? It seemed as if it took a while for the scout to consider this, but eventually she headed down the slope in the direction the bat had pointed anyway. The Kelvic followed in her wake of course, silently descending the small peak, alert for more sounds, as well as scents that might prove interesting. From what he could hear, the deer were not moving, at least for the moment, their voices growing slightly louder with each step the scouting duo took.

It appeared as if Khara was trying to find some visual clues as well, her head turning left to right every so often, but from her body language, the bat guessed it ended in disappointment. The words she spoke when turning towards him only deepened that impression. Slowly he shook his head. “I would if I could, but this sort of thing is impossible for humans. Your senses are too weak,” explained the Kelvic, pausing and pondering for a tick. “Actually I'd say it's impossible for most humanoids. Zith are one of the exceptions, I'd say, as they are more beast than man.” He sighed. Listening to the environment for a bit before continuing. “What I'm doing is nothing special, really. I just listen and smell.” He gave a small shrug. “But you have no real way of doing the same, so you'll have to make do with just using your eyes.” There was a hint of a smile on his face too, one that may or may not have been slightly apologetic.

A deep breath was taken as he quickly clambered onto the next elevation with perhaps a little difficulty, With the melting snow, some rocks were rather slippery, and no small amount of grip was lost because of it. Despite this though, getting up there didn't even take a chime, however Brandon did not start walking right away. It wasn't because he was waiting for Khara to lead, but rather to check their position relative to the herd of deer he could now hear a lot more clearly. As it had been before, the wind was still blowing from the same direction, which could be a problem if they'd just soldier ahead in a straight line.

“We'll have to take a detour if we don't want to alarm the deer,” Bran spoke up, a slight breeze picking up and blowing air too frigid for the time of year past the two. “We need headwind to be safe,” he added, though he was fairly sure the game scout had figured that out already. She had been doing this for a while after all, and Brandon was fairly sure that despite her lack of enhanced senses she was still better at scouting than he was. If anything he figured she knew well enough how to get close enough to prey animals without them noticing. Khara had probably studied their behavioral patterns too, among other useful things. The bat stared at the scout with an expectant gaze; what they would do next was her decision. Brandon was just tagging along anyway.


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