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Brandon Blackwing

Postby Brandon Blackwing on September 11th, 2013, 3:26 pm

Brandon Blackwing

Name: Brandon
Last Name: Blackwing
Alias(es): Djas, Incognito
Sex: Male
Race: Kelvic / Grey Long-Eared Bat
Age: about 4 years of age.
Date of Birth : 30th of Summer 511 AV
Place of Birth: Kalinor
Occupation: Thief
  • common, Bat (fluent)
  • Symenos (basic)
  • Ancient Tongue (poor)

Theme song :

The Blackwing appears! - Main theme

If it's a battle you want, it's a battle you'll get! - Main battle theme

Desperate battle (VS Dimitri battle theme)

A larcenist's hunt -Main Larceny theme

Who's hiding behind the mask? -Incognito's theme

Sneaky footsteps -Main Larceny theme 2

Physical Description

Brandon is a man of short stature, measuring only 174cm (5.7ft). He has an average, if not somewhat slender build. Although slender, one look on his naked body is enough to see that he is physically fit. His eyes are black in color, and are quite restless, scanning the surroundings when not focusing on anything in particular. His hair is very dark as well, leaning more towards black, though in the sunlight it becomes clear that it’s actually a dark grey. What's more, Brandon's hair is quite long (shoulder length, maybe a bit longer), but wild and unkempt. In fact, Brandon can be described as scruffy. His nose is slightly tip-tilted and his facial hair (if not shaven off) is styled in a goatee. He appears to be in his mid twenties. Brandon has an eiyon mark on the palm of his left hand.

Being a Kelvic, Brandon is able to shift into his animal form, which he calls his ‘true nature’. This form is the one of a Grey Long-Eared Bat. As the name of the species suggests, this kind of bat has large ears (1.18inches/3cm) which are more than half as long as his body (2inches/5cm). His wingspan is 11.02inches/28cm wide. The fur on his body is grey, but the fur on his belly is a bit paler.

Character Concept

He's a scruffy thief located in Lhavit. He is always looking for excitement and thievery was the first thing that came to mind when he was wondering what kind of job would be a thrill to do.
Due to his nocturnal animal side, Brandon prefers to sleep during the day and is mostly active at night as a result. Or that's what he'd like anyway. Coming to understand that most people are NOT nocturnal, he started to leave his bed during the day as well. Brandon rarely bathes, not really caring about such petty things, though usually he does go to bathe in a stream somewhere in the Misty Peaks for a thorough cleaning every season (sometimes more than once! :o ). Luckily for him, he does not possess an extra-noticeable body odor, so most people don't generally notice. Strangely enough, he washes his clothes more frequently than himself, mostly due to the fact that clothes tend to absorb bad scents and emit them. Basically, his clothes may not look like it, but they are quite clean.


DisclaimerDue to the ever-changing nature of people and PCs, what is written below might not be as accurate as it once was. Please keep in mind this section was written (and rewritten) during the first months of RPing here. Some things might have changed subtly or greatly, whereas other things might not have changed at all.

He is quite talkative, carefree and cheerful. He likes to crack jokes and tease or annoy people he knows. He is somewhat addicted to adrenaline and excitement. As such he often does things that bring more thrill in his life, taking risks that might cost him his life for example. He claims that he feels the most alive when one mistake could end his life. However, he has no urge to die and won't do things that have zero chances of survival. He also likes to feel fear, because it also makes him feel alive, yet once afraid he doesn’t really find it as pleasant as he’d thought it to be.

Brandon often comes across as sarcastic, overly confident and arrogant, which he actually might be though he doesn’t notice himself. Brandon likes scheming, often developing a couple of plans when in a dire situation, analysing it and formulating different responses. However, he often overlooks several possibilities, usually the actions his opponent could take or the power of coincidence.

Authority is not something he has no trouble with, in fact, he would do the opposite of what he is told if that is safe enough. Though if the source authority is a person he respects or likes he will do as told, though depending on how much he likes that person he might not obey without muttering. However he will also obey when that will guarantee his survival or if that will make him receive something in return.

Bran is also a very curious person, and is easily distracted if his focus isn’t deep enough. Because of his curiosity he sometimes does things he otherwise wouldn’t, for example not running away when caught stealing. When cornered, or feeling threatened, he becomes aggressive, not quite reluctant to use dirty tricks to free himself. He is prone to holding grudges and wanting revenge, yet sometimes he just forgets about it.

Being quite stingy, he doesn't like to spend his money, except for valuable tools and food. He eats almost everything a normal human would eat in human form, but mostly bugs while a bat. He is not one to turn down gifts, however if he suspects that something’s off, he will turn it down. He doesn't usually tells people he's a Kelvic, simply because they didn't ask. However, he doesn't want a lot of people to know, so he rarely shifts out in the open, however it does happen. Planning to use his ability to shapeshift as his ace in the hole when the need to flee from the Shinya arrives, he won't use it to flee from anything/anywhere when caught while stealing, unless there is no other way. He feels there is no difference between wearing clothes or not, - though they are handy to hide stuff in and such - and often forgets when he's not wearing clothes (after transforming back into human form for example).

Something Brandon hates is a lot of people looking at him at once. You could say he doesn't like to stand out, but that's not true. He has a sense for drama and the theatrical, which is why he likes to wear a hooded cape because he thinks it makes him look cool and mysterious. He can’t stand other thieves, or any other person, stealing ‘his’ stuff. It has to be said that Brandon considers everything that belongs to his current target his, and as such he gets quite angry when another thief has already stolen or is stealing from his target. He also dislikes causing trouble for friends or people he likes, unless they owe him a favour, in which case he won’t hesitate to make them do what he thinks need to be done. He absolutely loves playing games and is known for turning serious situations into a fun game (for him).

Though Kelvic are often thought of as stupid, inferior creatures, that isn't always true. The creatures often possess intelligence equal to that of mankind, though they have had no chance to develop it and or to use the full capacities of their mind. Brandon himself is a perfect example of that. He is a fast learner, though theoretical explanations are things he doesn't get at all or finds very confusing, which makes him not really fit for academic stuff, though if someone would have the time and patience to teach him properly, he would eventually understand (he did manage to grasp the basics of reading and writing after all). The best way to learn things for him is through his own experiences, actions and mistakes.

*There is more to him than I can sum up here, of course. Also, he is too complicated to write his personality down, but these are the most important parts of him, though I’m sure I overlooked a bunch of things. Well, everyone’s opinion about someone’s personality is different, and this is my view on Bran, so you’ll find out how he is or comes across when your character meets him. :)

Character History

Like many other Kelvic, Brandon grew up fast. He led a normal and boring life in the beautiful city of Kalinor, but the love he received from his parents made up for the lack of excitement. However as he grew older, he felt that he needed some thrill in his life and left home. He was 1 year and 264 days old at the time. Wanting to discover more of the world, he flew from Kalinor to Lhavit. He picked up the art of breaking in and stealing in this city in order to kill time, and tries to make a living out of it. Although he wants to explore the rest of Mizahar, he is reluctant to leave Lhavit, claiming he's waiting for the right moment to do so.


  • Superhuman hearing
  • Great Smell
  • No negative effects from hanging upside down
  • Echolocation: can only be used in animal form, since it doesn't make biological sense if he'd be able to use it as a human
  • Flying (only in animal form of course)
  • Can recognize other areas similar to the seemingly lifeless area where the mudpool was found
  • Eiyon (rank 1)


Eiyon: 1 mark
Brief Lore description :
Those marked by Dira are known as Eiyons. They possess senses enhanced for the detection of death with their sight being particularly altered to allow viewing the last living moments of those who have died in the area where the Eiyon stands. Eiyons have the uncanny ability to sense and track the unliving. Marked Eiyons also find comfort in the presence of death such as in graveyards where they find things like meditation and sleep coming easier. The undead feel varying levels of unease in the presence of the Eiyon while the living may find them mysterious and somewhat alien.

  • Able to view last moments of dead person (when standing where they died)
  • Able to sense and track the unliving
  • Comfortable near death (graveyards, etc)
  • Intimidates dead/ unliving of lesser skill, unnerves those of equal skill, and causes those of higher skill to be cautious around him.
  • enhanced senses towards death and undead
  • Gives off a mysterious vibe towards the living
  • Occasionally has death-visions when not standing in a spot where death occurred. These are send by Dira herself. (Mods only)


*basic 20x20 single room cottage in the South-Eastern outskirts of the Zintia peak in Lhavit(400 sq feet) with a hearth, bunk, chest, chair, and small table.

Located in the South-Eastern outskirts of Lhavit's Zintia peak, Brandon's house is nothing special really. It has one window and one door (the front door), both embedded in the facade of the house, the residence being a row house with no back exit. While the place is small, it is divided in three different rooms, which are actually all part of the same room, since there are no doors inside and only the walls separate the rooms a bit. There's a bedroom where a bunk is placed on which Bran usually sleeps. Then there is a small kitchen where Brandon keeps all sorts of stuff, both stolen or otherwise acquired. It is messy and he never finds what he is looking for there without searching thoroughly. It is more a storage of sorts, actually. Last but not least, there's the living room, which is by far the largest of the chambers. It has a hearth, which usually spreads a pleasant warmth through the small dwelling when it's cold outside. His furniture consists of a small table which he rarely uses, a stool which mainly serves as a peg and a chest in which some of his possessions are stored. It doubles as chair for him if he has a visitor and doesn't forget he actually has it. Otherwise he just sits on the floor, as does his company, since he tends to forget his stool isn't just a peg.


Core Skills
skilltotal level
ImageObservation100 Mastered
Image Larceny76Master
Image Acrobatics68Expert
Image Unarmed Combat89 Master
Image Stealth57Expert
Image Running33Competent
Image Planning52Expert
Image Climbing27Competent
Image Tracking7novice
Image Weapon:Dagger30Competent

skilltotal gained points
Unarmed Combat89 16 (starter pack)+ 10 RB +2+1+1+1+1+2+4+1+4+3+2+5+1+3+2+2+1+1+3+3sxp+3+2+1+5+3+1+3sxp+2sxp
Larceny769 (starter pack) +2 +4+1+2+2+2+1+1+1+1+2+4sxp+5+5+1+5+1sxp+5+4+1+2sxp+2+2+1+3sxp+2+2+1+1+1

skilltotal gained points
Acrobatics6813 (starter pack)+1+3+2+1+2+2+1+2+1+1+2+2+2+2+4+2+4+1+1+2+1+1+2+4+1+2+1+2+1+2

skilltotal gained points
Running337 (starter pack)+1+1+2+1+2+1+2+1+1+1+2+3+1+1+2+2+1+1

skilltotal gained points
Blind fighting105 (starter pack)+1+4
Seduction3 +1+2
Singing2 +1+1
Meditation5 +2+1+2
Body Building12+2+4+1+2+2+1
Escape artist9+1+3+2+3
Sailing3 +3
Knot tying1 +1
Copying1 +1
Acting7 +2+1+1+1+1+1
Storytelling7 +1+1+1+2+1+1
Deduction11 +3+1+1+2+1+3
Gambling1 +1
Drinking2 +2
Disguise4 +1+1+1+1
Writing2 +1+1
Intimidation14 +1+1+1+1+3+2+1+2+1+1
Land Navigation9 +1+1+1+1+1+1+2+1
Tactics25 +2+1+2+2+1+1+1+3+1+1+1+3+2+2+2
Wilderness Survival (Mountains)10+2+2+1+2+3
Drawing3 +1+2
Wrestling6 +1+1+1+3
Weapon: Vomit1 +1


Date acquiredDate healedinjurythread link
16th of fall 513AV19th of fall 513AVTrouble seeing*
90th of fall 513AV3rd of Winter 513AVBruised thumb*
90th of fall 513AV9th of winter 513AVmoderate laceration on his leg*
1st of Summer 514AV2nd of summerHeadache*
1st of Summer 514AV2nd of summerBloody Nose*
1st of Summer 514AVsee sore musclesOverexerted Muscles*
1st of Summer 514AV6th of SummerLacerations on torso and arms*
1st of Summer 514AV7th of SummerSore muscles*
36th of summer 514AV37th of SummerSevere Bruising*
10th of Spring 515AV?Wound from an owl's claws on his back (will scar)*


  • Large scar on the front of Bran's left shin where a large shard of glass has pierced it
  • A couple almost invisible, thin, silvery scars on torso and forearms from being whipped with a bullwhip. Only the deepest can occasionally be seen in the right light.
  • Huge claw-mark scar going from the top of his back to just above his waist. Acquired from an owl attack when in bat form.


"Why only take fifty Kina, when I can just take your wallet?"

Why?how much?
starting package+100 kina
Belt-0.2 kina
Pouch, Belt-1 kina
Thieves Tools-30 kina
Large Sack - 0.1 kina
Full Moon -1 kina
Wages Fall 513AV 3kina/day+273 kina
Living expences Fall 513AV-135 kina
Vest 0.3Kina X [10(buttoned)+5(Brocade orange, red and yellow)+1.5(dyed black)+3(fine wool)] =0.3 X 19.5= 5.85Kina(flame shirt);Pants 0.8kina X [1.5(dyed black)+3(fine wool)]=0.8 X 4.5=3.6kina;Shoes 0.3kina X [1.5(dyed black/border of red) +2(leather)=0.3 X 3.5=1.05kina -10.5kina
Vest (3 topaz Kina): dyed black(*1.5) + medium (N/A)+ wool,course (N/A) = 4.5 topaz kina;Shirt (1 Topaz kina) : dyed brown(*1.5) + medium (N/A)+ wool,course (N/A) = 1.5 Topaz Kina;Pants (8topaz kina): dyed black(*1.5) + medium (N/A)+ wool,course (N/A) = 1 kina 2 topaz kina => = 1kina 8topaz --> paid 2kina 4topaz-2.4kina
Daggers -30.5kina
Bandolier for daggers-5kina
Living expenses Winter 513AV-136.5kina
Wages Winter 513AV 3kina/day+276kina
Loot: Picking the wrong mark+3kina
information obtained from Raoul-1kina
Loot: a dark stranger+4kina
living expenses Spring 514-133.5kina
wages Spring 514AV 4kina/day+364kina
armor and mask: Angry Merchant-15.6kina
Ornate Fan: Masquerade BallFree
No place ... burglars: Skyglass orbLoot
No place ... burglars: Draft of an edit of the 3rd lawLoot
Living expenses Summer 514-133.5Kina
Loot Criminally great...+6tkina 4jkina
Wages Summer 514 4kina/day+364kina
Ale: Stories over ale-1kina
Glass Cutter-10kina
Drinks: A wild night: 2 honeyed whiskeys, 3 full moons, 2 ales -15kina
Expenses Fall 514AV-133.5kina
Payments in 'Planning the fireworks'-15kina
belt pouch x2-2kina
Wages Fall 514AV 8kina/day+728kina
loot from "Planning the fireworksflammable vial
loot "Delivering a message"flammable vial 10dose x5
Loot "Delivering a message"+18kina
Living expenses Winter 514AV-136.5kina
Wages Winter 514AV 8kina/day+728kina
(WR)stolen from Turrin ("the phantom man")+10 pinions
(WR)Gear for Quest: The Beast (daggers,sheaths, belts)-10 pinions
(WR)Loot from "Brandon Blackwing's day off"+7 pinions
(WR)Wages Spring 515AV (taxes/living expenses subtracted: 300-160= )+140p
(WR)2bandoliers,2pair of gloves,half-gauntlet gloves, 10 throwing daggers (Tea and Bargains)-20p
(WR)Wages Summer 515AV (Taxes/living expenses subtracted: 300-160=)+140p
(WR)payment for Archeron (A lesson in defense)-6p
(WR)Wages Fall 515AV (taxes/living expenses subtracted: 300-160=)=140p
Carry-over WR money to Lhavit + exchanging for Kina-401p
Carry-over WR money to Lhavit + exchanging for Kina+401ki
Seasonal expenses Winter 515AV (common)-136.5ki
Total2172.34 kina

please noteAll money listed in "Pinions" come from Wind Reach and has been earned there.

WR ledger :
Why?how much?
stolen from Turrin ("the phantom man")+10 pinions
Gear for Quest: The Beast (daggers and stuff)-10 pinions
Loot from "Brandon Blackwing's day off"+7 pinions
Wages Spring 515AV (taxes/living expenses subtracted: 300-160= )+140p
2bandoliers,2pair of gloves,half-gauntlet gloves, 10 throwing daggers (Tea and Bargains)-20p
Wages Summer 515AV (Taxes/living expenses subtracted: 300-160=)+140p
payment for Archeron (A lesson in defense)-6p
Wages Fall 515AV (taxes/living expenses subtracted: 300-160=)=140p
Total 401 pinions

(Has been implemented in the "grand ledger")

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Brandon Blackwing

Postby Brandon Blackwing on September 27th, 2013, 6:29 pm


Armor and clothing


  • 1 waterskin
  • comb
  • brush
  • razor
  • soap
  • Food for a week
  • eating knife
  • Flint & Steel
  • backpack

  • Skeleton keys
  • Lockpicks
  • clamp
  • Small hand saw
  • Small wedge (steel) and hammer
  • Large sack
  • Glass Cutter
  • Makeshift lock pick (made from a sewing needle)
  • Makeshift tension wrench (made from a spoon)

A simple black scarf Brandon's mother made for him when he left home. He uses it to hide his face when doing criminal activities, but wears it like a normal scarf otherwise. The piece of cloth has a lot of emotional value, and the bat is rarely seen without it. His fondness of the scarf exceeds that of all other possessions, Bran is also very protective of it. No one is allowed to touch it without his consent, and any harm done to it will not be tolerated.
Starting gear

  • Book
  • Book
  • Book
  • Book
  • Book
  • Ornate Fan
  • Small chest

Equipped stuff

Belt pouches
  • Coin pouch
  • Skeleton key
  • Lockpicks
  • Skyglass orb
  • Glass Cutter
  • Spring/Summer
  • Simple dark grey pants
  • Leather boots
  • Simple black cloak with hood (torn at the bottom)
  • Black scarf
  • Belt
  • Bandolier for daggers(torso)
  • Fall/Winter
  • Black Scarf
  • Long Black coat (wool)/ grey Katinu
  • Black pants (wool)
  • Brown shirt (wool)
  • Leather Boots
  • Belt
  • Bandolier for daggers(torso)
  • Fancy
  • Fiery vest
  • Black pants
  • Ballet shoes (black and red)
Special weapons

Literal translation: "The one that ends life"
Material: Steel
Type: Dagger
Info: The first of Brandon's daggers to receive a name.It is the most normal-looking and least elaborate of the six blades, though it was the first to take a life, hence its name. This dagger is the perfect image of what Brandon thinks of when one says 'dagger'.

Dagger 2 (not yet named)

Literal translation: N/A
Material: Cold Iron
Type: Dagger
Info: It has a really elegant looking, slender blade that ends in a tip that seems to stab the air itself by just lying being drawn. The handle is rather simple, but Brandon likes simple things just as well as or even better than fancy ones. It is coated in threads of grey fabric, with a thicker winded over them. A pumpkin shaped orb is perched at the top of the handle, and two smaller ones are the ends of the quillons, which are actually nothing more than bent small staves.


Literal translation: N/A
Material: Steel
Type: Dagger
Info: A dagger that shows great signs of excellent craftsmanship, not only due to the magnificently decorated hilt, but also the blade, which shimmers and glisters like the frozen surface of a small lake in the Misty Peaks. That is not the only special thing about it, not at all. The blade meanders slightly, like a snake slithering away. The snake element comes back in the hilt, which is actually the intertwined bodies of two snakes, their heads looking to opposing sides, with bared fangs, creating two quillons. Just below the snakes are three small spikes on each side, and the tips of the snakes’ tails travel further into the blade itself, so that the blade fits around it. A horned crown adorns the top of the hilt.

To intimidate a mage with mind-altering powers, Brandon spun a lie using this dagger, claiming to have used it to cut off many lying snake tongues, and hence its name. Afterwards however, Brandon decided to really name it Snaketongue seeing as he liked it and it fitted the blade well.

Dagger 4 (not yet named)

Literal translation: N/A
Material: Blued steel
Type: Dagger
Info: A weapon which seems to emit a strange blue glow, yet it's just the color of the metal. It’s blade has about the same length as the others, but at the base of the hilt it bends inwards, narrowing it before bending outwards and undoing it. The result is two curves that serve as a decoration. The hilt is remarkable as well, the top has the shape of the ace of spades, and the quillons are shaped in a fang-like fashion, as if it is ready to bite. The blue color comes from a process called 'Bluing' which strengthens and protects the steel from rust, thus making it almost stainless.

Dagger 5 (not yet named)

Literal translation: N/A
Material: Blued Steel
Type: Dagger
Info: A pitch black dagger with small quillons and two small ornamental spikes on the blade. It is not as elaborate as some of the other daggers, but as beautiful and liked by Brandon. It has underwent the bluing process as well, its color being the testimony of that fact. Due to the bluing, it is almost stainless and a bit stronger than regular steel.

Dagger 6 (not yet named)

Literal translation: N/A
Material: Special alloy containing 1/4 silver and 3/4 steel
Type: Dagger
Info: Of this dagger, the hilt looks as if a pillar of vines is reaching out to the crescent moon, entangling it. The blade holds the steady silver shine that Leth’s light casts, a blade too beautiful and delicate to use as weapon, but Brandon has been ensured that it is sturdier than it looks.


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Brandon Blackwing

Postby Brandon Blackwing on November 2nd, 2013, 12:28 pm

Q & A with Brandon

Updated. All answers have been rewritten.

General Information :
1. What is your Name? “My name is Brandon Blackwing.”
   2. Do you go by a nickname or pet name? “Some people call me Bran, and some have called me 'Little Bat', though I'm not particularly fond of that name.”
   3. How old are you? “Currently I am … ehm … four years of age, I'd say.”
   4. What is your height? “I'm five feet and some inches. I think seven or eight. I don't really measure myself. Five feet seven sounds right though.”
   5. What is your weight? “Again, I don't really weigh myself either. I'm honestly not that interested in that stuff.”

Aesthetics :
1. Describe yourself as you see yourself. “I am the best thief in Kalea, as well as one of the best Martial Artists.”
   2. Describe yourself as others typically see you. “They probably don't know about my occupation or my skills so... Just a long-haired, lean but muscular man? Some would probably add 'handsome' too.”
   3. What is your favorite body feature? “My favorite body feature? All of them? I have no favorite.”
   4. How physically fit are you? “I am a martial artist, as well as an acrobat and thief. What do you think?”
   5. How do you typically dress and what is your style? “Hm. I usually go for dark colors. Anywhere from brown to black.”

Family :
1. Who are your parents and what are they like? “My mother's a bear, so she's a bit rough, but caring. Gallan's nice. He's gentle, and kind.”
   2. Do you have any brothers or sisters? “No blood related ones. My birth was a little … problematic.”
   3. What is your extended family like? “Extended family? I don't have such a thing.”
   4. Do you consider close friends as important or more/less important than family? “Depends. I'd say they're equally important.”
   5. Do you treat animals like family? “Well... if you want to go technical, I suppose me and my mother are animals, so...”

Location :
1. Where were you born? “Kalinor.”
   2. Where do you live now? “Pffft. In a volcano.”
   3. If you could live anywhere in Mizahar where would that be? “No idea. Let me visit every place before making a decision.”
   4. Do you have a favorite place to vacation or spend leisure time? “Nope.”
   5. Where do you fear to be? “Hm. Jail. A torture chamber, if I'm the one getting tortured. In a bonfire. On the bottom of the ocean. Do I need to continue?”

Traits :
1. Do you have any physical weaknesses (disease, scars, and missing limbs?) “Physical wea-?! Oh, scars! Yeah, I have a whole collection. Most are barely visible though. The one on my back however isn't.”
   2. Are you right handed or left handed? “Both.”
   3. What languages do you speak? What do you sound like? Do you have an accent? “I can speak Common and Symenos. I also know a few words in the Ancient Tongue and in Nari. As for accents, I have been told I have a slight Zeltivan accent when speaking Common.”
   4. Do you have any odd mannerisms, annoying habits, or other defining characteristics? “I am always on guard. I pinch the bridge of my nose a lot, and I sigh a lot too. Oh, and I grin more than I smile.”
   5. Do you have (or want to get) any tattoos or piercing? Why do you have them (or will get them) ? “I have neither. I do have a mark styled like a scythe on my left palm though. It kind of looks like a tattoo. Does that count?”

Occupations :
1. What is your occupation? “I'm a thief. First and foremost. All other occupations are secondary.”
   2. Do you like/dislike your work? Why? “Thievery? No, I love it! I can't get enough of the thrills it gives me. And teaching is okay, I suppose.”
   3. If you could be anything you wanted to, what would you be? “I believe in effort. I'd rather grow than just instantly become good at something. But I'm good, I already am what I want to be. ”
   4. What occupation do you admire the most? Why? “Admire? I don't really admire people for the job they have.”
   5. What occupation do you lest like? Why? “A job I have done once? Pffft. Hard. Ehm.... Sorting paperwork. Desk jobs. That kind of thing.”

Childhood :
1. What sort of child were you? “A wild one.”
   2. What is your favorite memory from childhood? “Taking lessons from Gallan and my mother.”
   3. What is your worst memory from childhood? “I suppose... When I woke up in the wild. Or maybe that time I hid in a cave an my mother ran past all sad. I don't really want to remember that one.”
   4. What sort of relationship did you have with your parents? “A good one. We were pretty close.”
   5. Who was your most influential rolemodel? “Obviously my mother.”

Education :
1. What sort of education do you have? “A good education actually. I can write, I can read,... I can count.”
   2. Do you like/dislike learning? “I like learning. I only dislike certain methods of teaching.”
   3. Where or how did you learn most of your skills/abilities? “Practice. Usually I was taught the basics, and I figured the rest out on my own.”
   4. How do you learn best? “Through practice, experience, and mistakes.”
   5. What are your educational goals for the future? “Ehm. Learn some more about magic? Only the theory though!”

Relationships :
1. Do you form close bonds with people? Why? Why not? “Only with certain people.”
   2. Do you trust people easily? If not, why not? “Depends on the person. I'm in between I think.”
   3. Do you consider yourself straight, gay, bi, or something else? “I am straight.”
   4. Have you ever been kissed? If so, describe the first time. “I have. But nope. I refuse to describe my private affairs.”
   5. Have you ever had sex? If so, describe the first time. “I have sex all the time. And no, I won't describe it. I doubt you'd be interested in mating behavior of bats anyway.”

Drugs and Alcohol :
1. Have you ever been drunk? If so, describe your first time. “Oh yes, I felt terrible afterwards. As for the night itself... I have trouble recalling most of it.”
   2. Do you like to drink on a regular basis? “Well, yeah. Why not? I'll go with yes.”
   3. What sort of alcohol do you prefer? “Liquor. Preferably sweet ones.”
   4. Have you ever tried drugs (mood altering substances)? If so, which kinds and what did you think of them? “No, I don't trust it. There's too much uncertain.”
   5. What do you think of drugs and alcohol? Be specific. “Alcohol is great for having fun. Not too sure about drugs. I'm neutral.”

Likes and Dislikes :
1. What are your hobbies? “Picking pockets. Practicing Martial Arts. Go looking for excitement.”
   2. Do you like to read? “Depends. Reading in itself is not something I'd do just like that. If I'm looking for information, then things are different.”
   3. What annoys you more than anything else? “Turrin.”
   4. What do you find the most relaxing activity to do? “Taking a stroll, no plan, no destination. Just walking.”
   5. What kinds of things embarrass you? Why? “Ehhhhhm. There aren't a lot of things, really. None come to mind anyway.”

Favorites :
1. What is your favorite color or colors? “Pf. Nothing too flashy. Dark colors. Probably like dark blue or something.”
   2. What is your favorite time of day? “Night.”
   3. What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? “... Tough. The sky, I guess?”
   4. What do you like to eat? What do you hate to eat? “I love bugs. I love sweets. I love meat pastries. I dislike spicy things. Or overly sour ones. Hm. But overly bitter ones aren't really my favorite either. Nor are overly sweet things. Gah!”
   5. What is your favorite type of weather? Does any kind scare you? “Favorite type of weather? Cloudy, but dry.”

Outlook :
1. Are you optimistic or pessimistic? “I'm a realist.”
   2. What are your religious views? “I respect Life and Death both. One cannot be without the other. They are part of the same whole.”
   3. Would you be able to kill? “I always have been.”
   4. What are your views on sex? “Seriously? I love it.”
   5. What, in your opinion, makes a successful life? “A life lived without any regrets. Cliché, I know. ”

Actions :
1. What is the worst and best thing you’ve ever done? “Letting Biran get away. Best? Uh, not sure. Leaving Kalinor?”
   2. What is your greatest regret? “Letting Biran get away. And allowing Kriegsfelt to control me as long as he did.”
   3. What is your best/worst memory? “Being controlled by Kriegsfelt, and being unable to destroy Biran. The best would be my time as Incognito, and the part that came after Biran's escape.”
   4. If you could change one thing about your past, what would it be and why? “Pf. Nothing. I am who I am today because of my past.”
   5. What are you the most proud of doing in your life? “Obtaining/ regaining my freedom.”

Emotions :
1. How honest are you about your thoughts and feelings with others? “Honest enough.”
   2. Do you have any biases or prejudices? “Apart from Endal being conceited, unskilled bastards? No, not really.”
   3. What makes you happy? “Freedom.”
   4. Who or what, if anything, would you die for? “My freedom, my body, my friends and family. My dreams.”
   5. What makes you angry? “Oh, a lot of things. Disrespect for Life or Death usually gets me pretty pissed.”

Relationships :
1. In general, how do you treat others? “I treat people equal, unless I don't like them.”
   2. Who is the most important person in your life, and why? “I am. No one is more important than myself.”
   3. Who is the person you respect the most, and why? “Myself. And my mother. Why? Hm. No idea, I just do.”
   4. Do you have a spouse or significant other? If not, describe an ideal lover. “Nope. Ideal lover... In personality or body? Both? Hm. Well. She'd be rather petite, but fit and strong. Adventurous, confident, intelligent. And she has to have a sense of humor. What? No, I'm not describing my mother. My mother isn't petite.”
   5. Do you trust anyone to protect you? Who, and why “I don't. The only one I trust to protect me is myself. Why? Because no one's quite capable enough, that's why.”

Group Situations :
1. Do you tend to argue with people, or avoid conflict? “Argue. Definitely.”
   2. Do you tend to take on leadership roles in social situations? “Depends on the situation, but mostly I don't.”
   3. Do you like interacting with large groups of people? Why or why not? “Not really. I don't like to attract the attention of a large group. It's not because I'm shy, I'm not. I just don't like it.”
   4. Do you care what others think of you? “Probably, but I like to think I don't.”
   5. What do you think of others, in general? “In general... Potential targets.”

Self Image :
1. What is your greatest strength as a person? “My ability to perform under stress. And my adaptability.”
   2. What is your greatest weakness? “Underestimating people.”
   3. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? “You haven't been listening, have you? Nothing, because I wouldn't be myself anymore. Besides, if I want to change, I'll work on it.”
   4. Are you generally introverted or extroverted? “Introverted, I assume.”
   5. Are you generally organized or messy? “Do you believe in organized chaos? No? Fine, I'm messy then.”

Beliefs :
1. What God or Goddess do you find most appealing, if any? “Kihala, Dira, and Yshul”
   2. Which God or Goddess do you fear, if any? “All are worth fearing.”
   3. Do you have any Gnosis Marks? If so, how did you receive them? “I do. I have an Eiyon mark. I messed up big time, and got this to be able to make up for it.”
   4. What lengths would you go to to please your deity? “Depends. I don't know. I've set fire to a shop for Dira once. Is that far enough?”
   5. Where do you draw the line at pleasing your deity? What is too much? “Too much... Relinquishing my freedom, and my family and friends. I can't do that. ”

Life & Death :
1. What do you absolutely live for? “Excitement. I live to feel alive.”
   2. What is the best part of life? “Hm. The best part of life, eh? Experiences, I guess.”
   3. What is the best part of death? “It's deliverance. The end. Rest. ”
   4. If you could choose, how would you want to die? “I'd love to die fighting for my beliefs. I don't know why, but I'd rather go that way, instead of dying from an illness, or old age, or from walking into a trap, or being caught unaware. Or when running away...”
   5. What is the one thing for which you would most like to be remembered after your death? “I'd like to be remembered as the greatest thief in history. Or at least one of the greatest. A memory such as that will last for centuries.”
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Fighting Style and Techniques

Credit for this awesome sig goes to Estrellir Konrath
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Postby Brandon Blackwing on April 21st, 2014, 8:33 pm

Completed Threads Skill points accounting list

Spoiler list grande
On the brink of adventure :
Acrobatics +2
Cartography +2
Climbing +1
Endurance +1
Investigation +1
Land Navigation +1
Observation +1
Planning +1
Tactics +1
Unarmed Combat +4
Wilderness Survival: Mountains +2

Pinched! :
Larceny +2
Observation +3
Acrobatics +1
Seduction +1
Climbing +2

Playing Shadow :
Stealth +3
Tracking +1
Observation +3
Planning +2
Running +1

Dawnrest Break-in :
Larceny +4
Stealth +3
Observation +2

When Asking favours... :
Rhetoric +2
Persuasion +1
Observation +3
Tracking +1

Drink with me, stranger :
Observation: 5 XP
Negotiation: 1 XP
Planning: 1 XP
Deduction: 1 XP
Drinking: 2 XP
Socialization: 5 XP
Intelligence: 2 XP
Rhetoric: 1 XP
Persuasion: 1 XP
Storytelling: 1 XP
Larceny: 1 XP

Mutterings of a drunk :
Singing +1
Seduction +2
Socialization +3
Observation +1

G'morning :
Socialization +4
Observation +3

Bullying a rock :
Meditation +2
Bodybuilding +2
Acrobatics +3
Unarmed +2
Climbing +1

Four quintets of quick fingers :
Planning: 4 XP
Socialization: 1 XP
Larceny: 2 XP
Stealth: 2 XP
Observation: 3 XP
Escape Artist: 1 XP
Medicine: 1 XP

Blizzard of thoughts :
Meditation +1

The disappearance of Engghaen :
Observation: 3 XP
Socialization: 3 XP
Leadership: 2 XP
Unarmed Combat: 1 XP
Interrogation: 1 XP
Medicine: 1 XP
Running: 1 XP

Picking the wrong mark :
Acrobatics: 1 XP
Running: 1 XP
Observation: 3 XP
Larceny: 2 XP
Socialization: 5 XP
Acting: 2 XP
Storytelling: 1 XP
Rhetoric: 1 XP

Coloured arms and brilliant flashes :
Observation: 4 XP
Socialization: 5 XP
Rhetoric: 2 XP
Interrogation: 1 XP

Get off of my ship! :
Acrobatics: 2 XP
Observation: 5 XP
Socialization: 5 XP
Sailing: 3 XP
Knot Tying: 1 XP
Rhetoric: 1 XP

The uninvited are not welcome! :
Running: 2 XP
Acrobatics: 2 XP
Endurance: 1 XP
Observation: 3 XP
Larceny: 2 XP
Stealth: 2 XP

The wrong mark returns! :

A fancy getup :
Larceny +1
Observation +2
Negotiation +1

The masquerade ball :
Observation +3
Socialization +2
Rhetoric +1

A blade's one weakness :
Observation: 3 XP
Climbing: 1 XP
Stealth: 1 XP
Planning: 1 XP
Gambling: 1 XP
Socialization: 1 XP
Acrobatics: 1 XP
Unarmed Combat: 1 XP

Not as easy as initially thought :
Observation: 3 XP
Larceny: 1 XP
Socialization: 2 XP
Planning: 1 XP
Unarmed Combat: 1 XP

Treatment required :
Rhetoric 1
Socialization 4
Storytelling 2

paranoia :
Acrobatics: 2 XP
Observation: 4 XP
Running: 1 XP
Stealth: 2 XP
Deduction: 3 XP
Planning: 3 XP
Larceny: 1 XP
Socialization: 2 XP

the acquisition of claws :
Planning: 2 XP
Socialization: 4 XP
Observation: 5 XP
Persuasion: 1 XP
Copying: 1 XP
Weapon: Dagger: 1 XP

A wild night :
Brawling +1
Endurance +5
Intelligence +1
Negotiation +2
Persuasion +4
Rhetoric +1
Running +2
Socialization +3
Singing +1
Teaching +1
Unarmed Combat +1
Weapon: Vomit +1
Wrestling +1

Time for revenge 1 :
Observation: 4 XP
Acrobatics: 2 XP
Socialization: 1 XP
Deduction: 1 XP
Running: 2 XP
Climbing: 1 XP
Rhetoric: 1 XP
Disguise: 1 XP
Tracking: 1 XP

Trekking through the fog of moodiness :
Observation +2
Acrobatics +1
Intimidation +1
Socialization +2
Rhetoric +1

Time for revenge 2 :
◾Writing: 1 XP
◾Planning: 3 XP
◾Cartography: 1 XP

time.for.revenge 3 :
Larceny: 1 XP
Stealth: 3 XP
Deduction: 2 XP
Observation: 4 XP
Running: 2 XP
Weapon: Dagger: 1 XP
Reading: 1 XP

A dark stranger :
Larceny: 2 XP
Observation: 2 XP
Running: 1 XP
Unarmed Combat: 1 XP

Time for revenge 4 :
Observation: 3 XP
Socialisation: 4 XP
Weapon: Dagger: 1 XP
Unarmbed Combat: 2 XP
Subterfuge: 1 XP
Interrogation: 1 XP
Stealth: 1 XP
Planning: 2 XP

A Dark Alliance :
Land Navigation +1
Observation +5
Rhetoric +3
Planning +4
Leadership +1

Time for revenge 5 :
Observation +5
Acting +1
Tactics +2
Unarmed Combat +4
Dagger +2

Waiting for Go-...-dot :
Unarmed Combat +3 XP
Acrobatics +2 XP
Rhetoric +2 XP
Subterfuge +1 XP
Interrogation +1 XP
Observation +1 XP
Persuasion +1 XP

A nasty surprise :
Observation +3
Stealth +1
Dagger +3

Angry merchant :
Observation +2
Socialization +1
Rhetoric +2
Negotiation +1

Troublesome Ring :
Stealth +5
Disguise +1
Larceny +5
Observation +4
Running +1
Acrobatics +1
Dagger +1
Unarmed Combat +1

No place is ... burglars :
Stealth +5 XP
Larceny +5 XP
Acrobatics +2 XP
Climbing +1 XP
Endurance +1 XP
Observation +1 XP
Investigation +1 XP
Running +1 XP

Reversed Delivery :
Rhetoric +1 XP
Interrogation +1 XP

A late night workout :
Larceny +1 XP
Endurance +2 XP
Weapon: Dagger +4 XP
Unarmed Combat +2 XP
Drawing +1 XP

Criminally great entertainment :
Stealth +2 XP
Larceny +5 XP
Subterfuge +1 XP

Stories over ale :
Observation +2
Rhetoric +1
Socialization +1
Storytelling + 1

Mountain air and campfires :
Wilderness Survival: Mountains 2
Unarmed Combat 5
Climbing 1
Land Navigation 1
Investigation 1
Tacking 1
Stealth 1
Acrobatics 2
Detection 1
Rhetoric 1
Tactics 2
Weapon: Dagger 1

trick house :
Larceny: +5
Stealth: +3
Investigation: +3

Trap room :
Investigation: +4

In hot pursuit :
* Running: +3
* Acrobatics +4
* Escape Artist +3
* Unarmed Combat +3
* Logic +2
* Endurance +2
* Weapon: Dagger +1

An interesting evening :
Weapon: Dagger +1
Unarmed Combat + 2
Tactics: +1
Rhetoric + 2

A new task :
*rhetoric +3
*Persuasion +3

The bonfire ball :

situational benefits :
1 Larceny
2 Subterfuge
1 Investigation
2 Acrobatics
1 Climbing
2 Rhetoric
2 Stealth
2 Negotiation
1 Intimidation

Delivering a message :
Larceny | +2 EXP
AcroBATics | +1 EXP
Climbing | +2 EXP
Stealth | +3 EXP
Planning | +2 EXP
Rhetoric | +1 EXP
Subterfuge | +1 EXP
Intimidation | +1 EXP
Land Navigation | +1 EXP
Tactics | +1 EXP
Investigation | +2 EXP
Writing | +1 EXP
Philosophy | +1 EXP

Planning the fireworks :
Stealth + 1
Acrobatics + 1
Endurance + 1
Climbing + 1
Planning + 3
Negotiation + 1
Drawing + 2
Cartography + 2

E for escape :
Larceny | +2 EXP
Running | +1 EXP
Climbing | + 1 EXP
Stealth | +3 EXP
Planning | +2 EXP
Subterfuge | +2 EXP
Land Navigation | +1 EXP
Tactics | +2 EXP

From bad to worse :
Dagger: +2
Unarmed Combat: +2
Acrobatics: +2
Stealth: +2
Planning: +4
Interrogation: +1
Observation: +5
Socialization: +1
Rhetoric +1

All that starts well :
Planning + 2
Negotiation + 1
Acting + 1

Flame of a candle :
Intelligence +1
Planning +1
Subterfuge +1
Stealth +1
Deduction +1
Weapon: Dagger +1
Acrobatics +1

And That's the end of that :
Larceny: +1
Stealth: +3
Intimidation: +1
Escape Artist: +2
Planning: +1
Running: +1
Climbing: +1
Acrobatics: +1

Operation winter deliveries :
Planning +2
Bodybuilding +4
Disguise +1
Subterfuge +1
Stealth +1
Wrestling +1
Unarmed Combat +1
Larceny +2

Hot bath :
Socialization +2
Diplomacy +1

Take your medicine :
+1 Medicine
+2 Meditation
+2 Climbing

not so pleasant arrival :
+2 Endurance
+3 Intimidation

Spare a couple kina :
Disguise +1
Acting +1
Impersonation +1
Observation +3
Deduction +3
Philosophy +1
Brawling +1
Intimidation +2
Interrogation +2
Unarmed Combat +1

Enter Brandon, the batty instructor :
Tactics +1
Teaching +4
Rhetoric +1
Bodybuilding +1

Brandon Blackwing's day off :
Larceny +2
Tactics +3
Socialization +2
Subterfuge +1
Rhetoric +3
Investigation +1
Intelligence +2
Philosophy +1
Storytelling +1
Land Navigation +1

Belated Birthday :
Climbing +1
Logic +1
Philosophy +1

No rest for the needy :
Socialization +4
Acting +1
Acrobatics +2
Unarmed Combat +3
Leadership +2
Planning +2
Weapon: Dagger +1
Rhetoric +2
Larceny +1

Burning gaze :
Hunting +1
Tracking +1
Mountaineering +1
Socialization +4
Planning +4
Trapping +1
Stealth +1
Subterfuge +1
Running +2
Acrobatics +4
Climbing +2
Unarmed Combat +3
Wrestling +1
Endurance +2
Weapon: Dagger +1
Tactics +1

cooks and crooks :
Hunting +1
Tracking +1
Mountaineering +1
Socialization +4
Planning +4
Trapping +1
Stealth +1
Subterfuge +1
Running +2
Acrobatics +4
Climbing +2
Unarmed Combat +3
Wrestling +1
Endurance +2
Weapon: Dagger +1
Tactics +1

A job for a bat :
+2 Investigation
+1 Acting
+2 Running
+2 Body Building
+1 Intimidating
+1 Unarmed Combat
+1 Tactics
+2 Teaching

Till death do us part :
Endurance: 4
Planning: 2
Wrestling: 3
Escape Artist: 3
Tactics: 3
Persuasion: 2

The phantom man :
Climbing +1
Acrobatics +1
Larceny +1
Socialization +1

disaster crews and disastrous news :
Bodybuilding +2
Storytelling +1
Rhetoric +2

Healing touch? :
Interrogation +4
Rhetoric +1
Philosophy +1
Massage +4

It's never too late to learn :
Stealth 1
Tracking 1
Tactics 2
Persuasion 2
Massage 4
Interrogation 2
Negotiation 1
Unarmed Combat 5
Medicine 3
Planning 1
Endurance 1
Weapon: Dagger 1

Something worth fighting for :

weathering in the inclement weather :

Don't scare me like that :
Suberfuge 2
Socialisation 4
Rhetoric 1
Larceny 1
Persuasion 1
Massage 3
Planning 1
Medicine 1

Tea and Bargains :
Negotiation 2
Planning 1
Mathematics 1
Running 1

A lesson in defense :
Acrobatics 2
Tactics 2
Stealth 1
Weapon: Dagger 4
Endurance 2
Unarmed Combat 3
Brawling 1
Blind fighting 1

stay calm and smite yasi with knowledge :
Bodybuilding 1
Intimidation 2
Leadership 1
Rhetoric 2
Teaching 3
Interrogation 1

No sympathy for mister blind man :
Blind fighting 4
Acrobatics 2
Weapon: Dagger 2

Good riddance :
Running 1
Interrogation 2
Rhetoric 1
Teaching 4
Intimidation 1
Acrobatics 1
Unarmed Combat 1
Intelligence 1

Two ways to end suffering :
Philosophy 3
Socialisation 2
Medicine 3
Rhetoric 1
Cleaning 1

Down time :
Rhetoric 3
Subterfuge 2
Climbing 3
Tactics 2
Acrobatics 1
Endurance 1
Astronomy 1
Philosophy 2
Interrogation 4
Socialisation 1
Intelligence 2

Unexpected work :
Climbing 2
Land Navigation 2
Stealth 1
Gardening 1
Organisation 1
Weapon: Dagger 1
Wilderness Survival 1

more unexpected work :
Philosophy 2
Land Navigation 1
Climbing 1
Wilderness Survival 2
Massage 1
Rhetoric 1
Intelligence 2
Interrogation 1

finishing up some unexpected work :
Socialisation 2
Wilderness Survival 3
Endurance 1
Negotiation 1
Spoiler list grande2
To enter destruction's aftermath :
+1 Tracking
+1 Intimidation
+ 1 Sneaking
+2 Acrobatics
+1 Weapon: Daggers
+1 Persuasion

Gravoria manent :

Festive Larceny :

From Wind Reach With Love :

The Chair at springwater square :

A small Issue :




Now this one's not allowing me to use a template either! The petch is going on?
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Fighting Style and Techniques

Credit for this awesome sig goes to Estrellir Konrath
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Brandon Blackwing

Postby Brandon Blackwing on July 3rd, 2014, 7:56 pm


  1. Climbing: always three points of contact*
  2. Once warmed up, stay warmed up!*
  3. Climbing: comes from the legs*
  4. Handstand pushups: showy, but more effort*
  5. Acrobatics: rolling to avoid blows*
  6. Bodybuilding: Handstand push-ups*
  7. Acrobatics: Free Running*
  8. Acrobatics: Leaping between buildings*
  9. Acrobatics: Somersault*
  10. Acrobatics: Wall Running*
  11. Acrobatics: Back Flip*
  12. Acrobatics: Obtaining a Graceful Fall*
  13. Acrobatics: performing a handstand*
  14. Acrobatics: spread arms to improve balance*
  15. Adrenaline and Greed: A Truly Potent Combination*
  16. Being Baffled by Pain*
  17. Climbing: Regaining a Foothold*
  18. Defending Enggy with More than just Words*
  19. Directing a Rudder to Pilot a Ship*
  20. Endurance: Struggling to Conquer a Wall*
  21. Gaining Sea Legs*
  22. Relieving Rage through Self Inflicted Pain*
  23. Regaining Balance from a Grounded Sweeping Kick*
  24. Sailing: Holding the Ship Steady*
  25. Summersault: A Technique that Lessens Impact*
  26. Climbing: Not as easy as it looks*
  27. Jumping from roof to roof – Perhaps not the best time killer*
  28. Petting is like a massage*
  29. Landing: an art form*
  30. Navigating crowded streets with a cart*
  31. Tying and hiding an unconscious man*
  32. Cuddling Up to Drusilla*
  33. Flying is like Walking*
  34. The Many Types of Breathing*
  35. Biting so as not to be Touched*

  1. Blind fighting: locating opponents by sound not sight*
  2. Blind fighting: Taking blows to get a feel for an opponent*
  3. It's hard to anticipate what you can't see*
  4. Blind fighting: blows from different angles sound different*
  5. Pressure in combat causes mistakes*
  6. Tactics: waiting for the right time*
  7. Unarmed Combat: tensing abs to absorb a punch*
  8. There are no rules in combat*
  9. Unarmed Combat: balance is everything*
  10. Using both hands for extra force*
  11. Muscle memory: half of combat effectiveness*
  12. Tactics: Sand in the eyes to blind an opponent*
  13. Ways to stop a heart*
  14. The basics of pressure points*
  15. The locations of the arm's pressure points*
  16. The location of the knee's pressure points*
  17. Pressure point numbness wears off*
  18. Winning with Good Sportsmanship *
  19. Fighting a madwoman*
  20. Unarmed Combat: Headbutt*
  21. Unarmed Combat: Breaking an elbow joint*
  22. Fighting an opponent with Kesu*
  23. Unarmed Combat: Dislocating a shoulder*
  24. Unarmed Combat: Moving with blows lessens impact*
  25. Unarmed Combat: Overhead throw*
  26. Unarmed combat: Requires fit body*
  27. Being Attacked by Your own Weapon! *
  28. Being thrown Over an Edge! *
  29. Caught off Guard by a Sneak Attack! *
  30. Colour Changing Eyes: A Distraction in a Fight!*
  31. How to Fight a Rock*
  32. Learning how to Properly Hold a Dagger*
  33. Patience: A Viable Companion for Unarmed Combat*
  34. Saliva: A Valuable Offensive Technique*
  35. Tactics: Never Give Up! *
  36. Tactics: Drastic Measures*
  37. Tactics: Disarming an Opponent*
  38. Unarmed: Image Training*
  39. Unarmed Combat: A Knee to the Groin Never Fails!*
  40. Unarmed Combat: Feigning Attacks to Toy with the Opponent*
  41. Unarmed Combat: Windpipe Strike*
  42. Unarmed Combat: An Adrenaline-Filled Charge*
  43. Unarmed Combat: Pleasure in Paying back an Opponent*
  44. Unarmed Combat: Disarming a Dagger Wielder*
  45. Unarmed Combat Technique: Head-butt! *
  46. Understanding the Basic Techniques of Dagger Throwing*
  47. Whip Wielders: Vulnerable to a Firm Hold*
  48. First moves and feints to test an opponent*
  49. Losing balance can lose the fight*
  50. Tactics: charging in isn't always the best approach*
  51. Unarmed combat: basic front stance*
  52. Unarmed combat: basic wide stance*
  53. Unarmed combat: low sweep to topple opponent*
  54. It’s Bad to Underestimate Opponents*
  55. Fighting an imaginary foe*
  56. Practicing combat is a good way to get tired*
  57. Throwing the right speed to get a dagger to stick in a wall*
  58. Stabilizing throwing a dagger with touch*
  59. Thrown daggers don't always land where you aim*
  60. Combining unarmed combat with daggers*
  61. Using a kick to break an opponent’s guard*
  62. Knowing my weaknesses and using them at advantage in a fight*
  63. Using a dagger two handed to block a sword*
  64. Spinning may affect the aim of a throwing dagger*
  65. Using Imaginary foe to help practice how to attack and block*
  66. Tactics: Anticipating The Opponent's Next Move*
  67. Tactics: How to Evade a Bowman's Arrow*
  68. Unarmed Combat: A Hammering Fist to the Abdomen*
  69. Unarmed Combat: Throwing Momentum and Speed Behind a Strike*
  70. The Dangers of Taking Hits in a Concentrated Area*
  71. Unarmed Combat: The Bounce Step*
  72. Tactics: Taking the Reigns of a Fight*
  73. Using My Speed & Agility to My Advantage*
  74. How to Fight a Larger Opponent*
  75. Using the element of suprise*
  76. Attacking Arya*
  77. Tactics: Using others to shield you from harm*
  78. Three on one? Bring it on! *
  79. Wrestling: The "sleeper"*
  80. Unarmed Combat: Temple-strike to a constrained victim*

  1. The disadvantages of a dagger*
  2. Daggers: small, swift, and easily concealed*
  3. Daggers: lighter, so less power*
  4. Dagger: A Projectile as a Last Resort*
  5. Dagger: A Tool for Delicate Tasks*
  6. Dagger: Striking a Felled Foe*
  7. Dagger: Missing a Mark*
  8. Dimitri's Whip: A tool for Punishment*
  9. The Different Types of Whips*
  10. Whip: A Tool Capable of Inducing Severe Pain*

  1. Tea: wonderful for relaxing*
  2. Internal conflict: Responsibility vs. freedom*
  3. Running from responsibility*
  4. Justifying killing*
  5. The satisfaction of winning a fight*
  6. Comparing Wind Reach to Lhavit*
  7. A Day's Stroll Helps to Clear the Mind*
  8. Being the Odd Man Out*
  9. Deduction: Going Straight Home is too Obvious*
  10. Faith: Is it Real? *
  11. Feeling Freedom through Sailing*
  12. Fear: A Companion and Enemy to the End*
  13. Giving into Curiosity*
  14. Greed: Passing Up Mercy for a Fight*
  15. How to Formulate a Plan*
  16. How to Evaluate the Past*
  17. Ignoring Problems through Larceny*
  18. Ignoring the Instinct to Run*
  19. Kelvic Instincts: The Startling Anger of a Bat*
  20. Loss of Identity through Enslavement*
  21. Meditation: Errant Thoughts*
  22. Mentally Categorizing Scenarios and Outcomes*
  23. Nudity: Believing it to be Natural*
  24. Observation: Sizing up Unexpected Company*
  25. Obsession: Seeking Revenge over Dimitri*
  26. Overthinking: Worries about the Shinya's Suspicion*
  27. Overthinking: Good Plan or Obvious Trap? *
  28. Paranoia: A Mental State of Trickery and Deceit*
  29. Planning an Offensive Attack*
  30. Planning: Deciding which Outcome to Pick*
  31. Planning: Conjuring up a Story to Represent Sympathy*
  32. Planning: Finding a Safe Way Through Dimitri's House*
  33. Planning: Giving extra time for mistakes and unforeseen situations*
  34. Planning: Always prepare for the worst case scenario.*
  35. Reading Others’ Emotions from their Eyes*
  36. The Fear of Losing Engghaen*
  37. Planning: journeys require preparation*
  38. The Masks We Wear*
  39. Understanding the Fundamentals of a Dagger*
  40. Adapting to sleep by night, wake by day*
  41. Remembering Old Bets*
  42. The Enticing Scent of Mushroom, Carrot, and Meat Stew*
  43. The Strength of an Animal's Intuition*
  44. Driving Alses Crazy: make her paranoid*
  45. Staying calm in a chaotic situation*
  46. The anxiety of having to rely on a drunk*
  47. Philosophy: The Romantic Thief*
  48. Subterfuge: Matching Steps*
  49. Planning a kidnapping*
  50. Reminiscing about your family*
  51. Staying calm to avoid suspicion*
  52. What does not die cannot live*
  53. Attack of the Nightmare Owl*
  54. Fear of being Boiled Alive*
  55. Philosophy: You don't give money unless you get something*
  56. Philosophy: no one is the boss of you*

  1. A liar's pupils dilate*
  2. Teaching: assessing a student's skills*
  3. Teaching Combat: going slowly to get it right*
  4. Wind Reach eagles speak inside your head*
  5. Subterfuge: suppressing reactions*
  6. Comforting a ghost*
  7. Greetings in Nari*
  8. Insults in Nari*
  9. Teaching requires patience and repetition*
  10. Negotiation: using a merchant's own complaints to reduce the price*
  11. The frustrations of teaching*
  12. Teaching: making an example of someone*
  13. Choosing baby names*
  14. Persuasion: bribe deks with meals*
  15. Teaching the Valintar to "Fight"*
  16. Talking your alter ego up*
  17. Identifying a scam*
  18. Ordering an Endal around*
  19. Demanding a reward*
  20. Getting used to not getting what you want*
  21. Yelling at an Endal*
  22. Throwing a fit in public*
  23. How to survive among Endal*
  24. Teaching: Punishment gets Yasi to obey rules*
  25. Acting: Playing the Part of a Fool*
  26. Accepting Engghaen's Decision when it Comes to Fashion*
  27. An Inquiry between Opponents*
  28. Ascertaining Truth through Calculating Repetition*
  29. Bargaining for a Bandolier*
  30. Being Ordered to Buy a Man's Wares*
  31. Engaging in a Battle of Wits*
  32. Entertaining a Dead Man's Tale*
  33. Explaining the Concepts of Exhaustion*
  34. Giving out a Name Promotes Bad Outcomes*
  35. Gambling: Wagering on an Unarmed Fight*
  36. Gentlemanliness: Mandatory*
  37. How to Shop for Dress Clothes*
  38. Lying to Escape the Shinya's Suspicion*
  39. Masquerades: A Time to Be Yourself*
  40. Noting when there's a Bargain*
  41. Parties: A Depressing Affair*
  42. Passive Resistance towards Mr. Black*
  43. Playing Dumb to avoid Unwanted Company*
  44. Riling a Woman with a Large Sword*
  45. Returning Mirth with a Subtle Threat*
  46. Rumors: Reputation Destroying Filth*
  47. Rumors: They Spread like Wildfire*
  48. Song: Drunken Sailor*
  49. The Dangers of Spreading a Name*
  50. The Game of Questions*
  51. Uninspired curses*
  52. Dead Men Tell No Tales*
  53. Sticking to a story to cover a lie*
  54. Deciphering Fact From Fiction*
  55. Turning The Cogs Of The Rumor Mill*
  56. Explaining the Advantages of Route by Roof*
  57. Rumors: planting the seeds of unrest*
  58. Having your words twisted*
  59. Inarta language sounds like birds*
  60. Lying to the Shinya guards of Elysium Hall*
  61. Identifying a fake smile*
  62. How big your influence on Lhavit is*

People and Races
  1. Levi: A Spiritist*
  2. Archeron: just as good at combat in his own way*
  3. Archeron: gave me the best fight since arriving in Wind Reach*
  4. Cyla: got out of my lessons*
  5. Cyla: child of an endal*
  6. Inarta don't think much of unarmed combat*
  7. Jasse: a mute dek*
  8. Keah: in charge of the infirmary*
  9. Shadyn: an unusual Endal*
  10. Shadyn: actually lives up to his title*
  11. Amora Chaqe: the ghost of an Endal*
  12. Dru: like a sister*
  13. Archeron: a weapons teacher*
  14. Archeron: ambushes students*
  15. Zith: general characteristics*
  16. Zith: disabled by flashing light in their eyes*
  17. Theresa: masseuse & projectionist*
  18. Irina: grumpy old Inarta*
  19. Irina: Theresa’s mother*
  20. Drusilla: Sleep talk & cuddles*
  21. Drusilla’s first pet bat *
  22. Dru carries Brandon’s child*
  23. Biran: An Immortal Monster*
  24. Kaden Avin - The Valintar*
  25. Inarta are Bird Brained*
  26. Lhavitians like to rhyme*
  27. Drusila: An Avora*
  28. Khara: A friend of Drusilla?*
  29. Zhol: Reimancer*
  30. Zhol: Fiery temper*
  31. Zhol: Drusilla’s brother*
  32. Zhol: Left-handed*
  33. Zhol & Khara: a couple*
  34. People are whacky*
  35. A late night Visitor*
  36. Arcturus: A Mage of Reading Capabilities*
  37. Arcturus: An Employer of Investigation*
  38. Bartell: A Man with a Temper*
  39. Bartell: A Wife Beater*
  40. Bartell: Unskilled in Unarmed Combat*
  41. Bats: Mating Season*
  42. Citizens of Lhavit: Rather naive in the face of crime*
  43. Beggars: A Somewhat Trustful Source of Information*
  44. Burton Tally: "The Rat"*
  45. Cassandra’s Family: A Bunch of Strange Svefras*
  46. Cassandra: A Teacher of the Sea*
  47. Cassandra: A Passionate Sailor*
  48. Cassandra: Too Proud For an Auction*
  49. Chari: Cashing in a Favor*
  50. Chari, the Kelvic*
  51. Dimitri: A Conman in a Smith Shop*
  52. Dimitri: Not a Murderer, but Cold Hearted*
  53. Dimitri's Map: A Plan or a Trap?*
  54. Dimitri's Story*
  55. Dimitri: A Relentless Opponent*
  56. Dimitri: A Smartass in all Situations*
  57. Dimitri: An Observant Fellow*
  58. Dimitri: Once a Desperate Beggar*
  59. Dimitri: A Tortured Soul? *
  60. Dimitri's Plea for Mercy*
  61. Dimitri: A Death Dedicated to Dira*
  62. Dimitri: A Friend? *
  63. Dimitri: An Antagonizer to the End*
  64. Dimitri's Tale*
  65. Dimitri's "Generous" Offer*
  66. Dimitri's Arrogance*
  67. Eli, Imaginary Guardian of Stone*
  68. Engghean: A Longed for Friend*
  69. Ghosts: Frightening Enough to Cause one to Tremble in their Boots*
  70. Halon: A Muscual Man with a Magical Arm*
  71. Isurs: The God, the Arm and Various Abilities*
  72. Isurs: Their Arms are Resistant to Mundane Harm*
  73. Julius: A Man who Steals from Wrong-doers*
  74. Julius: An Intriguing and Possible Accomplice*
  75. Krisa: Quite the Talker*
  76. Mr. Black: Solomon Kriegsfelt, Boss*
  77. Mr. Black: Untouchable? *
  78. Mr. Black: Already Brandon's Boss? *
  79. Mr. Black: Landlord? *
  80. Mr. Black: Found of Couriers*
  81. Mr. Black: Impatient and not Inclined to Waiting*
  82. Mr. Black: "Not" a Showy Man*
  83. Raoul: A Cripple Beggar with Amusing Stories*
  84. Raoul: A helpful Asset *
  85. Reynold: A Child who Lost his Mother to Disaster*
  86. Reynold: A Hide and Seek Partner*
  87. Sal Mander: An Honest Man with a Short Temper*
  88. Sal Mander: A Magic User! *
  89. Sal Mander: A Seemingly Sane Mage. *
  90. Vinn: Immune to cursing*
  91. Vinn: Unusual artist*
  92. Arysana: Forfeits Bet*
  93. Raien: Isur/Benshira*
  94. Raien: Despises being an impure Isur*
  95. Raien: Tougher Then He Looks*
  96. The Councilor: Insomniac? *
  97. Sana, the Inarta*
  98. Sana: Care to Make a Wager? *
  99. Sana's Wager: Climbing, in Summer*
  100. Ollic, Arysana's Friend*
  101. Ollic, the Suspicious Weirdo Doctor*
  102. Mr. Shoot First and Ask Questions Later: An Angry Hunter*
  103. Bowman Number Two: Robin Hodd*
  104. Bowman's Apprentice: Jonathan Lyttle*
  105. Ardan: Fakes Accent*
  106. Ardan: Kelvic Jaguar*
  107. Solomon Kriegsfelt: Has plans for the city*
  108. Cyq: The Pycon Aurist*
  109. Lily: a Kindred Spirit*
  110. Lily Moonlights as a guard*
  111. Lily: Works at the Red Lantern*
  112. Ornea: Inarta Metalsmith from Wind Reach*
  113. Iskiraya Mifune: Oozes wrongness*
  114. Koran: Carver*
  115. Savos: Dark Skinned Artist*
  116. Umelus Brasa greatest self weakness: Eats too much*
  117. Umelus Brasa greatest workplace weakness: Daily cash intake*
  118. Umelus Brasa greatest Lhavit weakness: Lightning in storms*
  119. Ornea greatest self weakness: Magic allergy*
  120. Ornea greatest workplace weakness: The automated transportations at Lucis and Lucis*
  121. Ornea greatest Lhavit weakness: The water pumps at Lucis*
  122. Koran greatest self weakness: Impatience*
  123. Koran greatest workplace weakness: The wilds*
  124. Savos greatest self weakness: His reservation to divulge it*
  125. Savos greatest workplace weakness: Obscurity*
  126. Savos greatest Lhavit weakness: It's beauty*
  127. Iskiraya Mifune: Thief!*
  128. Solomon Kriegsfelt: Hiring Brandon To Kill Alses*
  129. Solomon Kriegsfelt: Displeased With Aysel, Talora & Zintilia*
  130. Solomon Kriegsfelt: One Key Fits All Rental Property*
  131. Braga & Dragha: Solomon's hired Akalak guards *
  132. Councilor Radiant Alses: Potential Ally*
  133. Solomon Kriegsfelt: Monster to be defeated*
  134. Inarta: They sleep at Night*
  135. Alses: Konti in her mortal seeming*
  136. Drusilla is Lonely*
  137. Drusilla must Truly Care*
  138. Stella: Dru's Pet Bat*
  139. The Strange Habits of Non-Kelvics*
  140. Dru has a brother and a chickadee*

  1. Location: The Infirmary*
  2. Wind Reach: built on efficiency, work, and labor*
  3. Location: The Greco Hut*
  4. The Enclave, Wind Reach's library*
  5. Turrin’s bedroom*
  6. Bubbling Mud: Located between Wind Reach and Lhavit*
  7. Wind Reach - How Jobs are Assigned*
  8. Wind Reach - Castes are Decided based on Jobs*
  9. Wind Reach - The Caste System*
  10. Wind Reach is Messed Up*
  11. Wind Reach: A Crime to defend yourself*
  12. Fear rules Wind reach*
  13. Wind Reach mentality*
  14. Location: Tisuma Baths*
  15. Wind Reach: Provides clothing*
  16. Cyphrus: Where horse boys live*
  17. Wind Reach: Respect is mandatory*
  18. Wind Reach: More than black and white*
  19. Alleyways: More Inconspicious Routes than Streets*
  20. Bartell's House: Relatively Unprotected*
  21. Behind Doors: The Most Obvious Hiding Spot*
  22. City of illusions? *
  23. Dimitri's Campsite*
  24. Lhavit: A Comfortable Climate*
  25. Lhavit street layout
  26. Lhavit: north-west of Kalinor*
  27. Lhavit: The Azure Market *
  28. Lhavit: The Scholar's Demise*
  29. Lhavit: Springwater Square*
  30. Lhavit: Brandon's Flat*
  31. Lhavit: The Tranquil Port*
  32. Lhavit: The Ethereal Opera House*
  33. Lhavit: The Mouth of the Amaranthine*
  34. Lhavit: The Shooting Stars Inn*
  35. Lhavit: The Trail of Waterfalls*
  36. Lhavit Location: A Touch of Fire*
  37. Ships: Considered Female in Fratava*
  38. Taverns: Loud, Rowdy and Full of Mug Swinging*
  39. The best places to sleep upside-down
  40. Windows: Bad Escape Routes*
  41. Lhavit: The Sundial Circle*
  42. Lhavit: Elysium Hall*
  43. Elysium Hall: Layout*
  44. Catholicon: Petching Stairs*
  45. Bright Lights: Unpleasant Candleshop*
  46. Lhavit: the Starry Chalice*
  47. Solomon Kriegsfelt's Home*
  48. Kriegsfelt's home: Managed By Two People*
  49. Solomon Kriegsfelt: Location Of One Of His Vacant Houses*
  50. Elysium Hall: Alses' Quarters: Layout*

  1. Anyone can do a basic massage*
  2. Massage: Relaxes muscles*
  3. Pressure points: Djed crossroads*
  4. Massage: Depends on racial anatomy*
  5. Massage: How to apply the right amount of pressure*
  6. The uses of massage lotion*
  7. Massage: Movement from arms & back*
  8. How to massage back muscles*
  9. Knowing what caused a wound makes it easier to treat*
  10. Medicine: use clean water*
  11. Medicine: stitching wounds closed*
  12. Medicine: alcohol to sterilise*
  13. Willowbark: eases pain*
  14. Wash hands before anything else*
  15. Gut wounds kill slowly and painfully*
  16. Medicine: signs of dehydration*
  17. How to restart a heart*
  18. The heart is a muscle?*
  19. Cooking: Wind Reach style mushroom soup*
  20. Cooking: Don't wash mushrooms with water*
  21. Medicine: Using a Cape to Wrap a Wound*
  22. Mountain Air: A Good Headache Reliever*
  23. Recipe: Engghaen's Terrible Tea*
  24. Wine: Far Too Complicated*
  25. Injury: Thirty Days to Heal with a Cast*
  26. It's Always a Good Idea to Bring Food*
  27. Medicinal Technique: Soak a Bandage Before Removing*

Magic, the divine and supernatural
  1. Ghosts fear the mark*
  2. Soulmist ingredients*
  3. Soulmist, making of*
  4. How a Spiritist works*
  5. Marked by Dira, now responsible to her?*
  6. Gnosis marks look like tattoos but don't feel like them*
  7. Philosophy: death is about balance*
  8. A smell from Dira: roses beneath death and decay*
  9. Eiyon: calmness around death*
  10. Eiyon: visions of death*
  11. Helping Amora move on*
  12. Djed: used in personal magic*
  13. How to recover Djed*
  14. The difference between Djed vessals and Djed nerves*
  15. Djed: Energy flow within the body*
  16. Djed: Everything has it*
  17. Magic: Uses your soul’s djed*
  18. Overgiving: Using too much magic*
  19. Effects of overgiving*
  20. Projection: Uses astral body*
  21. First sighting: The undead*
  22. Magic: Making Allowances When Beneficial*
  23. Auristics: Can be used to tell if someone is lying.*
  24. Magic: Can lead to overgiving*
  25. Animation is an abomination*
  26. Viratas accepts pet Sacrifices*
  27. Being susceptible to sudden thought hypnotism*
  28. Resisting emotional response hypnotism*
  29. Recognizing the use of foreign magic*
  30. Personal Magic: Hypnotism*
  31. Brandon is not actually an aurist*
  32. Bubbling Mud: Transformed Biran*
  33. Dira: Goddess of Death*
  34. There are others like Biran*
  35. There are others STRONGER than Biran*
  36. There is no such thing as an Immortal*

  1. Too hot springs mean cold stream baths*
  2. Event: a silent contest on the cliff*
  3. Event: a tie!*
  4. Dead creatures provide plants with nutrition*
  5. Giving a death stroke to a wounded Zith*
  6. Five things wrong with Endals*
  7. My child shouldn't be a birdbrained Inarta*
  8. Taking Amora's bones home to Wind Reach*
  9. Custom work needs the measurements to hand*
  10. Falling for your own tricks*
  11. Always experiment on others, not yourself*
  12. Birthday presents from Dru*
  13. Standing out in a Crowd*
  14. Getting a Job*
  15. Caste Assignment – Chiet*
  16. Job Assignment - Unarmed Combat Instructor*
  17. 3 Options: Hide, Flee or Fight!*
  18. A Thief's Sense of Awareness: Rooms aren't always Empty*
  19. Attaining the Notion for a Stakeout*
  20. Not a Skeleton Key?! *
  21. Revenge: The Definition of Breaking and Entering*
  22. Setting Fire to a Swindler's House*
  23. Skeleton Keys: Opens Random Doors*
  24. Thief vs. Thief: A Bad Combination*
  25. Thieves are tax collectors too*
  26. The Monotony of Thieving*
  27. Fooled by a decoy money pouch*
  28. Framing another thief*
  29. Being a thief is no longer enjoyable when employed by Mr. Black*
  30. Overconfidence leads to being arrested*
  31. Experience makes all the difference*
  32. The thrill of Thieving: Nothing Else Matters*
  33. Using Sound to form an image*
  34. Try not to steal from drunken sailors.*
  36. Course of action for stealing from the Starry Chalice*
  37. Course of action for burning down the Animation Studio*
  38. Encountering a literal madwoman*
  39. Staying for the show*
  40. Haste makes waste*
  41. Enjoying a hike*
  42. Few moths are out during winter*
  43. A "Better" Burial*
  44. A Birthday to Remember*
  45. Absurdity + Alcohol = Drunken Laughter*
  46. A Change of Pace: Trying to Find a Legal Profession*
  47. A Night At The Masquerade Ball*
  48. Drunkenness: Mixed Feelings*
  49. Conned by a Conman*
  50. Enggy at Risk! *
  51. Fate can be a Bitch*
  52. Freedom: Worth more than it's weight in Gold*
  53. How to Notice a Change in Behavior*
  54. Life: The Great Wager*
  55. No Turning Back*
  56. Conned again!*
  57. The Fluidity of Fate*
  58. The Unopened Chest*
  59. Want: Fingerless Gloves*
  60. Caution Before Stomach*
  61. Jester, a possible career alternative*
  62. Coin toss: which option is more appealing? *
  63. Cloud Government: Typical Bureaucracy*
  64. There's no escaping work*
  65. Female distractions; woes of men everywhere*
  66. There may be sympathizers in the city*
  67. Are summaries just illusions?*
  68. Using a scarf to help block out smoke*
  69. Smoking candles: Cause a lot of panic*
  70. Light of the Past: Made from leftover animal fat*
  71. Appearance of flammable philter vials at the Starry Chalice*
  72. Somehow, The Shinya know your plan*
  73. Saved by a Cramp*
  74. Snatched by a Symenestra*
  75. Bathed by a Spider*
  76. Resting in a Cage*
  77. Money is power*
  78. Lhavit Holiday: Aviakattis*
  79. Passing out in public*
  80. Recognizing Ornea*
  81. Being the voice of reason*
  82. Making a Non-Oath/Promise to Avenge Stella*
  83. Being Hand Fed by a Symenestra*
  84. The Benefits of Echolocation*
  85. Being Boiled isn't so Unpleasant*

  1. Being Caught Stealing by Another Thief*
  2. Being Scared off by a Ghost*
  3. Brandon Blackwing: A killer? *
  4. Brandon's Revelation: Embrace the Illusion*
  5. Faith: Was I ever Faithful? *
  6. Having a Sixth Sense for Excitement*
  7. Humbled at the feet of Mr. Black*
  8. "Incognito": The Faceless Shadow*
  9. Incognito: Domestic Guardian! *
  10. Mistaken for a Homeless Man*
  11. Cat or Mouse: Which Am I? *
  12. Not the only thief around*
  13. Getting pickpocketed by another pickpocket*
  14. Maybe I'm a Daredevil*
  15. Don't Need Pity*
  16. Mother's Influence: A Dislike for Spider People*
  17. Brandon: Doing all the dirty work*
  18. Incognito: the Phantom Thief*
  19. Incognito: The Man who would challange Alses*
  20. Incognito: Robs from the rich, not the poor*
  21. Self greatest self weakness: is your greatest strength*
  22. Self greatest Lhavit weakness: Relies too much on Zintila*
  23. You destroyed the Animation studio*
  24. Mr. Bat*
  25. You don't like being beckoned like a dog*
  26. Brandon, the batty instructor*
  1. The essentials of survival: water, food, shelter*
  2. The irony of learning survival skills from a ghost*
  3. Wilderness Survival: how to start a fire with two sticks*
  4. Bugs: human food as well as bat food*
  5. Trees: safe for sleep but not confortable in human form*
  6. Blackberries: a sweet treat on brambles*
  7. Land Navigation: orienting yourself by the sun's position*
  8. Land navigation: use the sun, but don't follow it*
  9. Astronomy: a star that points north*
  10. A Tedious Path to Making Fire*
  11. Survival: hibernating over winter*
  12. Survival: the importance of finding shelter*
  13. Cartography: dots to represent cities*
  14. Cartography: Mapping out patrol routes*
  15. Navigation: orienting by the sun*

  1. Pick Pocketing: An easier form of Larceny*
  2. How to pick locks with a spoon*
  3. Disguise: Face Masks are Uncomfortable*
  4. Disguise: Looking like a Homeless Beggar*
  5. Escape Artist: Escaping through the Upstairs Window*
  6. How to Palm an Item*
  7. Interpreting Valuables through Touch*
  8. Larceny: How to Pick a Lock*
  9. Larceny: Picking a Quality Lock*
  10. Larceny: Opening a Window to find a Mark*
  11. Larceny: Sizing up a Lock*
  12. Larceny: Encountering an Animated Lock*
  13. Larceny: Determination will See you Through*
  14. Larceny: Picking an Animated Lock through Innovation*
  15. Larceny: Trusting a Gut Feeling*
  16. Larceny: Stealing a Ring from a Sleeping Man*
  17. Larceny: Lard is your Friend*
  18. Larceny: Gloves Hinder Lockpicking*
  19. Larceny: Breaking and Entering*
  20. Larceny: Donning a Disguise*
  21. Larceny: Wedging into Locked Chests*
  22. Larceny: Falling into a Building is a Form of Breaking and Entering!*
  23. Larceny: Looting a Drunkard*
  24. Larceny: Cold Fingers Hurts Chances of Success*
  25. Larceny: Accepting an Unexpected Job*
  26. Larceny: Hunting a Hunter*
  27. Larceny: Remembering a Mark*
  28. Larceny: Avoiding a One-Sided Confrontation*
  29. Larceny: Planning a Heist on the Fly*
  30. Larceny Technique: Obtaining Extra Money Using Subconscious Negotiation*
  31. Making an alarm with mug and cord*
  32. Larceny: Beating what was once unbeatable*
  33. Larceny: The process is more thrilling then the reward*
  34. Taking back what is rightfully your stolen loot*
  35. Locking a door using locking picking tools*
  36. Best way to test a trap was to activate it!*
  37. Larceny: Using smoke candles to block others' vision*
  38. Larceny: Always plan your escape*
  39. Locking a door without keys*
  40. Kidnapping Alses*
  41. Disguise: Appearing as a vagrant*

  1. Use a roll of blanket to mimic a body*
  2. Using Body Language to Diminish Presence*
  3. Fooling Two Guards with a Crash of a Chair*
  4. Hide and Seek: An Illegalized Game Played in Reverse*
  5. Hiding from the Shinya to Avoid Arrest*
  6. Stealth: Looking Like You Belong*
  7. Stealth: Maintaining a Safe Distance*
  8. Stealth: Climbing a Cliff Without Producing Much Sound*
  9. Stealth: Silently Approaching an Unexpected Trio*
  10. Stealth: Sense of Safety through Disguise*
  11. Stealth: Breaking a Bust brings Disaster*
  12. Stealth: Hiding Under a Staircase*
  13. The art of hiding under a walkway*
  14. Everything is louder in the silence*
  15. Be Ready or Be Caught*
  16. Using the streets to my advantage*
  17. When searching for something, people forget to look up*

  1. Differing males from females based on scent*
  2. Throwing your follower off*
  3. Trapping your follower*
  4. Identifying your watcher*
  5. Tracking: Keeping an Eye on the Target*
  6. Tracking: How to Avoid Being Followed*
  7. Tracking Down a Swindler*
  8. Scouting a Mark*
  9. Tracking By Scent*
  10. Schedule and pattern of Shinya patrols in the Azure Market during working bells*
  11. Shinya patrols during rest times aren't as structured as during work bells*
  12. The too Sweet Scent of Peaches*
  13. The Scent and Sound of Drusilla*

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Full name: Lethia
Nicknames: None
Sex: Female
Race: Kelvic Grizzly Bear
Age: In Fall 513 AV: 6 years
Relationship: Family, Mother
Skills: Unarmed combat 35, sewing 15
Lethia is one of the rare cases of women left alone by the Symenestra population of Kalinor, the sole reason being that she is barren and cannot give birth anymore. Looking almost in her forties, the Kelvic bear is only six years old. Despite her average weight and height, Lethia possess strength greater than that of the average person. Her hair is black and her eyes are blue.

Not quite willing to share much information about her past, Brandon has been able to get Lethia to tell him a bit, though it wasn't much and she tells him the same tale over and over when he manages to persuade her.

What happened before it the bat does not know, but it is certain that his mother had been staying in the city of Riverfall at a certain point in time. What exactly she was doing there and when she arrived she did not tell, but Brandon does remember her saying she sparred with the blue male population lots of times, both as bear and human. It is there that she learned the art of Unarmed Combat and met Brandon's father. Lethia claims that his father was a wimp compared to the Akalak, and would have been easily defeated, but she'd let him win to make him feel better. The time of year being Spring and both warriors Kelvic (or so Lethia claims anyway, though she never revealed what his animal form was), they got pretty close and after a while they eventually mated.

It was just a couple of days after that event that Lethia left the city with a merchant, having decided to journey onward. During their trip she and the human merchant started to take a liking to each other and by the time they arrived in Kalea they had bonded.

When they were near Kalinor, Lethia felt that it wouldn't take much longer before she would be going into labour, so the couple thought it wise to stay in one place until she'd given birth. Invited by the Symenestra, who obviously were plotting something for the pregnant Kelvic. After a while though, Gallan decided they'd stay in order to secure a place and income to sustain the growing family. He started a fabric shop, which never was really successful, but didn't do really poor business either.

On the 30th day of Summer 511AV Brandon was born, however, there were complications during the delivery, and Lethia would not be able to give birth ever again, which spoiled the Symenestra's plans. Lethia never was quite fond of the Syms, and still does not trust them. If she had a say about it, Brandon's family would leave the cave city, but because Gallan seems to want to stay, she does not complain.


Full name: Gallan Koopmann
Nicknames: None
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Age: In Fall 513 AV: 41 years
Relationship: Family, Stepfather
Skills: Writing 15, Land navigation 15, trading 20
Info: Gallan is Brandon's stepfather and Lethia's bondmate. He is a man of short stature, not even as tall as Brandon or Lethia (both of them being around the same height), and his build is rather average. Gallan is neither fat nor skinny, but something in between. Due to his age, his hair has already started greying, streaks of silver in the hair that once was a stark black. Despite having lived in Kalinor for a couple years, his skin is slightly tan, and sun-touched, an aspect he claims he inherited from his mother's side of the family. The most remarkable feature of Gallan is his huge mustache, in which he takes great pride and grooms very often.

History: Gallan's bloodline consists of that of Benshira and ordinary humans, his great grand-father having married a Benshira woman. Being a trader, the occupation was passed down for generations, not every member of the family liking it, but the necessary skills were thought anyway. One could consider it to be the heirloom of Gallan's family. From that line came Gallan's mother, whose skin was a lighter shade than her grandmother's, but darker than her grandfather's. It is so that Gallan was granted the same color, even if the Benshiran blood streaming through his vessels was diluted to minimal concentrations.

Because it was tradition, Gallan's mother passed the knowledge of trading onto her son, even though Gallan's father was against it, desiring his son to help him work the land he had spent so many years of his life on taking care of crops and wheat. Yet, their son seemed to possess the same spirit and interest for trade as his great grandfather had and eventually he left his parents and younger siblings behind to start his own business.

Little is known about what happened next, but from the few instances Gallan did speak about it, Brandon gathered that his stepfather joined a trading caravan as an assistant to one of the traders. Years passed before he finally was able to take his master's place when the old man struck by illness, bedridden, leaving his business to his assistant. Eventually, Dira came to lead the trader to his next life and Gallan was left with the small business and continue to travel with the caravan as a merchant himself.

At one point in time the caravan visited Riverfall and while nothing interesting happened during their stay, a woman joined when they left, offering her services as guard. During their trip the Kelvic guard and the human merchant started to take a liking to each other and by the time they arrived in Kalea they had bonded and left the caravan to sail to Lhavit, where Gallan decided he wanted to open a shop. However, they never reached that goal.

When they were near Kalinor, Lethia felt that it wouldn't take much longer before she would be going into labour, so the couple thought it wise to stay in one place until she'd given birth. Invited by the Symenestra, who obviously were plotting something for the pregnant Kelvic, the couple settled in Kalinor, planning on leaving as soon as possible. After a while though, Gallan decided they'd stay in order to secure a place and income to sustain the growing family. He started a fabric shop, which never was really successful, but didn't do really poor business either.

On the 30th day of Summer 511AV Brandon was born, and while he wasn't Gallan's son -which Lethia had told him right away when she found out she was pregnant- the merchant loved him as much as he would his own flesh and blood.



Name known: Yes
Nicknames: None
Sex: Female
Race: Kelvic Dog
First met in: Pinched!
Date: 4th of Fall 513AV
Relationship: More or less friendly, acquaintance
Info: While the circumstances of their first meeting weren’t really favorable to cultivate friendship, Brandon quickly came to like Chari, be it due to her willingness to ‘play’ with him or her somewhat helpless attitude later on. Somehow, they both grew to more or less like each other, and when their first meeting came to an end, both left on friendly terms, strangely enough. Brandon likes to tease her, probably due to her helpless attitude, the way she blushes easily and her utter denial of whatever he just said. The two met another time twelve days later, which turned out to be the last time they’d see each other again.

Name known: Yes
Nicknames: None
Sex: Male
Race: Ethaefal
First met in: Drink with me, Stranger
Date: 21st of Fall 513AV
Relationship: Business, acquaintance
Info: The two met in the Scholar’s Demise, ‘by accident’, the Eth being there to grieve for a friend of his that had recently been murdered. Brandon found the toast the man raised intriguing and wanted to know more, ending up fabricating a story to find out whether the murdered man he had found was the same person as the one the Eth was talking about. They did not start of great, Brandon’s general dislike for mages seeping through his façade, also not very fond of being found out. However, Arcturus decided to employ the thief to investigate the murder case, with the promise to pay 36 Kina up front and 100 afterwards, money the bat hasn’t seen yet, nor has he seen the Ethaefal. After the contract was made, the Eth disappeared and Brandon has not seen him again ever since.

Name known: Yes
Nicknames: Enggy
Sex: Female
Race: Kelvic cat
First met in: Mutterings of a Drunk
Date: 57th of Fall 513AV
Relationship: Family, adopted younger sister, Trusted
Info: While Engghaen isn’t related to him by blood, Brandon loves her like a sister, though their initial meeting wasn’t really that family-like, however things never got sexual. Brandon blames a cocktail of alcohol and mating season for his actions, though he doubts whether those excuses are the truth or not. In any case, Brandon offered her a place to stay, willing to sleep on the floor so she could use the bunk. During the two seasons they spent together, Brandon has grown quite fond and protective of, and quite attached to the cat, starting to see her as an older-but-younger sister. Like true siblings however, he did not really care what the cat did and did not really know her that well, but it did not matter. If she needed him, he would be there to assist her in any way he could. She left on the 30th of spring 514AV, having to flee from the city of Stars. Bran misses her company, and though he is glad to have his bed back and not to have to put up with her sometimes foul moods, he would like her to come back soon.
Julius Starr
Julius Starr

Name known: Yes
Nicknames: Juli
Sex: Male
Race: Human
First met in: Picking the wrong mark
Date: 31st of Winter 514AV
Relationship: Trusted, friendly, acquaintance
Info: Though being caught by Julius was not really something Brandon liked, being blackmailed to tell the man all about himself was even more annoying, so Brandon started annoying him back in return. However, the young man wasn’t that bad, really friendly guy even, and Brandon started liking Mr. Starr while eating lunch with him (Julius even treated him!). After learning a bit more about Julius, he came to respect the man as a fellow thief and was fascinated by the man’s proposal to become a business contact. However, Brandon hasn’t seen him a lot afterwards.

Ollic Rimesage

Name known: Not entirely, only first name is known
Nicknames: Doctor Strange, wierdo Doctor, Doctor Wierdo, Doctor Psychopath, Doctor Daydreamer
Sex: Male
Race: Vantha
First met in: Treatment required
Date: 3rd of Spring 514Av
Relationship: Distrusted, acquaintance
Info: The medic on duty that happened to treat Bran and Arysana. While it seemed that Sana and Ollic had met before, and were friends, Brandon had an entirely different opinion formed regarding the doctor. The way the man seemed to swap emotions within an instant, multiple times, almost passed out more than once and the hard stares he sent the bat, gave Brandon the impression he was not exactly sane. That suspicion of insanity had sent chills over Brandon’s spine, the thief not trusting a crazy doctor. It led to fears that the medic might be a homicidal maniac who would attack him with a scalpel or who would solve the problem of his twisted and hurting ankle by amputating it. In short, not trustworthy.

An example:
The mental state of the guy bothered him, the man was undoubtedly insane, how had they ever approved of a wacko giving treatment to patients? He was the one who required treatment. His brains needed fixing, and a lot of it too. Probably a couple of days work. Wait, days? No no, years, if it wasn’t more. By the way, why had he accepted that his foot would be treated by this guy? He must have lost his mind, it was highly probably it was still lying about in the hallways or so. Maybe someone had found it already and had brought it to the ‘lost items’ counter, put in a basket where it had the company of Ollic’s. It was a possibility.

In fact, the distrust was enough to have Brandon ask for someone else than Ollic when he went to the Catholicon again to get rid of his cast, suspecting that Ollic would remove his foot along with the plaster. Fortunately though, he hasn’t seen him ever since the 3rd.
Arysana Elthorne

Name known: Not entirely, only first name is known
Nicknames: Sana
Sex: Female
Race: Inarta
First met in: Treatment required
Date: 3rd of Spring 514Av
Relationship: Challenger, neutral, acquaintance
Info: The Inartan female happened to arrive but a few chimes later at the Catholicon than Brandon did, with a similar injury, and because of the bat’s curiosity, they started a conversation. Coincidentally, the medic that was on duty accepted to treat the two of them at once, allowing the girl to challenge the bat to an acrobatic duel. However, she did not show up at the date they both had agreed on, losing by default, which Brandon did not like. He suspects that Sana got scared, not wanting to partake in the punishment that would await the loser and decided not to show up. In fact, Brandon hasn’t seen her at all since early Spring.
Raien Ironarm Pitrius

Name known: No
Nicknames: Blackarm
Sex: Male
Race: Benshira-Isur halfbreed
First met in: Not as Easy as Initially Thought
Date: 91st of Winter 513AV
Relationship: Detested, enemy (more or less)
Info: The halfbreed and the bat met for the first time in an alley at night where Brandon was looting a knocked-out drunkard. The half-Isur stepped up as a hero and interfered, trying to prevent the thief from doing his work. As being grabbed was not really a sign of kindness and Bran felt threatened, Brandon had to use some below-the-belt tactics to escape, something the halfbreed has not forgotten, though claims to have moved past. However, the two have a mutual dislike of each other, each one not finding the other very likable. Their first meeting might have been the source.
In any case, Brandon absolutely can’t stand the man’s arrogant demeanor, hates the halfbreed for interfering with his work and Blackarm’s threats to have him arrested don’t help either.

Sal Mander

Name known: Yes
Nicknames: Salamander (though Bran rarely calls him that)
Sex: Male
Race: Human
First met in: A Dark Stranger
Date: The 25th of Spring 514AV
Relationship: Friend, Trusted
Info: Brandon's first run-in with the tall investigator was not quite the usual situation where two persons meet. Instead it truly was a run-in where Sal witnessed Brandon pickpocket a person, and failed to stop the fleeing bat. Days later though Sal came across the thief again, but instead of sending the Shinya his way, he sought someone to help him out with a certain task. Brandon accepted and the rest is history.

Ever since the card game where things went horribly south (more or less because of Captain Riptide) Brandon started seeing the investigator as a friend and while he still is careful with what he shares with the man, the thief does trust Sal more than just a little bit.

Wind Reach
Drusilla Aster

Name known: yes
Nicknames: Dru
Sex: Female
Race: Symenestra
First met in: Not So Pleasant Arrival
Date: day 10 of Spring 515AV
Relationship: Trusted, Family, Adopted older Sister, occasional lover (multiple one night stands)
Info: When first arriving in Wind Reach, Brandon had suffered a major injury at the talons of an owl. Drusilla found him and took him in, slowly nursing him back to health. At first Brandon did not really trust the spider at all, but after a while he began to open up to her, enjoying both her company and the one-sided ‘conversations’ she had with him. Drusilla is probably the main reason Brandon managed to stay sane trapped in his own injured body and a cage. Eventually Brandon started seeing Drusilla as a sister of sorts, loving her in the way he would a sister.

Despite him seeing her like a sister, Brandon had a number of one night stands with the Symenestra, sometimes drunk, other times not. One of those nights left Dru pregnant, and when she told him it somehow managed to sour their relationship. While Bran was only offended ( and a little hurt, though he will never admit it) by one particular sentence she’d uttered, Dru might not see it that way, believing her being pregnant is the cause. Nevertheless, if she would ever desperately need him, Brandon would come running. Not only does he love her dearly, Bran is also protective of Drusilla.

While he doesn’t say it, he’d rather not have her get together with Turrin again, just like he also doesn’t really want Turrin to raise his child. His reasons are as simple as they are childish; he doesn’t like Turrin, he abandoned Dru twice before, and he’s an endal. The only reason he doesn’t voice his complaints is because he does see Dru is happy to be with the endal.

Brandon never calls her anything other than "Dru", unless he's extremely angry with her.

Zhol Emberwing

Name known: yes
Nicknames: N/A
Sex: Male
Race: Human (Drykas)
First met in: Brandon Blackwing’s day off
Date: Day 27 of Spring 515AV
Relationship: Target of mischief?, distrusted in terms of mental stability, kind of trusted in other areas for some reason, neutral-ish?
Info: While they met before when Bran was still recovering from his injuries, their actual (in thread) meeting was in the stables, where Bran thought it was a good idea to prank the horse trainer. Things turned a little south, and both got violent. However, afterwards the two seemingly made up, or at least reached an understanding of some sort.

Brandon does like Zhol, in his own way, though the bond between Zhol and Bran isn’t really friendship or anything of the sort. However, they don’t seem to be enemies either. That said, Brandon does not trust Zhol when it comes to magic, not because of his (lack of) skill, but mainly due to his emotional instability. Where Zhol seems to be concerned Bran is has negative influence on Dru and is too dangerous to be around her, Brandon is thinking the exact same thing.

Despite all that though, Brandon will admit that Zhol has great taste in women. And that Zhol reminds him of a friend living in Lhavit.


Name known: yes
Nicknames: N/A
Sex: Female
Race: Human(Inarta)
First met in: Belated Birthday
Date: day 16 of spring 515AV
Relationship: Trusted for some reason, friendly
Info: First met as a bat when Dru went to congratulate her on her birthday. Later Brandon was assigned a scouting mission together with Khara, during which Brandon formed an opinion on the girl.

Whereas he respects her ability to track animals, and her knowledge of the wild, he does think she’s a little bit annoying when there are a lot of people around. Especially endal. Brandon finds her lack of confidence irritating, and enjoys her company a lot more when the chiet feels sure of herself, and believes in her own abilities and self. Brandon also likes and trusts her more than he does Zhol.

For some reason he kind of feels the same kind of protectiveness towards her like he does towards Engghaen and Dru, albeit not so intense.


Name known: Yes
Sex: Male
Race: Myrian/Human(Inarta)
First met in: Hunting The Beast
Date: day 44 of spring 515AV
Relationship: Annoying arrogant prick of an endal, hostile (not per se openly), Rival?
Info: At first Brandon thought Turrin was a different kind of endal –one with brains- due to the armor he wore when they first met, but it turned out he was an endal like any other. Well, apart from being a total workaholic. Brandon absolutely dislikes his arrogance, his attitude, and his status. Not to mention he had the guts to abandon Dru twice for very long periods of time.

It is almost guaranteed that Bran will bump heads with Turrin whenever they meet, with the exception being when they are in Dru’s company. Sometimes. While Bran does believe Dru can and should choose whoever she wants to be happy with, he’d rather have said person being firstly not an endal and secondly not Turrin. He also isn’t too happy with the prospect of having his child raised by firstly an endal, and secondly Turrin. However, since the bat himself isn’t willing to raise his own child he can’t really complain. Nevertheless, he still will. But not when Dru’s around.


Name known: yes
Nicknames: Az
Sex: Female
Race: Human (Inarta)
First met in: Hunting The Beast
Date: day 44of spring 515AV
Relationship: Acquaintance, ???
Info: Met during the hunt for the mysterious beast.


Name known: yes
Nicknames: N/A
Sex: Female
Race: Kelvic Wind Eagle
First met in: Ad Fundum
Date: day 90 of spring 515AV
Relationship: Acquaintance, neutral
Info: Bran met Sira on a party in the Inclement Weather, where she had been in the company of Dru. Later on he tried to steal her away from Turrin, but his success was limited. While she is an endal, Brandon does not outright dislike her. His reasons vary from her being a Kelvic, to her being Dru’s friend (though Dru has a horrible taste in terms of friends *Ahem*Turrin, Zhol, Azira *cough cough*), to Bran feeling slightly sexually attracted to her. She IS extremely beautiful after all, even though she isn’t wholly Brandon’s type (too tall).
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Credit for this awesome sig goes to Estrellir Konrath
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