Flashback Steel, Leather, and a Cunning Mind Along with Other Things.

[Solo] Vequil takes some time off after a tiring job to relax and do some shopping.

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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Steel, Leather, and a Cunning Mind Along with Other Things.

Postby Vequil Alieare on April 15th, 2015, 7:33 am

15th Bell. 67th, Autumn, 514 A.V.
The wind's chill carried a darkening yellow to the leaves of the outskirts of Sunberth. Green faded to a bright yellow, then darkened to brown. Somewhere in between they had once been the color of gold, the shade fading too fast for anyone to notice.

It was the first time Vequil, now more than a man full grown, had missed the hue of gold hiding in the trees on the outskirts of the city. Somehow the few short days where the leaves shown the color had managed to escaped him, leaving him with a view of only pale, waning copper. Sunberth's happenings had a way of catching one's attention, leaving them oblivious to the their environment. Vequil however, knew all too well what it meant. For one, he was getting too comfortable in Sunberth. Comfort leaves one slow to notice the change in their surroundings, and a dull awareness only leads to being caught unprepared. Five years have passed since Vequil's arrival, and he's only managed to make his stand here by learning to be cautious, noticing the subtle hints that buried themselves within the chaos of the city. It was not easy - his transition, but he lived, and he thrived.

The Simpering Seacow overlooked the river, and was usually more quiet than the other establishments in the city. Vequil sat on one of the outside tables with a mug of honey mixed with water. He had learnt the hard way that ale and beer dulled the mind, and a dull mind was an early invitation to the dustbeds. He first tried the drink two years ago, became horribly drunk, then landed himself in a situation that nearly got him killed. Raising up the cup, Vequil took another sip, savoring the distinct diluted sweetness of honey.

The last job had him forgetting to celebrate even his own name day. During the yearly occurrence Vequil would treat himself to the only lavish meal of the entire year, then proceed to buy himself whatever he had need of as a self-prepared gift. He missed the opportunity for the meal, being no longer in the mood to stuff himself after the bloodbath he was in just a fortnight ago. A few gifts for himself however had been taking form in Vequil's mind. He needed new equipment, and especially after the last job, preferably ones of a higher quality. His last set of armor had been split open, and he had lost his trusty White, the dagger that had been with him since just after he arrived in this city. For that, new leather and steel will be needed, and an assortment of new clothes as well - the bloodstains were too deeply soaked into the fabric for Vequil to bother scrubbing off, and even before that the amount of patches on his shirt and pants had grown quite ridiculous. Besides, his body was outgrowing the limitations of the current measurements. Thinking he'd get it replaced anyways, Vequil tore off a sleeve of shirt for the lack of parchment and procured his stick of charcoal to scribble things down. Reading and writing are two of the few things from his childhood past that was still useful, and two of the skills that gained him the envy of many, in addition to some opportunities.

It was easy to obtain things in Sunberth, assuming one asks the right people. The fence for one was unrivalled in his ability to procure items for the correct price. Of course, for the that which Vequil had in mind, there was nothing troublesome involved. The Knight's Armory would be able to attend to most of the things that were essential, then he'd have to visit either Deu's Vestments or the Seaside Market to check for the others. He'd rather not walk into Deu's again, the fabrics there stench of the dead. Also, he had a certain distaste for the likes of Edwin Deu. He was too lucky for someone who grew up in Sunberth, far too lucky to have been saved by that woman, to be saved from the things Sunberth does to you.

Stay here too long, and you drop too far down until you are beyond salvation, Vequil thought to himself, staring nowhere in particular. "Hmph." He chuckled lightly, voice bitter. "Salvation, what a pretty word.[/i]" He'd made his decision long ago. Thoughts like this only posed obstacle to what needed to be done.

A dead body drifted slowly down river, carried by the current. Its stomach bloated, face pale, flesh rotting. Common sight for a relaxing afternoon in Sunberth. Vequil didn't know when he got used to seeing things like this. He placed a single gold miza on the table and left the cafe. A lone withering leaf, still ripe with the color of gold, fell gently behind him.

The Castle Commons bustled with activity as usual. The clanking of hammer on metal, shouting and cheering from a bar brawl, the armored footsteps of the patrols, and the snapping of a man's neck on a rope... This was what the sector of the city sounded like. Vequil made his way through the cacophony to the Knight's armory first. Right behind a calculating mind, steel and leather followed on the list of most important things for one to survive in Sunberth.

"Good afternoon. Karos. Lawrence." Vequil nodded towards the two. "I'm here to request for a few things. Custom orders." Vequil handed over the piece of fabric. Lawrence wasn't in. The grizzled old isur grunted, focusing on his work at the anvil. Vequil took his that as a yes. "I'll come collect them after a few days. Thanks lads." He turned out of the shop.

Purposely avoiding Deu's Vestments, Vequil wanted to see if he would be able to find everything he needed at the Seaside Market. His pockets were quite filled from all the jobs he'd completed, especially the last, and there he had at a better chance of running into some of the more interesting finds rarely seen in the other parts of the city.

Vequil checked through the assortment of clothing and goods he needed and picked the ones to his liking, trying his chances at a better bargain with the various vendors eager to sell their fabrics. Some deals he were able to make, others not. One particular stall had a few pieces that caught his eye.

"Yer' drivin' a tough bargain." The vendor eyed Vequil.

"Sunberth's drivin' a tough life." Vequil ran his fingers through the fabric of the cloak, the wool was soft and fine, dyed a handsome shade of the outstanding craftsmanship behind the making evident. He looked at the stall owner, a thin middle aged man with a balding head. Vequil had never seen him before. Quite often there'd be new faces at the Seaside Market, disappearing as soundlessly as they came. A select few of those with temporary stalls had goods for sale that were quite extraordinary, and Vequil was fortunate enough today to stumble upon one of them.

"Six or nothing." His bright azure eyes stared into the man's, the faintest of smiles hanging by his own lips. The trick was to leave an offer in the air then stop talking. Silence unnerves people, and when people grow uncomfortable with the silence they want it to end. That's when they start talking more than they want to. The little mind game however leaves no room for retrea. Should the one giving the offer happen to even open his mouth in the process his advantage will be lost.

Silence on the man's part. Vequil thought he had him, but the game had just begun. The two looked at each other, motionless. Vequil's bright eyes, reluctant to even blink, stared straight into the man's.

A flock of seagulls flew past, landing on the wooden frames portruding out of the ocean waters. The sun began to set in the distance, painting the sky a rich burning orange. A guard, finally off-shift, walked right past the two.

"Six it fuckin' is." The vendor finally broke in an annoyed sigh, "Ya' drive a tough fuckin' bargain."

"Sunberth drives a tough fuckin' life." Vequil responded, tossing over the six mizas of gold.

With the last thing he needed in his possession, Vequil carried his belongings back to his room in the sunset quarters. He reminded himself to go and collect the the armaments later, more jobs will be coming soon and he needed the leather and steel to do what he did best.
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Steel, Leather, and a Cunning Mind Along with Other Things.

Postby Vequil Alieare on April 15th, 2015, 7:44 am

Thread Ledger - Expenditures

Knight's Armory

Item Unit Value Quantity Balance Total
Armor: Leather, Night; 60.0.0 1 60.0.0 60.0.0
Armor piece: Gorget; Leather; 20.0.0 1 20.0.0 80.0.0
Armor piece: Rerebraces; Steel; 50.0.0 1 50.0.0 130.0.0
Armor piece: Vambraces; Steel; 50.0.0 1 50.0.0 180.0.0
Armor piece: Greaves; Leather; 12.0.0 1 12.0.0 192.0.0
Battlefield Gear: Weapon harness 5.0.0 1 5.0.0 197.0.0
Battlefield Gear: Scabbard, Dagger 2.0.0 4 8.0.0 205.0.0
Battlefield Gear: Shapening stone, Personal 10.0.0 1 10.0.0 215.0.0
Battlefield Gear: Waterproofing Oil 5.0.0 1 5.0.0 220.0.0
Weapon: Bladed boots; Clothing: High Boots 20.0.0 1 20.0.0 240.0.0
Weapon: Dagger, Assassin's; Cold iron 12.0.0 2 24.0.0 252.0.0
Weapon: Dagger, Punching; Cold iron 6.0.0 2 12.0.0 264.0.0
Weapon: Dagger, Throwing; Cold iron 3.0.0 6 18.0.0 282.0.0
Weapon: Gauntlets, Cestus gloves; Steel 10.0.0 1 10.0.0 292.0.0

Seaside Market

Item Unit Value Quantity Balance Total
Clothing: Shirt; Cotton; 0.1.3 1 0.1.3 0.1.3
Clothing: Breeches; Cotton; Dyed Black 1.5.0 1 1.5.0 1.6.3
Clothing: High Boots; Leather; 1.0.0 1 1.0.0 2.6.3
Clothing: Belt; Leather; 0.4.0 1 0.4.0 3.0.3
Clothing: Cloak (Brown); Wool, superfine; Dyed - Black; 6.0.0 1 6.0.0 9.0.3
Clothing: Undergarments; Cotton; 0.1.3 3 0.3.9 9.4.2

Simpering Seacow

Item Unit Value Quantity Balance Total
Expenditure: Honey water + Tip - - 1.0.0 1.0.0

Grand Total

Location Total
Knight's Armory 292.0.0
Simpering Seacow 1.0.0
Seaside Market 9.4.2
Grand Total 302.4.2

All recordings in format of GM.SM.CM
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Steel, Leather, and a Cunning Mind Along with Other Things.

Postby Sayana on June 26th, 2015, 4:33 pm


Don't forget to edit/delete your grade request. If there's anything I may have missed, please PM me and I'll be happy to look into it.

  • Observation: 1
  • Philosophy: 1
  • Planning: 1
  • Land Navigation: 1
  • Negotiation: 1
  • Planning: Preparing a shopping list
  • Location: Simpering Seacow
  • Location: Knight's Armory
  • Location: Seaside Market
  • Negotiation: Silence doles out a better price

Comments: Lovely thread even if it was just a shopping thread. Please update your inventory and ledger accordingly to account for all the items purchased (based on your very thorough receipt).

Your Grader,

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