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Kaveh learns of the Ivyess and Sezkero of her Dhani cousins

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[The Coils Club] Dissscovery

Postby Kaveh on May 9th, 2015, 10:41 pm


In hearing Sezkero's response, Kaveh paused for a moment, then broke out in an easy smile. "I would've never guessed." His comment was tinged with sarcasm, matching his light gaze. Admittedly, that was a pretty stupid question in terms of phrasing, but as long as they both understood his intent, it served its purpose. Refocusing, he quietly absorbed the rest of her answer, returning her searching gaze with his own. Why the pause, he wondered, suppressing the desire to interject as he waited. The Iyvess seemed tired, if her sigh was any indication, and as though his question had dredged up an unfortunate fact that she was forced to live alongside. Her words then confirmed as much, in terms of both his guess and his view of Makutsi. "Sounds like her." He remarked, his tone light as though he was speaking of an old friend. The goddess was a saviour to the Ivyess, much like she was to his desertborn race. How many times had she intervened and provided water for the Chaktawe in their times of need? As much as Eywaat was a guide both spiritual and otherwise to his kind, Makutsi was thanked for their survival. The other gods mentioned he knew little of, vaguely recalling Siku being mentioned by the Dhani as a snake Alvina, which he assumed was because she was the patron of their race. Laviku could be anyone, but Kaveh supposed he was a god related to water since the Iyvess were too.

Her words came to end with a bitter edge, which Kaveh could only assume was resentment held toward Siku and Laviku. He could understand the sentiment, having felt the same sense of betrayal whenever his father lingered in his thoughts, though his mother was not freed from the same judgement. He could think of a great number of theories of why one would be missing from a child's life, but none of them did much to quell the ever present anger he tried time and time again to forget. But to remain in that child's life and keep quiet, perhaps to protect the guilty party, he had more trouble coming up with the reasons. "It's betrayal, simply put." Kaveh affirmed, his tone a tad sharper than fitting for the situation.

Sezkero didn't seem to agree, at least not entirely, showing an understanding that the Chaktawe thought he too possessed. Was he being too harsh with his own parents, perhaps judging too quickly and with too few facts? He felt a whisper of a yes, but it was quickly swallowed by the flames of his rage. The Chaktawe always thought of himself as forgiving, but perhaps he was only forgetful. With a slightly sobered tone, he responded. "That's true." Kaveh could feel those two words ring through his mind as it gently quieted the brewing storm. "You're more understanding of them than I would be."

Fortunately, she ended with a question, a distraction for his mind. "No, none at all. I've only heard of Siku mentioned by other Dhani and Laviku from you. I suppose I'm thankful toward Siku for creating the Dhani." Kaveh winked, a playful reference to the nickname Sezkero bestowed upon him. "I guess we should all be grateful toward our creators, but that doesn't mean we have to forgive them either." He shrugged as he leaned back, not realizing the potential depth of his offhanded response.

Then, with a pause in their conversation, the Chaktawe quietly searched Sezkero's gaze. "Is that why you don't call these other Dhani kin? Because you're jealous of Siku's favour toward them?" Blunt perhaps, but it was the only way Kaveh knew to speak. Rarely would he ever compromise his identity in any form for even close friends, so loved ones tend to adjust themselves to him. "I don't see why you would. If Siku's anything like these Dhani, cruel and vicious, you'd be better of not receiving her approval." From their short interaction, Sezkero didn't seem to be anything like the other Dhani he had met, Iyvess aspect aside. After all, she's endured his company this long without giving the Chaktawe any true indication of wishing to do him harm, indicating a kinder soul than the rest of her kind. Already it was hard for Kaveh to imagine Sezkero as a killer of any sort.
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[The Coils Club] Dissscovery

Postby Sezkero on May 10th, 2015, 3:11 am

Sezkero only snorted when he metioned forgiving her creators. Her creators would not have even blinked, they would not have even noticed, if her race died off. But Sezkero said nothing. It was unfair for her to speak against them. She had no right. IT wasn't as if these bitter and dark feeling that were now seeping into her heart was related to her specifically. These emotions of hate represented the minds of every freshwater Iyvess, however few there may be. Her mother, her brother, Zydrunas... And if there were others she didn't know, she had no doubts they shared her opinions on their creating Gods. Laviku and Siku couldn't give a rat's ass about them, and they were supposed to be grateful?

Sezkero sighed once more, trying to calm her own thoughts. Her eyes had grown dark and her mouth presumed the thin compact line of anger. She hardly noticed the new soreness in her teeth that accompanied her tense jaw. She didn't want to speak to this man about this. She hadn't even wanted to discuss it with her own brother so many years before... Why was she still here humoring this man?

When he asked if she was jealous, Sezkero snorted. She had taken some ticks to diffuse her inner anger, so when she spoke now there was no explosion. "Jealoussssssss?" She hissed to the man. She had the idea to flick her tongue at him. To taste his emotion and find the aggression, but she remembered that no such sense existed in this form. Instead Ker glanced around her. Teh bar was getting more busy as the night wore on and no one bothered with a glance at the two strangers. But the snake still leaned in closer to the man, lowering her voice to a harsh whispered hiss. "You sshhshould be more aware of who you are ssssurrounded by. I am not jealoussssssssss of not having Ssssiku'sssss favor. I would be dead if ssshhhe paid attention to my raccce. Do not paint me assssss one of them." Toward the end of her bitter words, Sezkero found her teeth bared at the man, daring him to speak more of the subject. Daring him to push her any further over the edge.

Who was this Chaktawe to have an opinion on her and her race? He was a complete stranger who had only ever succeeded in pissing the Iyvess off. Why she had told him this, she didn't know. But there was no way she would continue the conversation with him. The snake only straightened in her seat. She inhaled deeply, letting her eyes flutter closed for a few ticks. It was very clear that she was holding in her temper, which to Ker was odd. She rarely ever got so mad as to force herself to calm down, but Kaveh simply knew exactly which buttons of hers to press, intentional or otherwise, and she was utterly blind and ignorant on how to return the favor.

"If you love thessssssssse Dhani ssssso much, why don't you tesssst Ssssssiku's favor? Tell me how it goesssssss." Ker's voice had returned to the even hiss of her more calmer self, but fire still burned in her eyes. With one last poisonous smile, the Iyvess slithered from her stool. Small feet flowed to the floor with the grace of a dancer and Sezkero turned from the man without a second glance or pausing to get his reaction or reply. Within ticks she had woven herself back into the dancing crowd, which was much thicker now, and released herself from the crowded club, pacing out into the night.

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[The Coils Club] Dissscovery

Postby Timothy Mered on May 19th, 2015, 8:34 pm

Your Righteous Reward!

XP :
+5xp Observation
+3xp Socialisation
+4xp Interrogation
+2xp Tactics
+2xp Rhethoric
+1xp Flirting

Lores :
Riverfall: Coils Club
Resolution: More Sleep, Less Procrastination
Sezkero: Strange Accent
Sezkero: Not A Rajor
Fear Keeps Us Alive
Race: Ivyess
Sezkero: Ivyess
Ivyess: From The Sea
Dhani: From The Rivers
Siku: Patron Of The Dhani
Laviku: God Of The Sea

XP :
+5xp Observation
+5xp Intimidation
+1xp Brawling
+1xp Acting
+2xp Rhethoric
+1xp Tactics
+1xp Teaching
+1xp Socialisation

Lores :
Riverfall: Coils Club
Dhani: Scary Cousins
Dhani: So Uncivilized!
Self: Childish
Kaveh: Nuisance
Dhani: Barbarians
My Wrath Is Not To Be Toyed With
Faith Keeps Us Alive
Kaveh: In The Know About My Origins
Self: Claimed By Makutsi
Self: Beyond Forgiving Laviku and Siku

Note: For the longest while I thought it would be a 'normal' social thread and that they would end up getting along. It was interesting to see how they uh...didn't. I wasn't quite sure how to capture their mutual irritation in skills and lores, but I did my best to represent the encounter as more than your average social meeting.

If you have any questions, concerns, remarks, or comments regarding the grade, please send me a PM and we can work something out.
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