Closed [The Ironworks] Long, Stabby Thing

Tanna's daily challenge leads her to the Ironworks where she encounters (and pesters) Tiath, the apprentice blacksmith

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[The Ironworks] Long, Stabby Thing

Postby Tanna on June 2nd, 2015, 11:26 am

Tanna listened to his heated words as he spoke of the Sylirian Knights, lips twitching into a light frown. She had a feeling that something had happened, something in his past, to make him have this extraordinary view and so speak with such vehemence. Doing her best to keep her concern from her face, posture still open and relaxed, she glanced down to his feet once he had finished – a respectful gesture that afforded him time to collect himself. She only looked back up to his face once she sensed he had calmed.

I understand what you say. Some abuse power when they have it... But is that really reason to feel how you do about all the Order?” She was not trying to criticise the way he thought, only question it and draw attention to his very one-sided way of thinking. She knew he was likely not wrong with what he said, even though she had little knowledge of the faction or the members, themselves – apart from the few she knew personally – but she also understood this was was a broader issue and affected more than just the Knights.

Recalling the story of her own Pavillion, her lips drew into a tight, almost forced smile before she nodded and spoke, “
Where I come from, we live in family groups – Pavillions – and the leader is called an Ankal. Many years ago, before myself and even mother was born, the Ankal used the power of title to go against family's wishes, do things that shamed family name. He did not care, not for any of them, only for self. His actions caused family to be cast out, cursed. But he did not care.. he was too greedy to care.” Her lips moved into a small, soft smile as she blinked and looked away, “I always wonder why Gods did nothing to stop him..” her head cocked as she arched her brows, “Why no one did nothing to stop him.

Shrugging, her attention returned fully to him as she sat up straighter and her smile lightened, “
In the end, people will do bad this if they wish to.. does not matter who or what they are. But I do not think it is good to think all are bad. Just because one is bad does not mean all are.. and it is not good to think they are just because they are similar in some way or another, I don't think. My people were not like the Ankal.. and other Ankals are not like him either.. do good things with their position. I think same is for Knights.” She was blabbering as she was wont to do when she got into topics like this.

Sorry... I talk too much.” A faint blush found her cheeks as she laughed, more at herself than anything, and shook her head.

She liked that the subject changed and she beamed broadly at his enthusiasm and determination. She giggled at his words and nodded happily, believing them fully. Mirroring his cheery tone, she quipped, “
And I will hold you to that, Tiath!

Her eyes followed him as he darted off to fetch the items he felt would best suit her needs. Finding herself alone, even for such a brief time, she looked around, trying to take in all that was around her. It was such a huge and vast place, with massive forges that easily dwarfed some of her family's tents and she marvelled at the sight and the thought.

His presence broke her attention from her surroundings and she greeted him with a bright smile. Shaking her head to dismiss his apology, she pleasantly stated, “
No need for sorry. I was just looking around – the place is so big!” She grinned giddily as she slid down from the crate and straightened to her full height before brushing her hands down her skirt. Stepping towards the items he laid out for her, she tilted her head curiously as she studied each. Reaching a hand out to hover precariously above the short-swords, she merely nodded as he seemed to divine her thoughts, “Yes.. I was thinking these might be too big.. too long, I mean.” Her eyes dropped to give the two short-swords one last look before fixing her attention on the five daggers.

Laughing in a near-self-conscious fashion, she eyed him quizzically, “
So many..” She felt extremely out of her depth but ventured to pick one up, releasing it immediately as her eyes shot to his face. “I can touch? Yes?

Once given permission, she carefully plucked one of the daggers up, having no clue of the difference – and her eyes widened as he moved her hand up and down in an exaggerated fashion, “
It heavier than I expected!” Laughing once more, she looked down at the blade, turning it with a twist of her wrist. She wasn't sure how easy it would be to hide this on her person, mind working over places to put it without it being too much of a nuisance.

Finally, she set it down and looked at the other before her brown eyes returned to his face, “
Is there difference between them I need know about?

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[The Ironworks] Long, Stabby Thing

Postby Tiath Othos on June 22nd, 2015, 7:35 pm

Tiath felt like he may of crossed a line at some point with what he had said and felt like that there would be a good time to maybe drop the subject, he dropped his gaze and went to move back to his work, Maybe it is time that I let this drop and just hand over my work Sighing he was still worked up and moved about to pick up his work when she spoke up again. Her question caused him to stop in his tracks and look away from her with a slight pained expression, Yes.. I don't know... Not really. He knew deep down that he didn't hate the order and was being childish about things, his hand absent mindedly touching the scar on his jaw as his thoughts wondered.

He was brought back out of his thoughts when she spoke up to speak about where she came from, not wanting to seem rude he turned to face her and give her his attention while she spoke about her families past and where abouts she came from. He listened with interest but soon dropped his gaze and looked away from her as she continued to speak about how one betrayed the rest and why no one would stop him. It left him feeling guilty for some reason if he had done something wrong but he wasn't able to place the reason behind it. He glanced up at as she seemed to ask herself about the god’s lack of action, even of her own people’s actions.

Then people are the problem I guess.. He thought to himself as she said stated that people will do bad things, he caught himself there and was blinking with surprise at that before scolding himself, No that’s wrong.. I shouldn't think like that.. He couldn't help but smile at her as she finished up, "I think that should be something I say", he held the smile for a moment before dropping it "I know every knight won't do bad things, I would hope that most of them won't, I even met a knight and a squire in the woods the other day who seemed to be decent people, tho they did rip one of my shirt tho..." He bit his lip mid-sentence for a moment as he mentally reminded himself that he had to go buy some new clothes and supplies anyways "I wonder how the man is doing..." He shook his head and forced a smile "However I think I get your point and will keep it in mind when I come across my next knight." His smile warmed as she stated that she would hold him to his words of making her something.

He could only giggle slightly as she seemed to be amazed at how big the IronWorks was, it hadn't been too long ago that he had first come to the forge and found himself stumped at the sheer scope of the place. "Well compared to what I used before this place is huge, it’s so amazing to see something like it and what everyone dose here!" His gaze moving to where the other work stations where, "Everyone here seems to put their everything into their work and the way they make the metal..." His hands moved in front of him, fiddling in the air as he struggled to find the right word "flow under their hands, it’s something I hope to achieve someday"

He dragged himself back to her and looked at the blades she was examining "Metal always seems to be that way, but it also depends on what type of metal and how its forged, a heavy blade means that it might not be so easily turned aside when swung in comparison to a lighter blade which you could swing faster and with less effort." He glanced at her wondering if she got what he meant. "Um well the only difference between these blades would be that one is made from iron and the other one is made from steel.. Uh.. Basically that one" He said pointing to the blade that seemed to be of a lighter shade "Is made from steel while the other is made from iron, meaning that the steel one would be more durable and won’t lose its edge as easily.."

He paused for a moment and glanced at her "However it depends on how your planning on using it, if you just defending yourself, you won’t really need to worry about sharpening it too often or anything of the like" He again glanced at her with a curious look, "Unless you’re getting planning on being attacked a lot or are you planning on stabbing a lot of people" He said a cautious tone in his voice, "Hopefully you’re not planning on that happening? I mean if you going to get attacked I hope you know how to use it or have someone who is going to show you how to but if you’re planning doing the stabbing you obviously would and I am babbling again." His face had gone slightly red again as he looked away from her.

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[The Ironworks] Long, Stabby Thing

Postby Dove Brown on November 4th, 2017, 5:38 pm


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