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Postby Tanna on March 14th, 2015, 5:41 am

    Alias Tanna Vance
    Name Dwyn Sweetwater
    Age & Sex 29 & Female
    Race Human, Drykas
    Height & Weight 1.67m (5'6") & 59kg (130lbs)
    Origin Endrykas, Amethyst Clan
    Date of Birth 42 Spring 490 AV
    Current Residence Syliras
    Occupation Horse trainer & handler
    Alignment Neutral/Chaotic Good
    Faith Syna (personal),
    Zulrav & Semel (cultural)
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Postby Tanna on March 14th, 2015, 2:58 pm

They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.
― Confucius

Change is infectious: Ever since the Sweetwater Pavilion was absorbed into the Braidedmane's, Tanna has felt it. It has seeped into the very marrow of her bones and she cannot shake the urge to embrace it and so she has embarked on a journey of enlightenment, adventure and experience.

In these early stages, she is but a novice roamer relying completely on her unwavering confidence, ingenuity and optimism to see her through. She is dauntless in her endeavours, possessing enthusiasm like Syna, herself, and a childlike curiosity that simply demands she experience and investigate all she encounters which, hopefully, will help her on her path.

Tanna is ever the optimist, finding joy and goodness in nearly every situation she finds herself in. In fact, it's extremely difficult to get the Drykas down and her bubbly, bright demeanour is known to be infectious. She simply loves to love and laugh and nothing makes her happier than helping others to laugh along with her. In a sense, she is nearly Syna personified, which is fitting given the Goddess is the one Tanna most identifies with and has turned to for guidance.

Although child-like and curious as a kitten, there is something about her that is hard to ignore, even when her actions might make her seem like a nuisance. She's simply endearing. Nothing makes her happier than being with others, whether that is nosing into their conversations or starting ones up with utter strangers, she simply cannot get enough of people. Chalk it up to her Drykas upbringing, Tanna craves interaction and loves nothing more than learning about the people around her: their thoughts, dreams, desires, or pasts, Tanna eats it all up like some giddy child, ever eager to draw inspiration from those around her.

But it isn't just people that Tanna pesters with her need for conversation, the horses she tends to have likely heard every story she has to tell a dozen times over but she will never be deterred. If there ever was a better audience, she would like to know.

There are habits and qualities of hers that are not always welcomed, of course. Being extremely tactile and lacking much in the sense of propriety that most city dwellers have, she makes regular use of her hands and tends to habitually invade other people's personal space. Whether it's wildly gesticulating - signing even when speaking Common - or touching someone to add emphasis to what she is saying or to investigate something about him or her, she has a horrible time keeping her hands still and to herself. Being used to the closeness of those she grew up with, it seems odd for her to do otherwise. Hardly shy, these habits are exasperated when she gets excited.

In the end, Tanna is resilient and upbeat; she rolls with whatever life sets before her, too easy-going and oddly practical to let things bother her. In her mind, life is all about learning, living and enjoying.
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Postby Tanna on March 16th, 2015, 6:55 am

At first glance, the blonde-haired and freckle-faced Drykas could easily be described as plain, possessing a face you would see in any tavern. Stripped of her vibrant accessories, intricate braid work and loud personality, she'd easily be someone to forget. However, she commands attention simply by being: she is fully invested in herself and utterly at peace in her skin and it shows. She walks with an easy confidence and, despite her average height, seems to appear taller due to how straight-backed she is. And, although any with her same pigmented and lined skin would be thought of as old and weathered, she seems to glow with youthfulness and it is rare that there isn't a broad, bright and toothy smile creasing her face.

It is obvious looking at her that she has weathered some storms and experienced plenty of hard labour. Her body still possesses the tone and shape that her previous lifestyle on the Sea of Grass had sculpted it into yet there is a softness now that she has settled into her city-life. She's no longer as harsh looking and has grown to look a touch more feminine. Her face, however, still possesses the hardness of one who grew up exposed to the elements. All that smiling has lead to crows feet forming at the corners of her earthen brown, almond-shaped, deep-set eyes and her time growing up in the Sea of Grass has lead to some heavy pigmentation and freckling of her high-boned cheeks, long straight nose and across her brow. Despite her strong bone structure and defined jaw, she has a wide, full mouth that manages to offset the rest... but perhaps that's due to the constant chatter coming from it.

Preferring comfort and practicality, Tanna tends to dress more on the masculine side. She's not the sort to sport form-fitting attire or accessories and tends to wear her belts and weathered sash low at her hip rather than at her waist and its rare her figure is ever accentuated or displayed. Despite this, she is not against showing skin, evident in the way she wears her tops unbuttoned and sleeves rolled up. She also has a habit of tying knots in the fronts or sides of her skirt to keep it out of the way.

Her hair is her favourite part of her and, like any raised as a Drykas, she keeps it very long and is ever loathe to trim it – let alone cut it. Syna has played a hand in its colouring, her warm touch lightening some of the naturally golden blonde locks to a near white while others appear more flaxen or wheat in colour. Despite its length, she never wears her thick, wavy locks loose and would never do so in public, only ever wearing it so when she sleeps. Instead, she always wears it in some intricate fashion involving braids and whatever adornments might be available to her - usually anything from leather or cloth wraps to feathers or even beads and stones.

When it comes to decorations, her hair is not the only part of her that receives such treatment. Her ears are pierced a number of times (three in her left and two in her right), both in the lobe and sporadically along the cartilage in which she wears simple silver hoops. The right nostril of her long nose is also pierced with a similar snug silver ring. And then there are her windmarks.

The most prominent one is the one she received shortly after Coosa chose her when she was just shy of seventeen. Done as a nod to Syna and her rays, it's an elaborate and large piece that stretches all the way from the base of her jawline down her neck to the top of her sternum and wide enough to touch each shoulder point. There is ink on her lower forearms, as well, that she had done to commemorate her need to travel, thus looking almost like some snaking routes or trails.


Windmarks Her first was received shortly after bonding with her Strider, Coosa, and consists of a large chest and neck piece that she had done in dedication to Syna. Tanna strongly believed it was Syna that guided her out of her darkness and that the Goddess played a pivotal role in bringing her and Coosa together. Gained shortly before turning seventeen, she wears it proudly, oft leaving her shirt unbuttoned to reveal much of the piece.

Her second set was received after her formal request to leave was granted by the Braidedmane Ankal. Done in a way that mimics snaking trails and weather patterns, these marks represent her need to travel and explore.

Voice Tanna possesses a soulful, deep and husky alto that, on most occasions, has a slight, yet rich, lilt to it. It's a voice fitting of the language she is most natural at speaking yet it does cause some complications when it comes to the Common tongue. When speaking Common, her words can be rough, harsh and grating especially since she is still learning the language. Words will likely continue to catch and hold a raspy undertone even as she grows more fluent simply due to her Pavi accent.
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Postby Tanna on April 14th, 2015, 11:56 pm


The Sweetwater Pavillion and the Curse :
The Sweetwater Pavillion of the Amethyst clan had, at one point, been one of the most cunning merchant families and Strider and Seme breeders in all of Endrykas with numerous connections from Yaheba to Zeltiva. After breaking off from the now extinct Valadran Pavillion, they swiftly gained notoriety as sweet-talkers. This wasn't just a play on their family name and their style of trade, the members seemed to have an uncanny knack for savvy – and sometimes misleading – negotiation skills.

However, the golden age of the Pavillion ceased sometime around 450 AV; the Pavillion seemed to have run out of luck and greed led to various skulduggery to maintain the upper hand in their trade, deals and even the races they took part in. It had been the brainchild of the then Ankal, Jaseth Sweetwater - a young man who had come to power after the dubious circumstances that had led to the death of his beloved father. Once the truth about these underhanded dealings and methods came to light, the Sweetwater family never recovered. The Ankal remained despite it all and continued to shame the once respected name, obsessed with quick fixes and cheating to try and get ahead.

Years passed and things only seemed to grow worse with each new generation. Even after Jaseth's death, the doom remained. A curse – the members were sure of it. It manifested in many ways yet the two obvious signs had to do specifically with the horses and the female members of the Pavillion.

The once highly sought after Striders and rugged Semes that the family had been known to breed started to lack the prized qualities of their dams and sires, each new foal being less desirable than the last. Interest in the Pavillion's horses had already plunged due to Jaseth's dirty dealings and now most turned the other cheek when the Sweetwaters came to offer their charges. No longer able to sell the horses for the price they had been - and even for what they were worth, the family suffered tremendously but the worst blow had yet to come. It was the Spring following Jaseth's death, the season the remaining member's prayed would go in their favour, when a pack of Glassbeaks ravaged the herd. Having become outliers due to Jaseth's ways, there was little that could be done. Forced to abandon their efforts in the wake of the slaughter, they turned their attention to breeding Colorsplash, a far less lucrative career but it helped what members remained to survive.

Then there were the children. No sons were born since Jaseth rose to his position and, with outsiders and fellow Drykas no longer trusting the name, the family found itself bursting with women. Lacking the means to provide adequate valatias, many women born to the Pavillion found themselves unmarried well into their later years. Some managed to become third or fourth wives based on their skill-sets or even their looks and the odd one married for love but most remained with the Pavillion, tending to the needs of the family and doing what they could to salvage what little was left of the Sweetwater name and its connections.

Pre-Creation :
As the fourth daughter born to a third daughter in a Pavillion thought to be cursed, Ysane Sweetwater knew she had little hope in attracting any suitors with a valatia or her plain-faced looks. Instead, she did her best to build the skills she felt might appeal if a man were to look to her Pavillion for a potential wife. However, what she did not anticipate was a chance meeting with an outsider from Sylira.

Gyfford Vance was no merchant despite being born into a merchant family. He was a quiet young man, preferring his own company to that of crowds and he loved working with wood. Despite his resistance to the merchant life, his father was determined to have him continue the way of the Vance family and, although he had little interest in the wares his family made a living selling, he did have a knack for negotiating trade and handling disputes. He was a level-headed man, simplistic in his ways and had helped arrange an agreement with the Watch to allow his family's caravan to travel and trade within the Sea of Grass.

It was an injury that led to the two meeting, Gyfford sustaining a significant wound to his right arm after a pack of Nightlions attacked his family's caravan, killing one of their mules in the process. With the Sweetwater Pavillion living on the fringes of Endrykas, they were the first to be alerted to the Vance family's plight. Reluctant at first, the new Ankal eventually sent a party to aid the stricken caravan and run off what Nightlions remained, returning with the injured.

Although no physician, Ysane knew much about botany and assisted the woman assigned to tend to Gyfford's wound. The two hit it off and Ysane spent most of her time away from her Pavillion to be at Gyfford's side, doing her best to quell his fears regarding the use of his hand and arm. Finding himself relying so fully on the Drykas woman, it did not take long for the two to grow closer, becoming lovers once he was on the mend despite Ysane's misgivings. She knew he would not stay: Outsider men were too proud, too stubborn in their ways and rarely understood the culture enough to assimilate into it and she knew she could not leave her family, no matter how bad things were. She had never thought of a life outside of the Amethyst clan, let along the Sea of Grass and she prayed he would not ask her to leave with him. Much to her surprise, Gyfford showed keen interest in remaining with the Drykas. Having never wanted the life he was born into, he felt he had a better chance carving out his own life with a woman he had grown to care deeply for, even if the life seemed strange to him.

They married shortly after Ysane found out she was pregnant and both hoped it would help cement Gyfford's place within the Pavillion. Instead, it seemed to do the opposite. Gyfford was never accepted by the family or their clan and was only begrudgingly tolerated due to the skills he possessed and he was often relegated to repairing fencing and wagons, something he grew to have difficulty with due to complications from his injury.

There was one person, aside from Ysane, who thought he was the world and that was Dwyn. She followed him around like a bad smell and he welcomed the company. It was Gyfford who encouraged her seemingly insatiable curiosity and endless chatter, filling her head with stories from distant places she was sure she'd only ever visit in her mind and dreams.

Much to Ysane's chagrin, Dwyn became Gyfford's little shadow, shirking her own lessons to spend time with and tend to the horses and play with her 'Strider' - a small horse her father had carved out of wood for her - while he worked on repairs. She had little interest in cooking and foraging, things her mother wanted her to learn so she might develop the skills men wanted in a wife, and she lacked the attention span to pursue things like weaving, pottery or working with dyes. Dwyn didn't mind though for she had no real desire to grow up to be some man's wife. Blame her father, but she found herself smitten with the foreign cities and people from his stories.

Time found Gyfford being allowed on trading expeditions and, at thirteen, Dwyn was given permission to tag along, acting as a groom for the horses. It was on these trips that she saw first hand how her father was treated and it was through these journeys that she understood his ever growing disdain for the Pavillion. No Strider had yet to show interest in Gyfford and, being an outsider, he was regularly mocked and scorned. She sympathised with him - for she, too, had yet to bond with a Strider - and did her best to encourage him to keep trying and worked hard to brighten his ever darkening mood. She became his soundboard, taking over for her mother who had long since grown tired of it all.

It was of little consequence. Gyfford finally gave up and parted ways with his wife and daughter the Summer after Dwyn's fifteenth birthday. She did not handle his departure well and found herself in her darkest hour, distraught and lost. They had shared a bond that went beyond father and daughter, they had built a camaraderie based on support and Dwyn struggled to get by without it. For the first time ever, she found herself looking to the skies for help, begging and pleading to Syna to shine Her light upon her and guide her away from her hopelessness. She found comfort under Syna's warm light and, through knowledge of the Goddess, managed to slowly return to her old, vibrant self.

Dwyn still firmly believes it was Syna that led her to Coosa, that the Goddess knew she needed to fill the void left by her father. The young woman had seen the bay dun mare before, her brown eyes drawn to the beautiful creature and its multicoloured mane, but she had never had an opportunity to get close to it until one presented itself at the festival for the summer solstice. The mare happened to belong to a herd owned by a family from the Ruby clan, a family that had traded goods with the Sweetwaters for one of their best Semes to replace one of their own that had perished during a Zith attack and it had fallen to Dwyn to deliver the big, black, pale maned horse to the family.

Seeing the horse follow her around and refuse to leave her alone, it later became apparent that Coosa had chosen her. It was a bittersweet moment that made her think of her father, both longing for him to have been there and mourning the fact that, perhaps, Syna would have blessed him, as well if he had only stuck it out a little longer.

She knew exactly what she wanted her first windmark to be and explained her idea to Injal who set about the long and arduous task of applying the large piece. It was a painful experience due to the location of the mark but Dwyn knew it was worth it to pay homage to the Goddess that had helped her get to where she was.

In the end, Dwyn and Coosa were ideal for one another. Despite Coosa's age – being nine when she bonded with Dwyn, the two shared a similar love of fun, excitement and people. It was a rare moment when the pair weren't doing something to liven the mood and spirits of those in the Sweetwater Pavillion and their antics grew to be something the family looked forward to. Dwyn couldn't have asked for a better Strider and found herself needing the mare more and more as time progressed, especially once Ysane passed away during the rough Winter of 507.

No longer anyone's daughter, Dwyn found herself truly having to step up and earn her keep. She threw herself more into the Pavillion's trade, taking on a more active role on the expeditions and striving towards being a better horse handler. By the time the Djed storm passed, Dwyn had shed enough of her child-like nature to be taken seriously as a woman. Unfortunately, her Pavillion had yet to earn back the respect they once had and remained small and desperate. The pox only added insult to injury.

It was a terrible time for all Drykas, loosing so many of their own to the awful disease. The Sweetwater Pavillion was not spared, losing all of their elder members and the Ankal during that time including Dwyn's two remaining aunts. It was a hard time for all but Dwyn found hope speaking to Syna each morning when She showed her beautiful face both to confess her woes and rebuild her strength, mentally and emotionally.

The raids of 513 were the last straw for the usually ever-optimistic Drykas. As much as she understood the reasoning behind them, she would not back such actions as to steal women and children away from their lives and their families only to use the women as broodmares and raise the children as something they were not born as. It was wrong and no amount of convincing could make her think otherwise. Her Pavillion was split on the matter, however, and she found herself hoping that the few that left to join the raids might never return.

It was during this time that the Sweetwaters realised they could no longer support themselves. Led by a new Ankal, a woman by the name of Wyeta and Dwyn's cousin, she began talks with the Braidedmane Pavillion in hopes of merging the two families. Having once been rivals in the horse breeding trade, the family found it difficult not to acquiesce to the Sweetwater's request, especially if it meant they'd gain those priceless trade secrets the Sweetwater breeders and handlers had. Despite the curse that still seemed to linger, the numbers had dropped so low that everyone involved knew there was little other choice. The merge happened smoothly that Summer, Wyeta becoming the Braidedmane Ankal's second wife.

Dwyn found herself struggling. She had little issue with the people – because she adored people – but she found herself having a hard time finding her place in the new Pavillion. There was that nagging feeling, as well, a sense that there was more and that she was missing out on whatever that might be. And so she respectfully and politely requested leave from Enadar, Ankal of the Braidedmanes, and he granted her permission. She travelled with her cousins, Wyeta and Wesilla, the Ankal's younger brother, Flinns, and a handful of others to Riverfall three days later and spent the rest of Spring in the big blue city, enjoying the events that came from the meeting of the two cities.

Once Summer arrived, Dwyn knew she was ready to set off only now she was no longer Dwyn. Instead, she was Tanna. She had come across an older man during her time in Riverfall named Tannan and she swore he had told the most amazing stories, ones she knew she would never be able to forget, and, thus, turned his name into her own out of appreciation and respect for the joy he had brought her during their brief time together.

She knew that Syna would guide her and that she could always rely on Zulrav to steer her and Coosa if needed. Bursting with confidence, she added two new matching windmarks to her body, long, snaking lines that wound around both her forearms, to mark her need for this journey and then set off, taking her time along the Kabrin Road. She knew she should be wary given how the Drykas reputation had been tarnished by the raids, but she couldn't help herself when she came along the first caravan along her travels. Thankfully, her energetic and warm demeanor won the occupants over, both enjoying each others company and Tanna reveled in stories shared. And so began the pattern of her journey, Tanna joining up with whichever fellow travelers she found along the way that welcomed her presence, drawn to them like a moth to a flame.

She eventually reached the Mithryn Outpost where she stayed for a season, spending her days with the horses and nights with the farmers, labourers and knights in the inn, swapping tales, passing around drinks and sharing laughter. Unable to shake the need to move, something so ingrained in her mind and body, she found herself riding north to Syliras proper the following season and then the Evantide Outpost after that, her routine much the same as it was when she was staying at the Mithryn Outpost. But adventure and new places weren't the only reason she had left the Sea of Grass behind. During her time in and around Syliras she had been asking about her father, hopeful she might one day track him down despite knowing so little about his true origins.
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Postby Tanna on April 15th, 2015, 6:40 am

Pavi & Grassland Sign Fluent
Common Basic/Conversational
Tukant Poor/Broken

Skill RB SP XP Total Proficiency
Horsemanship 20 9 29 / 100 Competent
Observation 35 35 / 100 Competent
Socialisation 32 32 / 100 Competent
Acrobatics 2 2 / 100 Novice
Acting 3 3 / 100 Novice
Animal Husbandry 9 9 / 100 Novice
Body Building 2 2 / 100 Novice
Cosmetology 5 1 6 / 100 Novice
Deduction 1 1 / 100 Novice
Endurance 4 4 / 100 Novice
Herbalism 2 2 / 100 Novice
Interrogation 7 7 / 100 Novice
Investigation 13 13 / 100 Novice
Land Navigation 5 5 / 100 Novice
Leadership 1 1 / 100 Novice
Logic 1 1 / 100 Novice
Mathematics 1 1 / 100 Novice
Medicine 1 1 / 100 Novice
Meditation 1 1 / 100 Novice
Negotiation 3 3 / 100 Novice
Organisation 2 2 / 100 Novice
Persuasion 1 1 / 100 Novice
Philosophy 1 1 / 100 Novice
Planning 5 5 / 100 Novice
Prayer 2 2 / 100 Novice
Rhetoric 3 3 / 100 Novice
Riding: Horse 10 10 3 23 / 100 Novice
Running 1 1 / 100 Novice
Seduction 1 1 / 100 Novice
Stealth 1 1 / 100 Novice
Storytelling 10 3 13 / 100 Novice
Wilderness Survival* 5 5 / 100 Novice

*Biome: Grassland; point breakdown found here

Bloodbanes: Native to Ravok
Bloodbanes: Carnivorous Diet
Bloodbanes: Purebreds Restricted to the Ebonstryfe
Bloodbanes: Characteristics
Breeze the Pregnant Tiaden Mare
Breeze: Naturally a Defiant Mare
Coosa: A Fierce and Faithful Friend
Seme: Characteristics
Seme: Bred by the Sweetwater Pavillion
Terior the Injured Tiaden Gelding
Knit-bone: Appearance, Properties, and Application

Terior: Origin of the Name
The Legend of Ser Terior Stalinsa

Location: The Fool's Errand
Location: The Great Bazaar
Location: The Great Harbor
Location: The Ironworks
Location: The Kabrin Road
Location: The Mithryn Outpost
Location: The Syliras Gates
Location: The Windmount Stables
Location: Windmount Track and Field
Location: Sweetwater Pavillion
Location: Windbourne Pavillion

Ingot means metal brick
Isurians and their Strange Arms
Light blades are faster; heavy blades block better
Not all knights are good
Steel is more durable than iron
Struggling With the Language Barrier
Lore of the stages of grief: anger and depression
Rain rot: Potentially caused by rain and insects
Restlessness breeds mischief

Arden: Beginner Herbalist
Cameron Tamson: Squire
Jeremy: extra help for a scared horse
Noah: The Frightened Stranger
Serena Windmount: Kind and Generous at Heart
Serena Windmount: Owner of the Windmount Stables
Ser Nicholas Varner: Blue Company, 1st Regiment, Gold Quadron
Terag the Isurian
Tiath: a blacksmith
Weston: Sweetwater Pavillion's crippled horse master

Izurdin: Lord of the Isur
☀ Lore of Religion: Syna’s Shining Light (SP)

Acrobatics: Basic ducking manoeuvre
Acting: non-threatening posture
Acting: Gestures bring the story to life
Animal handling: food as bribe
Animal Husbandry: Basic Equine Soundness Inspection
Animal Husbandry: Diagnosing Equine Lameness
Animal Husbandry: Signs of a Mare Soon to Foal
Endurance: Keeping breathing even through exertion
Herbalism: Applying a Poultice
Herbalism: Creating a Poultice
Horsemanship: Basics of how to treat rain rot
Horsemanship: Bribing with Apples
Horsemanship: lunging a young horse
Horsemanship: Getting a Horse to Accept a Halter
Horsemanship: Properly Grooming a Horse
Horsemanship: Properly grooming a horse with rain rot
Horsemanship: Properly Tying a Horse
Horsemanship: reading a horse's body language
Horsemanship: Signalling a horse to follow
Horsemanship: Signs and effects of rain rot
Horsemanship: Soothing the Beast
Land Navigation: Keeping to well known paths
Logic: Using a basic understanding to formulate an answer
Mathematics: Counting breaths
Medicine: Bandaging a Poulticed Wound
Meditation: Calming ones heart rate
Negotiation: Haggling a Price
Negotiation: Pleading and Pulling Heart Strings
Observation: Looking for threats
Organisation: Making mental lists
Organisation: Making use of what's available
Planning: Devising a prank
Reimancy: The Arcane Art of Elemental Manipulation
Running: Using toes to grip when barefoot
Stealth: Bare, muddy feet can muffle sounds
Stealth: Holding ones breath to avoid detection
Stealth: Moving low and slow to avoid detection
Stealth: The art of creeping quietly
Stealth: Using large objects to hide behind
Storytelling: Exaggeration Adds Emphasis
☀ Storytelling is like Braiding: How to Weave a Pretty Tale (SP)
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Postby Tanna on April 15th, 2015, 6:46 am

Clothing & Footwear:
    ♦ Linen tunic, washed out lilac
    ♦ Linen shirt, periwinkle
    ♦ Simple undergarments x4
    ♦ Hooded wool cloak, gray

    ♦ Cotton trousers, charcoal, faded
    ♦ Soft leather trousers, brown
    ♦ Linen skirt, aubergine + slate stripes
    ♦ Tall boots, faded brown, battered
    ♦ Sash x2, faded violet & colourful
    ♦ Leather broadbelt, brown
    ♦ Leather belt, brown

    ♦ Earrings, silver x5
    ♦ Nose ring, silver
    ♦ Glass pendant necklace, umber
    ♦ Comb, wooden
    ♦ Brush, wooden

    ♦ Straight razor
    ♦ Bar of soap
    ♦ Cast iron tripod^
    ♦ Cast iron pot^
    ♦ Cast iron pan^
    ♦ Round cooking grate^
    ♦ Cast iron tongs^
    ♦ Wooden ladle^
    ♦ Wooden plate x2^

    ♦ Wooden bowl x2^
    ♦ Eating knife x2^
    ♦ Dinner fork x2^
    ♦ Tablespoon x2^
    ♦ Wooden cup, 6oz x2
    ♦ Glazed clay basin, 2qt
    ♦ Bag of salt, 10oz
    ^Campfire Cooking Kit items
    ♦ Animal groomer's toolkit
    ♦ Waterskin
    ♦ Rope, 100ft
    ♦ Tent, four-person
    ♦ Tarp, large
    ♦ Lantern
    ♦ Torch
    ♦ Bedroll
    ♦ Blanket

    ♦ Wooden horse figurine, heirloom
    ♦ Fishing tackle & hooks
    ♦ Yvas & yvas bags
    ♦ Pack containing:
    --—⬫ Flint & steel
    --—⬫ Compass
    --—⬫ Travel rations, week's worth
    --—⬫ Eating knife
Tent & Yvas Package - Frequents Inns

Location Syliras
Lifestyle Common
Housing No stranger to bunking down in a random tavern, Tanna is - by nature - a social creature and one who embraces movement and change. As such, she tends to rotate her place of residence between the Castle-city and its neighbouring outposts, more-oft-than-not doing so by season. At current, she has once more chosen to stay at the Traveler's Row yet spends most of her time at Windmount Stables where her trusty companion, Coosa, is stabled.

Purchase Cost Total
Starting package 100gm
Campfire cooking toolkit - 40gm 60gm
Animal groomer’s kit - 10gm 50gm
Earrings, silver (x5) - 10gm 40gm
Nose ring, silver - 2gm 38gm
Skirt, dyed w/ pattern - 1gm 8sm 36gm 2sm
Pants, leather - 1gm 6sm 34gm 6sm
Broadbelt - 1gm 2sm 33gm 4sm
Belt - 4sm 33gm
Sash, isuas, dyed - 3sm 32gm 7sm
Undergarments (x3) - 3sm 32gm 4sm
Basin: 2qt - 2sm 32gm 2sm
Shirt, dyed - 1sm 5cm 32gm 5cm
Salt: 10oz - 1sm 31gm 9sm 5cm
Cup: 6oz (x2) - 6cm 31gm 8sm 9cm
Trip to Mithryn - 2sm 5cm 31gm 6sm 4cm
Apples and salted fish - 3gm 5sm 28gm 1sm 4cm
Glass pendant necklace - 1gm 5sm 26gm 6sm 4cm
Spring 515 earnings*Animal handler (5gm/d) + 455gm 481gm 6sm 4cm
Spring 515 expenses*Common - 135gm 346gm 6sm 4cm
Spring 515 rent*Traveler's Row: 1 sm per single room (simple) for 87 days + 25% discount for staying a season = $6.53 - 6gm 5sm 3cm 340gm 1sm 1cm
Summer 515 expenses*Common - 135gm 205gm 1sm 1cm
Summer 515 rent*The Fool's Errand: 5 sm per room (simple) for 91 days = $45.5 - 45gm 5sm 159gm 6sm 1cm
Gallon of ale -2sm 159gm 4sm 1cm
Fall 515 - Summer 519 Inactive 159gm 4sm 1cm
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Postby Tanna on May 11th, 2015, 3:41 am

Current Season
Date Year Title Status Reward

Past Seasons :
Date Year Title Status Reward
4th Spring 515 AV [The Great Bazaar] Tips and Treats On hold
4th Spring 515 AV [Windmount Stables] Move with Confidence (intro) Graded Planning +1, Cosmetology +1, Observation +5, Socialization +3, Endurance +1, Interrogation +2, Land Navigation +2, Animal Husbandry +1, 9 Lores
10th Spring 515 AV [Mithryn Outpost] A Show of Support On hold
11th Spring 515 AV [Sylirian Fields] Sowing Hope On hold
12th Spring 515 AV [The Fool’s Errand] ‘Til Morning Comes Abandoned Storytelling +1, Acting +1, Acrobatics +1, Observation +1, Rhetoric +1, Socialisation +1, 3 Lores
34th Spring 515 AV [The Ironworks] Long, Stabby Thing Graded Observation +3, Socialisation +4, Investigation +2, Seduction +1, Storytelling +1, 6 Lores
42nd Spring 515 AV [The Great Bazaar] All Things Shiny and New Graded Philosophy +1, Observation +3, Socialization +2, Interrogation +1, Investigation +1, Negotiation +1, 2 Lores
42nd Spring 515 AV [The Herald's Arms] Fade to History On hold
43rd Spring 515 AV [The Bronze Wood] A Strong Branch Here, a Rock Over There Graded Riding +1, Observation +5, Horsemanship +2, Investigation +2, Socialisation +3, Land Navigation +1, Interrogation +2, 8 Lores
46th Spring 515 AV [Windmount Stables] Invisible Wounds Graded Horsemanship +2, Observation +5, Animal Handling +2, Socialisation +4, Acting +2, Persuasion +1, Prayer +2, Rhetoric +1, 5 Lores
62nd Spring 515 AV [Windmount Stables] A Warhorse in Need pt1 Graded Socialization +5, Investigation +5, Observation +5, Animal Husbandry +4, Planning +1, Land Navigation +1, Horsemanship +1, Leadership +1, 9 Lores
63rd Spring 515 AV [Syliras & Mithryn Outpost] A Warhorse in Need pt2 Graded Planning +1, Riding +1, Socialization +3, Observation +1, Investigation +2, 3 Lores
64th Spring 515 AV [Windmount Stables] A Warhorse in Need pt3 Graded Socialization +5, Negotiation +2, Rhetoric +1, Body Building +1, Interrogation +1, Endurance +2, Observation +5, Animal Husbandry +2, Horsemanship +2, Herbalism +2, Medicine +1, Storytelling +1, 12 Lores
80th Spring 515 AV [Windmout Track & Field] Horses for Courses Abandonded Horsemanship +1, Observation +1, Socialisation +1, Investigation +1, 2 Lores

Flashbacks :
Date Year Title Status Reward
87 Summer 497 [Endrykas] In This Silence On hold
5 Summer 505 [Endrykas] Introspection On hold
73 Summer 505 [Endrykas] Crushed Hearts Graded Horsemanship +1, Interrogation +1, Logic +1, Organisation +2, Planning +2, Running +1, Land Navigation +1, Observation +1, Acrobatics +1, Stealth +1, Mathematics +1, Meditation +1, Deduction +1, Endurance +1, Bodybuilding +1, Socialisation +1, 27 Lores
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Postby Tanna on May 11th, 2015, 4:17 am


ImageName Ysane Sweetwater
Race Human, Drykas
Relation Mother
Date of Birth 42 Winter 469
Date of Death 67 Spring 508
Concept Simple in her ways, Ysane was, at her core, a woman of the Drykas people. She was a provider and caregiver, using her skills in botany, cooking and foraging to help sustain her ailing Pavillion. Her ultra-traditional beliefs grated on Tanna and, even though she knows her mother only wanted the best for her, they were never close. It is something Tanna regrets to this day.

ImageName Gyfford Vance
Race Human
Relation Father
Date of Birth 3 Fall 466
Date of Death 84 Winter 514
Concept Gyfford was born into a merchant family but, being the simple man that he was, he never wanted that life. After sustaining a debilitating injury to his right forearm, he chose to take a gamble and attempt to live amongst the Drykas, having fallen in love with a woman of the horseclans who had helped patch him up. The cultural differences became too great, however, and he left at the beginning of Summer 505. Tanna made it her mission to travel to Syliras to track him down yet was heartbroken to find he had drank himself to death barely a season before she arrived.


ImageName Coosa
Breed Cyphrus Strider
Gender Mare (22)
Height 15 hh
Coloring Zebra Bay Dun with dark points (legs, ear tips and tail), distinct dark dorsal stripe and barring on her knees. Her forelegs also have mottling and her forehead some cobwebbing. Her mane is a mix of black and brown and both it and her dark tail are frosted. Coosa's mane and tail are usually kept in plaits, much like Tanna's own hair.
Concept A very friendly mare from a herd belonging to the Ruby clan, Coosa and Tanna bonded in the Summer of 506 and have been inseparable ever since. Tanna counts the Strider as her closest and most trusted friend and confidant.
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