What does your pre-posting process look/feel like?

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What does your pre-posting process look/feel like?

Postby Ssezzkero on April 25th, 2015, 3:01 pm

You know, all you guys have these beautiful and artistic ways of preparing to write. Like sitting down with music or being distracted for a long time before buckling into it or even simply rereading your posts. I will write anything any time any place. However, I garuntee the quality is mediocre at best if I'm not on a keyboard. I hate touch screens with a burning passion. I know I am often influenced by what is happening around me and to be totally honest, I have the hardest time writing if there is no outside input. If I am watching TV, listening to music or just sitting in class, if I don't have something going on outside of my writing-sphere, my posts usually come out bland and lacking in personality. I guess it only goes to show I am very much a technology kid, I can't handle not dividing my attention in order to be productive...

I guess my lack of routine or general time spent for my posts is why they always come out half-thought out and generally confusing. I used to try to isolate myself to write and then re-read and re-read and re-read until I was sure my post was perfect. This took days, it procured poop as an excuse for a post and often just discouraged me, so I stopped and decided that I don't care for having a routine. Hmm, yeah. At least they are readable now! Sorry! xD
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What does your pre-posting process look/feel like?

Postby Khida on April 25th, 2015, 3:34 pm

It is a lot of fun to read these -- and they are so very different from mine!

Anymore, about 75% of my writing gets done on the workday commute. So my process starts with "where is that bus already", followed sometimes by "can we be done talking so I can get to writing", as one of my coworkers happens to ride the same bus. Then I open the laptop, pull up my thread files, check which one's been waiting longest, and start writing. I use Scrivener in a split-screen mode, so I have my post-in-progress on one side and the rest of the thread on the other to consult as needed. One bus ride usually about equals one post, unless the muse is particularly slow.

Sometimes I'll take the tablet and work on a solo while I walk to the stop, or at least make notes, but I don't entirely trust its battery so I haven't been doing that as much. Plus, transcribing to the computer -- I refuse to actually post from something without a real, full keyboard -- is just a bit annoying.

On days where I can take time at home to write, I will have music playing -- but I always have music playing anyway, so that's not anything special to the writing process. I copy the latest replies if I don't already have them, check which thread's been waiting the longest, review it, frame Khida's response in my head, write the actual details, and post. That's about all there is to it.

So I don't really have a pre-posting process. It amounts to 'open file, collect thoughts, go'.

Afterwards -- afterwards I realize "oh, I haven't looked at chat in at least half an hour" and "hey I've got a new message" and "I've been sitting a while, I should maybe get up and make tea or something". Along with either "the cat's sitting there staring at me, she must want something" or "aw, I took so long the cat gave up on me and decided to nap instead".
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What does your pre-posting process look/feel like?

Postby Caelum on April 25th, 2015, 4:40 pm

listen: there's a hell
of a good universe next door: let's go
-- E.E. Cummings

A significant portion of my day is spent writing, reading, and/or editing. I don't have a posting process so much as I have a writing process or, as one author friend has been known to call it, a method for existing. Sometimes I think it's just How I Try To Adult. Warning: this is going to seriously bore you.

It is rarely writing etc for just one thing. Typically, I bounce from an early morning reading of new posts on Mizahar and news-media articles over my coffee, to replying to various editorial emails and messages and also sometimes Miz PMs through my morning routine (feed the dog, go for a run, take a shower, do something with hair/face, grab pre -made lunch/make lunch, yell at the sky for the weather, figure out where the [AHH] did I put my shoes.)

Fast forward through the commute where I turn music up incredibly loud and let my brain do whatever it's going to do, but nothing at all with phone or tablet but just the space around me. Still time while in motion. Arrive: Office. Coffee No. 2, lunch in 'fridge, hello, good morning, are those pastries for everyone? Bring me all the muffins and bagels in the land! Who put this on my desk? Cute shoes. Turn computer on. Everything opens -- Madness begins.

I'm a multi-tasker. I tend to read drafts, revisions, script bibles, blogs, and Mizahar while doing the more active process of my job. I'll write half a post while on a conference call and outline some critique notes on a split screen with my meeting notes. I have multiple on-going conversations on Google Hangouts and AIM throughout the day about this plot or that story arc and its's about my thing or their thing or a work thing or a Miz thing. Most days I am co-writing the first drafts of scenes for this or that project in an endless back and forth string of emails that are not entirely dissimilar to a Mizahar IC thread. A scrap post might go up at lunch and by the time I get home I sit down with a mental To Write List.

When Mizahar is on that list, I grab something to drink -- tea or wine -- take off shoes and open the windows. I sit down at my dining room table (read as: "casual" work desk) with my laptop and open up whatever program I'm going to use. I don't always use Scrivener or Word or Google Docs or just gmail drafts. If I'm finishing up something I've already begun, I obviously start in whatever program I ended in, but otherwise there's no rhyme or reason. It's whatever I'm doing at the time. When it comes to picking what threads to reply to, I never go in order. Sometimes I pick the older. Sometimes I pick what I'm most inspired for. Other times I go with one a player has been begging about. And still more times I actually get someone to pick a number between 1 and whatever for me and start with that one. It's that random. That random. (I'm emphasizing this for anyone who is under the mistaken impression that I have made you wait this long for a reply out of some otherwise unrevealed dislike or disinterest.) I post something, I re-read it, realize I am a complete failure and go back to edit the numerous typos or what-have-you. Mizahar doesn't get the pre-editing from me most everything else does because it's undemanding, it's my free time writing place, lacking obligation and stressful demand.

I end up getting distracted by whatever is going on in life and coming back to it. If I'm really into what I'm writing, I get active about it and stand up and walk around and pace and come back to it and bust a move to the music playing and sit back down again. Sometimes I'm done "being good" and I grab my ipad and move to the sofa. Often I am writing something else in conjunction with a Miz thing. Write a post, hack out a few thousand words of XYZ, and forth and back again.

So that's it really. The weekends things tend to get more devotion. Early morning, pick one thing, fall into the clear of it and try not to surface until you're 5thousand words in. Sometimes write around chores. That's what I'm doing now. On that note, I need to find something to eat.
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What does your pre-posting process look/feel like?

Postby Xavior Silhouette on April 26th, 2015, 4:58 am

I find writing to be very difficult in general. Though if it wasn't difficult there'd be many more Clive Barkers and Stephen Kings in the world. Generally speaking my process to writing takes a lot longer than most it seems mostly because I need to psych myself up to write. I'm used to being quiet, lost in my own thoughts, and am perfectly content with that. However, when I want to bring myself to write down these fantastic ideas or scenes to paper it takes a bit more massaging.

Admittedly I have not done many threads that involve other players so I can't directly relate to how I approach those situations. But I can speak about how I approach writing solos and that process usually starts the day before. I tell myself, "you're going to be writing tomorrow so be ready," and that helps me to get into that mindset. Usually the day of actually starting or writing a solo is spent figuring out the story I want to tell in my head. Sort out odds and ends, etc. before I finally put my fingers to the keyboard.

But there is a ritual that I follow and has some rules to it. I don't write while the sun is up. I usually fill this time for chores, jobs, and other hobbies that I can only do while the sun is up. But when night falls I take a shower do a final draft in my head and just go. I find that music with no lyrics or lyrics in a language I don't understand helps along with a pomodoro timer. A pomodoro timer has been such a huge help to me, in fact I'm writing this response on my five minute break. I'm rambling now and my break is almost done. But to boil down my writing process it can be summed up with the words discipline, perseverance, thoughtfulness, and creativity.
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What does your pre-posting process look/feel like?

Postby Lashander on June 21st, 2015, 5:06 am

Might as well add another boring one.

I am blessed with a very visual and visceral imagination. If I could draw worth a lick I probably wouldn't be writing, but as it is, I struggle with drawing dots. So I usually sit down with a very clear image of what I'm trying to convey. Then I just go for it. Pure stream of consciousness, no revisions except for spelling and grammar. I just keep that image in my head and try to describe what I see to the best of my ability. Afterwards, I just assume it doesn't come across as cool or as funny as it looked in my mind, but hey, at least I know what I meant.

I honestly admit that this works best Hemingway-style, ie. with half a bottle of spirits in me. Guess I'm somewhat blocked in the head and alcohol unblocks me. Words flow easier, things get a bit more pretentious and artsy, the way I'd want to write all the time but can't. Sadly, I can't logistically get sloshed every time I want to post something. Then again, not trying to sound overly pretentious might be a good thing if you want people to actually read what you write. I know I get annoyed at writers who write just to write pretty sentences with fancy words rather than telling a story.


Once I hit that post button, I turn away and never, never look at what I wrote again because I know, I know I will hate it. That's probably the biggest downside of my non-method.
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What does your pre-posting process look/feel like?

Postby Kiva on July 1st, 2015, 1:40 am

    My process starts off simply. I am usually doing my own thing and notice I have received a reply. Oh boy~ So, I go to my subscribed threads, click the link and start to read. The scene begins to build in my head, and while I start getting absorbed, its like there is someone next to me, reading over my shoulder.

    "Ooh, I have the perfect reply!" my character shouts from nowhere, snatching the keyboard and pushing me to the side. They open a new tab and set everything up and just when they're about to write something, I shove them away again.

    How rude. We haven't even finished reading the post. I can't just let them jump to conclusions. What if they miss details? Each character is different, some whine when they want to write, some try to take over. Others wait patiently with a smirk and watch, making me nervous that they've done something terrible.

    After I finish reading the reply, I give them the run down, "Okay, now what do you want to say?" I ask.

    The answer varies. Sometimes they are offended and want to argue, other times, they're feeling flirty. Anything can happen. They snatch the keyboard from me, "Watch and learn," they say.

    I let them. When I disagree with them, it becomes an ordeal. Finally, when they're done picking fights with the other characters, or kissing them, or getting themselves in trouble, I read over their work. They stand there with smug satisfaction, praising themselves.

    Finally, they decided to leave the room and I sneakily tweak a few minor details and hit submit. I can't just let them have free reign, after all.

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