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Bloodied Knuckles

Postby Dale Hawthorn on April 26th, 2015, 10:08 am

"Tall Johnny's... Those cages were like a second home to me. Ya 'aven't truly live until you've bloodied knuckles in that ring but once you 'ave, there ain't no going back."

24th of Fall, AV 496 - 12th Bell - Tall Johnny's Casino & Cage Fights

With a metallic clang and sorrowful groan a pair of bloodied hands found themselves wrapped around a cold iron cage while bloodshot eyes stared out of the ring with brutal retribution promised a thousand fold. Smoke and sweat were inhaled in equal measure as a scarred torso with the wisps of imminent chest hair covering the surface rose and fell as lungs eagerly accommodated the deep, heavy breaths the battered and bruised body demanded. The crowd, consisting of only the most inebriated and pathetic individuals in Sunberth that would find themselves watching a cage fight this early in the day, cheered with a detectable slur as fight waged on.

"You are a fucking moron!" Dale cried out through the iron cage at a grinning Derek. Both the men were still young, they were not adorned with as many scars and wrinkles they were destined to be burdened but they did stand taller, prouder even as they would walk through the streets of Sunberth with their shoulders less burdened. "Who calls a seven foot Akalak that?!" He demanded from his friend with anger flowing thick in his voice.
"What? He was aski- Duck!"

Dale's knee collapsed as fast as they would allow as he heard a short, almost dismissive grunt of pain from his gargantuan opponent as his fist missed Dale's skull that now seemed so very fragile and instead smashed itself into the thick iron cage that resonated loudly from the blow and almost threatened to buckled under the strength of his oppenent. Dale side stepped quickly and responded with a series of sharp upperhooks to the Akalak's left side as he swung his entire body into the blows but they did little damage expect to irritate his opponent more.

Dale retreated to the other side of the cage as the Akalak heaved his cumbersome body around and begun to stepping towards the clearly worried human who raised his fists weakly as if it would protect him from the powerful blows of the bouncer. A rough foot was raised and smashed into Dale's gut with startling speed, giving him no time to even attempt to dodge as he was propelled backwards, smacking against the cage with a shuddering clang as he doubled over in pain, the wind knocked well out of him as the corners of his vision begun to blur.

"If I fuckin' die, you better make sure you chuck me on the Slag Heap. I don't want to be dumped in the river like some poor cunts" He yelled, his voice clearly laced in pain as he stood back up. Then he did something he wasn't particularly proud of but in his defence he was standing across from a massive bloody Akalak in a deceptively small cage. His fist shot desperately out, his entire body shifted to put as much weight behind his body as his foot step forward to lead the punch, soon followed by his waist then his shoulder. It wasn't long before the sudden attack found itself target, the downwards throw sinking painfully into the Akalak's nuts.
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