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Slap Dash(Bones)

Postby Raven Nightfoot on April 30th, 2015, 1:33 am


13th of Spring 515AV

It was early in the day, somewhere before noon was as accurate a guess as currently possible but it was certainly far earlier than usual for the dark haired woman to be out and about, sometimes sacrifices had to be made in pursuit of wealth. Raven, clad in her usual black leather outfit consisting of boots, pants and a corset, had awoken from her valued slumber early today in order to go and investigate what Tall Johnny's was like during the early daylight hours. It may have seemed like an odd thing to do, but when one's interesting was in coin, it made sense to be interested in the inner workings of establishments such as the casino.

Strutting through the doorway, her hips swaying naturally with each step as they always did, it did not take Raven a long time to notice just how different the atmosphere within the building was, in comparison to the usual rowdy and lively night times the casino appeared to be almost dead. Several die hard gamblers, too addicted and desperate to ignore the lure of possible wealth even if their chances of winning were less likely than their chances of starving to death, still remained, strewn across one half of the building at the various attended games while employees worked all around them, cleaning the establishment of the previous night's events so that it would be ready for the approaching one.

It amazed her how popular the place was during the night time, she had thought that most of the people of Sunberth were too poor to warrant risking their hard earned coin for a chance at winning a few times more but she had clearly thought wrong, as was proved every night the young thief entered the bustling building. She was of course, no stranger to taking risks when it came to 'earning' coin, but the difference was that she preferred to rely on her own skills to determine the outcome of situations rather than dumb luck and it was for this reason that she always searched for ways to improve them, to better herself as often as possible and increase her chances of success.
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Slap Dash(Bones)

Postby Ssafirsotibones on May 30th, 2015, 2:14 pm

13 Spring 515

It was early in the day once more, when Bones did most of his training with the various combatants of Tall Johny's fighting arena. He didn't care about the right side of the establishment, with the games and such. Bones only cared for the left side, for his fighters he oversaw and trained.

The arena itself was a fifteen foot square fenced in area with a packed dirt floor, and a single gate leading in and out. The dirt was solid enough to not kick up easily or to cause dust or grit to rise as fighters moved about, but also not as soft for that solidness. But falling on it was better still than if one landed on solid stone. The dirt was blood soaked and discolored in many spots, from prior fights.

Today only two fighters were in fit enough shape to train, a male and a female fighter. There were often others, but they were recuperating from various bouts, and one from getting stabbed in a bar fight. The male was young, barely a man if that, and a bit on the scrawny side in appearance. The female was a bit short, but heavily and solidly built, physically appearing even more muscular than Bones even.

Despite her gender and smaller size, she could often overpower even larger male fighters with her muscle. She kept her hair cropped short, offering no handhold for a foe to grab onto as longer hair might offer, a common mistake among female combatants that Bones saw.

Not that female fighters were common, most of those Bones trained or oversaw were male.

At the moment Bones simply had the two combatants going through response drills, doing each of the responses in turn to their foes attacks: dodge, divert, and block, and then trading off.

Bones would occasionally call out for them to “change over”, or call for a specific response to practice, but besides that he mainly let his trainees go over the three techniques.

They'd go into more active segments of training later.

Bones himself walked about the inside of the arena with the two trainees, the pair of blades across his back the only weapons to be seen. After all, one didn't fight with weapons in the arena here. But Bones wasn't going to leave his blades just lying about. Certainly not here, or in Sunberth.
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