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A very dangerous game ensues between two very similar beings.

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Cat and Mouse (Andar)

Postby Pulren Marsh on December 7th, 2015, 5:30 am

A Grade is Coming
Your Wave
Right when things were about to get truly interesting! As if drawing as a jackal wasn't. I enjoy the sensual style of your writing, Andar.

  • Observation 4
  • Land Navigation 1
  • Stealth 1
  • Running 2
  • Tracking 1
  • Intimidation 1
  • Drawing 1
  • Observation: Picking Out Individual Sounds
  • Stealth: Avoiding Forest Floor Foliage
  • Zith: Basic Anatomy

Should you return at some point, just send a PM for your grade.

Your Grader,

Pulren Marsh

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