Closed Knowing your place. (Evalin)

Gendler doubts his master's abilities and motives.

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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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Knowing your place. (Evalin)

Postby Gendler on May 28th, 2015, 12:11 am



21st of Spring, 515 AV

The warmth of the sun cradled Riverfall with its embrace, the coming and going of the gentle breeze added more to the beautiful days relaxing theme. But the immortals mind was far from relaxed, it was turning and twisting with frustration. He had raised his sword with others in the past, only because there agenda aligned with his purpose, but this was not the same. Long ago Uldr told him that he would serve others in his fold, it was part of the pact he made. Though he doubted the one he served. He doubted her motives, for she made it known that none of the Gods had a place in the future she wanted, despite having been given power and responsibility by one. Gendler could only guess that she was trying to manipulate the Benshira and Akvatari with her speach of empowering the weak and bringing a better world for there kind, even though they where little more then insects. There where questions that needed to be answered if he was going to continue in her service, after all she had not commanded him to stay with her.

Gendler slowly made his way back to Evalin's apartment, retracing his steps from the last time he had been there. His methodical pace reflected the caution in he would need to take in approaching her, for he knew very little about her abilities and even if she was found lacking in raw power there was still a reason why she was twice blessed by there Lord. After a time the Chained one found his shadow upon the familiar door leading into the empty apartment. Gendler paused and looked to his left, watching the citizens go about there daily life. There would be a good chance Evalin could be elsewhere, but if that was the case he would simply have to wait in front and try to draw as little attention to himself as possible. Taking an unnecessary breath Gendler closed his eyes for a moment and knocked four times.

Taking a step back Gendler waited for the door to open, unknowing how his Mistress would react to him coming to her in broad daylight. The undead's eyes began to hum with the signature red glow beneath the shadow his hood cast on his face, revealing the unease swelling in him. It was a tell that did not blend well with the living, for there is no controlling anger or the anticipation one feels before violence or uncertainty. Under these circumstances and how this all played out, he guessed it could go either way. Magic made from uneasy and Evalin already showed some proficiency in the area at the gathering. Last time he faced power like that he died, but he was something else now. He had experience and the upper hand if he could get close should the need arise. Gendler closed his eyes once again and reminded himself why he was on this path before staring at the door, waiting for it to open any moment.
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Knowing your place. (Evalin)

Postby Evalin on May 28th, 2015, 12:38 am


What a dull time it was. The light outside still shown, and while that were the case Evalin would conceal herself within the confines of her room, away from the prying eyes of mortals, keeping only her own company and that of Tsenrika. Why was it that she did this now? Perhaps, before, when the Fall and winter seasons were still about and filled the air with their particular anomalies there was a very personal, very strange reason for her actions. She did not wish to be seen, to be judged, to be feared. It was a reaction that was, in retrospect, so very unlike her, and so when Syna drifted overhead Evalin had locked herself away in her chambers where none would disturb her and she would disturb no one herself. Now? Now there was no real reason for it at all. She cared very little for what the mortals beyond her door thought or did. Ants would keep on in their lines, following one after the other and acting as if what they did was of the utmost importance. That is until the boot of their better stepped down upon them and ended their arrogant existence.

Today, like yesterday and the days before Evalin felt no need to crush the mortal arrogance of these people who dared to live such happy and content lives. No, there was no reason to cast individual judgement upon them because, soon, all of the world would feel the wrath of this Immortal's spite against the terrible state called living. What then did she do with her time? She sat, and meditated, and contemplated this and that and discussed what she willed with Tsenrika. Most of this time now was spent preparing for the trip to Zeltiva. There was much to consider after all. Thus it was that she did not expect any visitors to come by this day, or for any visitors to ever come by unannounced.

"Hear I the sounds of a soul weary of life." Evalin said with an amused smile as she stood, "Come they now to die...?"

Glancing back over her shoulder to where Tsenrika floated by the winder Evalin laughed and shrugged, "Let us see to our guest then shall we?"

She opened the door with a slow motion of her hand, leaning against it as she looked out and caught sight of who it was who came calling on her so early.

"Gendler?" The name slipped from her lips, a mixture of surprise and slight disappointment in seeing the chained one who came to her uncalled. She stood there for a tick, simply looking at him with her usual unblinking stare, sizing him up as thoughts fluttered across her mind. Perhaps he noticed then, the attire which Evalin wore to greet him. It was nothing. She wore nothing, no clothing to hide her bare nudity and no shame or embarrassment showed on her features while she stood completely unabashed before him. The Immortal was an adult today, around 5'6 with slim shoulders. Her skin was more or less smooth, though along her neck and back there were faint outlines where there had once been scales. Her teeth were no longer pointed, there being no need at all for her to maintain the form, and her long black hair fell to just past her shoulders.

Two ticks more and then Evalin would step back, opening the door wider for the man as she turned her back to him, "Well then as you are here there is no sense in leaving you out. Come in if you wish, if not then do close the door behind you." She said this as she returned to the center of the room, sitting cross legged once more and Tsenrika, in his natural Irylid form, came to hover and orbit his master just under eye level.

Wretched Aura: As a Wretched One Evalin possesses an unnatural aura about her that causes unease in those who get too close. It can come as a prickle of the hair on the back of the neck, a sense of 'wrongness' about her. How people experience it is different depending on their personality and how they handle the unnatural and unknown. Animals tend to become more agitated, more easily sensing how wrong Evalin is and often avoiding contact with her.
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