Closed The Jade Koi Heist (Julia Tristal)

Autumn, Marjorie, Julia, and Jake take on a heist.

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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The Jade Koi Heist (Julia Tristal)

Postby Julia Tristal on August 5th, 2015, 6:11 am


Julia stopped and smiled at Jake and gave him a quick hug. "Right right! We should get going! Time to head downtown!" She walked besides Jake, pressing close to him. The streets were crowded, even with the high mortality rate of the city, this place always seems so overcrowded.

She clung on Jake almost like an animal that is overly aggressive with it's prey. She could smell the salty sea air and could see the abandoned carts and stalls here and there. There were in the downtown area for sure.

Usually the city would at least try to keep the beggers and such to the alleys or keep the streets for people that are actually working, here it was just people that were just... hard, they looked like they were ready to stab you if you looked at them funny... more so than the usually riff-raff of the city.

And Julia did a bad thing. "Hey! We're looking for a weird guy with red hair, talks to himself and stuff and is tall!" She had no sense of subtlety! "Any of you have any idea?" She looked at Jake, he looked like he was about to slap the back of her head. "What's wrong?"

The people though, they just seemed to ignore the young girl, she was an outsider, she rarely goes to this part of the city, but she knows that no one would answer, they would eye her up, check how vulnerable she is, how easy of a target she is. Her dagger tucked in her sleeve would give anyone that thought she was an easy target a bit of a surprise.

She couldn't help but give a cheeky smile at him, she knew she was doing something wrong and possibly fatal, but people down here wouldn't do anything for anyone else without a reward or some such for them. "Oh don't be such a tight wad, It'll be fine. We'll find him later I know it."

With that, she climbed on Jake's back and looked around with her new vantage point. "I don't know this place very well, so you lead."
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The Jade Koi Heist (Julia Tristal)

Postby Autumn Leithea on August 10th, 2015, 5:44 pm

Autumn sighed a deep sigh.
"Oh well, its almost time to meet up anyways."
"We have enough Autumn, we don't really need anymore, we can work with what we've got." stated Marjorie calmly.
"You know, you're right babe, we do have enough. Lets go meet up with the others."
Marjorie smiled.
"Here follow me."

The streets were emptying as the sun loomed ever lower across the western sky, beckoning them towards the tavern district with a hazy deep red glow. Many people were shutting their doors and locking their windows, Sunberth after dark could be a frightening prospect for most, but Autumn and Marjorie had walked these dark streets in both day and night so they weren't strangers to the danger of the hidden unknown.

Marjorie was leading as Autumn walked beside her.

"You know, if we weren't on the hunt for information, we could have some fun with muggers again tonight." Autumn stated.

They had, for some time now had fun with people trying to rob them. They would pretend to be drunk to attract a suitable assailant, and absolutely turn the tables on the unsuspecting victim, taking their loot and their weapons and one time even stripping the assailant leaving him naked and unconscious in a back alley. It was their guilty pleasure, and empressed upon their victims that women aren't always weak and could hold their own with most men.

"... we are though." Marjorie stated.
"You're no fun."

As they were talking Autumn glanced up at a large group of people returning home... and caught a glimpse of red hair bobbing through the crowd.
"Jorie, you see that?"
Marjorie looked for a second.
"No I don't... oh wait!"
Marjorie caught sight of the red hair as well.
"We need to follow him, and or take what we need from his pockets to find where he lives."
They moved up through the crowd, excitement building as they approached his last known location. As they moved through the crowd like water through fingers they came upon where they had seen the red hair.
Autumn got very frustrated, but before she could yell Marjorie put a hand on her shoulder, and immediately calmed Autumn.
"He must be here, lets find him together."
The streets cleared and the red haired man had disappeared, the crowd dissipating to leave a blank road, almost like a magic trick.
Autumn almost shouted, but held her anger and frustration back.
"Dammit! Alright lets meet up with the others at the Pig's Foot. I need a drink."
"I wholeheartedly agree." said Marjorie, just as frustrated. Autumn saw her frustration and grabbed Marjorie's hand and held it close to calm her down. Marjorie immediately felt better, and Autumn felt better because Marjorie was okay.
"I'm gonna buy you a pint when we get there Jorie, we worked hard all day, not its time for you to relax." Autumn said smiling. Marjorie smiled a cute little smile.
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