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Sira, Phlox, and others are trapped in the Inclement Weather and must survive for 20 days.

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Weathering the Inclement Weather

Postby Brandon Blackwing on August 21st, 2015, 7:19 pm

As Brandon crouched newt to the reimancer, he heard many screams of course, there were even people crying. But, there was one voice yelling closer to him, the anger thick in her chirps of Nari the bat couldn't understand. Not that he needed to; the context was enough to make an accurate guess of what kind of message she was hurling at him. Footsteps rapidly followed, and the bat sighed, standing up, still staring at the Reimancer he'd just delivered. Apparently he'd failed to judge the distance between him and the female Inarta, as she was on his back all of a sudden, clinging to his neck and shoulders.

He stumbled a step before steadying himself, adjusting to the extra weight, and cringed as she continued to shout. In his ear. Godsdamn this shyke. Just clinging to him didn't do any damage, of course, but it did restrict his movements, and that could be a problem. The bat scowled, already hearing a new set of footsteps approaching fast. With his opposite hand the Kelvic tapped the side of the woman's ribcage -a seemingly futile attempt to deal some damage, but actually being a tool to find his target so he wouldn't miss- and immediately followed it up with a hammering elbow to that area. Maybe not enough to break bones, but the bat guessed it should be enough to force her to let go. Just for good measure though, he whipped his head back, hoping to slam it into her face.

The combined force of that and being actively pulled off by someone else should do the trick nicely, and the female should come off. If she still persisted though, Bran would grab one of her arms and slam her into the floor violently with a shoulder throw -something that, now he thought about it, he should have done from the start. Either way, the bat was free, and he scowled at his assaulter, then his black orbs darted to the woman who'd stepped in between him and the other female. Her voice sounded familiar, though his memory was not exactly clear on the where or when he'd met this Inarta.

“Benefit of the doubt?” Brandon laughed, rather amused. What was she going to do if his answer didn't please her? Try and kill him? Ha! Even without the certainty he couldn't die before meeting Biran, the Kelvic was certain this Inarta wouldn't be able to touch him if he got serious. He grinned smugly, shaking his head as if he'd just heard the greatest nonsense ever. “Why thank you, Sira.” A shrug pulled his shoulders up and down quickly. “He might have been able to get us out, indeed,” the thief agreed, if he ever woke up sane, that is.” Another shrug. “I have three reasons. One;” the bat raised his index finger, “If he woke up insane he could have worsened our situation. Two;” another finger was raised. “You don't need to be a doctor to see those wounds are too severe to be treated here. We'd waste resources. And that connects nicely with number three.” One more finger joined the small group. “Deliverance. Satisfied?” Brandon shrugged, and turned away, deciding to head back to the alcove he'd been sitting in before all this shyke had happened.

If he wanted to, Brandon could move quickly through a crowd, and as most people were still focusing on Turrin who stood there barking broken Nari, the thief had no trouble at all with returning to his original position. Once there, he proceeded to move the table out of there, pushing it against the closest wall, shrinking the opening that gave access to the alcove. The reason behind this was of course to make sure people couldn't come in with more than one at a time, which would give Brandon a huge advantage if he was ever backed into a corner. Then again, if he went in there he would also trap himself -not that there was a place to run off to in the Inclement. For the moment though, Brandon took position outside, hands in his pockets, and watched -or more accurately: listened- as Turrin continued to take charge.

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