Closed The Tides Of Time Always Wash Over Us (Branimir)

Kavala becomes reacquainted with a long lost presence in her life.

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The Tides Of Time Always Wash Over Us (Branimir)

Postby Kavala on July 12th, 2015, 7:34 pm

To Dreamwalk one was opening oneself to the control of the Dreamwalker. Nysel trusted his own and imbued them with equal parts dream and nightmare. They were not shining beacons of light and hope in the dark. Nor where they dark writhing pockets of disease upon the worlds. Instead, Nysel's Dreamwalkers were a mix - beautifully dark and menacingly light. Their casualties were those they dragged into the Chavi with them. Sometimes they came out enlightened and sometimes scarred. But regardless, it was easy for their escorts to understand what it was they were thinking. Emotions rolled around them like the chavi swirled around them in the chavena.

Kavala quickly understood Branimir thought the Chavi set like carved stone was, unmovable by man and by the forces of nature. But that was so untrue. Chavi could be rewritten or even unwritten if the Dreamwalker was powerful enough. She wanted him to understand, even if he thought he already knew.

"The Chavis... like these two... are just as written records are in books days if not hundreds of ages old. But like those books, it can be rewritten, falsified, and changed. And if you are still living that life that is tampered with, your mind will remember as the tampering reads, not as the truth." Kavala said softly, wanting the man to understand how fragile the thing was they witnessed, how precious it was.

"They can be made blank too... when information is too dangerous." The Konti whispered. If one wanted something to go away a dreamwalker could make that happen. She hoped he understood. "Choices can be bitter every day... day in and day out. We choose to come here, to know, to understand and when you wake up in the morning... you'll try to convince yourself its a dream. Only it won't be and you won't really believe it." Kavala said, softly, as if the words were only slipping from truly uninvited. "But you won't be able to convince yourself that its not real. Because deep within you, you already know its real. And you will wake up being Branimir but also Hasuthep will be awake again. You'll itch to do more of what he did. You won't be able to help it. He will be just as real to you and you will get to know him as you know yourself now. It's another layer, Branimir. And the more you walk these Chavi the more people will live inside you. They will be real. Your head will be crowded. And you'll know things that one single human simply can't realistically know in one lifetime. And that's because he will lend you his mind, his experiences, and so too will the others if you take the time to meet them." Kavala said, feeding him more information than she truthfully had meant too.

But what she said was true and why she did it was obvious. Shanru trusted Hasuthep. She knew him. She wanted him as informed as he could be because she understood that knowledge was power. He had, long ago, taught her that in the rolling desert of Eyktol.

When Branimir admitted he didn't work with stone, Kavala almost smiled when he augmented it with fact he would in time. Yes, of course he would... how could he not?

When Kavala left him with Shanru, she took to Hasuthep. His thoughts were alive with secrets, both mundane and far far more complex. The secrets shocked her because inherently Kavala only knew what Shanru knew... and his cousin was not involved. The secrets were the kind that got families killed, in accidents that weren't accidents. They were the kind of things that damned a young girl to loneliness in a house where she was shoulder to shoulder with a cousin. Kavala probed deeper, overhearing his thoughts as if they were his own. Shanru would never be his weakness. He'd ever let anyone know she meant anything to him. He carefully and methodically, with an intelligence that was staggering, germinated the idea that she was wholly a burden and even an embarrassment to him. He played up her weaknesses - her need to drink sometimes, her need to shop and socialize, fostering rumors with payoffs that had all but ruined his grieving cousin's reputation and social standing.

He was protecting her. Even now, pretending to be surprised that she was leaving and pretending to be unaware that it had been for magic, he still played games upon games. He would not be caught in the corner again forced to throw down his queen in surrender by letting his family die.

Shanru was a chess piece as well, a Queen that would never fall. All he had to do to see that it happened was to get her north away from the eyes of his enemies and out from under the cloud of misfortune he did not cause but somehow was determined to see put to rights.

Oh, she'd go north alright. He'd not let her go alone, though those that came with her would seemingly join her journey by chance. They would be finely paid and untraceable, and she would live unlike the rest of her family. And most certainly unlike what fate potentially awaited him if he played the game wrong or made one false move.

He glanced at the ruined plans again. He would leave them in a prominent place where the servants could find them. He'd quietly storm until even the servants were afraid. Then word would get out that Shanru was gone and then she'd be safe.

Then she would be gone. So too would the temptation of her. The man would never let Shanru into his life, not as the girl wanted to be, because he had far too much honor to let their parents fate become their own. It was just a fancy dream, where the girl thought she'd bully him into sending her into the vipers nest. Geneticists were partially to blame, match making and breeding Eypharians for power year after year. Their family was a result of such things. Sending them, even the fourteen year old children, back into their heart to further the madness was not something Hasuthep was willing to do. Nor was he willing to take her to bed, to wife, or otherwise mingle their blood. Power to power beget immeasurable power. No, he would not be planting that seed, and certainly not in her. He loved her, for all that, too much.

He would let her fly, protectively, and see what she could do.

Kavala pulled out of his awareness, a little more stunned than she was used to. People surprised her, occasionally, but not usually someone like this. Hasuthep was a well layered person.

She pulled Branimir out as well, drawing him lightly along the lines of the two tangled Chavi swirling almost around them.

"You should come find me, if you are in a position to travel. You have family south, not quite to the desert, but in Riverfall. To the north of the city is a fortress crouched on a cliff overlooking the Suvan. You will find me there. Come home. Let me shelter you as you once sheltered me. And together we can study this more." Kavala said, pulling back.

They'd lingered a long time in the Chavena as it was. Too long, perhaps, for Branimir's first time dreamwalking. "I need to send you back. We can return and see what fate held for them or you can ask yourself deep inside what happened because you truthfully already know." Kavala said, already pulling him back along the chavi, escorting him towards his current reality and hers as well. It was a funny thing, watching her own Chavi spiral off and away from his, vanishing from his life - his lives - for a length of time immeasurable to her not counting the lives in his chavi that still lingered below.

Time flowed past them, the lights of the Chavena a whirl. When she finally halted, she was at the tip of his Chavi, and hers had spiraled back in, free-flowing around his indicating her abduction of him and their meeting again.

She'd give him a chance to speak... to say anything he had on his mind. Then she'd remind him quietly of her offer.

"Come to Riverfall if you want. Don't forget the offer. If not today, in the future is fine. Konti are long lived and I will be around as long as I can. And you will be welcome. I am not just a geomancer in that place. I am a healer and breeder of horses. You will understand if you make the journey." She said, and then gently, knowing it was time and very very necessary... she thrust him back into his sleeping form.

He would come or not. He wound understand or not. For Kavala, she was just glad to know he was in the world and that he had endured.
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The Tides Of Time Always Wash Over Us (Branimir)

Postby Branimir on July 13th, 2015, 5:05 pm

First, his dream-self made a face, which then shattered into chuckling amusement, only held back from breaking into full-on laughter by the idea that he'd already shown too much of himself. He couldn't tell if the Konti was being facetious, but she had to be. After all she'd told and more importantly shown him, why would he not choose to believe her? If believing was knowing without having or requiring proof, then he knew. He knew because, still and again, he wanted to. He also, still and again, needed to. The alternative, the dream being merely seeming spun by an imagination uninhibited by a waking, logical mind, was far too painful to even consider.

If it wasn't real, he'd have to find a way to make it real.

And so all he had to give Kavala was amused chuckling that only ended when he thought he saw her somewhat taken aback by the peculiar reaction. Willing himself to calm down, Branimir couldn't help but retain the afterimage of a wry little smile on his lips. It wasn't necessarily a pretty or frienly thing lurking on the corners of his mouth there, tinged with a cruel playfulness maybe or, worse, bitterness. Branimir's dream-self raised its left hand once more, the index finger extended to point at Kavala. "You played your game well." he commended her in a quiet, supple tone which bore no hint of resentment even as it did veil something less tangible. "Please do not spoil your victory by feigning ignorance."

"You set your hooks..." he explained his words further, enhancing the imagery by curling his index finger, then lightly withdrawing his hand as he continued, " by one, then ever so gently tugged here and there until you had me where you wanted. One by one, you appealed to my curiosity, my greed, even my heart and the lust for power that everyone harbors. Because power does after all often create the illusion of freedom, no?" As he counted the perceived barbs in his unreal self, Branimir curled the rest of his fingers until his hand resembled a claw. "False security, as Shanru put it." More chuckling as he dwelled on that particular memory. "And then, little by little, you worked them in. Deep."

"At this point, I would need to tear them from my flesh at great cost if that was my wish. But it is not. How could it be? How? How could anyone in their right mind say no to... all of this? None could."

"And so I cede this round to you, Kavala. I will try to be better sport the next time."

As he'd spoken, Branimir's stance in the surreal world they were in, his bearing and tone of voice, they'd all shifted to something almost... imperious. Unbecomingly so for one who was just a passenger in this dream maybe, and actually at the mercy of the boatswoman who guided him through the Chavena. Maybe to his surprise, but certainly to his satisfaction, the Konti simply repeated her offer and then let him go back to the misery of the waking world where he was quite powerless and unappreciated.

Like Hasuthep had seemed. Whom he'd need to read up on if there was anything to be found on him or his line. Unlikely for a man half a world and over half a millenium removed, but maybe he came to do great things. Or maybe he was the kind who noted everything down and became famous in posterity for having had painfully detailed ledgers that later generations brooded over to divine the pre-Valterrian period. Or maybe the dreams were all he had to go on. He'd need to dream of Hasuthep again, the young man resolved. If he could.

When he woke, Branimir would do that. And then he'd look for the cheapest way to travel to Riverfall.
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The Tides Of Time Always Wash Over Us (Branimir)

Postby Kiva on December 28th, 2015, 10:11 pm

The Good Stuff :
Negotiation 1
Investigation 3
Intelligence 4
Scouting 2
Persuasion 2
Teaching 2
Philosophy 4
Leadership 1
Deduction 3
Research 4

The Purpose of A Plumb & Bob
Kavala: Past life as Eypharian Sanru
Branimir: Past life as Epyharian Hasuthep

Loot: Gifts for the sanctuary workers (bracelet, horn ornaments, wooden compass, tiara, and ring) and a plumb and bob.

What a thread! Complex and intriguing. I honestly can say after grading this, I LOVE the idea of dream walking. I think seeing it practiced and reading this thread gave me a better idea on how the gnosis worked. As a reader and writer, I am still getting to know Kavala and her personality, and getting a glimpse into this moment was very cool for me. Loved it.

On a side note, there wasn't a ton of information on the gifts you got the sanctuary members (e.g materials for the horn ornaments, etc), so I wasn't able to figure out the cost. So if those are expenses that need to be handled, I'm sure you know more then me on how to take care of it. If you need me to take care of it, then just PM with some more information and I can bite the bullet. lol

Can't wait to read more.. and more... and more.

Yikes :
Hi there. I thought your posts were very well written and I particularly liked the last post where Bran realized his dilemma. How could anyone say no to that sort of knowledge? SERIOUSLY?

On a sad note, I can't award your grade for a few reasons. Your thread list needs to be fixed, and after some poking around, I saw that you posted in Fall 515, but did not deduct your living expenses yet. I have your grade all written up and tucked away in a notebook, so get things sorted out and I'll be more than happy to shove lores at you. ;D

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your grade, please send me a PM and I'll be happy to discuss it with you. Keep writing!
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