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The Pig's Foot Polka....

Postby Fiachra on August 18th, 2015, 4:55 pm

A woman was posturing to see which man she would take as mate. Not that she would likely keep him. People were odd about this sort of thing. Coupling as they pleased one moment, turning it into a business the next and getting upset and territorial in the next breath. This sort of thing was baffling to the young Kelvic. She tried to figure people out, to ensure she could act in an apropriate manner, but when even they couldn't agree on what the correct manner was...

She clacked her beak at that thought. It would have been frustrating, if she cared beyond the ingrained need to please and fit in, but she did not, and since no one was expressing that her behaviour was wrong.. It did not matter.

Clever black eyes fell on the newest entrant, feathered head cocking slightly as she studied the girl. Not doing anything particularly exciting, but at the very least she'd stood and admired 'Chra for a moment. 'Chra preened her feathers at this thought. She was a very attractive Raven in her own mind. Large, glossy, all her feathers neatly in place.

Well. Why not? 'Chra liked attention, and there was no point having flown all this way and then not actually getting in the midst of things. With a hop she was off the beam, flight as precise as any hawk thank you very much, bringing her down to Ashes shoulder. She was careful not to buffet the woman in the head, nor to dig in too much with her talons. Assuming she didn't get backhanded, a very real possibility and a risk she was willing to take, doubting the small woman could do too much damage to her, she would warble as reassuringly as a Raven could manage and proceed to preen the womans hair.
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The Pig's Foot Polka....

Postby Ashe on August 19th, 2015, 3:57 pm

The Raven didn't stay still long after Ashe averted her attention to the group consisting of two men and one woman. All Ashe heard was the sound of feathers moving in unison and she swiveled her head to locate the source of the noise to find the raven much closer to her. In fact, the bird was practically on her shoulder when the young woman noticed it's warbling, and the woman's arm made a slight jolt when the talons dug a little bit into her clothes.

Ashe was befuddled, Surely the bird knew that she was not a statue, even less a plank of wood, but why her shoulder as a perch? The young woman decided that the bar wood would be a better place to have a raven sit so she quietly moved her hand next to the raven's talons and waited for the likelihood that the bird would jump on it. It's not like an average raven could understand that the ritualized scars were indeed scars inflicted for the initiation into Reimancy.

If so...Would that mean that the raven could be Kelvic? A kind of people that are enslaved to become pets for the very wealthy and age much quickly than normal humans? The sudden thought of a runaway kelvic made a chill go down the back of Ashe's head and she looked at the bird already preening at her hair.

"You are a strange bird" Ashe whispered to the bird on her shoulder.
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