Svefra swimming

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Svefra swimming

Postby Aevian on October 7th, 2015, 4:34 am

Hello, everybody!

So, I've been working on my character sheet, while reading the Svefra lore page at the same time and I was wondering: Skill-point wise, would Svefra be very high up there? New PC only, I mean. The lore page mentions ALL Svefra being great swimmers a few times, with babies being thrown into the ocean (before they can walk!) but then a few places also talks about a common place new Svefra put RB/SP is swimming, which would mean that they aren't as great as the lore page says. Or something.

Basically: Would I need to put points in Swimming, or would Aevian already be very good in the water?
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Svefra swimming

Postby Tribal on October 7th, 2015, 4:56 am

Safe to assume they know more about the water, but you're still going to have to build up swimming points.

Edit: A bit like Drykas being amazing with animals / great horse riders. One two flashbacks will put you ahead in no time!

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