Closed [Antinous Training Grounds] A Horrible Mistake.

Why did Arch ever think this was a good idea. Why? Why!?

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The vast majority of Syliras exists within the walls of this fortress, which is in reality the city itself, where all the people, merchants, and Syliran Knights all live together. It is divided into tiers where the classes are neatly divided. The basement of Stormhold is an enormous bazaar while the lofty heights belong to the Dyres family.

[Antinous Training Grounds] A Horrible Mistake.

Postby Konrad Venger on March 15th, 2016, 6:10 pm


Nice job! Your work has pleased The Sloth!


Rhetoric - 2
Planning - 1
Teaching - 1
Tactics - 1

Ser Iros: A Blunt Sense of Humor
Alexander: Squire in Need of Training
Ball: Squire in Need of Restraint
Tactics: Don't Listen to Your Opponent


Observation - 3
Socialization - 1
Weapon: Sword, Bastard - 2
Tactics - 2
Subterfuge - 1

Philosophy: Not about Winning or Losing, but Learning
Tactics: Caution with an Unknown Enemy
Tactics: When Fighting Pycons, Don't let them get Close
Subterfuge: Hidden Weapons


Observation - 4
Rhetoric - 3
Intimidation - 1
Tactics - 2
Teaching - 1
Subterfuge - 1

Alexander Faircroft: Another Punching Bag
Tactics: Working within a Fight's Parameters
Tactics: Using Sand to Harden One's Clay
Subterfuge: Misinformation in Battle

+5 Shield Points each for training with other Squires, in the presence of a Knight

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GAH! Where's the rest?! I feel so cheated!

This was my first Ball thread and man, I love him. Cocky little turd he might be, but I enjoyed him spouting shyke to get to Alex, and Archie was a WONDERFUL balance to that. Seeking to help his young friend and Alex, thinking things through and yet you still evoked that panic and uncertainly really well.

Nice work, guys. Rewards well-earned... for an UNCONSUMMATED brawl! For shame...

Oh, and please make sure you go back and edit your post in the Request Thread to reflect the fact this one is now done and dusted. PM me with any questions and later 'tater!

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