Weekend Challenge: 1/23/16 - 1/14/16

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Weekend Challenge: 1/23/16 - 1/14/16

Postby Aislyn Leavold on January 24th, 2016, 10:42 pm

I have no idea where this idea came from, but it seemed very Alvadas-esqe, so I rolled with it.
Now we wait for that new ST to come around :D

One note: I know Puppeteering isn't a listed skill, but I wasn't sure what other skill could fit in it's place. If that's an issue, please tell me. Feedback is definitely appreciated :)

Ionu’s Stand


Infamous throughout the streets above and below Alvadas, Ionu's Stand is an unassuming table decorated like a tiny theater where a range of puppets take to the stage. Traveling both on Alvadas' streets and in the Underground, the stand puts on two very different shows depending on where the sun is in the sky. Nothing if not inconspicuous, one wouldn't think to give the small stand more than a brief glance as they passed.
That is, until the show begins.

Run by a man that’s a little less than sane and has more ability than tact, the stand draws crowds of cheerful children by day and curious victims by night. There is a vast different in the ‘day’ shows and ‘night’ shows, with many of the daylight ones being whimsical and upbeat, while the moonlit ones have the ability to be downright disturbing. The owner, a man that introduces himself only as ‘the Puppeteer’, has no boundaries when it comes to his craft.

By day, the shows target mainly children. From all backgrounds, all walks of life, young Alvads flock to the delightful little stand. Children watch for free, whilst adults are asked to provide a small fee to watch. Not that the Puppeteer can stop passers-by from spectating without paying, though it is rumored that the less generous patrons can easily find themselves as the subject of the next nighttime act.
By night, the previously inconspicuous and delightful little stand remains appearing as an unremarkable thing, but when a slightly smaller and marginally more mature crowd gathers, the real show begins. From scenes of a puppet’s murder in which the doll in question looks eerily similar to an unsuspecting onlooker to a show that dictates the worst fear of a clueless victim, the puppetmaster’s shows know no bounds.

Beloved by children and often feared by adults, Ionu’s stand is particularly popular among the orphans of the Underground. Many of the puppets are created by the children, resulting in a diverse, if somewhat patchy range of actors in the Puppeteer’s show. These children largely decide what kind of show will be presented in the Underground, since there is effectively no day or night. No matter the time of day above ground, if a crowd of children gather, the show will be akin to that of the day’s. If a group of adults gather, the show will be night themed. With an affinity for the innocent, the Puppeteer would never dare put on one of his more mature shows in the presence of a child. But in the evening, when the crowds are sparse and the audience much more mature, there are no limits. A select few children man the stand during these nighttime shows, oftentimes the older ones who have been around for much longer. It is rare to see more than one or two of the miniature puppeteers, and not uncommon for them to disappear during the show itself.

Most of the time, the Puppeteer never leaves his station, concealing himself underneath the cloaked stand behind the curtain. The children do much of the interaction for him, collecting fees and tips while he stays back to continue the show. There has been a running joke about the Puppeteer that he himself is a puppet, for no one has ever reported seeing his face. Referred to as "Father Puppet" by the children, not much is truly known about the Puppeteer. If one has never seen or heard of the mysterious figure before, it would almost appear as if Ionu's Stand was running itself, the puppets never wavering and the show never stopping as the days and nights pass on. If nothing else, one thing is certain about the Puppeteer's beliefs: the show must go on.


Children -- Free
Adults -- 5 Silver Mizas
Elderly -- 2 Silver Mizas

The Puppeteer
ImageName: Putali Smith
Race/Sex: Human/Male
DoB: 28 Spring 458 AV
PoB: Lhavit, Current Residence in Alvadas
Title: The Grand Puppeteer
Notable Skills: Puppeteering 94
Acting 29
Impersonation 50
Auristics 77
Storytelling 65

Additional Info: Better known as the Puppeteer, Putali Smith is a confusing and sometimes malicious man, a man with the ability to both charm and disturb those he entertains. Putali immigrated from Lhavit to Alvadas in search of adventure, but what he got was rather different than what he expected. A man obsessed with mysteries and magics, he actually ended up driving himself insane chasing down the illusions that had so often fascinated himself with. His insanity connected him to what he would announce to be his passion: Puppeteering. To him, each puppet is much more than just a toy. He treats his creations like they live and breathe, creating them with care and treating them better than he treats the more humanoid people he interacts with.

After several years of busying himself with solo puppet shows, Putali created a puppeteering stand, which he introduces as nothing more than ‘Ionu’s Stand’. For years, he utilized his auristics to tailor shows to terrify onlookers, before gaining the attention of Ssena for his craft. “Blessed” with the first mark of Krivas, the Puppeteer’s shows went from eerily familiar to downright terrifying during the night.

Distant and cold to adults, the Puppeteer shows a certain kindness towards children, often portraying himself as the 'eccentric uncle' sort of figure towards the children of Alvadas' streets. Extremely protective of the children, he often ends up recruiting them into his shows, as voice actors, puppet creators, and even novice puppeteers. It is not uncommon to see several young children running in and out from behind the curtain of Ionu's Stand, holding puppets, strings, and mizas as the Puppeteer performs his show. Each of the “adopted” children are given nicknames by the Puppeteer himself, usually based on their ability or hobbies. Collectively, they are referred to as the “Puppet Children”

ImageName: Maisy
Race/Sex: Human/Female
DoB: 6 Summer 506 AV
PoB: Alvadas
Title: Novice Puppeteer
Gnosis: None
Notable Skills: Puppeteering 28
Impersonation 10
Storytelling 30

Additional Info: One of the many orphaned children the Puppeteer has ‘adopted’, Maisy first met Putali when she was six years old, coming to him after spectating one of his shows and asking him to show her how the puppets worked. A child with a knack at storytelling, she adored the act of puppeteering, and quickly became one of the Puppeteer’s favourite pupils. Earning herself the nickname “Maisy Marionette”, or more simply “Marionette”, she is one of the most frequent helpers of the Ionu’s Stand shows. She often plays many of the female roles during the day shows, despite her young age.

Timid with strangers, she usually hides behind the stand instead of interacting with the crowd. She is, however, partial to a story, and can be drawn out to either listen or tell one herself. Popular among other children but rather antisocial herself, she is one, if not the most well-known “Puppet Child”.

ImageName: Klarress
Race/Sex: Vantha/Female
DoB: 1 Winter 510 AV
PoB: Alvadas
Title: Puppet Creator
Gnosis: None
Notable Skills: Carving 28
Puppeteering 10
Begging 15

Additional Info: On the younger side of the Puppet Children, “Strings” earned her name from her favoured job of stringing the puppets before the shows. During the shows, however, she is one of the many children happy to join the crowd, collecting tips and fees from patrons. She is a fairly social child, making good friends with the other orphans, especially those who make the puppets themselves. She and Brush are often seen together, Strings completing the small details on the wooden puppets her fellow orphan creates.

Her colour changing eyes are often bright pink out of happiness, though they soften to a yellow when she is more calm. Blue for fear, aquamarine for apprehension, orange for anger, green for confusion, and red for excitement. This, her name, and her aptitude for carving are the only real traits she shares with her Vantha blood, having been abandoned as an infant and never knowing her parents. The usual closeness of Vantha families has been completely severed biologically for Strings, so instead she compensates by creating her own family: the other Puppet Children of Ionu’s Stand.

Strings came to find Ionu’s Stand when she was just two years old, assisted by a sister who has long since disappeared. Cared after by Brush now, the pair find food from the Puppeteer and home in the sheltered corners of the Underground.

ImageName: Coltus Silverpalm
Race/Sex: Isur/Male
DoB: 58 Fall 502 AV
PoB: Alvadas
Title: Puppet Creator
Gnosis: Izentor (1)
Notable Skills: Carpentry 38
Puppeteering 15
Storytelling 25
Painting 30

Additional Info: A much more behind-the-scenes kind of boy, “Brush” has an aptitude much more towards creating the puppets rather than wielding them. Orphaned at five years old, his Isur heritage leaves him with a deep blue arm and bright silver veins, but not much else. The Isurian arm helps him out greatly when it comes to molding the puppets he creates. He can very easily create rough puppet shapes to be passed on to his counterpart, Strings, who carves the rough shapes down to the intricate puppets used in shows. Named for his ability with paint and paintbrushes, Brush is an extremely creative, if secluded, individual. He is also one of the older Puppet Children, meaning that, though he doesn’t enjoy the job, he often ends up helping with the night shows when no one else is around to do so. He is often seen in the shadows nearby the Stand during these shows, working on one of his puppets, until it’s time to collect the mizas from the crowd or puppeteer an extra character.

Unfortunately, though Ionu’s Stand and the Puppeteer provides food and comfort for the orphans, it does not provide shelter or safety from Alvadas’ streets, so Brush and Strings can often find themselves within the confines of the Gibbets, or with just nowhere to go. However, Ionu’s Stand is about as close to a home and family one can get without having a place to sleep, so they’ve stuck around for quite a while.

Moderation Note :
Moderated by all storytellers of Alvadas
Feel free to self moderate.

Note: Marionette, Strings, and Brush are not the only Puppet Children the Puppeteer employs, they are just the most frequent visitors to Ionu’s Stand and the ones most prevalent among them. Feel free to invent other characters, within reason, for plotting use.

Location Credit to Aislyn Leavold
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Weekend Challenge: 1/23/16 - 1/14/16

Postby Nightmare on January 25th, 2016, 12:58 am


Hello folks!

Just a quick heads up, if you are going to participate in the weekend dev challenge and you want to develop for Syliras. Please remember that locations and NPCs need to be submitted here on monday: http://www.mizahar.com/forums/topic56202.html

When you do, go ahead and note that you are participating in the challenge.

Other things such as Syliras only monsters and more far reaching development will still need to be PM'd to me.

Hope you have had fun so far!
If you have an concerns, questions or problems please PM me right away. I am here to assist and can usually get a reply within a day or two if not sooner.
If you haven't gotten a response from me within five days, please PM me again!
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Weekend Challenge: 1/23/16 - 1/14/16

Postby Firenze on January 25th, 2016, 4:08 am


This location is apart of a trio of sisters, the eldest Hanhi sister owning Hanhi's Herbologie and the second eldest owning Soap Kitchen. The first two were created for Sunberth originally, the trio having been the original plan but not having been finished. I wanted to create this and add it in for the taking for any city who is interested. All three locations are available as well as Sarin's Sin. Although they are created for Sunberth, they can easily be adjusted for any city that is interested.

I hope you enjoy!

NoteSuggestions, critiques and improvements are welcome!



Located most commonly around the Seaside Market, the mobile cart commonly carries flowers of all kinds for those who want to woo a sweetheart, take some home to the wife or just get themselves to smell a little better. The cart is small and usually laden with clay pots, some filled with flowers, a few with flowering herbs giving off their heavy scent. Jars house cut flowers for those who don't want something potted.

Lana's cart can be found most times of the year, except for winter. If you're not able to find the herb or flower that you're looking for she will be more than happy to locate the desired species and bring it to her customers. As well as delivering flowers to locations, Lana's cart can be brought to locations for parties or Lana can be purchased to arrange flowers for a party, wedding or any event.

Image Bouquets are another favorite that are on the cart and available, however whatever is on the cart is what is available as certain flowers only bloom during certain times of the year. If there is a particular flower that is favored it is possible to request to have is dried and arranged into a bouquet. Dried flower bouquets are almost as common as fresh flower bouquets for the longevity that can be had over a fresh bouquet.

Image One of the most requested by women and girls is the flower crown. While Lana's business had grown she came to a point of having at least a few flower crowns, pre-made with dried flowers or made on the spot with fresh flowers. A crown can be a sweet treat for a favorable woman or girl. Men have also been known to purchase a wreath to help with the smell of noxious odors until the next bath.

Potted plants are also commonly purchased to lift the spirits or house a favorite cooking or medicinal herb.

ImageName: Lana Hanhi
Race: Human
DoB: Fall 15, 494 AV (20 years old)
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Botanist / Herbologist
Skills: Botany (51), Herbalism (32), Weapon Skills (23), Unarmed Combat (22), Organization (20), Mathematics (19)
Gnosis: N/A
Additional Info: The youngest of the Hanhi sisters, Lana isn't as business savvy as her two older sisters but wanting to follow in their footsteps she began her own business when she was only ten. Her older sister had just begun her herbalism shop and she had wanted to help, unfortunately not old enough she was turned to the back rooms to tend to the herbs out of sight. Lana didn't mind tending the herbs, preferring the ones with the pretty flowers. This sparked the idea that she could help her sister by selling flowers. However, Eva and Nali didn't want to have flowers sold in the shop.

Lana didn't let that deter her and began coming up with a plan to sell on her own, first out of a small basket that she'd purchases with her meager wages. Slowly saving money about the age of 15 she purchased a rickety cart. This cart was her pride and joy and she cleaned it up the best she could and began to sell flower plants, garlands, bouquets and even a few herb plants.

She is very straight forward and not afraid to offer her services, from a fair distance. Calling out is not something she is afraid of and she will try to sweet talk you into buying anything she can offer. She loves to help with weddings and decorating for parties.

Item Price
Baby's Breath 1 cm/oz
Bachelor's Button 1 cm/oz
Begonia 1 cm/oz
Black-Eyed Susan 1 cm/oz
Bleeding Heart 3 cm/oz
Bluebell 1 cm/oz
Buttercup 1 cm/oz
Calla Lily 2 cm/oz
Canna Lily 3 cm/oz
Carnation 1 cm/oz
Chrysanthemum 2 cm/oz
Clematis 1 cm/oz
Clover 1 cm/oz
Columbine 1 cm/oz
Cosmos 2 cm/oz
Daffodil 2 cm/oz
Daisy 1 cm/oz
Day Lily 2 cm/oz
Evening Primrose 3 cm/oz
Flax Flower (Linseed) 1 cm/oz
Forget Me Not 1 cm/oz
Foxglove 3 cm/oz
Freesia 3 cm/oz
Gardenia 2 cm/oz
Geranium 3 cm/oz
Gerbera Daisy 2 cm/oz
Goldenrod 1 cm/oz
Heather 1 cm/oz
Hyacinth 3 cm/oz
Iris 2 cm/oz
Lilac 1 cm/oz
Lily 2 cm/oz
Lily of the Valley 1 cm/oz
Marigold 1 cm/oz
Moon Flower 1 cm/oz
Morning Glory 1 cm/oz
Ox Eye Daisy 1 cm/oz
Pansy 2 cm/oz
Peace Lily 3 cm/oz
Peony 1 cm/oz
Petunia 1 cm/oz
Poppy 1 cm/oz
Rose 4 cm/oz
Shasta Daisy 1 cm/oz
Sunflower 2 cm/oz
Sweet Pea 1 cm/oz
Tiger Lily 1 cm/oz
Tulip 3 cm/oz
Verbena 2 cm/oz
Violet 2 cm/oz
Wild Carrot (Lace) 1 cm/oz
Wind Flower 1 cm/oz
Winter Jasmine 2 cm/oz
Wisteria 1 cm/oz

Flowering Herbs
Item Price
Basil 1 sm/oz (Late Summer)
Dill 3 cm/oz (Mid Summer)
Oregano 2 sm/oz (Mid Summer)
Lavender 2 cm/oz (Late Spring)
Rosemary 4 sm/oz (Late Spring)
Sage 1 sm/oz (Late Summer)
Spearmint 1 sm/oz (Mid Summer)

Special Requests
Item Price
Flowers out of Season (Dried) 1 sm/oz
Parties 5 sm/hour
Weddings Pricing Negotiated
Events Pricing Negotiated
Bouquet (Dried) Price of desired flowers x 1.5
Bouquet (Fresh) Price of desired flowers x 2
Flower Crown (Dried) 1 sm
Flower Crown (Fresh) 2 sm
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Weekend Challenge: 1/23/16 - 1/14/16

Postby Eleazar Victor Syroin on January 25th, 2016, 5:02 am

I am well aware that this is for a closed city and one that has pretty much always been closed but it's the only idea that really grabbed me. So here you go. I based the idea off parlty what I could piece together from the Charodae & Iyvess racial lores and Traverse's vlogs and partly of what I imagined a city defined by the charodae's culture would be like. So hopefully this will be something for any future Charbosi STs to use. :)

The Quay Agora

While not a Quay in the same sense that other cities might have them, this patchwork of shops, stalls and stands is the main home of trade within Charbosi. Located within the main structure of the coral city, the Agora is by far the loudest and most regularly active part of the city. Shaped as a winding deep vertical carven of coral, it hosts shops of all types ranging from trinkets to food. The shops are all located in char-made hollow pockets in the coral caverns wall. Most of the shops are colourfully decorated with seaweed, vibrant species of coral, glowing sea plants or brightly dyed fabric bought from passing Svefra.

What is sold where varies a lot as there is no real order to the market but generally the upper areas sell more practical things like woven seaweed baskets or tools; the middle area is more for stalls pawning treasures found in shipwrecks, interesting shell jewellery or foreign goods and nearing the bottom an abundance of food stalls and quaint cafés thrive cooking off the thermionic vents with the odd walk-in spa to help ease your tired fins. An off shoot from the carven hosts the farmer's market where anyone can pick up freshly grown produce and gossip from beyond the city easily. This is also located next to a decently sized but well guarded exit which leads outside to a small collection of Seahorse rangers and animal handlers for those who may need them. There are also stables around this area for outsiders to park their mounts.

The Agora is fairly safe and peaceful place in general as is the nature of Charbosi, however to combat the odd swindling and set of light webbed hands, the entire area is still fairly heavily patrolled by Charbosi's peacekeepers. The majority of of these peacekeepers are unarmed Charodae in armour whose job it is to break up fights, act as judges in quarrels and perform arrests. The few Iyvess in the peacekeepers mostly fall under this category as well but the odd one or two have special permission from the Circle of Elders to be armed and permitted to take more violent and potentially lethal action, though such incidences are extremely rare. To help with this near constant guarding, the peacekeepers have a small base mid way down the wall nearest the farmer's market.

A list of places that could be found here but I didn't have enough time to flesh out.

  • Cuttlefish Cafe - A food café run with mixed Iyvess and Charodae staff (Don't order the soup!)
  • Fins and Scales - A healing spar and massage centre run by a Konti and their Iyvess partner
  • The Farmer's market - The best place to find fresh produce and gossip in the entire city (Better get ready to haggle for you money's worth!)
  • The Kelp Forrest- Coral and plant shop run by a Charodae pair and their excitable offspring.
  • Hoarder's Dream – a knick-knack stall run by an old scared up Charoda(for treasures and trinkets alike)
  • Peacekeeper Base
  • An art and music shop run by an Akvatari.
  • A small apothecary front run by some Charodae that may have a few things to sell off the undercurrent black market to those that ask nicely and have something to trade.
  • Charodae Sea horse wranglers and stables
  • A weapon shop run by an Iyvess with the occasional help of a small group of twice marked Svefra whenever their ship happens to sail by.
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Weekend Challenge: 1/23/16 - 1/14/16

Postby Ssezzkero on January 25th, 2016, 5:13 am

Here is my contribution! :)

The River Stone :


If you ask some of the older families in the Mithryn outpost, you may hear of the River Stone. Perhaps even some of the younger generation of farmers, and knights may know of the tale, although no one left really cares for the event enough to seek it out. It had served its purpose and past its time of worth, leaving the rain to wear it away.

The River Stone itself is a small shrine, a few miles south of the Mithryn Outpost. To call it a shrine may even be generous. The location is simply a statue. Once, long ago, there was an offering bowl at it's feet and a trail that lead to its's location, but time has covered these artifacts. The statue itself stands nearly ten feet tall, and made of a pearly white stone that shimmers in the sunlight, and represents a very fine looking and realistic depiction of the Goddess. She stands, wearing a wet robe with free hair and looks across the plains before her, now overlooking the winding river There used to be an offering bowl built into the ground at her feet, but this has since been covered up. Now, moss and bird droppings rain down her shoulders. A nest has been built in the crook of her arm, and her robes are a common hiding place for roaming creatures to take shelter from her own rains.

The River Stone used to be further out, but as the farmlands grew with Syliras' population, the shrine suddenly doesn't seem so far. Even so close to the fields, travelers rarely come across it, it is out of the way of any roads or well-travelled paths. In fact, The River Stone stands in the center of a field, one they may be farmed in later years if the city begins to grow. The location itself is so small that if one looks out from the hills surrounding the field, they may not see it at all, hence, it's abandonment. The only way to pinpoint the statue is to follow the river that the open plain. When the shrine was built, no such river lead to it, yet time has coursed one of Makutsi's treasures to its base.

ImageOver two hundred years prior, in the early 300's sometime, a drought plagued the farms of Syliras. As a city where most of the trade relies on the farming of its lands, this was disastrous. Unable to understand why, the farmers begged Bala for an answer. They needed their crops to grow and expected the harvest Goddess to aid them. When she did not answer, they turned to Caiyha. Surely the Goddess of nature may take pity on them? Did she not worry about the damage a drought may do to her environment. Still, there was no answer from the Gods. They even pleaded with Zulrav, hoping his thunder would bring rain, but soon they realized he could head no result alone.

The farmers had forgotten about Makutsi. The one who connected the sky to the land with her showers, the one who they truly depended on for their crops to grow. They had forgotten about her and could only assume she was angry. As they worried, they began to pray. The entire outpost tried to redeem their selves to the Goddess, hoping she may return her rains to their fields once more. But for a year, there was no avail. It wasn't until a young man, a foreigner, who came to Syliras begun to prey with them. He bore two marks from the goddess herself. The farmers quickly abandoned their begging, turning to him to bring rain instead. But the foreigner refused. He saw how the farmers immediately abandoned his Goddess when there was an easier solution, and he sought to solve this.

He convinced the people that if they wanted the rain, they would have to be faithful to Makusti. He told them she was not a spiteful God, but they had to be thankful in order to receive her gifts. The drought had gone on nearly three years now, and the farmers desperately agreed. During the chilly winter, guided by the raindancer, the farmers trekked out past their dry land, they sought a location to place her shrine. One which was separated from the need for her rains, and placed solely for her worship rather than to request something in return. They farmers settled on a dry field, where no trace of a river crossed. They built the statue, the shrine to her. For one more year, the farmers trekked out to the wilds to pray to Makutsi. None asked her to bring rain, but instead thanked her for rains past.

It was after a year of this when the youngest toddler knew to pray to Makutsi among Bala and Caiyha, that the first rains came. They came strong then, flooding the fields, but replenishing the wild. Within the season, the farms of Syliras were working once more. The drought, the famine had ended, and the people continued to pray to Makutsi. The raindancer moved on and things returned to normal. Hundreds of years passed, the dry river beds swelled into strong currents and the shrine remained. But eventually, the farmers stopped coming. The trail disappeared, eaten by the untamed wilderness, but Maktusi remained in their hearts. The shrine had served its purposed and now remained a ghost of the days when they had forgotten the river Goddess, a mistake future generations were sure to never make again.

NOTE: This is a self-moderated location, Credit goes to Sezkero
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Weekend Challenge: 1/23/16 - 1/14/16

Postby Gossamer on January 26th, 2016, 6:21 am

Vote for your favorite location HERE!

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