Hey Mizahar!

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Hey Mizahar!

Postby Prophet on January 26th, 2016, 3:55 am

Greetings Mizaharians!

My name is Prophet and I am the new AS of Endrykas. This is just a little hello letter from me to you. First, thank you for the warm welcome. This really is a wonderful place to RP and it’s because of you, the players. There are some plans in the works and some minor changes being made and I thought you all deserved to know.

Endrykas now has a place for visitors to stay thanks to the weekend challenge! So if you’re a traveler, please stop by and enjoy the roaring fires and brilliant stories of the horse lords. With the opening of Kenash, next season promises to be exceptional as we build upon the wonderful stories already being passed across the grasslands. There are many opportunities available to be a part of some of the big events that are already in motion. If you’ve ever wanted to get your PC to the Sea of Grass and the Tent City, now is the time! It may not be an easy journey but the rewards will far outweigh the cost. Send me a PM or talk to some of our players.

There’s a storm brewing over the Sea of Grass. Do you have what it takes to survive?

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Hey Mizahar!

Postby Ball on January 27th, 2016, 9:35 pm

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Graders Please Note :
As Ball is getting closer and closer to maxing out Pyken as a skill, I would like to request that in places where Ball is not doing enough to constitute Pyken XP if Pyken technique lores could be issued instead.

Examples of proper XP level for Pyken would be: Ball developing or refining his technique by adding new thing against an actual moving target, not a dummy.

The use of basic skills alone are not enough to accomplish XP at Ball's current level of Pyken.

Thank you.

I will be handling all Ball related posts on Mondays @ 1800 my time *
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