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Pushing Up Daisies

Postby Royal on January 28th, 2016, 6:11 pm



Located most commonly around the Seaside Market, the mobile cart commonly carries flowers of all kinds for those who want to woo a sweetheart, take some home to the wife or just get themselves to smell a little better. The cart is small and usually laden with clay pots, some filled with flowers, a few with flowering herbs giving off their heavy scent. Jars house cut flowers for those who don't want something potted.

Lana's cart can be found most times of the year, except for winter. If you're not able to find the herb or flower that you're looking for she will be more than happy to locate the desired species and bring it to her customers. As well as delivering flowers to locations, Lana's cart can be brought to locations for parties or Lana can be purchased to arrange flowers for a party, wedding or any event.

Image Bouquets are another favorite that are on the cart and available, however whatever is on the cart is what is available as certain flowers only bloom during certain times of the year. If there is a particular flower that is favored it is possible to request to have is dried and arranged into a bouquet. Dried flower bouquets are almost as common as fresh flower bouquets for the longevity that can be had over a fresh bouquet.

Image One of the most requested by women and girls is the flower crown. While Lana's business had grown she came to a point of having at least a few flower crowns, pre-made with dried flowers or made on the spot with fresh flowers. A crown can be a sweet treat for a favorable woman or girl. Men have also been known to purchase a wreath to help with the smell of noxious odors until the next bath.

Potted plants are also commonly purchased to lift the spirits or house a favorite cooking or medicinal herb.

ImageName: Lana Hanhi
Race: Human
DoB: Fall 15, 494 AV (20 years old)
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Botanist / Herbologist
Skills: Botany (51), Herbalism (32), Weapon Skills (23), Unarmed Combat (22), Organization (20), Mathematics (19)
Gnosis: N/A
Additional Info: The youngest of the Hanhi sisters, Lana isn't as business savvy as her two older sisters but wanting to follow in their footsteps she began her own business when she was only ten. Her older sister had just begun her herbalism shop and she had wanted to help, unfortunately not old enough she was turned to the back rooms to tend to the herbs out of sight. Lana didn't mind tending the herbs, preferring the ones with the pretty flowers. This sparked the idea that she could help her sister by selling flowers. However, Eva and Nali didn't want to have flowers sold in the shop.

Lana didn't let that deter her and began coming up with a plan to sell on her own, first out of a small basket that she'd purchases with her meager wages. Slowly saving money about the age of 15 she purchased a rickety cart. This cart was her pride and joy and she cleaned it up the best she could and began to sell flower plants, garlands, bouquets and even a few herb plants.

She is very straight forward and not afraid to offer her services, from a fair distance. Calling out is not something she is afraid of and she will try to sweet talk you into buying anything she can offer. She loves to help with weddings and decorating for parties.

Item Price
Baby's Breath 1 cm/oz
Bachelor's Button 1 cm/oz
Begonia 1 cm/oz
Black-Eyed Susan 1 cm/oz
Bleeding Heart 3 cm/oz
Bluebell 1 cm/oz
Buttercup 1 cm/oz
Calla Lily 2 cm/oz
Canna Lily 3 cm/oz
Carnation 1 cm/oz
Chrysanthemum 2 cm/oz
Clematis 1 cm/oz
Clover 1 cm/oz
Columbine 1 cm/oz
Cosmos 2 cm/oz
Daffodil 2 cm/oz
Daisy 1 cm/oz
Day Lily 2 cm/oz
Evening Primrose 3 cm/oz
Flax Flower (Linseed) 1 cm/oz
Forget Me Not 1 cm/oz
Foxglove 3 cm/oz
Freesia 3 cm/oz
Gardenia 2 cm/oz
Geranium 3 cm/oz
Gerbera Daisy 2 cm/oz
Goldenrod 1 cm/oz
Heather 1 cm/oz
Hyacinth 3 cm/oz
Iris 2 cm/oz
Lilac 1 cm/oz
Lily 2 cm/oz
Lily of the Valley 1 cm/oz
Marigold 1 cm/oz
Moon Flower 1 cm/oz
Morning Glory 1 cm/oz
Ox Eye Daisy 1 cm/oz
Pansy 2 cm/oz
Peace Lily 3 cm/oz
Peony 1 cm/oz
Petunia 1 cm/oz
Poppy 1 cm/oz
Rose 4 cm/oz
Shasta Daisy 1 cm/oz
Sunberthian Stone Rose 1sm/oz
Sunberthian Rainbow Rose 5gm/flower*Only one flower available to purchase at a time
Sunflower 2 cm/oz
Sweet Pea 1 cm/oz
Tiger Lily 1 cm/oz
Tulip 3 cm/oz
Verbena 2 cm/oz
Violet 2 cm/oz
Wild Carrot (Lace) 1 cm/oz
Wind Flower 1 cm/oz
Winter Jasmine 2 cm/oz
Wisteria 1 cm/oz

Flowering Herbs
Item Price
Basil 1 sm/oz (Late Summer)
Dill 3 cm/oz (Mid Summer)
Oregano 2 sm/oz (Mid Summer)
Lavender 2 cm/oz (Late Spring)
Rosemary 4 sm/oz (Late Spring)
Sage 1 sm/oz (Late Summer)
Spearmint 1 sm/oz (Mid Summer)

Special Requests
Item Price
Flowers out of Season (Dried) 1 sm/oz
Parties 5 sm/hour
Weddings Pricing Negotiated
Events Pricing Negotiated
Bouquet (Dried) Price of desired flowers x 1.5
Bouquet (Fresh) Price of desired flowers x 2
Flower Crown (Dried) 1 sm
Flower Crown (Fresh) 2 sm

Credit for this location goes to Firenze
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