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Nora Maiden

Postby Nora Maiden on March 8th, 2016, 2:51 pm

Name: Nora Maiden

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Born: Season of Summer 24th // 494AV
Age: 21

Birthplace: Syliras
Location: Syliras


All the weapons Nora needs are right there: in her twinkling eyes, in her voice when the audience claps along, and her steps when dancing, chanting along, or just tapping her foot in mild impatience when on the other side of the stage.
Nora is a bard. Sadly, not a traveling one, mind you, but Syliras offers enough for her to come by. Thus she knows the audience well, and the audience knows her. Which means a certain safety even when there are some naughty bits hidden in the subtext of her songs; sadly it also means her last name being common knowledge.

She ain’t no maiden… at least not in the “damsel in distress” sense. Althought she wouldn’t mind having a Real Experience for a story or a few.

Seems like her motto – “do no harm, but take no shyke” – actually gets the job done.


Her father was a city guard, her mother a seamstress. Mother wanted to be a bard too, once. Back in the good ol’ days when the living expenses were somewhat better. Nora’s favorite songs were the mainstream ones, and that has changed only a little since being a teenager. She also had a cat. The poor thing died few years ago.

No grand stories here.

Now, however, she has an itch that can’t be easily scratched. She wants to be famous! And with “famous” she doesn’t mean just getting paid better at the Roaring Stallion— Whatever! Ever since the first time she stepped her foot at the local tavern, being just a teenager and at the behest of her friends, Nora has had this fascination with being a bard.
Not just the singing. Not just their dancing or their performance! It was the way they could sway the audience – a sea of cheers, the waves clapping along, and, oh, never a dull moment.

Ever the easily excited child with curiosity and wonder on her mind… Ever the child, born in such a boring place of gray walls and a playground nowhere in sight, only as far as her imagination can take her along… A job at entertainment? Of – petching – course she wanted a piece of that. And the whole cake too, mind you. That will come in time. She is sure of this.

Oh, our Maiden!, the crowd will once cheer out, and gold mizas will rain over, her being dressed in silk and adoration, “Lend us a moment of your company! Of your voice! Of your divine existence!
Wouldn’t that be totally awesome?
Yes. Yes it would.


Some good jokes, some lame ones – and only barely a slip of seriousness in her voice. That’s the way she copes, that’s Nora’s cough syrup.
But, if the situation arises, either it’s still not taken seriously, thus breaking the moment’s tension – (for better or for worse) – or the change is wayyy too sudden, and suddenly Nora finds she can’t think up anything to save the damn thing, whatever it should be.

Sometimes the bards can be slow, too… right?

Oh, she could write songs about her insecurities – and yet, her pride! Maybe she should, too. Nora’s a honest young woman, and sometimes that means people trust her or find some some solace in her voice – or her understanding silence, perhaps, when offering just the shoulder to cry on – but sometimes… Anyone could imagine the drawbacks of trusting strangers. Even herself, sometimes. Sometimes.


Her body – lean and with the grace only young, joyful ladies possess. Her gestures are expressive, her step light. And Nora’s face could be described as… pretty, she would guess.
But the most accurate word for them? Summer.
Sun-kissed cheeks, easily catching these light freckles, even if she’s staying mostly indoors, the Citadel being all Stormholdish.

Her eyes – large and brown – carry this casual look about her. Except when smiling or when laughing, or when exciting either herself, or someone else, or trying to sway the crowd; then her features blossom. Rising as the morning sun, or perhaps the first rays of sunshine when opening your eyes after an afternoon nap; suddenly all brightness and flare.


1 Set of Clothing
Simple Shirt
Simple Pants
Simple Undergarments
Simple Cloak
Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
Comb (Wood)
Brush (Wood)
Rations for a week (1)
1 eating knife
Flint & Steel

Dress (cotton + dyed)
Shoes (for dancing)
Dice set (ivory)
A music book, once belonging to a certain well-known bard – (may he rest in peace, the good soul) – then bought by Nora’s mother back in the days when she didn’t want to be a seamstress. The book hasn’t got the look about it which would scream “look, what a legacy!” from miles away – but it was passed on, it’s dear to Nora’s heart, the songs inside are quite sound even nowadays, some being classics, and it’s corners have been worn out ever since. Look. The pages are turning yellow.
Estimated price: ~8gm (2x the price of Music book, since filled?)
Lore of Syliran Folk Music
Lore of Syliran culture[/tab]
Fluent language: Common
SKILL XP Total Profiency
Singing +15(RB) +11 (SP) 26 Competent
Dance +19 (SP) 19 Novice
Socialization +5 (SP) 5 Novice
Acrobatics +10 (SP 10 Novice
Acting +5 (SP) 5 Novice
Location: Syliras
Apartment: A humble apartment, deep within Storhold Citadel’s halls. It’s most often lonely there, yet cosy. But Nora’s more of a nightlife person anyways.


Starting +100 gm 100 gm
Dress (cotton+dyed) 1gm 5sm 98gm 5sm
Shoes (dancing) 10gm 88gm 5sm
Dice set (ivory) 8sm 87gm 7sm
Cologne 1gm/oz 86gm 7sm


-- Spring 516AV
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