All You Sylirans/Kenashans Wanted!

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All You Sylirans/Kenashans Wanted!

Postby Ricky Maze on March 20th, 2016, 3:09 am

Gooooood morning/day/evening to everyone! Being a returning player I've spent a bit of time planning out how to approach a plot I've kept in mind while away, and would love to see how everyone can contribute in pointing Ricky in the right direction. How you may ask? Simply put I've decided to give him a fresh start but not a clean slate, at least not right now anyways. Over the span of his journey I'm going to highlight the aspects of what happened during his inactivity, which will also shed some light on the reason why he wishes to achieve this sort of goal.

Right now that goal is to find a way to erase these memories that are haunting him, because of how hard it is to deal with the past he's overcome. Overall that's what his intentions are, but namely the real goal behind it is to rewrite how he remembers everything that happened. This is possible of course with the power of a skilled hypnotist who will thoroughly pick his brain for every needed memory, and of course spend that time carefully reapply what the alternate memory really is. While I've managed to plan out the sequence, I've only just recently managed to establish a possible resource. This is where those of you in both Syliras and Kenash come into play, as he won't be able to find out where this'll be done with just a few investigative questions here and there. What he needs is people to point him in the direction to Kenash, which will fall to players in Syliras when he arrives, and in turn those in Kenash to hint where he can find said hypnotist. I've the intention to work out the kinks with mods here soon, but I wanted to post this up so everyone will know ahead of time. :)

The plans are to bounce from Nyka to Syliras, which will probably happen this season actually, and hang around there for season change. That'll provide enough time to conveniently point the way to Kenash, and once he's there by ship I'll see to it I make plenty of time for others throughout the summer. Anybody who'd love to help contribute or even be a part of this is welcome! I would enjoy seeing how all this pans out before he reaches the primary goal of this plot.
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