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Ricky Maze

Postby Ricky Maze on April 2nd, 2011, 5:36 pm

Ricktar Maze

"Deep down Oi'm just... Oi'm just a man who wants to help t'ose around me. Often Oi'm a victim o' circumstance, but dat's all part o' te journey isn't it? How could Oi not expect t' face te repercussions, if Oi were t' alter te destiny o' d'ose who stood wit' me."


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Ricky Maze

Postby Ricky Maze on November 16th, 2012, 12:33 am


"People 're easily summarized with a bit o' info, but d'at shouldn't stop a person from lookin' into te finer detail. We as living beings 're proof d'at we've more t' us t'an what meets te eye, which is why Oi hope t' embrace an' grasp de deeper stuff more t'an anyt'in."

Names: Ricky, Rick
Race: Human, Mixed
Gender: Male
Age: 29
DoB: Summer 15 486 AV
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 224 lbs.
Hair Color: Cool Brown
Hair Length: Short
Eye Color: Tanzanite Blue
Skin Color: Tan

Birthplace: Mathew's Bay
Location: Zeltiva
Profession: Unemployed
Housing: Unowned

Fluently - Common
Conversationally – Fratava
Poorly - Kontinese

The Sailor Song - AutoHeart
When I'm Up - Great Big Sea
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Ricky Maze

Postby Ricky Maze on November 16th, 2012, 12:46 am


"Look into me inner self with sincerety, judge me quirks wit' understandin', an' know what Oi've been t'rough is what 'as made me int' de man Oi stand t' be today."

Physical Aspects
Ricky is at first glance only distinguishable due to his size since he is above the average height; with solid exterior features that are prominent it becomes a game of riddles in guessing what kind of man he really is. Although a highly questionable appearance the rough sort of type is one that really tends to show, his form of masculinity brought out by almost a straight and tall stance in the presence of others. His form is almost raw muscle; save for the amount of fat he's managed to pack on over the years, though that hardly seems to affect the appearance of his natural physique lately. Up close his exterior characteristics are clearer to see, aside from the obvious ones that can be pointed out from afar. Cool brown hair he can style often when it isn't kept down, with a dark beard that's at least kept decent from time to time, relaxed eyes with a deeply blue sharp gaze, a rigid nose, and a strong jaw are the display to this man's facial features. He is fit from the background he was built in; a lifestyle of fishing has tanned his skin and toned his muscles, while the work as a civil officer further enhanced this aspect.

Often when he is seen it is in clothing or outfits that are comfortable and airy, allowing his skin to breathe when the air is just above chilly. One of the other things he considers favorable is the considerable amount of chest hair he has, as his torso is just a shy away from being grizzly.

In total Ricky bears a number of eight scars, most based around the torso of body.

First Scar: Located atop the left shoulder several inches away from the collar bone is a elongated horizontal scar, from a gash he received under the claw of a bear back in Winter 510 AV.

Second Scar: On the lower section of his rib cage on the right side resides a thin car from a cut he received, carved by the edge of a cutlass he barely missed on the night of Fall 59th 512 AV.

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Scar: Several inches below the first scar located just between the bicep and shoulder is an indenture in the skin, a scar made from a puncture wound from when a cutlass had been embedded into his shoulder on Summer 26th 513 AV, another scar just like it resides on the right of his backside from where the blade pierced through the skin. And finally the fifth scar is found across the surface of where his lower abdomen is, where a flesh wound had just before he received the third and fourth scar.

Sixth Scar: This scar in particular is most noticeable as it involves a left pinky finger, which is due to the fact it's missing from Ricky's hand. On the night of Spring 65th 514 AV; a close encounter with a portal to the Void severed the digit from the rest of his hand, leaving it forever lost within it's vast depths for Tanroa knows how long.

Seventh Scar: Located directly over the left area of his outer ribs is a short scar hardly even noticeable, as Ricky managed to evade what would've been a deadly stab wound on Autumn 41st 514 AV.

Eighth Scar: Found on his right outer forearm is a long thin scar, starting an inch from the elbow almost to the wrist, which can be noticeable in close proximity. Ricky received this from a wound that healed from a rapier slash Fall 515 AV.

ImageLacun Mark
Upon the exchange of vows a Cheva mark appears as a symbol of unity and marriage, and when something such as a divorce or death occurs that mark is then replaced with a Lacun mark instead. Upon Ricky's sternum is the old Cheva mark twisted and broken in two, with its coppery hues faded out as the mark gives a bare visible glimmer. Its representation is that of the broken oath itself, where events had led to the considerable separation between what could have possibly been true and honest love.

Priskil's Gnosis
Mark 1

A peculiar mark that rests on the back of Ricky's right hand, it resembles a glowing vortex that swirls about almost with a life of its own. It is a Gnosis which grants the wielder the ability to generate substantial light from the Goddess's own will, and therefore grants a secondary effect on those who are within the light's presence. While despair may plague one's mind this light can ward off such darkness, and grant courage and hope into those who've fallen into darkness.

Image While a grim fated waited to put Ricky at death's door his only hope seemed to be a Priestess of Rak'keli who resided in Syliras, during his journey however an unexpected event occurred which nobody could've suspected. Fallen into a fierce hallucination that halted his progress, Ricky found himself in a terrible situation that could not have ended well. Had he not acted then surely a worse fate would've awaited him, but the thought of his family kept him moving forward. Obstacle after obstacle he would find his luck on the short end at this time, yet in the end when he still remained true to his belief, that unwavering courage led him out of the sleepy haze he'd fallen into.

When he'd come to he found himself in the presence of a woman, one who watched over him while he slept. She had turned out to be the Goddess Priskil, and turned out to favor the amount of courage he possessed. Sure enough before her disappearance she bestowed Her gift to Ricky, the mark of Luminance which resides on the back of his right hand. To this day his optimism knows almost no bounds, as he reveres the Goddess almost as if she were his own mother.

Ricky currently bears two tattoos on his body, and they are:

ImageRight Shoulder: Spanning from around the shoulder down towards the bicep, elaborate markings are placed in a swirl from the center of the tattoo. The markings appear as though they could be a different language, though if such were to be then case then no significant meaning would come to light. The tattoo itself holds no absolute meaning to Ricky however, as it is in his (in his own words no less) "cool as shyke" to some degree.

ImageLeft Shoulder: A depiction of the Black Lady from a Zeltivan folktale. The tattoo depicts her sitting at the ocean's floor with her hair flowing into the water, as though it were becoming one with the sea itself. This tattoo had been chosen as a symbolical metaphor of Ricky's own love for his wife, a representation to the fact that he will always remain committed to her for the rest of his life.

Mental Aspects
Once a proud fitting example of a Zeltivan; Ricky has become a challenged individual who yet still bears a compassionate spirit, though a much more guarded one after a turn of events over the year. He is a stubborn and hardy individual who will proudly bear his burdens alone, an intellectual philosopher that prefers to think and observe almost at all times. Hostility is by far against his nature as he is a free spirited thinker, and he tends to embrace the thought of goodness into any situation he runs into. He also defers to hiding behind mental walls to avoid as much emotional involvement as possible, for fear of what may come to those he actually gets attached to. Challenges of course are things he enjoys overcoming, and when he sets his mind on something he becomes adamant; unless a stronger opposition can manage to sway his mind.

Committed- Follows through with his promises.
Calm- Keeps a calm head under pressure.
Friendly- Respects peers and treats them equally.
Personable- Has a natural if not pleasant charm.
Helpful- Inclined to help the less fortunate.
Role Model- Determined to be an example for others.

Proud- Independence makes reliance on others difficult.
Impulsive- Decisions are made without consequence in mind.
Hot Headed- Falls quick into a blind rage if angered enough.
Withdrawn- Keeps personal feelings and thoughts to his self.
Perfectionist- Tries to avoid making mistakes.

-Kelp Beer, Beer



-Enclosed spaces

Social Aspects
At heart Ricky is a vivid and thorough socialite through the ability of storytelling, a trait that is almost prominent in every encounter. Underneath the rigid exterior resides a keen sense of adventure and creativity, definitive but enlightening in regards to countering the intellectual aspects of his demeanor. He thoroughly enjoys the presence of company and tends to thrive off the good energy they give, making him a very witty and even humorous person to encounter half the time. Often his social graces aren't up to par with those who prefer the traditional common tongue, but past all his slurs and slanders is a hearty individual who promotes genuine emotion. He believes it is easiest to understand others when they can feel and relate on the same terms, and enjoys helping to add a little life lesson when the opportunity presents itself. Aside from striving to serve pieces of wisdom he tends to show a bit of charm in his speeches, in turn affecting the way conversations go in a number of ways.

-Finger brushing his beard is a sign of contemplation.
-Direct eye contact is a sign of trust and/or understanding.
-Smiles are often used to hide or avoid unwanted topics/notions.
-Crossing his arms is a sign of low or short patience.

Surrounded By Family
Ricky wants to have several children and live as an example for them to follow.

Valiant Guardian
Ricky wishes to be a watchful protector over those who cannot protect themselves.

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Ricky Maze

Postby Ricky Maze on November 16th, 2012, 2:30 am


"T'ese 're de way Oi see t'ings an' how Oi feel 'bout t'em, d'ey 're me opinions an' ideals formed by de consequences o' me journey t'rough life."


Ricky bears an outlook on this subject that many would define as the rose colored glass aspect, which may actually be more or less true in this case. Simply put Ricky finds that one should live and make the most of their life, as no man can truly say when his time will come. Often he would struggle with his own ideals on life but lately, he's found himself at large cherishing every moment he deems precious. To him life is a gift worth keeping, and should one find themselves such a situation, they should fight for their life no matter the cost.



Something Ricky's been close to encountering several times now, he already knows too well what awaits everyone in the end. Death is inescapable no matter how further delayed, and it is a necessary part of life that more or less connects those left behind when one passes. There is a deep understanding to this as he has already experienced the pain of losing others, multiple times even, therefore he finds acceptance easier at times and tries to move on quickly. This makes him prone to comfort others however he can, in hopes that they too might find it easier to move on.



Rather a traditionalist Ricky finds himself rather passionate when it comes to family, and believes nearly every decision a person makes should be based on them. The well being and satisfaction of a family should come first above all, and that includes whatever general sacrifices should be made. Regardless of what others may think of him, Ricky openly expresses the fact family is what's most important in life. It is a quality that changes a person when they first make their own family, and those changes is what provides the love and support one needs to further grow in life.



While he may not seem like the God revering type Ricky can actually generate quite a controversy, as he tends to more or less revere and respect every sort of Deity one can expect to find. He believes they're all meant to be given a certain amount of respect and fear, as Gods and Goddesses carry a heavy weight on the world already. There are several he would dare scorn if given the chance, but so far only that fearful respect resides in place. There is however a few of Deities that have changed his opinion on them; they being the Laviku, Zulrav, and Priskil.

Laviku has lived as the patron of their city for as long as Ricky can remember, and so he grew up with reverence for the God like many others. Being the God of the Sea it is Laviku who watches over Zeltiva's sailors, as well as provides its fisherman with the larger bounties of fish they bring home. It is because of this large scale effect he is viewed as the Father of the Sea, and has definite reason to be given Ricky's own personal respect.

Zulrav is one Ricky pays homage to as he is the God of Storms, therefore controls the very forces of the weather. To cross Zulrav is to spit to the and see if it comes to haunt you, as many of sailors have lost their lives at sea, all because they were due for a violent storm at the time. That aside Ricky more or less pays respect to Zulrav and hardly anything else, as the God has hardly made an impact on his life yet.

Priskil is more or less a close friend as well as a motherly figure Ricky greatly respects, due to the amount of influence she's carried over him recently. He has found deep love for her and what she represents, as she is the living embodiment of hope and courage for everyone. She is the very beacon of light that guides lost souls while banishing the darkness, and shepherding them to a better state of being then they previously were. To Ricky she is like a mother in a sense, an aspect about her he's come to favor quite a bit. While his faith for her has only grown recently, it can only further strengthen as he carries out what he believes is her will, and that is to grant the light of hope to others who have fallen into the darkness of despair.



Magic is more or less a bit complicated to Ricky, and his opinions can more or less easily change depending on circumstances. Mainly he firmly believes it to be dangerous and a subject not to be taken lightly, as it is a power that often at times falls into the wrong hands. At times he respects magic and even finds it interesting to explore, while other times he despises it for its effects on those it brings to harm at times. He is more or less indifferent with the topic as a whole as he's had both good and bad experiences with it, but is always inclined to at least hold some sort of academic conversation on the matter.



Something Ricky finds to be rather important in society lest anarchy run amok, laws are somewhat a necessity as they protect the people in that society, and they also allow citizens to exercise their rights in turn. Crime is something he would eradicate were it possible, but so long as laws are in existence then justice can be carried out, as he is more than willing to see such laws enforced if necessary.



Ricky is more or less a traditionalist when it comes to marriage and sexual orientation, but that is more or less due to the fact he hardly considers what others preferences really are. While he is more inclined to fall for the opposite gender that doesn't mean he disregards the idea of same sex, nor is he one to actually oppose of them either. He simply finds that if a person is willing to provide that love and happiness with you, then they at least have the right to do so in their own regard. Hardly does he really allow himself to be involved in that sort of business though, as usually such affairs are meant to be private more or less. That aside he has always been a secretly deep fan of romanticism, and enjoys seeing the rewards it grants to those involved.
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Ricky Maze

Postby Ricky Maze on November 16th, 2012, 2:54 am


"Come on over an' have a seat, maybe even a drink if ya like. Let me tell ya a story while we're at it, a story Oi hope ye'll never be able to forget..."

Ricky was raised as a young boy in the city of Zeltiva, though his birthplace is actually unknown. He was the only child of a single father that first taught him to fish when Ricky was finally of age, as Ricky has been an aspiring fisherman from then on. Until his late teen's he was always learning something from his dad, until finally came the time when his father wanted him to learn everything else from experience. Later on Ricky was then beginning to take responsibility for himself, as his father started working as a sailor once more.



Starting journeys wasn't something the fisherman was quite accustomed to, and so when the time came for Ricky to head out in search of something, he soon found himself lost within a big unknown world. His travels took him across the fields of Sylira and even further across the Suvan, but ended there briefly after the struggling attempt at surviving the Djed Storm of 512 AV. Upon his return home from the long trip much had changed in the city of Zeltiva, and it didn't take long before troublesome times pulled Ricky into his own wild adventure. In short he'd lost his faithful furry companion Odis, met a free spirited ex-pirate, found himself in love with his best friend, reunited with his father who'd been missing for years, and in turn started a family in a new favored lifestyle he found. He'd endured a plague found within the city, a coup staged by the Denvali, cancer that stirred within his mind, braved the escape of asylum mages, and even earned his first gift from the Goddess of Hope Herself. Within a short span of three years he'd dealt with a serious amount of trials, each with their own gravity of trouble throughout their time, only to prepare him for what would soon come. For this was the journey he'd needed when he started, the path that allowed him to discover who exactly was Ricky Maze.

ImageSystematically there was a piling burden of issues he had to face, between a couple of tense moments found in his marriage, an ambitious strive for acknowledgement of a higher rank, and the shuffling of a large number of secrets left behind by his own father. Burten's untimely death hadn't been without effect in 513 AV and the more Ricky investigated, the more questions that remained unanswered as he dug deeper into them. Coming across his actual name and the few traces of origin found in his family, he soon caught himself in a net of turmoil as events soon unfolded for the worst. Ambition blinded his sight and what seemed to be soon twisted into the opposite, as the next thing he'd come to face would be the very thing he feared most; betrayal. It sent him into a dark spiral of misunderstanding while his world fell apart, the kingdom and castle he'd worked hard to put together finally started to crumble away. Many who caught the rumor referred to it as political scandal, but the ones who were involved knew the truth through and through. It was a truth Ricky would carry deep within him, to the very grave if that was to be where he ended up. Fortune deemed his life worthy to spare at this occurrence however, and in doing so he became a shadow of his former self; a king in exile of his own life. Where his journey took him next has yet to be determined...
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Ricky Maze

Postby Ricky Maze on November 16th, 2012, 3:20 am


"There's plenty o' room in me heart fer everyone Oi meet, all ya gotta do is show me dat deep down ye care too. Whether d'ey be ties t'rough blood, bond, or fate Oi know deep down ye'll help guide my path. Me only hope is d'at Oi too will guide yer's in turn, an' in doin' so Oi direct ya t' a better place in life where joy an' hope 're abundant."


ImageName: Burten Maze
Relationship: Father
Race: Human, Mixed
Dob: Fall 22nd 463 AV
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased

The Relationship: After his death in Fall 513 AV there has been a combination of mystery and wonder about Burt, at this point in time however Ricky only knows that deep down he still loves and misses his father to no end.

ImageName: Kleovur
Relationship: Mother
Race: Ethaefal
Dob: 25
Gender: Female
Status: Unknown

The Relationship: Ricky only knows of his mother through the few stories his father had told of her, and it because of those stories he only has ideas on how he'd like to feel toward her. In reality however he only knows so little about her, that she honestly seems more of a myth than anything else to him.

ImageName: Odis Barnello
Relationship: Godfather, Idol
Race: Human
Dob: Spring 33rd 464 AV
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased

The Relationship: Probably one of the most important role models in Ricky's early life, Odis became someone Ricky idolized at an early age due to the stories and lessons the man had to share. He'd became practically a second father to Ricky as well as a close friend, and to this day is still missed and cherished so.

ImageName:Natalie Olwen
Relationship: First Love
Race: Human
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Status: Deceased

The Relationship: Natalie was and always will be the first woman Ricky ever had feelings for, although their time together had only been short lived.

ImageName: Telion Maze
Relationship: Ex-wife
Race: Human
Age: Spring 56th 488 AV
Gender: Female
Status: Alive

The Relationship: Though these two found love in one another a long time after their friendship, they became a couple that happily supported one another for a while. Over the past few seasons however their marriage was met with a few strains, but they pulled through until the last event that forced Ricky to leave behind his old life.

Her Skills:
Skill XP Proficiency
Childcare 15 Novice
Cooking 10 Novice
Singing 10 Novice
Organization 10 Novice
Bartering 5 Novice

ImageName:Martin Maze
Relationship: Son
Race: Human
Age: Fall 85th 513 AV
Gender: Male
Status: Alive

The Relationship: No amount of words could surmise the unconditional love Ricky developed for his son, as he'd been there to watch Martin grow from the day the child was born. Because of Martin the meaning of Father and Parenthood are both better understood, and the child has been nothing but a wonderful blessing the moment he arrived.

ImageName:Godrick Maze
Relationship: Son
Race: Human
Age: Summer 78th 515 AV
Gender: Male
Status: Alive

The Relationship: To Ricky there were no words to describe the joy, to see that he in fact had another son to raise. The addition to the family was more than praised and welcomed when the time finally came for his arrival, and ever since then Ricky has dedicated his time raising Godrick with the same approach as he has had with Martin; only with a few new ideas along the way.

ImageName: Hannah Vanwerd
Relationship: Family Friend, Martin's Godmother
Race: Human, Mixed
Age: Summer 55th 485 AV, 29
Gender: Female
Status: Deceased

The Relationship: Although she'd more or less played an advocate to Burten's secrets, Hannah had become one of the closest friends Ricky relied on while she stuck around. To this day he considers her that much of a friend, and feels mostly guilty in how she wound up on the executioner's block.

ImageName: Gale McCenry
Relationship: Close Friend, Martin's Godfather
Race: Human
Age: Spring 67th 480 AV, 34
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
First Memory: The Broken Shell

The Relationship: A friend Ricky could count on time and time again, Gale more or less took to busying himself more often, which has led the two to be out of contact for a long time. He is of considerably missed and thought of from time to time, and will always remain a godfather to Ricky's firstborn son.



ImageName: Odis
Breed: Mixed Breed (Iganu Deepwoods, Pastavik Water)
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Weight: 60 lbs.
Coloring: Light Gold
Abilities: Incredible Tracking, Great Swimming
Status: Deceased

About: There had been no other companion as loyal as this raised mutt here, since the day Ricky first decided to take Odis into his care. After the amount of years the two had spent together Ricky considered the dog to be a brotherly soul, as they looked after each other until Odis' last night alive.

ImageName: Fenvur
Breed: Mixed Breed (Unknown)
Gender: Male
Age: 2
Height: 1'5"
Coloring: Golden, Brown Spots.
Abilities: Rat Hunting, Climbing, Nimble Movements
Status: Unknown

About: As a kitten that loved pockets Ricky grew overly attached early on, yet found that the cat became more adventurous as it grew older. Not long after that it soon disappeared and he often would wonder; just what sort of pocket or hole had that fur ball crawled into this time?
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Ricky Maze

Postby Ricky Maze on July 31st, 2013, 7:42 am


"T'rough my trials an' challenges Oi've gained de power t' rise higher, to overcome every new obstacle d'at stands in me way. Oi'll use d'at power t' do all Oi can fer others, hopin' t' ease de burdens those in d'is world may suffer."

Google Doc
RB = Racial Bonus
SX = Seasonal Experience
XP = Earned Experience


Skill SP, RB, SX XP Total Proficiency
Acrobatics N/A 18 18 Novice
Body Building N/A 11 11 Novice
Endurance N/A 21 21 Novice
Reimancy N/A 44 44 Competent
Shielding N/A 31 31 Competent
Stealth N/A 2 2 Novice

Skill SP, RB, SX XP Total Proficiency
Brawling 15 RB 14 29 Competent
Dual Wielding N/A 4 4 Novice
Unarmed Combat N/A 19 19 Novice

Skill SP, RB, SX XP Total Proficiency
Instrument: Lute N/A 5 5 Novice
Weapon: Cutlass N/A 2 2 Novice
Weapon: Longsword 15 SP, 12 SX 46 73 Expert
Weapon: Shield N/A 16 16 Novice
Weapon: Shortsword N/A 3 3 Novice

Skill SP, RB, SX XP Total Proficiency
Deduction N/A 1 1 Novice
Intelligence N/A 13 13 Novice
Investigation N/A 33 33 Competent
Leadership 2 SX 25 27 Competent
Logic N/A 6 6 Novice
Mathematics N/A 4 4 Novice
Navigation (Land) N/A 5 5 Novice
Navigation (Sea) N/A 1 1 Novice
Observation N/A 100 100 Master
Subterfuge N/A 5 5 Novice
Tactics N/A 30 30 Competent

Skill SP, RB, SX XP Total Proficiency
Cryptography N/A 3 3 Novice
Interrogation N/A 44 44 Competent
Intimidation N/A 23 23 Novice
Meditation N/A 19 19 Novice
Music Composition N/A 1 1 Novice
Negotiation 5 SP 14 19 Novice
Organization N/A 8 8 Novice
Persuasion N/A 47 47 Competent
Philosophy N/A 52 52 Expert
Politics N/A 1 1 Novice
Research N/A 4 4 Novice
Rhetoric N/A 83 83 Master
Seduction N/A 7 7 Novice
Socialization N/A 100 100 Master
Sociology N/A 1 1 Novice
Teaching N/A 20 20 Novice
Tracking N/A 2 2 Novice

Skill SP, RB, SX XP Total Proficiency
Bartering N/A 4 4 Novice
Drawing N/A 1 1 Novice
Cleaning N/A 3 3 Novice
Cooking N/A 10 10 Novice
Fishing 30 SP 24 54 Expert
Flirting N/A 3 3 Novice
Hosting N/A 1 1 Novice
Planning N/A 20 20 Novice
Posturing N/A 1 1 Novice
Rowing N/A 1 1 Novice
Running N/A 8 8 Novice
Stripping N/A 2 2 Novice
Swimming N/A 20 20 Novice

Skill SP, RB, SX XP Total Proficiency
Acting N/A 8 8 Novice
Animal Husbandry N/A 26 26 Competent
Carpentry N/A 1 1 Novice
Childcare N/A 14 14 Novice
Construction N/A 2 2 Novice
Drinking N/A 16 16 Novice
Food Preservation N/A 3 3 Novice
Medicine N/A 5 5 Novice
Sailing N/A 3 3 Novice
Singing N/A 2 2 Novice
Storytelling N/A 43 43 Competent
Wilderness Survival N/A 5 5 Novice
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"T'rough our struggles an' our choices we make, we come t' live and t' learn from our mistakes. T'ere's always a lesson or at least somet'ing we may take t' heart, or even just a little piece o' detail we always hold onto. Because we never know when we might need such a t'ing until later, when at last it finally surfaces in our minds."

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Total Lore: 1062

A Foreboding Sense
Being Assaulted By A Konti
Being Teased By Hannah
Business with Ignotus
Convincing Leila To Learn A Weapon
Drunk From Kelp Beer
Examining A Doggy's Ding Dong
Finding A Romance Novel
Fisherman's Hygiene
Getting kicked in the balls by a Syliran Knight
Going To Confront Ignotus
How to clean a room from top to bottom
How to tear down and reusing parts of desks
Hunger: Makes even the strong weak
Mending Wounds With Leila
Morbid Questions
Navigating The University
Near Death Experience: Drowning
Promise To Gale: Bury Kendhl
Promise To Telion To Come Back
Rambling Conversations and Fish
Rowing: Upper body strength needed
Sex: The Basics of How to Do It
Team Meeting
Teasing Out Worries
Telling Kayleigh about Odis
Telling Leila About Odis and The Nightmare
The Appropriate Time to Make an Appearance
The Perils of Fish and “Manhood”
The Signs of an Ambush
Tree's Make Great Target's
Welcoming Liana to Zeltiva

A Bond Is A Bond
A Sickness of the Mind
A Splitting of Paths
A Wish Upon A Nilo
Accepting That The Past Is The Past
An Insurmountable Feeling of Failure
Anger and How It Affected You
Be Careful What You Wish For
Belonging: A Beautiful Feeling
Courage In Numbers
Dealing With Loss
Dealing With One's Feelings
Death: A Weakening Thought
Deciphering Improper Grammar
Dreaming Of The Sea
Dreams Of The Future
Emotion: Holding Your Child
Emotion: How Love is Supposed to Be
Emotion: Oh Gods The Baby is Coming
Emotion: The Pain of a Loved One's Death
Emotion: What it is Like to be a Father
Emotion: What it is Like to be a Father
Ever The Vigilant Recruiter
Facing Your Fears
Feeling Satisfaction Instead of Regret
Firewood: Axe's Are A Good Idea
Gaining Courage
Getting Angry!
Hallucinating: Natalie
Haven't Hit the Looney Bin Yet
Hope: Constantly Fading
How To Identify A Bowl of Salt
How to make a child smile
I'm Not A Child!
Identifying A Suspicious Man
Ignorance Is Undoing
Instincts: Trusting a First Impression
Intuition For A Friend
Irony: Grown Man Taking Baby Steps
Keeping Your Mind On The Job
Know When Matters Surpass Oneself
Knowing What Must Be Done
Learning From Past Mistakes
Maintaining A Carefree Demeanor In Trial
Meditation: Only done with a clear mind
Memories - Trying to Catch Up
Memories - Younger Odis, Energetic Furball
Memories of Odis
Memories: Losing Them Because of Sleeping Too Long
Memories: Sometimes Just Can't Be Summoned
Memories: The Best Day of His Life
Memories: The Day his Father Died
Mental: Blocking Out Natalie
Mixed Emotion's About Leila
Moral Conviction: Never Lost, Never Dismayed
Moral Conviction: To Be a Proper Father
Nightmare: The Fisherman and Odis
Observation: How to Tell an Experienced Warrior
Observational Insight: Gauging A Man’s Potential
Observational Insight: Piecing Together a Situation Using Visual Clues
Operating In Silence
Overwhelmed With Passion
Persistence Pays off
Planning: A Day At The Beach
Planning: Drafting Countermeasures
Planning: Supplies Needed For Travel
Poochy: Another name for dog
Pure Warmth Between Friends
Recogniton of Kelvic Through Behavior
Recovering From A Wound: Best To Rest
Remaining Vigilant In The Chaos
Ricky's Dream
Ricky's Redundant Romantic Attractiveness
Sailing to Mura: Last Resort
Salt: Preserves fish
Seeing How Much a Friend Has Changed
Sensation Of Suspended Sanity
Sensing Unseen Shifts
Sex: How Good It Can Feel
Silence in the wild equals trouble
Slaves Are Hannah's Line
Slowing down allows one to see things differently
Snowballing Mood
Sound Of A Well Played Lute
Spotting Potential
Stay Together, Stay Alive
Sympathy For The Sane-less
The Anger Builds
The Anxiety of Telion and Her Unsaid Words
The Blind Rage Erupts
The Night To Remember: Forgotten
The Woes of Waking Early
Using imagination to keep warm
Weariness Around Armed Strangers
What Pregnant Women Eat
Where To Find Baby Supplies
Who Will Look After Martin?
Worried About Drive As A Wave Guard
Worried For Telion's Safety
Worrying About Home
Worrying About The Future
Worrying About Your Unborn Child
You're Dying

A Business Deal
A Friendly Offer
A Strange Encounter With a Pet Feline
Accepting Money From Friends
Agonized Call of A Helpless Damsel
And Now; Talking Clay Animals Riding Other Animals
Appraising Leila's Shop
Approaching A Stranger and Her Dog
Asking Giants For Help
Attempting To Calm A Crowd
Being Caught Off Guard
Determined To Out-Drink Castor
Dog Love
Exposure To The Deceased
Fatherly Repairs
Flirting With Leila
Forgiveness Easy For A Friend
Helping A Charoda
Man Up, and Hold Your Third Kelp Beer
Meeting Miro
Observational Insight: An Ear For Taloban Dialect
Passing Leila's Test of Friendship
Rekindling Friendships
Rhetoric: ‘Ello Mate!
Rhetoric: How do I tell my wife?
Rhetoric: Oi’m Outta petch’s t’ give
Rhetoric: Shark Bait
Ricky Rick and Castor, Getting Very Drunk
Roped Into Manning A Merchant Stall
Social Nuance: Charoda Refer To Children As Tadpoles
Social Nuance: Etiquette Demands Considering Others First
Social Nuance: Finding Common Ground In Conversation
Social Nuance: Learning To Step Aside
Social Nuance: Picking Up On Non-Verbal Cues
Social Nuance: The Role of a Proper Gentleman
Suspecting Ignotus of Using Hypnotism
Tarot Cards Make More Questions Than Answers
The Dilemma of Corsets
Touching Farewell From Hannah
Trying To NOT Look Afraid
Uncovering Dangerous Secrets
Waiting On Valo
When You're Past Apologizing

Being A Canine Superhero
Being Awesome
Being Open
Being Well Mannered To Nost
Challenges Of The Lute
Endless Hospitality
Extending A Sincere Vow of Friendship
Favors For Favors
Gathering Companions
Giving Encouragement
Guided By The Muses
Happy Childhood
Having Dinner With Friends!
Healers: They're Not Fighters
Helpful To Strangers
Intervening On A Robbery
Learning By Ear
Live For Only Luck And
Only Children Let Themselves Be Carried
People-Watching By The Pier
Philosophy: The Obstacles Ahead
Playing Fetch With Odis
Politics: Steps has to be made
Refusing To Humor Thugs
Socialization Through Odis
Standing By Your Woman
Sticking Up For Ceira and Getting In A Brawl
Stifling A Belch Around A Lady
Stories of Past Events
Strictly Non Judgmental
Talking To Girls
The Rules For Being Miro's Apprentice

Auristics: Can be learned by yourself.
Auristics: Must be meditated upon to use.
Auristics: Personal Magic
Auristics: Seeing the truth in things, whatever that means.
Creating A Magical Barrier
Djed is a part of everything
Djed: An explainable energy
Djed: Fuel for Magic
Experiencing Flux Through A Glyph Spell
Feeling Drained Of Djed Use
Leeching: It Drains You
Lore: Magic ain’t no pet
Magic - The Flux
Magic is a Tool, Forged by Emotion, Tempered by Logic
Magic, Making The Impossible Possible
Magic: Combining Water and Shielding
Magic: Drains You and Makes You Hungry
Magic: How to Hover and Levitate Res
Magic: It's in your aura.
Magic: Its Not As Good As It Seems
Magic: Minor Res Transformation
Magic: Must Always Be Feared
Magic: Must Always Be Respected
Magic: Need to be self aware of Djed
Magic: Returning Unused Res to Self
Magic: Spreading Out Spellcasting to Prevent Overgiving
Morphing: The Magic of Changing The Body
New Element: Wind
Overgiving: Dangerous Cravings of Power
Overgiving: The Wolf Within The Magic
Para-Element: Ice
Projection: Can Be Used To Torture
Recognizing Overgiving
Reimancy can help clean
Reimancy Elements: Water and Wind can create Ice and Fog
Reimancy Ice: Made From Water & Air
Reimancy Theory: Deep connection with first element
Reimancy: Adapting Res To Environment
Reimancy: An Art and Discipline
Reimancy: Attracting Water With Res
Reimancy: Attracting Water With Res
Reimancy: Condensing Water Into Mist
Reimancy: Don't Get Too Close!
Reimancy: Fighting the Sweet Whispers
Reimancy: Minimizing Res To Maximize Combat Effectiveness
Reimancy: Practice with Moderation
Reimancy: Res Can Be Liquid or Gas
Reimancy: Res Is An Extension of Self
Reimancy: Respect it or get bit
Reimancy: The Art of Attraction
Reimancy: The Usefulness of Focus Aides
Reimancy: The Water Sphere
Reimancy: Transmutation vs. Attraction
Reimancy: Using Res to Control a Natural Element
Reimancy: Using Res to Direct Natural Water
Reimancy: Water Catch
Reimancy: Waterball
Res has Layers
Res layers creates para-elements
Res: An extension of yourself
Res: Can be formed into anything with some creativity
Secrets Kept: Is Being A Mage Dangerous?
Sheilds Do Absorb Djed
Shielding: Began In Emotion
Shielding: Can Be Adapted Over Many Surfaces
Shielding: Can Perform Different Tasks
Shielding: Concentration Is Key
Shielding: Emotion Augments The Ability
Shielding: Feelings of Elevation
Shielding: Hastily Made Shields Deteriorate Rapidly
Shielding: Headaches Indicate Limits
Shielding: Larger Objects Take Time
Shielding: Painting A Shield Over Small Shapes
Shielding: Performance Enhanced By Focus
Shielding: Requires Clarity To Weave
Shielding: Shielding A Rock
Shielding: Shields Can Last For A While
Shielding: Tasking A Shield To Block Djed
Shielding: Tasking Against Earth
Shielding: The Weave, The Fabric
Shielding: Theory of Collaborative Shielding
Shielding: Weaving A Shield Over One’s Hands
Shielding: With practise comes speed
Starting Element Is Water
The Difference Between Personal and World Magic
The Grim Power of Mages
The Risks Of Magic
Three Key Parts In Reimancy: Focus, Discipline, and Precision
Using Attraction to discover new element
Vortex: A ticking time bomb
Water Reimancy: Just as wicked as it is graceful
What Djed Is

Being Flashy Doesn't Get You Anywhere
Berserk: Take The Damage And Return It Ten Fold
Defending against three
Disarming Your Opponent Does Not Make Them Any Less Deadly
Fighting For A Purpose: Save the City
Fighting While Sick
Fighting Your Father
Finding clarity through allies during battle
Flaws In Fighting Style
Hand to Hand Combat: Requires Discipline, Balance, and Harmony
Knowing ones role in battle
Learning The Flourish
Longsword Technique: Charging Lunge Strike
Longsword: How To Parry
Longsword: The Weight of a Blade
Play Your Strengths
Respecting The Senses of The Wild
Scimitar: What It Looks Like
Shield: Balancing Weight In Unison With Body
Shortsword: Faster Than A Longsword
Shortsword: More Pinpoint Strikes
Sucks To Be On The Pointy End Of A Cutlass
Teaching Castor How To Fight
Teamwork: Moral Compass
Thankful For A Shield
Understanding The Flourish
Unused To A Shield
Whip: Potential for fluidity and range

Back Attacks
Battle Technique: Taunting
Brawling Technique: An Angled Stance Reduces the Impact Zone for an Opponent
Longsword Attack: The Lunging Strike
Longsword: Balanced Stance
Longsword: The Mortal Draw
The Flourish
The Shield Bash: Shields Can Be Used As Weapons
Unarmed Combat: A kick below the belt
Unarmed Combat: Head butt
Unarmed Combat: Tackle

Debilitator Tactic: Throw Your Opponents Into Disarray
Defense Tactics: Watch Your Sides
Guardian Tactic: Guide The Opponents Weapon Away
Protecting an ally through diversion
Reimancy Tactic: Extensions of your arms
Reimancy Tactic: How to suffocate someone with water
Reimancy Tactic: Water Whip
Tactics: 'X' Two Swords Across Your Opponent's Neck To Decapitate Them
Tactics: Assessing A Combat Maneuver
Tactics: Assessing An Opponent’s Speed
Tactics: Basic Dirty Fighting Tactics
Tactics: Close-Combat while Dodging Arrows
Tactics: Fighting as One versus Two
Tactics: Sometimes You Have to Take Chances?
Tactics: Use strength and momentum against them
Using Children And Men's Desire's As Bait
Warrior Tactic: Defend With Offense

A Confusing End To An Evening
A Father's Memory: Shards Of Hope
A Growing Concern: Frequent Nosebleeds
A Letter From Ariann
A Promise Made to Natalie
A Robber? ME?!
A Sailor's Shame
Alcohol Takes It's Hold
Avoiding Telion
Becoming A Father: Indescribable
Care For Friends In Trouble
Collecting Sea Shells Underwater
Could My Father Still Live?
Daddy's Not Home
Dawn Of A Perilous Journey
Dealing With Strong Women
Dedication For The Masses
Desire To Turn Back Home
Desperate Times Call For Idiotic Pleasures
Discovering The Depths of Human Emotion: Hatred
Discovering Who Has Your Back
Entrusted With Grave Secrets
Estate: First Room
Fathers Curse
Fathers Letter to Lizza,
Feeling… Pregnant?
Finally Attacked
Finding A Reason To Go On
First steps into Husbandhood: Forgetting your anniversary
Follow The Dead Raccoon
For Better or For Worse
Forced Out of Hiding
Formalities in Despair
From Dreams To Reality
Getting Gutted By Puppy Dog Eyes
Getting Reprimanded By A Canine
Giving Your Father A Chance To Be In Your Life
Grief For The Loss of Odis
Growing Older - Growing Colder
Heat of the Moment
Holding onto Hope in the worst of circumstances
How To Let A Stranger In
I Love You Telion
I Love You: Simple Words With Great Meaning
I Shall Have You Both!
Keeping Up With Drinking Leila
Leaving Zeltiva
Lessons Learned
Letting It Go
Life or Death: You Chose Life
Losing A Comrade
Losing Your Suspect
Lyrics: Heart O' Gold
Mama Ethaefal
Meeting A Ghost
Meeting Leila
Missing Odis
Moral Conviction: Vigilance In The Face of Persecution
Mourning Kip Drawlins
Moving On, After Tonight
Must've Been the Kelp Beer
My Life: The Helper, The Father
Naming Odis
Not Like Other Sailors
Not Telling Telion About The Horrible Nightmare
Nothing like the scent of home
Ocean's Song
Odis Is Still A Part Of Me
Pinky: Missing
Pissing: An Important Lesson
Pride Of A Father
Proposing To Telion… Finally
Protectiveness of Women
Realizing Who You're True Love Is
Realizing You've Been An Ass
Remembering Odis' Death
Returning To Zeltiva
Revealing You Are A Reimancer To Ceira
Ricky's Tenth Name Day
Saying Good Bye To A Constant Companion
Seeing Odis Again
Sick of Being Sick
Sincere Wish For a New Beginning
Six Beers To Escort Her Home
Special Summer Day: Your anniversary
Strange Melody
Subject of Sebastian's Care
Taking In Fenvur
Taking Off Without Looking Back
Tattoo: Rather Painful
Terrible Hangover
The Ache of Miscarriage
The Alcohol Tolerance of A Sailor's Son
The Baby Kicked!
The Beach Bonfire, Summer 513
The Comfort of Telion
The Courage of Priskil’s Light
The Desire To Prove A Friendship
The Feel of Wind On Deck
The Feeling Of Djed
The Promise of Tomorrow
The Salty Taste of Success And Sorrow
The Tale of Sebastian the Syliran
The Trauma of Reimancy Initiation
The University Reconstruction Effort
The Wishing Star
They Look Up To Me
Trusting Castor
Trying To Get Your Home Back
Trying To Move On From The Past
Upgraded From Big To Grand
Utter Humiliaton
Vision: Zeltiva's Hero
Vortex: Swallowed my pinky
Vowing To Keep Everyone You Care About Safe
Wanting Power To Protect Others
Wanting To Learn Magic From Ignotus
Wishing To Meet Up With Castor Again
Witnessing Memories In Ruin
Witnessing The Depraved
Witnessing True Dread
Zeltivan Bear "Ricky" On Rampage

Telion: A Comforting Presence
Telion: A Determined Woman
Telion: Beautiful
Telion: Likes To Be Reminded She Is Loved
Telion: Not quick to understand fishing
Telion: Over-whelmed With Concern
Telion: So warm and tortuous
Telion's Abusive Partner
Telion's News: Pregnancy
Telion’s Insight: Unconditional Love In Odd Circumstances
The Olwens: Like a Second Family
Trusting Gale With My Child's Future
Trying To Be There For Gale
Walking In Father's Footsteps

A Talented Wave Guard: Wrenmae Sek
Acquaintance: Ayatah, of the Scattered Bones
Acquaintance: Eleret of Mura
Acquaintance: Keira
Acquaintance: Viper
Akia: Dallen's Annoyance
Alija: Blacksmith at the Armed Scholar
Amelias Can Help
Aoren has a brother
Aoren: A great and special friend
Aoren: Auristics User
Aoren: Barred By Limits
Aoren: Going to Riverfall
Aoren: Master Reimancer
Aoren's Reimancy Elements: Wind, Water
Ariann Is Important To You
Ariann: Amends
Ariann: Left Zeltiva
Ariann: Special Considerations Required
Ariannalise The Charoda
Arianne: Is a Healer
Astrid Ismosia: Tavern Keep At The Grotto
Cadence: Lost Little Lamb
Captain Eckson, Leader of the Wave Guard
Carver The Orphan: Hired messenger of Hannah
Castor and Ricky, Without Fathers
Castor: Concerned About Your Interest In Magic
Castor: Learning Magic From Theory
Castor: Librarian
Castor: Postive, But Withdrawn
Castor: Thinks You're A "Warrior Teddy Bear"
Castor: Wants To Know, Before He Teaches
Castor's Father: Died Last Winter
Ceira: Foreigner
Ceira: Girl You Stood Up For At The Kelp Bar
Clyde Sullins: Glyphing Professor at the University
Clyde Sullins: He knows Yukmen
Clyde Sullins: His Erstwhile Apprentice
Clyde Sullins: Taking his crazy offer
Clyde Sullins: Views On Magic
Dallen McHenderson: Strange Artist
Dr. Lefting: University Professor
Elem Bree (Acquaintance)
Erekez: A Not-Really Criminal
Eric: A Fellow Wave Guard
Eridanus, The Student
Fox: Ethusiastic Fresh Recruit
Friend: Nai'a the Lovely Distraction
Georgia Delner
Gilva: A Helpful Young Man
Gwin: An Akvatari
Hadrian: Vanished without a trace
Ignotus Can Reanimate Dead Animals
Ignotus: Can use Hypnotism
Ignotus: Right About the Denvali
Ignotus' Compliments
Ignotus' Hocus Pocus
Ignotus' Instructions For The 50th of Winter 512
Ignotus' Trip To Sahova
Isedan: Kelvic and Not Afraid of Nudity
Ivis: Secretary Of The Soothing Waters
Jorin Ertihan: Boy Who Likes Dogs, But Not Parents
Jorin: Irrational Youth
Kaiel Frostfawn: Kayleigh's father in Avanthal
Kayleigh: Likes to talk to her dog
Keene: A Withdrawn Young Man
Keene: Difficult Living Situation
Keene: Oddly Tranquil
Keene: Quite The Amusing Thinker
Kendhl Is An Otter Kelvic
Kendhl Pilkvist: H Not An A
Kendhl: Given A Second Chance
Kendhl: Returned As A Ghost
Kendhl’s Cave: A Secluded Treasure Trove
Kreig Messer: Tricky lil' bastard
Lady Sil'ria: Has Healing Gifts Legendary in Sylira
Lady Sil'ria: Last Chance
Lani: That Girl From That One Night…
Lani: University Student
Leila: A Love Lost?
Leila: A Potential Target
Leila: A Secret Saved for Later
Leila: Gone Without A Trace
Lewis: Goes By Lewd
Liana: Poor At Speaking Common
Liana: Stuttering Konti
Loken: Helpful Citizen
Magnus Harkings: Runs the fish market
Matthew: Also born in Zeltiva
Matthew: An Escort at a Touchy Subject
Matthew: Marked by Tanroa
Matthew: Named after Mathew's Bay
Mercy: Freaky Armor, Massive (Useless) Sword
Michaela Is Insistently Helpful
Michaela The Friendly Zith
Miro Can Manipulate Water and ice
Monks Are Meanies
Nai'a: Bearing A Good Heart
Nai'a's Cheerful Nature
Nai'a's Pregnancy
Natalie Deserves Better
Natalie Wishes For What She Can't Have
Natalie: Are You Really There?
Natalie: Dying Girlfriend
Natalie: Hates It When You Show Affection For Telion
Natalie: Ignoring Her Opinion
Natalie: Only You Can See Her
Natalie: Sudden Collapse
Natalie's Fear of Death
Nathaniel Ankah: Sunberther
Nathaniel Ankah: Wants To Join The Wave Guard
Nira'lia is Special
Nira'lia's Crash Course In Swimming
Nost Stabbed During Brawl
Nost: The Tall Stranger
Old Man: Escaped from asylum
Old Man: Insane lunatic
Orabelle Deepseeker: The Girl Trapped By A Corset
Parting Friends: Nex
Pirates and Buried Treasures
Professor Hurston: A Meal Fit for a King
Pulren Marsh: Wave Guard Hopeful
Pulren: A leecher sapped his DJed
Pulren: A trident Is His Weapon of Choice
Pulren: Determine to be guardsman material
Quiarinox and Meriken: Travelers from Ravok
Reaver, Acquaintance
Riyk: From Taloba
Riyk: Rather Polite
Sebastian Stalinsa: True Hero
Sebastian: Warm Flame to Searing Wild Fire
Selene: High Priestess of Laviku
Shall: Resemblance to Natalie
Shane Wallsly: Owner of Shane's Auristic Services.
Shikar: A Leader of the Iyvess
Sil'ria: Konti Priestess of Rak'keli
Sybel: Foreign Friend From the Desert
Synthira: An Unwanted Savior
Tabitha The Musician
Tallis (Acquaintance)
Tallis: Marked At Birth
Talon Stirling of The Watch
The Dark Wizards: Gaius, Addison, and Thurman
The Lingering Threat: Gaius Sivet
The Nuit From The Pier
The Old Sounding Girl
The Tempest Pod
Thea Fleming-Lee: Senior Caretaker at Farson Home
Theia The Ghost
Three squire pycons of Syliras: Ball, Nivel and Arch
Thundiirn: Man With A Unique Name
Titus - A Nykan
Titus's Childhood
Titus's Opinion On Friends
Titus's Opinion On Guards
Travel Pal: Nexy Boy
Tydus: Odd But Friendly
Tydus: Svefra
Tyler: A Mercenary
Valerius Nitrozian: Student From Ravok
Valo Knows of Nightmares
Valo, A Second Meeting
Valo: Red-haired man
Valo's Nature
Volanaro: A Riemancer & A Leecher
Volanaro: He Is Creepy
Volanaro: Is a Nuit
Voss: Young Recruit
Wart: Familiar Artist
Wizards: A Fickle Bunch to be Handled With Care
Women: All have a sense of rebellion
Wrenmae: A Man Who’s More Than He Seems
Wyatti, The Hidden Kelvic
Y'von, Kashrim, S'avannah: Three Helpful 'Shoppers'
Yuri: His Ever Shifting Taste In Women
Yuri: The Man Who Swam Close To The Reef
Zandelia Was Worth It
Zane: Abused
Zane: Tried To Commit Suicide

Location: Basic Appearance of the Sea of Grass
Location: Mathew's Bay
Location: Shane's Auristic Services
Location: Soothing Waters
Location: The Great Harbour of Syliras
Location: The Syliras Theatre
Nyka Will Give You Adrenaline Poisoning
Nyka: A City of Boisterous Chaotic People
Nyka: It's Big
Nyka's Pretty Okay
Nykan Bars Feature Riddles and Tolerable Booze
Ravok: A city on the water
Stories of Taloba - Survival of the Fittest
Sunberth Is Still Worse
Sunberth: Laviku Is Decidedly Absent
Sunberth: Subject To Senseless Violence
Sunberth: What Was The Lesson Again?
Syliras: More tolerant of magic than expected.
The Cubacious Inn
Verlyna's Emerald Pond (Partial)
Welcome To Sunberth You Idiot!
Where Beauty and Danger Roam: The Wildlands

Akvatari Are From Abura
Charoda Don't Eat Meat
Charoda: Curious and Interesting
Dhani: Basics of the Race
Ethaefal: Skyfallers
Iyvess: One Family. One Fight.
Iyvess: Sea-Dwelling Dhani
Jamoura: An overgrown ape
Kelvic (Basic)
Kelvics Shift Without Clothes
Konti: They Are Friendly
Pycons Are Magic
Pycons take shytes?!
Race: Akvatari
Strength Of A Dhani
The Pycon Race
What The Petch Is A Pycon?


Ayatah's Bird: Kiwi
Kittens: Dallen's One Weakness
Kittens: Quick to Explore
Nuada: Bred to be a guardian
Nuada: Kayleigh's dog
Odd Odis
Odis Antics
Odis Can Outswim Ricky
Odis: Death In Service of Zeltiva
Yukman call: Means 'Bring backup'
Yukman: Must be burned
Yukmen: They eat, kill, destroy, repeat

A Vow To Cheva
Allowing Faith Into The Mind And Heart
Experiencing Stormwarden
Faith: How To Pray
Faith: Praying Makes You Feel Better
Giving Yourself To Laviku's Embrace
Healing: Brings Relief
Healing: Brings Sense of Calm
Healing: Eases Pain
Healing: Rak'keli's Gnosis
Laviku: Reminding Him You Are Still Faithful
Laviku's Dashing Good Looks
Marks Determine A Healer's Skill
Meeting the Goddess Priskil
On The Nature of Lhex’s Humor…
Priskil: Embodiment of Hope
Rak'keli: Goddess of Healing
Rak'keli's Gnosis In Action
Sacrificing Nilos to Laviku
Seeking Knowledge On Zulrav
Why Doesn't Laviku Help?
Why Pray To A God Who Abandons His City?
Witnessing The Stormwarden Mark
Zulrav Commands the Wind
Zulrav Is In The Breeze

A Touchy Subject: Escort Service
A Touchy Subject: Madam Lilienne, Owner
Eating Zeltivan Fish
Equinox: Tattoo Parlor
Explaining The Wave Guards
Faith In The Wave Guard
Farson Home School Room: Filthy, filthy, filthy
Farson Home: Needs all the help they can get
Interrogating For A Murder
Kenabelle's Love Story
Location and Ownership: General Store
Location: Armed Scholar
Location: Childhood Home
Location: Maiden's Cape
Location: Storm Shrine
Location: The Farson Home for Orphans
Location: Wave Guard Training Grounds
Location: Zeltivan Infirmary
Lore: Tale of the Black Lady
Obligations Of The Wave Guard
Preparing For An Investigation
Promotion: Sergeant of the Wave Guard
Resiliency of the Zeltivan Spirit
Scouting For New Wave Guardsmen
Spring 514: The New Year Festival!
Supporting The Guard
Taking A Stroll Around The City
The Coup of the Denvali
The Denvali Attack On The 75th
The Job of a Guard
The Prison Escape
The Restricted Section of the Library, not for Waveguards
The Uprising: Why?
The Weight of An Azure Uniform
Under the Zeltivan Stars
Upholding The Law
Using Authority While Outnumbered
Veteran In Training
Wave Crest: Proof Of Rank
Wave Guard Initiation
Wave Guard: Approval to Use Magic
Wave Guard: Azure Uniform
Wave Guard: Diffusing Disputes
Zeltiva Politics: A Never Ending Cycle
Zeltiva: Could Meet Anybody
Zeltiva: Home To A Harsh Winter
Zeltiva's Fish
Zeltiva’s Fate With or Without Ignotus
Zeltivan Law (Basic) [SP]
Zeltivan Reconstruction
Zeltivans: They Have an Affinity for Water

Big Catch: Bovine Guppy
Bovine Guppies: Rich With Protein
Bovine Guppy: Common during warm seasons
Comforting Over Fishing
Deboning Fish
Descaling Fish (With The Blunt Edge of a Knife)
Filleting Fish
Fish of Mathew's Bay (Basic) [SP]
Fish: Salting and Unsalting
Fishing Rod: Weapon of choice
Fishing Tech: The Lure Bob
Fishing Technique: How to pull fish onto the dock
Fishing Technique: How to reel in a big fish
Fishing: Properly Baiting A Hook
Fishing: The cold can snap lines
Fishing: The Necessity of Bait
Gutting Fish
Knowing Where To Cut The Fish
Passing On Knowledge Of Fishing
Two Rods Are Better Than one

"Always Your Little Boy"
A Brain Tease
A Fisherman Without Fish
A Gift of Steel For Cursed Steel
A Pawn In The Game
A Shield Needs An Arm: Keeping Memories Close
A Strange Fishy Thing…
Bond of Proud Men - Good Men
Courage Is The Measurement of a Man's Commitment
Courage Will Protect
Every Tadpole Needs A Father
Find Comfort In Friends, Not Alcohol
Friendship: A Series of Details
Journeys Inspire Personal Growth
Keeping Trust In Friends
Keeping Your Laughter Respectable
Laughing At One's Self
Laughing With A Friend During Dark Times
Laviku’s Graceful Beard, A Declaration of Exclamation!
Life is Cruel
Looking To The Future
Martial Law Is Cagey
Morality: How to Justify your Actions
Morality: Murder is Murder
Morality: Ricky Can Find Pleasure in the Fight
Nightmares Are Better Than Speaking With Tears
No Sword Knows Loyalty
Oaths Against The Loathful
Overcoming Your Own Pride
Parents Inspire Their Children
Peace: It's Making A Stand
Philosophy: In The End…
Philosophy: Lhex’s Humor, Tanroa’s Silence
Philosophy: The Comedic Irony of Life
Philosophy: The Quandary of a Guardsman
Philosophy: The Role of the Genders
Philosophy: Trouble Is Always Abound
Potential Needs Encouragement
Pride Is Like A Mask
Principle: Becoming A Proper Role Model For Martin
Real men (And Boys) Don't Torture Animals
Seeing The Value of Your Friends
Sometimes Dams Must Break
Spring: New Beginnings, and Old Regrets
Starting Fresh
Sticking To Ones Guns… Even If They Might Get Broken
The Black Lady: Statement of Love
The Feeling of Time Slipping By
The Glee of Trust
The Idea of Peace
The Loss Of Companionship
The Merits of An Apology
The Merits of Respect
The Need To Stand Up and Act
The Thug Life Chose Me, Then I Punched It In The Face. By Not.
There's Always A Brighter Dawn After A Stormy Night
Two Feet Are Stable Enough
Whatever May Come: Preparation Is Key!
Wishing On How To Repay Someone

Skill Related
Acrobatics: Evading A Bar Brawler’s Drunken Punch
Acting: Acting the Part of an Aggressive Brute
Acting: Concealing Distaste
Acting: Throwing a Convincing Backhand
Animal Husbandry (Dog): Training To Respond To Whistling
Animal Husbandry: Teaching A Dog To Rip Fabric
Bartering: Food For Secrets
Brawling: Surprising A Drunken Foe
Carpentry: Sawing Wood Blocks
Cooking: The Spice Is Right!
Drawing: Sand Doodles
Drinking: Too drunk to navigate
Drinking: Who can drink the most?
Dual Wield: A Whole Other Playing Field
Dual Wield: Practice With Your Recessive Hand First
Dual Wield: Start By Alternating Hands
Dual Wield: You Must Work On Your Left Arm's Reflexes More
Flirting: How Scary it Can Be
Food Preservation: Be Gentle, Or You'll Ruin The Meat
Food Preservation: Fish
Food Preservation: Salting
Food Preservation: Smoking
Interrogation: Looking For Signs of Lying
Interrogation: Questioning for Specific Information
Intimidation: Detailing Exactly What You Will Do To Them
Intimidation: Not So Idle Threats
Intimidation: Projecting An Authoritative Presence
Investigation: Closely Examining a Corpse
Investigation: The Clues that Drugs are to Blame
Leadership: Be Encouraging But Also Tough
Leadership: Working with Total Strangers
Medicine: Assessing for Pain
Medicine: The Sight of Childbirth
Meditation: Centering To Clear The Mind
Meditation: Clearing The Mind With Calming Thoughts
Meditation: Useful Before Casting
Navigation: Gauging The Winds At Sea
Negotiation: Attempting To Quell Disputes
Negotiation: Insistent Bargaining
Negotiation: Loyalty is Greater Than Feelings
Observation: Spotting Dallen From A Distance
Observation: Spotting Yuri From A Distance
Persuasion Through Professing Love
Persuasion: Appealing to Notions of Compassion
Persuasion: Food is more important
Persuasion: This Friend of a Friend…
Rhetoric: Bad Lies And Their Consequences
Rhetoric: Jeering A Fellow Brawler
Rhetoric: Playful Banter with Telion
Rhetoric: Rallying Speech
Rhetoric: Words of Comfort
Sailing: Steering A Dinghy
Sailing: The Importance of a Lifeline
Seduction: Learning through the Experience
Seduction: Underwater Kissing
Seduction: Using Light Touches Sensually
Singing: Tide Lullaby
Socialization: Diplomacy as a Socialization Tactic
Socialization: Ignoring the Voice In Your Head
Socialization: Ignoring the Voice In Your Head
Socialization: Trying to Communicate Across a Language Barrier
Storytelling: How I Lost A Finger, One Drunken Night…
Storytelling: How I Met Ignotus
Storytelling: Story of the Fountain
Storytelling: Tale of the Black Lady
Storytelling: The Home I Left
Storytelling: The Journey To Syliras
Storytelling: The Place of Our Vows
Storytelling: The Sailor and The Sojourn
Storytelling: The Traditions of the Wave Guard
Storytelling: The Wonders of Zeltiva
Swimming: Mind Over Matter
Teaching: It's Passing The Torch
Unarmed Combat: Doesn’t mix with drinking
Wilderness Survival: Check Your Gear
Wilderness Survival: Making A Fire
Wilderness Survival: The Right Size Firewood

Alcohol: A Simple Thing?
Ale Is Tasty But Sissy
Babies: Trigger For an Argument
Extra Room Became Available
Kelp Beer: Burns on the way up
Kelp Beer: Taste
Love Dust: It Makes You Horny
Ripped Sleeves Work As Bandages
Seaweed Works As A Bandage
Syliran ale: Sweet compared to Kelp beer
Syliran Knights: Like the Wave Guard, only stricter
Using Beer To Clean A Wound
Vessel: The Harmony
Water: It Feels Terrific
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Ricky Maze

Postby Ricky Maze on January 15th, 2014, 5:53 am


"Out o' every chapter an' every small note, from every moment t' all de singular pieces o' memory. Every day is a life experience just waitin' t' happen, an' t'is is de place where those memories reflect my experience.

Experience Index!
Google Docs References here!

Current Chapters

Post Chapters
Memories of 510-11 AV

Another Day At The Docks - Fishing +1 Rhetoric +3 Observation +2 Storytelling +3 Seduction +2
Sailor's and Svefra On the Suvan Sea - Persuasion +1
Room For One Please! - ---
Sword Or Fist? - Weapon: Longsword +3 Unarmed Combat +3
Miro the Magician - Animal Husbandry +3 Observation +5 Interrogation +2
The Art of the Sword - Socialization +4 Weapon: Longsword +3 Endurance +2 Rhetoric +1
Ricky's New Technique - Weapon: Longsword +4
Team Meeting - Rhetoric +1

Memories of 512 AV

The Broken Shell - Observation +1 Socialization +3
When Turtles Rest - Socialization +3 Rhetoric +2 Storytelling +3 Philosophy +1
Hopes In A Fountain - ---
The Lost Children - Interrogation +1 Logic +1 Intimidation +1 Socialization +2 Animal Husbandry +2 Observation +1 Tactics +4 Stealth +2 Acrobatics +1 Unarmed Combat +2 Philosophy +2 Body Building +3 Brawling +2 Weapon: Cutlass +2 Subterfuge +1 Investigation +3
Farewell. Old Friend. - Observation +1
The Wave Guard Initiation - Swimming +3
A Charmed Life - ---
The Start of A Long Winter - Observation +2 Rhetoric +1
Denial Is A Port In Zeltiva - Observation +2 Interrogation +1
Drunken Denial - Rhetoric +2 Drinking +2 Instrument: Lute +1
Catching Up - ---
Denying Denial - Observation +1 Rhetoric +2
Dampened Spirits - Socialization +1 Drinking +1
Dissolving The Fantasy - Socialization +4 Observation +2 Intimidation +1 Rhetoric +1
We Gotta Stick Together - Philosophy +1 Teaching +1
Blowing Off Steam - Observation +1 Interrogation +2 Rhetoric +2
When The Bottle Becomes Full - Observation +1 Socialization +5
Letting Go Of Anger - Drinking +2 Rhetoric +2
A Warning Signed In Blood - Leadership +3 Body Building +1 Investigation +1
Anger, As Soon As Fed - Is Dead - Observation +2 Interrogation +3 Investigation +1 Socialization +2
Splinter Cell - Interrogation +1 Observation +1
A Prayer For Odis - Philosophy +1 Observation +1 Socializaton +1
Quite The Gathering - Rhetoric +1
Going Down A New Path - Philosophy +3 Observation +1 Storytelling +2
Do Not Talk About Fight Club! - Sociology +1 Leadership +2 Philosophy +1 Organization +1
Rounding Up - Philosophy +1 Storytelling +1
Sicker Than A Dog - Storytelling +1 Weapon: Longsword +1 Investigation +1
Seeking A Remedy - Observation +2 Rhetoric +1 Socializaton +2
You, Me, and Laviku Make Three - Observation +1 Philosophy +2
Fire and Brimstone - Observation +1 Reimancy +1
Finding Hope - Observation +2 Rhetoric +1
Past Memories Now Present - Socialization +2 Observation +1 Storytelling +1
Letting Go - Meditaton +1
Lightened Spirits - Investigation +1 Socialization +3 Philosophy +1 Rhetoric +1
Bringing About A Change - ---
The Winter Ball - ---
Planning Ahead - ---
Contemplating Upon Plans - Observation +1
Yesterday Is Gone - Storytelling +2 Socialization +2 Philosophy +1 Observation +2
Putting Together The Future - ---
The Final Dawn - Philosophy +5

Memories of 513 AV

New Tides - ---
A Man's Hope Is His Castle I - ---
The Medic and The Sentinel - Philosophy +1 Observation +1 Rhetoric +1 Socialization +1
Sharp Pittances of Years - ---
Wide Awake - Observation +2 Socializaton +1 Rhetoric +2
And So, An Adventure Begins - Socialization +3 Observation +2 Interrogation +1
A Lonely Wolf - Investigation +1
The Body Electric - Rhetoric +1 Body Building +1 Interrogation +1
When Good Things Go Bad - Interrogation +1 Intimidation +2 Brawling +1 Leadership +1
When Waves and Cliffs Collide - Investigation +1 Interrogation +1 Persuasion +1
A Change In The Play - ---
Passing The Time - ---
A Night To Remember - Drinking +2 Rhetoric +1 Observation +1 Seduction +1
Kelp Torment - Observation +3 Brawling +2 Socialization +1 Medicine +1
Dawdling Toward The Denvali - Socialization +4 Leadership +3 Rhetoric +3 Observation +2 Teaching +2 Cooking +2
Bit of Trouble - Observation +2 Interrogation +3
Under Pressure - Investigation +1 Interrogation +1
Along The Harbors Water - Observation +3 Rhetoric +2 Socialization +2 Running +1 Swimming +1 Teaching +1
New Neighbors - Weapon: Shield +1 Intimidation +1 Brawling +1
The Wind, The Sea… and A Woman? - Observation +1 Intimidation +1 Acting +1 Investigation +1
Unspoken Words - ---
Outsetting Winds - Observation +1
Riding the Waves - ---
City of Anarchy - ---
Worse For Wear - ---
Where Roads Diverge - ---
Arrival In The Celestial City - ---
School of Hard Knocks - Observation +1 Socialization +2 Storytelling +1
A Knight and A Loner - Socialization +4 Interrogation +2 Philosophy +4 Observation +2
Rabbit Hunting - Observation +2 Interrogation +4 Socialization +4 Storytelling +1 Animal Husbandry +1
Riddle Me This - Observation +3 Storytelling +3 Posturing +1 Socialization +4 Persuasion +1 Rhetoric +1
The Truth Comes Out - Persuasion +3
The Return Home I - Socialization +1
The Return Home II - Philosophy +2 Rhetoric +1
The Return Home III - Running +1 Rhetoric +2 Persuasion +3 Seduction +2
Parenting For Dummies - Socialization +3 Observation +3 Investigation +2 Interrogation +1
Calm Is the Day, Or is It? - Observation +1 Investigation +1 Acting +1
Shrine of Storms - Research +2 Socialization +1 Rhetoric +1 Storytelling +2 Observation +1 Philosophy +2
The Last Day of Spring - Observation +1 Drinking +2 Storytelling +1
A Meeting Before Departing - Socialization +3 Observation +2 Interrogation +1 Persuasion +1
The Grand Opening - Observation +1 Rhetoric +1
Dark Omen From the Past - Socialization +3 Observation +2 Land Navigation +1
Asking for Favors - Socialization +5 Persuasion +3 Rhetoric+2 Brawling +1
In Search of Answers - ---
For What I Love, I'll Always Protect - Shielding +2
Wooden Sword Champions - Observation +2 Persuasion +1
A Night of Ease - Drinking +3 Socialization +2 Storytelling +2
Bearing My Burden I - Storytelling +2 Teaching +3 Observation +1
An Introduction To Arms - Teaching +3 Unarmed Combat +3 Philosophy +2
The Light That Shines - Running +1
To Which Is Empty - ---
Out In the Street - Socialization +1
The Shadows They Dwell - Observation +1 Investigation +1 Intelligence +1 Running +1
Polish and Lacquer - Intimidation +1
Kicking With Kelp - Drinking +2 Teaching +1 Interrogation +1 Intimidation +1 Unarmed Combat +2
Secrets Of The Deceiver - Investigation +3 Observation +2 Interrogation +2 Rhetoric +3
Surprise For A Guard - ---
Bearing My Burden II - ---
Visitation Hours - Observation +1
A Pocket Full of Mischief - Socialization +3 Reimancy +1 Observation +1
Killing The Craves - Socialization +2 Observation +1
Hunger Strike - Intimidation +2 Observation +1 Socialization +1
The Friend of My Friend Is My…? - ---
Faith In Hope - ---
Revenge of the Three - Observation +1 Weapon: Longsword +1
A Friendly Visitation - ---
A Chance To Share Some Thoughts - ---
The Calm After A Crisis - Weapon: Longsword +4 Acrobatics +2
Wooden Sword Training - Observation +1
A Guard and His Shield - Weapon: Shield +3
Rolling Is As Good As Dodging - Acrobatics +3
Back Attacks - Acrobatics +1 Weapon: Longsword +1
Usual Business - Animal Husbandry +2 Observation +2 Rhetoric +1 Socialization +4
Parrying: It's Part of Swordplay - Weapon: Longsword +1
The Mortal Draw - Weapon: Longsword +1
Father VS. Son - Acrobatics +1 Weapon: Longsword +3 Weapon: Shield +3
Facing Your Demons - ---
Shielding Practice - Shielding +3 Meditation +1
What's That Movement?! -
Some Things Never Change - Socialization +1
Of Training and Employment - Interrogation +1 Observation +1 Socialization +3
Beach Bonfire Bonanza - Rhetoric +1 Negotiation +1
Together We Stand - Planning +3 Socialization +1
Not Always As They Seem - ---
New Beginnings - Observation +2
Trail of Tears - Body Building +2 Leadership +1
Shopping and A Little Exploring - Investigation +1
Alternate Roles - Rhetoric +2
When The Storm Hits - Brawling +1 Weapon: Longsword +2
Silence In The Chaos - Philosophy +3 Observation +1 Rhetoric +1
Seeking Answers - Shielding +1 Reimancy +3 Rhetoric +1
Keeping House - Observation +1 Rhetoric +1
Family and It's Secrets - Meditation +1 Shielding +2 Reimancy +2 Rhetoric +1
A Lantern In the Dark - Acrobatics +1 Interrogation +1 Investigation +1 Leadership +1 Meditation +2 Reimancy +3 Tactics +4 Weapon: Longsword +3
A Nightmare In Paradise - Acting +3 Investigation +2 Intelligence +1 Interrogation +2 Meditation +1 Persuasion +1 Planning +2
Rest For the Weary - ---
Cabin Fever - Observation +1
It's Time To Begin! - Body Building +1
Changes In the Wind - Rhetoric +1 Intelligence +1 Logic +1 Interrogation +1
The Scholar and The Guard - Rhetoric +3 Persuasion +2 Storytelling +2 Philosophy +2 Logic +2 Bartering +4 Negotiation +2 Mathematics +3 Reimancy +5
Moving Along - Observation +1 Interrogation +1 Investigation +1
A Night Down East Street - Unarmed Combat +2 Observation +1
Dust to Dust - Persuasion +1 Tactics +1 Weapon: Longsword +1
A Helping Hand - ---
Godfather Godson Time - Interrogation +2 Investigation +2 Childcare +3 Persuasion +4 Reimancy +2 Storytelling +1
Solitude In Secrecy - Meditation +2 Reimancy +4 Shielding +1
Lessons in Learning - ---
A Slight Commotion - Negotiation +2 Subterfuge +2 Persuasion +1
Ice Cold Bargain I - Fishing +3 Endurance +1
Collision - Medicine +2 Storytelling +1
A Quiet Return - Observation +2 Philosophy +1
A Copper For Your Thoughts? - Investigation +1
The Denvali Party - ---
Oceanic Manipulation - Intelligence +4 Investigation +1 Interrogation +1 Subterfuge +2 Sheilding +2
Wounds on the Water - Teaching +1

Memories of 514 AV

The New Year Festival - Rhetoric +2
The Shorter Edge - Weapon: Shortsword +3
A Strong Shield is a Protective Shield - Meditation +2 Shielding +3
I Was Only 19 - ---
Skin Talk - Philosophy +1
Prayers to the Deep - Meditation +1
Honing the Finer Edge - Weapon: Longsword +2
Weaving Foundation - Meditation +1 Shielding +2
Impetuous Youth - Philosophy +1 Intimidation +1
Wet Behind the Ears - Leadership +1 Teaching +2 Weapon: Shield +5 Weapon: Longsword +3 Tactics +4 Acrobatics +1
The Austere Child - Planning +1 Shielding +1
A Rowdy Night Out in the Town - Intimidation +1
You! - Acrobatics +1 Brawling +2 Rhetoric +1 Endurance +2
One Spark - ---
Twin Blades - Dual Wielding +4 Weapon: Longsword +5 Tactics +3 Endurance +1
Troubled Waters - Leadership +4 Meditation +1 Rhetoric +2 Reimancy +3 Shielding +1 Endurance +3 Tactics +3 Acrobatics +1 Weapon: Longsword +1
Interesting Times - Logic +2 Intimidation +2 Persuasion +4 Leadership +1 Acting +2 Rhetoric +3 Planning +1
A Blacksmith Comes to Town - ---
A Touching Message - ---
Where There is Heart - Construction +2 Carpentry +1
A Stroll Down East Street - Unarmed Combat +3 Endurance +2 Drinking +1 Rhetoric +4 Acrobatics +1
Ocean's Kiss - Childcare +3 Planning +1
The Cold Truth - Observation +2 Intelligence +1
Return of the Ginger - Storytelling +1
Colors From Within - Philosophy +1
Breaking the Ice - Negotiation +1
In Search of a Cure -Organization +1 Planning +1
The Open Road - ---
So Close Yet So Far - ---
When Hope is Lost - Planning +3 Reimancy +2
On the Road -
Walking On Doorsteps -
Making a Miracle Happen - Rhetoric +2 Endurance +3
Unexpected Ties - Instrument: Lute +1 Music Composition +1
The Steps We've Took - Acrobatics +3 Unarmed Combat +4 Tactics +4 Endurance +3
Heated Baths -
Colorful Intuition - Acting +1 Meditation +3 Shielding +2 Teaching +1
A Little Syliran Hospitality - ---
Departure - Organization +1 Philosophy +1
Reunion - Planning +1
Days to Ourselves - Cryptography +3 Investigation +1 Endurance +1 Drinking +1
Back in Business - Tactics +1 Weapon: Longsword +1
The Principles of Water Control - Reimancy +4
Qualifications - Leadership +2 Storytelling +1
I've Got Dreams to Remember - Childcare +3 Singing +1 Storytelling +1 Reimancy +1
Alphabetical Order - Investigation +1 Storytelling +2 Philosophy +2
The Hot and The Cold - Storytelling +2
The Falcon's Ship - Running +1 Swimming +2 Navigation (Sea) +1 Sailing +3 Reimancy +3
Mizas or Prison? - Brawling +2 Philosophy +1 Intimidation +3 Tracking +1 Reimancy +2
Coming Around - Persuasion +2 Philosophy +1 Shielding +1
The Things We Lose - Childcare +3 Persuasion +3 Investigation +1 Planning +2 Tracking +1
Sanctuary Rebuilt - Body Building +1 Organization +1 Cleaning +3 Reimancy +1
Fisherman With No Fish - Fishing +4 Teaching +2
Remember the Flowers - Philosophy +1 Persuasion +1 Shielding +1
Focus Point - Meditation +1 Shielding +3 Research +2
Calm Mind - Meditation +3 Philosophy +1
Watchdog - Shield +4 Endurance +1 Reimancy +3 Intimidation +1 Tactics +3 Shielding +3
Letters and Legacy - Childcare +1
In Strictest Confidence - Reimancy +2 Negotiation +1
On Guard! - Leadership +1 Acrobatics +2 Persuasion +3 Longsword +2 Tactics +1
Crash Into You - Persuasion +1
What's He Doing?? - Drawing +1
Refuge from Refuge - Land Navigation +1 Storytelling +2 Persuasion +1
The First Year -
A Long-Overdue Thanks - Fishing +3 Storytelling +1
Call to Order - Tactics: +1 Intelligence: +2 Leadership: +1 Politics: +1
Long Time No See - Hosting +1 Storytelling +2 Intimidation +2
Every Night is Another Story - Flirting +1 Persuasion +1
We're Going To Need Boats - Fishing +3 Rowing +1 Endurance +2

Memories of 515 AV

New Year -
Connections To The Past - Ignotus
Confessions - Brawling +1 Interrogation +1
All That You Know -
For Love of the Sea -
Just Beachy - Shielding +1 Rhetoric +2 Reimancy +1
Friend in Need -
Spirit In the Night -
A Long Walk -
In The Shadow of Hope -
The Soirée -
Renewed -
A New Day, A New Life -
Today, I Donned My Uniform -
A Little Work - Planning +3 Intelligence +2 Rhetoric +4 Tactics +1 Childcare +1 Mathematics +1
Put On the Suit -

Past Chapters
A Sailor and His Lute - Observation +1 Instrument: Lute +3 Singing +1
When Push Comes To Shove - Observation +1 Stripping +1 Swimming +3
Fishing 101: Skin and Bones - Cooking +1
Diamond Dream in the Night Sky - Observation +1 Philosophy +1
Preservation With Smoke and Salt - Food Preservation +3 Cooking +1
Innocence Within the Waves - Swimming +3
Some Nights - Wilderness Survival +2 Land Navigation +1 Organization +1
Reasons to Live - Fishing +1 Swimming +2 Intimidation +1 Brawling +1
Of Foreign Fish - Rhetoric +1 Interrogation +1 Persuasion +1
Come Fish With Me - Fishing +3 Socialization +3 Teaching +3 Leadership +2 Bodybuilding +1
Becoming A Man - Organization +1 Fishing +1 Cooking +1 Animal Husbandry +1 Negotiation +1
When Dogs Imprint - Observation +2 Intimidation +2 Animal Husbandry +1 Leadership +1
The Ties That Bind - Cooking +1 Animal Husbandry +1
Nothing Funny - Medicine +1 Animal Husbandry +1
Old Innocence - Running +1
Patience Is A Virtue - Socialization +2 Land Navigation +1 Observation +1
Understanding You - Observation +1 Animal Husbandry +2
Trivial Burdens - Observation +1 Flirting +1 Running +2
Plunging Into Immensity - Swimming +1
Intake Examination - Animal Husbandry +2
Coastal Friendship - Body Building +1 Flirting +1 Investigation +1 Seduction +1 Swimming +2
A Man's Best Friend - Animal Husbandry +3 Deduction +1 Investigation +2 Negotiation +2
Hard Times - Rhetoric +2 Planning +1
The Last Night - Intelligence +1 Body Building +1 Philosophy +2
Grass Always Greener - Rhetoric +2
First Impressions - Socialization +2 Rhetoric +2 Seduction +1 Persuasion +2 Negotiation +1
How Not To Fish - Leadership +1 Fishing +1
Something Seem's Fishy - Fishing +1
A Tisket A Tasket, A Serval In A Basket? - Rhetoric +1 Interrogation +1
Another Beginning - Observation +1 Socialization +3 Interrogation +1
Down Here It's Wetter - Swimming +3 Observation +1 Stripping +1
Of The Moon - Socialization +1
A Rather Off Day - ---
Fish Marketing - Observation +1 Negotiation +2 Persuasion +3
A Pitiful Orphan - Fishing +3 Animal Husbandry +1 Interrogation +2 Philosophy +1
The Fisherman's Beginning - Animal Husbandry +3
Divine Learning - Animal Husbandry +2 Cooking +1
The Journey Begins - Cooking +3 Negotiation +1 Organization +1 Persuasion +1
The Journey - Wilderness Survival +1 Weapon: Longsword +4 Rhetoric +3 Medicine +1 Animal Husbandry +1
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Ricky Maze

Postby Ricky Maze on March 5th, 2016, 6:02 am


"Oi like t' believe d'at everyt'in we own, d'at every little t'ing we touch or use, bears a little piece o' us in turn once we're done wit' it. A part o' us imprints onto d'at said item an' remains d'ere fer a certain time. How long? Nobody knows! But its comfortin' t' t'ink we somehow leave behind traces o' ourselves, so d'at others may somehow feel our presence..."

Iron Longsword1DestroyedFall 50510 AVPurchased
Steel Longsword1GoodWinter 3513 AVGiven
Steel Longsword1ExcellentWinter 3513 AVGiven
Steel Shortsword1GoodWinter 3513 AVGiven
Scabbard1GoodWinter 3513 AVGiven
Wave Guard Shield1ReprimandedSpring 57515 AVGiven
Whip1ExcellentWinter 3513 AVGiven

Wave Guard UniformLarge1ReprimandedSpring 57515 AVGiven

Fishing Kit1DestroyedSummer 10510 AVPurchased
Fishing Rod1RemovedSpring 16513 AVPurchased
Fishing Kit1RemovedSpring 75514 AVPurchased
Fishing Net1RemovedSpring 75514 AVPurchased

Bedroll1DestroyedFall 50510 AVPurchased
Traveling Pack1HorribleFall 50510 AVPurchased
Water Skin1BadFall 50510 AVPurchased
Backpack1DecentSpring 75514 AVPurchased
Bedroll 1DecentSpring 75514 AVPurchased
Flint and Steel1DecentSpring 75514 AVPurchased
Four Person Tent1DecentSpring 75514 AVPurchased
Lantern, Hooded1DecentSpring 75514 AVPurchased
Oil (1-Pint Flask)1SpentSpring 75514 AVPurchased
Preserving Kit1SpentSpring 75514 AVPurchased
Rucksack1PoorSpring 75514 AVPurchased

Trousers, Green, Linen Large 1 Poor Summer 10 510 AV Owned
Vest, White, Cotton Large 1 Poor Summer 10 510 AV Owned
Jacket, Blue, Cotton Large 1 Good Fall 86 512 AV Purchased
Leather Belt Large 1 Decent Fall 86 512 AV Purchased
Scarf, Blue/Green Plaid, Wool Medium 1 Good Fall 86 512 AV Purchased
Shirt, Long-sleeved, White, Cotton Large 2 Good Fall 86 512 AV Purchased
Shirt, Short-sleeved, White, Cotton Large 2 Good Fall 86 512 AV Purchased
Shoes, Brown, Leather Large 1 Worn Fall 86 512 AV Purchased
Trousers, Blue, Cotton Large 1 Good Fall 86 512 AV Purchased
Breeches, Brown, Linen Small 1 Good Fall1 513 AV Purchased
Shirt, White, Linen Small 1 Good Fall 1 513 AV Purchased
Undergarment, White, Cotton Small 1 Poor Fall 1 513 AV Purchased
Boots, High, Leather Large 1 Good Spring 75 514 AV Purchased
Beige Trousers, Cotton Large 1 Good Spring 75 514 AV Purchased
Brown Shirt, Cotton Large 1 Good Spring 75 514 AV Purchased
Suspenders, Leather Large 1 Good Spring 75 514 AV Purchased

Glass Feather Pendant 1 Good Summer 15 501 AV Given
Iridescent Shell Bracelet 1 Good Spring 9 507 AV Given
Sketh of Natalie 1 Poor Summer 12 507 AV Given
Sketch of Odis 1 Good Summer 15 513 AV Given
Wave Guard Insignia 1 Elaborate Winter 3 513 AV Given
Lute 1 Good Summer 33 514 AV Purchased
Blank Book 1 Good Summer 40 514 AV Purchased

Arm Chair, Average Library 1 Removed Winter 50 513 AV Purchased
Bed, Average Bedroom 1 Removed Winter 50 513 AV Purchased
Bed, Good Master Bedroom 1 Removed Winter 50 513 AV Purchased
Hearth, Good Kitchen 1 Removed Winter 50 513 AV Purchased
End Table, Average Library 1 Removed Winter 50 513 AV Purchased
Wardrobe, Average Master Bedroom 1 Removed Winter 50 513 AV Purchased
Cupboard, Average Pantry 1 Removed Winter 50 513 AV Purchased
Chair, Good Dining Hall 1 Removed Winter 50 513 AV Purchased
Table, Good Dining Hall 1 Removed Winter 50 513 AV Purchased
Wash Basin, Fine Bath 1 Removed Winter 50 513 AV Purchased

Basket, Birchwood, Large 1 Removed Fall 1 513 AV Purchased
Wool Blanket (1 square yard cloth) 1 Removed Fall 1 513 AV Purchased
Cotton Blanket (1 square yard cloth) 1 Removed Fall 1 513 AV Purchased

ImageArticle: Glass Feather Pendant
Value: 8 GM
Weight: .30 lb
History: Crafted by the woman that was his mother it was given to Burten first as a gift, and in turn passed on to Ricky when he came to a certain age.
Description: This small little trinket is woven together with good quality string and several small adornments to compliment the centerpiece of the pendant, the elaborately shaped glass feather carefully crafted to define hard work and true beauty.
Extra: The significance of this necklace proves great as it has been handed down from his parents to him, and as such was a present to his beloved for the time they were together. Now that circumstances have caused the two to separate, the pendant can be see around Ricky's neck once more.
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