Solo [The Knights Armoury] A New Outfitting.

Alistair purchases equipment.

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[The Knights Armoury] A New Outfitting.

Postby Alistair Vaetryn on March 26th, 2016, 9:06 am

53rd~58th, Winter, 515AV
Alistair’s equipment had been battered from the last assignment he was sent on. His breastplate had been cracked from the middle, his sword had chips and dents beyond count, and the blade of his dagger broke off at the hilt, with the blade lost somewhere during the encounter. The equipment was already old, but its saved Alistair’s skin more than a few times. It almost felt sad for him to have to bring his half-broken items for repair.

The Quartermaster almost lost it the he saw the condition of the equipment Alistair was returning. “Have ya any idea how much work it’ll take to fix these?” He blurted. Alistair shrugged it off. “For you, not long. After all, they don’t call you the best for nothing.” The Quartermaster loved to hear compliments, and Alistair played it to his advantage.
“I’ll fix them alright.” The Quartermaster grimaced. “Sadly for you, the armoury’s short of extras. You won’t get ‘em back till I’m done.”
“What? How am I supposed to sortie without these?” Alistair was baffled. There was little chance of him surviving the Dragoon’s encounters in Sunberth without his armour. Without his weapons it would spell certain death.
“Tough luck. By the condition of yer items…” The Quartermaster rubbed his chin. “I’d say I’ll take at least a good three weeks before they’re all fixed. The sword needs to be melted down and reforged, the breastplate as well. Yer dagger’s worse than scrap at this point…It’s going ta take time, lad.”
“Three weeks?! Have you any idea how many times I can die in three weeks?” It was now Alistair’s turn to be concerned.
“The forge is short on steel, the shipment’s only coming in a week. In addition there’s a whole lot of em’ waiting ta be fixed before yours. You’ll have ta make do.” He turned around and went back into the forge, cursing all the while.
“Shit.” Alistair muttered to himself. “Jorick’s going to kill me when he finds out.”

It wasn’t long before Jorick found out.
“They took everything? EVERYTHING?!” Jorick yelled in his face. “Bloody Ivak Alistair, someone’s going to die if we go on the next mission because you’re not there…How are you going to get your equipment?”
Wes watched the show with Vare and Locke. She tried not to laugh but failed miserably, the other two grinned.
Alistair grimaced. “Give me a week, I’ll send an order down to the Knight’s Armoury.”
“You’d better have it soon.” With that Jorick stormed off.
“Need an escort to the Gated Community, my poor defenceless maiden?” Wes mocked.
“Anything to have you by my side, gallant warrior o’ mine.” Alistair jested. Wes laughed.
“Need us to accompany you? We could use a fair haired maiden like you.” Vare and Locke joined in. Alistair hit them on the shoulder, it was rare to hear them jest.
“The two of us will be fine.” Alistair chuckled. “We’ll be back before nightfall.” With that the two set off.

After an uneventful walk the two arrived at The Knight’s Armoury. A modest establishment, but enough to supply the needs of its customers.

“Need anything? Finest wares arou-” The young blacksmith turned toward them. “Oh, it’s you.” A hint of disappointment flashed across his face. Alistair ignored it.
“Nathaniel. It’s been a while.” Alistair greeted him. Wes gave a short nod. “Is Lawrence or Kavos here? We’ve custom orders.” He handed him a note with the list of items he needed.
“For whom may I ask? The forge is busy enough as is.” Nathaniel raised an eyebrow while reading, avoiding his question.
Alistair wondered if he should lie. Nathaniel wasn’t one to willingly help unless there was something in it for him. “For me. Forge too busy to fill my request?” Alistair threw the question back at him.
Nathaniel pondered for a moment. Alistair wanted to see how Nathaniel would respond , but Lawrence walked in from the back of the shop just when he was about to answer.
“Master Lawrence.” Alistair greeted him. He pulled the note away from Nathaniel’s hands. Wes almost laughed out. “We’ve a list of custom orders for the Dragoons.”
Lawrence read through it without hesitation. “Come back in five days, the items will be finished by then.”
Alistair grinned. Nathaniel looked away in defeat. “Thank you. Here’s the payment.” He handed over a heavy sack of gold to the Master Blacksmith.

Thus five days later, Alistair was fully equipped again.
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[The Knights Armoury] A New Outfitting.

Postby Alistair Vaetryn on March 26th, 2016, 9:20 am


Item Cost Quantity Total
Gauntlets, Steel 5.0.0 1 5.0.0
Sword, Bastard; Cold Iron 105.0.0 1 105.0.0
Dagger, Cold Iron 6.0.0 2 12.0.0
Total Cost 122.0.0

Item Cost Quantity Total
Bevor, Steel 50.0.0 1 50.0.0
Breastplate, Leather 32.0.0 1 32.0.0
Cuisses, Leather 12.0.0 1 12.0.0
Greaves, Steel 60.0.0 1 60.0.0
Joints, Steel (Set) 150.0.0 1 150.0.0
Rerebraces, Leather 10.0.0 1 10.0.0
Vambraces, Steel 50.0.0 1 50.0.0
Total 364.0.0

Category Total
Weapons 122.0.0
Armor 364.0.0
Total 486.0.0
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[The Knights Armoury] A New Outfitting.

Postby Konrad Venger on March 29th, 2016, 3:09 am


Nice job! Your work has pleased The Sloth!


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Not a bad little thread. You could have posted this IN the topic for the Knight Armory, actually, and not even needed to bother posting in the request thread for it. Of course, you probably wouldn't have got the XP and Lores but that was pretty scarce here, anyway...

Still, I loved your little back-and-forths with Wes and the Quartermaster, nice work!

Oh, and please make sure you go back and edit your post in the Request Thread to reflect the fact this one is now done and dusted. PM me with any questions and later 'tater!

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