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Ashley to Ashes Dust to Dust.

Postby Lo'campo on April 19th, 2016, 11:01 pm

34th Spring Sunberth 516 A.V

He swore that he had seen her. That missing tooth, that smile. He swore it was her in one of her silly get ups. Who would have thought that he would have found her so easily. The bitch actually returned to the spot where it all happened. His hand brushed against the now fading scar that joined the others that mapped his body as his memory brought back that night. He knelt down looking at the ground his blood still there, staining the grungy ground red. He grimaced, his brown curving downward in anger. He told her that he was going to kill her when he found her, and now he was going to snap her pretty little neck in two. He should have done it when he had the chance, but the lass proved to be well suited in mind games. Not this time. Standing up he proceeded to scope out the woman from afar. Her back turned so he could not see her face, but when he did see her missing tooth and heard her voice, he knew that it was his prey.

He waited in the shadows of the alley under a lantern that lit the street with a flooding light, the only square of darkness being directly under it with him cloaked in the shadows of night. He watched as she laughed with two other men as they carried on with their conversation oblivious to the blue eyed predator stalking them. His blood boiled in his body in a fit of impatience. He wanted to run out and gut her now, to spill her blood out over the street as she had done he, only he would make sure that all of it is spilled and even take a pint of it to quench his thirst. He knew though to be patient. He wanted to hear her scream, to see he struggle and suffer, to rip her body open and see how all her innards worked, then he would kill her. Slow, painfully, bit by bit. Trying his damnest to keep her alive, awake, alert. To make sure that she felt every tick of it.

Half a bell passed before the three deemed it time to retreat to their homes to which they all dispersed. At this point he could feel his inner demon lung out at the lass ripping her to shreds. "No" He told himself holding his inner killer back as the woman walked ahead alone without any visual form of protection. This would be the perfect chance for a surprise attack, but no he had better plans for her. He waited until she was a good distance before emerging from the blackness. His eyes squinted at the brightness of the light. He growled slightly at the entity before putting his hood over his head. He followed, quietly taking his steps, cautiously following her to her destination. He was at the advantage being that the route that she took was filled with pockets of darkness. Home for the blue giant. Easy for him to slip into for camouflage whenever it seemed that she suspected someone to behind her.

They turned another corner before coming to a stop in front of a house. It was in the poorer part of the Quarter. It's windows boarded up, the door rotted and covered in some weird gunk. He hid under another lantern as she entered the building. This seemed to be his stop. He waited a few chimes before stepping out into the alley. Walking up to the small home he analyzed his surroundings. There didn't seem to be a sure way into the home. It wasn't a single standing building having two other buildings to each side of it. The only two windows that it had were both covered with wooden planks and nails making it impossible to break in unnoticed.

It would seem silly to knock on the door, especially if she already knew that he was looking for her, which also made him wonder where her petching cane went. Either she was plain cocky at this point, or very stupid to walk around the Quarter without the thing for protection. Seeing no other way around it, he figured that he would have to go for the front door. Leaping up the small set of stairs he gripped the door knob to which the rotting door proved to be more solid than it looked. Giving a testing turn to his surprise it deemed to be open. A murderous grin stretched across his face. "If you can here me, or even watching me. Thank you goddess of pain and murder. I shall give you a show indeed." He gave a quick prayer to Krysus before opening the door with a slight creak. Krysus must have been in his favor for upon opening the door he was welcomed in by the darkness.


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