Closed [Elysium Hall] A Fiery Situation (Alses)

Unable to deal with the curse of reimancy herself, Azira seeks the help of Alses

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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[Elysium Hall] A Fiery Situation (Alses)

Postby Azira on October 4th, 2016, 10:38 pm

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Alses was adamant that Azira was not in fact going crazy as she explained the magical phenomenon but it was difficult to believe her given the current situation. It was hard to believe that she hadn't moved onto visual hallucinations, given what she was currently bearing witness to, as the Ethaefal scribbled away at her magical patterns. It was too surreal to not be some figment of her imagination. She never could have imagined that she'd be in a room with a mage working some hocus pocus and explaining that the huntress might have to get used to hearing voices if she made use of her magic.

It was good that she now had a name to stick to the magic that Khara had experienced. Auristics was the magic that Alses excelled in and for which she had a passion. Seeing as the pair of them were getting to know each other, it seemed reasonable that the Inarta would know how to refer to the arcane art. Never having experienced it for herself, Azira still didn't understand how it worked. The magic allowed one to see things that others couldn't but that was all she could gather although she could see why it would be a desirable skill, even with her limited knowledge of it. It really must be something to awake some enthusiasm in the Ethaefal, especially given her current humour and the much cooler attitude that appeared to accompany her mortal seeming form.

The redhead watched in silence as the other worked fervently, beginning to mark the floor in the paint that contained Azira's blood. It was somewhat chilling to see each wet streak laid down and know that her life force was being smeared at her feet. She bore witness to an alien ritual and the woman's words did little to ease her into the situation. The more she talked, the more uncertain and frightened the huntress became. She began to chew absentmindedly on her thumb nail, her teeth fraying its edge into little spikes. The Ethaefal was telling her that she might be able to help her but that what she was doing was probably useless, which was less than reassuring.

"If you don't know if this will work, can you not do something certain?" Azira questioned timidly, not wanting to break the other's concentration or end up offending her. Given the other's mood, she didn't want to end up being thrown out in a fit of rage. She stepped in amongst the glyphs when she was bidden, careful not to step on any of the markings as she picked her way to the centre. She was too restless to sit and so she opted to stand in the middle rather than bringing the chair with her as had been suggested. The young woman chewed her lip as she watched as Alses finished painting the glyphs. As the last stroke occurred and she realised that it was complete, the huntress held her breath expectantly. When nothing happened, the girl looked at her questioningly, wondering what all this preparation was supposed to have achieved.

"You want me to... It doesn't just come! I can't just make it happen so it might take time," she explained, distractedly running a hand through her short hair. She shut her eyes and extended her hands palm upwards. Azira took deep breaths and tried to gain a greater awareness of her body with each one, searching for the power that would thrill through her. The Inarta recalled how it had felt, a tingling singing through her veins from some hidden source, as if she had a whole other layer to her being that she'd discovered. Alses had talked of it coming from the soul and so she imagined something deep inside her, perhaps sharing space with her heart. She thought of it as glowing, trying to make it radiate more brightly and expand. Fancying that there was a growing warmth within her chest, the huntress willed it to pump through her from her heart. With each beat, she imagined it travelling further and further, tingling through her. It was hard to tell if it was pure wishful thinking that brought on the sensation or if it was really happening, but she was convinced that power was moving through her, filling her up until it seemed to push from just beneath the surface of her skin. It wanted to escape and she threw all of her will behind the desire for it to seep out through her fingertips, to ooze and dribble down the digits to gather and pool in her palms.

The redhead opened her eyes and found that as she had suspected, it hadn't come to pass. She went through the entire process again, searching for a way to call forth the power from within her. Finally, a jolt went through her as if she'd been moving fast and had come to a sudden stop. The sensation of slipping happened and she sighed with relief as she willed it to travel out of her fingertips. It was a slow business, especially as it seemed reluctant to obey but at last, it moved sluggishly forward and then seeped thickly from her pores. It was a cloudy, white slime caught somewhere between being a liquid and a solid that slid down to gather in her palms. The sluggish movement grew faster and the slime began to ooze out more freely with increasing speed as the huntress changed her tune and willed it to stop. It kept coming however and the heady rush passed through her as more of the fluid escaped the confines of her being, something tickling at her inner ear as if just out of hearing and gradually becoming a recognisable whispering, passing through her brain like thin tendrils of smoke wafted by a breeze. The magic was good, it reminded her, it felt amazing and if she just kept going, she could only reach the greater heights of the sublime. The more conscious part of her mind that was more assuredly her turned her attention to what Alses had said about Sweet Whispers, how she was here to control and contain her magic, not free it. The whispers told her to let it be free, to not try to chain her magic away but their hold on her was still tenuous for now.

Unable to stop the flow, the young woman decided to fling the substance to try to ignite it in the hopes that it would come to an end as a result. She flicked her hands outwards, vigorously shaking the res free so that it flung outwards, an odd elasticity to it as she willed it to catch flame. Instead, the magic hit something as tangible to the senses as the power that dwelled within her and a violent flash of light burned violet spots into her retina that turned black as she blinked rapidly, the rest of her vision and odd mixture of yellows, blues and reds. Her power seemed eager to continue feeding the presence before it and the light became a constant part of her senses as her djed continued to spin out of her to enter the void in pursuit of the rest. The whispering grew more intense and urgent, the huntress gritting her teeth as she struggled to drag her magic back inside her where it belonged despite the fact that her will to do so was wavering. She swayed on her feet and took a wobbly backwards step that didn't bring her in contact with the glyphs she could potentially ruin. The unsteady step allowed the reality of the situation to break into her power-addled brain with an urgency that brought the recollection of danger.

Azira gave a mental tug, her mind almost encountering physical resistance before the pressure gave and her djed slinked back into her veins where it belonged. The violet light dissipated and exhaustion swept through her for the first time, her body heavy from exertion. She felt like she had on that occasion that herself and Khara had hauled the moose meat back to Wind Reach, except that she'd only stood still and allowed magic to leak out.

"Oh I should have brought that chair," she groaned, tottering backwards again before she allowed her knees to buckle and come down forcefully to the floor. Her palms slapped the ground, catching her briefly before she sagged down on them and tipped sideways at the same time. Somewhat curled up on her side, she felt most disinclined to move from the spot. Lying down was nice, but she was also a little worried that she might have disrupted the Ethaefal's glyphs. "Oops!"
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