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Taprissa Kentorio

Postby Tap on June 8th, 2016, 7:17 pm

Taprissa Kentorio

Race: Konti
Gender: Female
Age: 79
Birthday: 57 Winter 437AV
Birthplace: Mura, Konti Isle

Fluent Language: Kontiese
Basic Language: Common
Poor Language: Tukant

Tap, although just as young, pale and thin as the rest of her Konti kind, has a few distinct differences about her. Standing at about 5"7' in height, one would think she is shorter as she tends to have a permanent slouch, whether standing or sitting, her neck protruding her head from her shoulders which are always curved inward. Her beautiful white hair is cut ragged and very short. Long enough to run her fingers through, they brush the tips of her ears. Her face is sharp with edges, her eyes a soft blue like the ocean in the sunlight of Summer. Somewhat tomboyish, her features, although strikingly feminine, clash her her normal attire, of ragged breeches and shirts, seemingly always damp with ocean most and dripping of sand.

Although Tap is a master underwater, above water she had some disadvantages. Her constant slouch and dragging of feet, as if she was being lazy walking around, causes slowed speed compared to others. Her eyesight, too, is worse above ground than it is underwater. Water, to Tap, acts like a clearing lens and when it is lacking her vision is constantly blurred the farther away she looks. Her voice is quiet, but defiant, not shy as one may presume of someone with a soft voice. She may always seem uninterested and in a far away land, which may actually be the case, but usually isn't true.

Character Concept

Character History
Taprissa, born two weeks premature, started her life off a little differently than her sisters. She was raised dutifully by numerous female Konti, from a grandmother, mother, many aunts, sisters and cousins, her family was large and rather close. However as Taprissa grew her family slowly began to dwindle. Each year another sister, cousin, aunt and eventually mother, left to follow their Call. Until Taprissa, who started to go by Tap as her family disappeared, was left alone with her grandmother.

Yet only a few years after her last family members, her sister and cousin who left for the same Call, traveled out of Mura, her grandmother, nearing 200 years, passed. Tap, although saddened by the event, was not shocked nor devastated, and she did not dwell. Though because now all her family was gone, she was somewhat absorbed into the family life of a sister's friend. Never feeling completely at home with the new family she tended to visit them sparsely and only on important occasions. Despite Tap's lack on enthusiasm in family ongoings, her new family continues to love her and act as if she was their own daughter.

Tap's greatest desire is to travel the world outside Mura. She has planned numerous adventures, but had never had enough courage to begin them. She fears that without the excuse of a Calling she will never leave the White Isle and be destined instead to live out her days with her fellow Konti ancestors, awaiting her family's return.

Tap has a fascination with the Gods. Although she knows most basic things about most Gods, she loves to daydream and think up stories about Gods and their daily lives. Overall she actively seeks more information about the Gods and their Domains. As for worship, she worships all Gods and Goddesses and recognizes their importance within the world. However she favors Laviku above all. She loves the ocean and considers herself part of it, and bettered by it. She makes her living within the ocean, her senses improve within the ocean and Laviku is her Father. She prays to him almost daily and thinks of him extremely often. Most stories she makes up about Gods star Laviku. She knows the most information about this God as well. Secondly she praises Zulrav as she sees him a great and powerful God capable of destruction and life. She loves watching the storms he creates, though she doesn't know much besides the basics about him. Often times she imagines that Laviku and Zulrav are enemies, though she knows that is probably not true. Finally Tap favors Avalis, simply as the mother of her people and she who granted Tap the gift of vision into the Chavena. Although Tap doesn't use this gift regularly, she appreciates Avalis choosing her.

Avalis - Goddess of Visions, Divination and Foresight
Divination - Mark 1

Taprissa bears the first bloom of the Seer’s Lily and can delve into the Chavena at will seeking individual chavi and reading the past. Her sight at this level is rough. It can be unpredictable and hit-or-miss, but if she can indeed find the chavi she is looking for and read of its past, she has no problems coming up with answers to questions that might be presented to her. At this level, Taprissa cannot read the present or the future. There is also very little danger of mental illness or of Taprissa becoming lost in the Chavena.

Konti Gift
Sense of Movement

Tap can feel, as if touching her, everything living that moves within a cubic foot of her body. Although she does not know, unless of course she sees, what is moving, what it feels like or any other information about the living thing, she can sense the movement itself. She knows which direction it goes, how quickly, just as if she was seeing it move, though without knowing what it looks like.

For example, walking through a forest Tap can feel the plants at her feet sway in the wind, or in standing in a shallow pool can feel the tadpoles dart around her ankles without actually seeing them move.

This gift cannot give Tap any foresight to where something near her may move next. Each living thing feels the same to her so she could not, for example, tell one person from another simply by their movement near her. If two living things were connected, say two people holding hands, Tap would not be able distinguish them from each other. Think of it like 'feeling' a shadow.

The downside to this is that in a large, moving crowd with many people very close to her, Tap can feel overwhelmed with information and sense. Therefore she tries to avoid extremely populated and busy places.

Note: Her gift is not just for things with heartbeats, as she can feel plants too. The line is drawn at things that are alive. So if a ghost or a Nuit passed near her she would feel nothing, since they are technically not alive, even if they may be sentient.

Earnings: 6gm/day

Tap employs four different fishing techniques. The first and most simple, hand-fishing, is the act of collecting fish and other sea animals with her bare hands. This can mean simply picking up fish, clams, seastars, etc, from tide-pools or on the shore. It can also, though this sub-technique is more complicated than simple collecting, grab fish right out of the water with her bare hands. Secondly there is spear-fishing. This technique is the one Tap is most skilled at. Using a light javelin as a spear Tap can wade into shallow waters and wait for a fish to swim near. When it does she quickly stabs her javelin into the water, spearing it through onto the weapon. Thirdly, the technique Tap is least skilled in, there is pole-fishing, where fish are reeled in using a pole, line and bait. Although this technique can have a higher reward than the previous, it also requires more items, such as floats and bait, and requires a great deal of patience and often deep water. Finally Tap often sets traps, be it large nets or crab/lobster traps, etc. to collect fish over a longer period of time. The traps are checked and reset almost daily if near the shore, or 3 or 4 times a fortnight if offshore.

Location: Mura, Konti Isle, Silver Lake

A simple 400 sq.ft house standing on the edge of the western ocean of Mura. This house, half underwater, contains a hearth above ground, a simple chair, table, bunk and chest.

Living Expenses: Common, 135gm/season

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Swimming 100RA 100 Master
Fishing 26SP 26 Competent
Trapping 5SP 5 Novice
Gadgeteering 9SP 9 Novice
Scavenging 10SP 3XP 13 Novice
Medicine 10RB 10 Novice
Observation 5XP 5 Novice
Investigation 2XP 2 Novice
Endurance 2XP 2 Novice

RA: Racial Ability

Skill Progression
Observation: +5
Scavenging: +3
Investigation: +2
Endurance: +2

Grader Note :
Currently I base my presentation of my Scavenging and Fishing skill on the skill write up by Shimoje and Ferrin, respectively, that is in the Founder's Review section of the World Development forum. This means, for example, that hand fishing, the practice of collect marine life out of the water by hand, Tap considers fishing rather than just gathering. Of course the final decision is up to the grader. This is simply what I am basing her actions off of.


- Orange Ramine Headband
- Brown Linen Shirt
- Brown Linen Breeches
- White Linen Undergarments
- Brown Leather Coat
- Brown Leather Sandals
- Brown Leather Gloves
- Brown High Leather Boots

- Waterskin
- Eating Knife
- Flint & Steel
- Fishing Pole
- Fishing Pole (Squid)
- Fishing Net 25 sq.ft
- Javelin
- Stake Mallet (Used for Oyster Collecting)
- Dagger

Fishing Kit:
- Hooks
- Bobbers
- Sinkers
- Bait
- Fishing Cord

Clam Digger's Toolkit:
- Clam Shovel
- Clam Tube
- Mesh Bag
- Oyster Knife
- Rasp (Knife Sharpener)

- Wood Comb
- Wood Brush
- Merchant's Scale
- Small Animal Snare x2
- Broken Compass

Notable Possessions
Obtained: Heriloom

A orange headband made of ramine decorated with metal buckles and chains as well as some random beads and buttons.
Broken Compass
Image Obtained: Zulrav's Summer Gift

A broken compass found within the wrecked hull of a ship that washed ashore Konti Isle on the first of Summer, 516AV. Currently Tap does not know what this item once was or how to fix it. She will need to do extensive research in order to learn not only what this is, but what components are missing and how to put it back together.

*Note: Awarded by the Grader Okara. Details PMed by Mura AS, Efforvescent. Quote below.

What you found was the metal pieces that go into the box. it of course doesn't work but the basic components are there that may give the idea of how it went together. There is piece that sticks to iron especially. (This is the magnet) The dark stone comes away from iron with some effort to pull and when put close to iron, it pulls towards the metal and sticks to it again.

Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100gm 100gm
Fishing Kit -10gm 90gm
Fishing Pole -1gm 89gm
Fishing Net -4gm 85gm
Clam Digger's Toolkit -15gm 70gm
Javelin -1gm 69gm
Gloves -5sm 68gm 5sm
Scale, Merchant's -2gm 66gm 5sm
Fishing Pole -1gm 65gm 5sm
Boots, High -5sm 65gm
Stake Mallet -1sm 64gm 8sm
Dagger -1gm 63gm 8sm
Animal Snare, Small x2 -10gm 53gm 8sm
Seasonal Living (Summer 516) -135gm TBPaid
Fishing Salary (Summer 516) +XXXgm TBPaid

13 Spring, 514AV: Land, Ho! - Ongoing


1 Summer, 516AV: Zulrav's Summer Gift - Completed
14 Summer, 516AV: Against the Dagger - Ongoing
21 Summer, 516AV: Out of Season Oysters - Ongoing
45 Summer, 516AV: Red in the Head - Ongoing
61 Summer, 516AV: Marine Circles - Ongoing
80 Summer, 516AV: Jets of Ink - Ongoing

Wilderness 1
Wilderness 2
2 Fall, 516AV: Abalone Aray - Ongoing
Job 2
Dagger 1
Treasure 1
42 Fall, 516AV: Day of Bright Colors - Ongoing
47 Fall, 516AV: An Unwelcome Welcome - Ongoing

1 Summer. 516AV: Laviku versus Zulrav - Daydream

45 Summer, 516AV: Laviku
80 Summer, 516AV: Laviku
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Grader Note :
Currently I base my presentation of my Scavenging and Fishing skill on the skill write up by Shimoje and Ferrin, respectively, that is in the Founder's Review section of the World Development forum. This means, for example, that hand fishing, the practice of collect marine life out of the water by hand, Tap considers fishing rather than just gathering. Of course the final decision is up to the grader. This is simply what I am basing her actions off of.

Please also note that Tap is a very antisocial Konti and therefore please only reward her socialization point HALF of what you would normally award for a PC.
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