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Lemming to Water

Postby Aladari Coolwater on June 22nd, 2016, 3:51 am

Timestamp: 56th of Summer, 516 AV
Location: Stumble Alley

Aladari had never felt like this before. Her head hummed. Her heart felt still, as though it were taking a rest, and yet she could feel the fresh blood pulsing through each of her individual veins. When she opened her eyes, she saw the world in vibrant color, more masterful in its art than she had ever imagined. In order to see more, Aladari rolled over on the ground, her view spinning from the wall she had been facing to the hot Sunberthian sky. Every time she moved, she felt a stream of euphoria zing up her body and into her spine, and so upon rolling onto her back, Aladari let out a little giggle- just a squeak.

It was loud enough, though.

"She's not dead? Hey, Buck, this one ain't dead yet!"

Buck...Like a deer! I hope he has horns. The idea struck her as rather funny, and she felt another giggle escape her mouth. And then there was more than a giggle; she was laughing, and she couldn't stop. It felt too good to want to stop. Her giggles must have attracted the man called Buck, because he came over to join the first man soon enough. He came in close to her face, too, looking deep into her eyes and marveling at the display of shifting colors. Her eyes traveled from blue, to green, to a bright purple, and then down to a yellow color that even she had never seen on her face.

"Are her eyes supposed to do that?" Asked Buck, "It's kinda freaky."

"Pff, petch if I know. Just cover 'em up. We ain't needin' her eyes anyway. Jus' them lovely lips."

Buck sat back on his haunches, his eyes darting about the alley nervously. He ground his teeth together before he spoke, betraying his extreme anxiety. "I dunno, Grizz, I think this might be a bad idea. She looks like she has guards. Look!"

Buck tugged on her belt. The belt came free easily, so that the man could hold it up and display it. On it, her thin pouch of Mizas dangled, but also, her bright silver signal whistle.

"Only people who have someone to call on have whistles, Grizz."

The man named Grizz growled, his voice deep and intimidating. "I said is fine. So is fine. Ya hear? Jus' hurry up and store those Mizas so you can help me with the rope. We ain't got all day."

Aladari rolled her head to the side again so that she could see the men work on trapping her arms in a soft, lavender colored rope. It was snug, but it didn't hurt, and the man was smiling the whole time, so Aladari reasoned that he must be helping her. She smiled back. Beside the men, she saw several dogs guarding the alleyway. They stood at least 3 feet high, tall and mean. Their teeth were barred and their big bulging eyes all focused on her. Aladari shivered. Maybe these men would take her away from the dogs. At least then she wouldn't die so soon. She let her eyes wander as she waited to be taken to safety, hardly noticing that the dogs shifted in and out of her view, like fog in a gale.

After the men finished tying her, they moved to a fainted body next to her, rummaging through the pockets. Looking for ID, so they can take him home, probably. How nice.

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"The sea always filled her with longing, though for what she was never sure."
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Lemming to Water

Postby Akhen on August 29th, 2016, 9:47 pm

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