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Postby Hanzo on June 25th, 2016, 11:00 pm


Race: Human + Isur
Age: 18
Height: 6,3
Birthplace: Sunberth
Born on: 1st of Winter 498 AV.
Gender: Male
Occupation: Thief pending
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Physical Description:
Hanzo keeps his sandy brown mane short, usually in messy spikes with a few strands falling over his forehead. His eyes, a faded green in color, give an impassive stare towards anything they pass over.
Hanzo's heirloom is an onyx colored, plain black bandanna. He rarely takes it off, going as far as even sleeping with it. Over his nose and under his eyes, the thin fabric obscures the lower part of his face.
Underneath the facemask, he keeps his beard short, making it nothing more that a shade.

As far as clothing goes, Hanzo's favorite color is clearly visible. Dark high boots, reaching just under the knees, are made out of black soft leather. Upwards, a pair of loose cloth pants, dull grey in color, have their ends tucked in the boots. His torso is covered by a simple cloth shirt, one who's sleeves seem to be ripped off, leaving his arms bare and thin cloth ribbons falling over his shoulders. Over this, he wears leather armor in the form of a vest with added shoulder protection and a high collar. Although one that he rarely uses, Hanzo is in the possession of a coal colored hooded cloak, made out of cotton.

Hanzo was born in the city if Sunberth, from unknown parents. The crying baby was left at the doorstep of an old couple. When the retired Syliran Knight, known as Revidas Songwood opened the heavy oaken door, lowering his gaze towards the ground, what he saw was a basket with its inhabitant. Covered by a single black piece of cloth, the black eyed baby looked up towards the man that it will call 'father' for the next decade. Upon lifting the basket up, finding it not heavier than a large sack of rice, Revidas carried it from the snowstorm outside, towards the warmth of his cottage. Only upon closer inspection, did he see a small piece if paper with a single word stretching over it. Written in common, by someone very well versed in calligraphy, it read 'Hanzo'.

Revidas was a Syliran knight, holding the rank of sergeant. Like his comrades, he was to protect all that is just and good, while smiting evil and all that worship the dark gods. However, he had done something he should never had. He had fell in love. Not with a peasant girl, nor a merchant's daughter. But one of Rhysol's worshipers. This sin couldn't be tolerated. With this in mind, both Revidas and Ashara betrayed their gods and their orders, fleeing together towards the only place where the long arm of punishment couldn't reach them, anarchy's core, Sunberth.

Living within a city that is like the raging river, never peaceful nor stale, was a feat itself. One bought sunny days with coin. Yet, this 'protection' wasn't cheap, and few could afford it. However, Hanzo's mother, Ashara was working as a apothecary, and thus had plenty of patients from the constant syndicate and gang trifles.

From the day he could wield something as light as a kama, Revidas taught his son how to effectively use it. He knew that he wasn't going to live for ever, especially if his poor health is taken into account. Thus, his goal was to prepare his only son for the cruel world that lied several steps away from his home. Although he knew that the people providing him food and shelter weren't his real parents, he loved them, and they looked at him as if he was the sin they never managed to have.

Childhood was fairly normal, considering he was from Sunberth...

That until one day...

One of the major gangs, named the Daggerhand, had been controlling the very part of the city Hanzo's home was in. There were rumors, spread by envy and hate, that his family had a chew full of treasures that Revidas took with him when he was forced to run from the knights. There were even rumors that his mother was a witch, working together with the Night Eyes. Some if these rumors reached the Daggerhand, thus they sent a small band of 'soliders' to investigate.

The thugs arrived, storming inside the small cottage. They trashed every room, flipping and turning furniture, all in hopes of finding the treasure everyone was talking about. When Revidas told them that they had no treasure, nor that they possessed no hidden money, nor had anything to do with the Night Eyes, they were slaughtered, with their corpses, holding each others arms tightly till the end, burnt together with their home.

While all of this happened, hidden behind the veil of shadows, Hanzo watched from the darkness of a tight alleyway. He heard his mothers scream, one that was silenced quickly. He saw the thugs exit, blood coating their hands and dirty clothes.

The scene that happened next, will end carved In his brain forever.

One particularly tall individual, a mountain of muscle, shouted the words that Hanzo will never forget.

"For Daggerhand!"

And with that, the torch that illuminated the surroundings left his firm grip, gliding towards the straw roof of his home.

Hanzo was unable to do anything but watch, his face a mask of impassiveness, his eyes focusing on nothing in particular. He wasn't sad, nor was he angry. His father wouldn't like to see him sad.

But that didn't matter now, did it?

"The only thing that matters now, is vengeance..."

Character Concept:
Hanzo is rather reserved, and isn't fond of people or crowds. Typically not one to start a conversation, when he does speak, his responses are laconic in nature. Being stabbed in the back several times, literally, he is slow to trust, although this us an trait many is Sunberth possess. His facial expressions are well hidden behind his mask, combined with his ever cold and indifferent tone, one could never guess what he is thinking off.

However, he is far from emotionless. His hate towards Daggerhand manifests itself in different ways. Thirst for vengeance is the only thing fueling him to continue carving his way trough life's hardships. Alike his fellow citizens, Hanzo doesn't approve of magic, finding it a cowards weapon.

"Your fireball won't stop my kama from chopping your head off..."

His views on the world, apart from his bitter hatred towards the gangs and syndicates, are rather stoic. Life is neither good, nor us it bad, it just is. There is no good, nor is there evil, there are just people with different goals. With this neutral mindset, Hanzo doesn't see a problem with taking the life, or possessions, of another person for the sake of his own survival. Being good never pays out in this world anyway.

Training and Skill Points:
Weapon: Kusarigama ~ Competent at 31 points (10RB, 20SP, +1P)
Poison ~ Novice at 7 points (7SP)
Stealth ~ Novice at 10 points (9SP, +1)
Acrobatics ~ Novice at 5 points (5SP)
Larceny ~ Novice at 9 points (9SP)
Tactics ~ Novice at 1 point (1P)
Observation ~ Novice at 1 point (1P)

-Sunberth street layout (SP)
-Religious: Akaija (SP)
-No pity for the dying
-Small victories are still victories
-My purpose is to kill Daggerhands
-Tactics: Surprise the enemy
-Stealth: Cover your sounds
Fluent: Common
Basic: Vani
Poor: Fratava

~ 19 GM 4SM 94 CM
100 starting mizas
- 41 GM (cold iron kama + kusarigama)
- 30 GM (Thieves' tools)
- 10 GM (leather armor)
- 1 GM (High leather boots)
- 6 CM (Cotton hood attached to the cloak)
--------------- The above is pre bought -------------
+ 1GM 4SM (Looted from Daggerhand corpses)

-Cold Iron Kama + Kusarigama
-High Boots
-Grey cloth pants (SP)
-Sleeveless top (SP)
-Leather armor
-Undergarments (SP)
-Fabric Mask (Heirloom)
-Black hooded cloak (SP + hood)
-1 Waterskin
-1 Backpack which contains: 1 Set of Toiletries (bone comb, brush, razor, soap)
-Food for a week
-1 eating knife
-Flint and Steel

The black facemask, one that Hanzo almost never takes off, is in fact the same blanket that covered him when his father found him that one winter night. It us rather thin, although extremely durable. One one occasion, a trader offered him fifty golden mizas for that small piece of cloth.

Thread list:

~Revenge is a path of many steps...
{...and all paths have to start somewhere.}

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