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Shiress and Clyde run into each other

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Stranger meets girl (Clyde)

Postby Shiress on November 25th, 2017, 9:55 pm


Should have known the man wouldn't share anything about himself, thought Shiress, struggling to pay attention to Clyde as he spoke, eye lids laden. The man's voice and the pops and crackling from the campfire mingled to form a perfect lullaby for the exhausted and injured barmaid, whose lids drooped, and drooped, then finally, unable to fight off sleeps demand, slid closed, as slumber took hold.

Sometime later, Shiress awoke to silence and deep darkness, save the amber glow of the dying campfire light. Beside the fire, she spotted a bundled mass and took this as Clyde's form, still with sleep. Sliding her cloak from her bag, she sleepily pulled herself from the uncomfortable position she had fell asleep in and moved closer to the fire, her hand stretching out, searching the silent mass for reassurance that the man was actually there. She found it, letting her hand rest gently somewhere on Clyde's form. Heartened by the man's slow and steady inhales and long exhales beneath her hand, she let sleep take her, also.

Shiress slept fitfully, dreams and half-dreams forcing her to the surface of sleep with a violent jerk or gasp. Each time, she willed herself to remember where she was and that she was not alone, that there was no Zith lurking about her. When this would register, she would fall back into the uneven current of sleep once again, to repeat the same a bell or so later.

Finally, the black canopy above cracked, revealing a crease of pink tinged light, splitting its eastern edge. Just as song birds began their ritual of early morning praise, Shiress gasped, sitting bolt upright, long, chestnut strands of hair clinging to her sweat soaked face, chest heaving. Had it been another nightmare? Slowly, trees began to solidify before her as she fully came awake.

Shiress groaned.

Her head hurt. Her leg hurt. Shiress' entire body was one solid mass of pain and fever.

With effort, she pulled a water skin to her lips and drank, swallowing the sick that threatened to rise from her belly. Scrubbing the back of her hand across her mouth, she coughed, glancing around. Her back was to the fire and to where she hoped Clyde still laid. Unable to summon the strength to turn, she called for him. "Clyde?" she managed, but her words came out in a croaked whisper. Licking dry lips, she cleared her throat and tried again. "Clyde," she called again, holding herself upright with a propped hand to the ground for the effort, "we need to try for the city," she took an unsteady breath and blew it out, resigned to say what needed to be said,

"Clyde, I'm not doing well..."

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