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Postby Shiress on January 28th, 2013, 6:29 pm


General Information

Full Name: Shiress Underhill
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Birthday: 75th day of Fall 490
Age: 31
Birthplace: Zeltiva
Height: 5’4
Weight: 128lb

Bartender at the Rearing Stallion
Freed by Elias Caldera
Physician at The Healing Hand
Physician at The Redynn (Outpost)
Children's physician
Current Housing:
Traveler's Row
Sullin's residence
Lark Estate
Caldera Manor
Underhill Cottage
Protea Inn
Shade's House/work shop
Fluent in: Common


Shiress, at first glance, is a beautiful but rugged, unkempt female. Long, chestnut hair, usually curtaining one eye, sways down her back and past her hips. Her deep emerald eyes are set aside from most, and often is the first a stranger notices. Her short stature of 5'4 is adorned with ivory-toned skin but blemished with many scars. Shiress is not thin nor is she heavyset. She tends to hide under clothes and behind her hair and does not know her own beauty and will not accept compliments easily.

Markings :
Every Mark has a story…
BackScarThick, ivory colored whip marks
ChestScar Several smaller, lighter colored whip marks around collar bone, shoulders, and chest
ChestBrandingOwners mark:(EJordan) Below the left collarbone (as of Spring 512 this scar became unreadable due to a stab wound)
Left LegLarge red scar on the inner thigh (Zith attack); whip marks
Right LegSemicircular scar on the calf and opposite front(Arrow); whip marks. Here also, Shiress bares the first mark of Bala, a deep silver root, etched beautifully and perfect into the skin on the inside of her right calf.
Right WristBranding Slave name tattoo:(Shiress) On the back of the right wrist

*As of Spring 522, all of Shiress's scars were moderated by The Goddess Rak'Keli and now look like etched roses all across her body.*


Shiress is very quiet, reserved and soft-spoken. Years of enslavement not only has her naive and mistrusting of others but also has left her fighting against demons hidden deep within her own memory. This, however, is not her weakness. These memories will guide her into a strong, confident woman that she does not yet know exists. But still, her temper remains long fused and rarely witnessed. Only those who threaten to return her to her past can ignite the fuse that sends her spiraling into anger, if not rage.

Ethics: Her ethics are those of love and loyalty to those that show her the same. She stays true to this and is not one to falter with lies and deceit. She has a deep passion and benevolence for the sick and injured. She seems to be drawn to them, and they to her, gaining peace and acceptance of her care.


In late Spring of 519, Shiress survived an assassination attempt by the Lark and Caldera families of her and Elias's unborn baby. Shiress, Caspian, and Ambrosia fled Ravoc for Shiress's home, Zeltiva.
During the first days of Summer 519, Shiress gave birth to Elias's son, Ian Zaniah Caldera, en route to Zeltiva.
By late Summer 520, Shiress, Ian, Caspian, and Ambrosia have settled into Shiress's family cottage with her father and mother, Zachiah and Lorna Underhill.
In the late Fall of 518, Elias came for Shiress. At the end of it all, her lover, true to his word gave Shiress back her freedom and gave her a place to call home with him at The Caldera Manor.

Also in Spring of 518 Shiress and Elias meet for the final time prior to his plans for her freedom coming to fruition. At this meeting Shiress professed her love for the Stryfer and to her surprise and elation, Elias revealed that he too loved her.

In Spring 518 Shiress bonded with a wolf Kelvic, Rook, and found a new reason to survive.

In Winter 517 Shiress was enslaved by Radcliffe Lark as a personal favorite of the Lark Master thanks to her Cultivation Gnosis.

In the Summer of 517 Shiress met an Ebonstryfe Soldier by the name of Elias Caldera. After deciding to thwart an attempt on the soldier's life and saving the life of his young apprentice, Elias granted Shiress a boon. Her freedom.

In Summer 516 Shiress was taken by Sayana and enslaved in her service. Over time, Shiress is hypnotized continually, brainwashed, and mentally and emotionally abused, into subservience. This has made her empty and uncaring of her well being.

In Fall 516 Sayana and Clyde arrive in Ravok, with an emaciated (due to Sayana's discipline and to Shiress's severe seasickness), and unhealthy Shiress in tow. While in Ravok, Shiress comes to the dilution that Clyde has fallen victim to Sayana -hypnotized and forced into subservience- just as she was herself. This delusion causes Shiress to think that Clyde is innocent, and needs rescuing as much as she does. This, however, is not the case. Clyde and Sayana are true lovers and Clyde is far from innocent.

Around the end of Fall, Shiress attempts to run away. While she is gone, Sayana and Clyde are suddenly called away, having to leave before they are able to locate Shiress. Shiress eventually returns to Clyde's house, where she remains, alone, for the next two seasons, stealing and foraging for her survival. Unwilling to leave poor Clyde in the many hands of the evil Sayana, Shiress waits, hoping Clyde will come back for her.

Finally, in Summer 517, Sayana returns to resume her search for Shiress only to find her alone, living in Clyde's house.***

Born in Zeltiva, Shiress, her Mother, Father, and twin brother Zane, lived a quiet, modest life. Her father, Zachiah was a Shipyard worker and her mother, Lorna, a nurse at The University's Infirmary.

They lived in a quaint but charming cottage not far from the University where Shiress often shadowed her mother as she worked. Her early childhood was full of love, laughter, and fond memories, but at age 14 her life turned and was no more the same. Just 12 days after turning 14 her family traveled to Sunberth. It was never known to young Shiress or her brother why her parents made this journey, but it would prove to be one not soon forgotten.

Shiress and her brother, ordered by their parents, were sitting outside a tavern located just inside the market district. Several men dressed in dark, ragged clothing, one being completely cloaked, approached them and ordered Shiress and her brother to accompany them to a location where their parents awaited.

Ushered hastily along the front of the building, the escorts became expeditious and impatient. Within an instant, both Shiress and Zane were backed into a wall and searched. Zane, seeing his sister groped, lunged for her and in doing so found himself on the ground being kicked back into submission.

Shiress was turned to face the wall, her arms pulled to her back and bound together. A massive hand left the stone by her face and thick fingers gathered her hair, lifted her head and slammed her face against the stone. A throb of pain soared through the girl. Her body instantly weakened and slid down against the stone, as her eyes drifted backward, disappearing slowly behind closing lids.

At length, her eyes fluttered open to see her brother lying motionless on his back near her. A shadowed figure approached him with a raised arm, but even before fear could fully engulf her heart, her eyes rolled away again and darkness took her and she never knew what happened to her brother, nor did she ever see him again.

Shiress lost her family that night, alongside her freedom. She was quickly sold into slavery and has since spent the better part of her young life living a nightmarish existence...Until sometime in 512. Shiress gathered what little she owned and escaped her captor and Sunberth to seek refuge in the only city she thought was safe -Syliras. The memory of this escape and journey to her new home and new found freedom was lost, however, and only broken and frightening shards remain. Little by little, she tries to piece her past together and learn to overcome it.

The life she found in Syliras proved peaceful enough for the girl, and working at The Rearing Stallion absorbed most of her free time, and her first few seasons proved uneventful, save a handful of ill met events with the opposite sex. These, she wrapped up and boxed under: Live and Learn.

Shiress' newfound peace was shattered, however, in early Spring of 513 when a girl's night out with a new acquaintance turned violent. The night ended with a bad mannered, male patron stabbed to death, and Shiress holding the dagger. The God's proved on her side, though, and the Knights of the fortified city never came calling after her. Later that Spring, everything she thought she knew changed...abruptly. Elijah Jordan, Shiress' former slave master, stowed himself in The Bronze Woods, outside Syliras, and sent forth his minions into the city to retrieve his lost slave. Shiress was bound and forced into the woods where her master awaited. Unfortunately, her best friend, Hadyn Skellig, went with her.

Torture is a good word for what awaited the pair beyond the trees that night, and little of the word was left undone. The two were eventually separated and Shiress was left alone and to the will of her master. Packed away to await the departure back to Sunberth, Shiress took advantage of a distraction and freed herself, only to be subdued once again shortly after. The recapture was short-lived, however, thanks to a doctor-turned-squire, by the name of Orion Michaels, stumbling onto the scene. Orion fell into the battle with two of the captors, leaving Shiress in a death-match with a female of the group, who proved to be much stronger and more skilled than the girl, and she soon overpowered Shiress and stabbed her in the chest. Death was cheated, however, when a change of heart motivated yet another female of the group to step in and aid Shiress. Soon after, the female hero came face to face with an irate slave master, and Shiress found new courage. Staggering to her feet, Shiress overtook her master from behind. His life ended that night in a stabbing frenzy by the hands of his slave.

At the end of it all, blade and blood had planted a dark seed of madness and evil deep within the girl, while fight and survival sowed new confidence and courage. All taking root and leaving Shiress forever changed.

Ian Zaniah Caldera

Date of Birth: 1st Day of Summer 519

Father: Elias Caldera

Mother: Shiress Underhill




Skills and Lores

Skill Experience Total Rank
Aerobatics 3XP3Novice
Animal Husbandry1XP1Novice
Begging 4XP4Novice
Brawling 8XP8Novice
Dancing 2XP2Novice
Doll Making 1XP1Novice
Endurance 17XP17Novice
Escape Artist 3XP3Novice
Interrogation 13XP 13 Novice
Intimidation 9XP9Novice
Land Navigation3XP3Novice
Leadership10SP +8XP18Novice
Organization 1XP1Novice
Negotiation 2XP2Novice
Persuasion 11XP11Novice
Philosophy 2XP2Novice
Planning 6XP6Novice
Running 10SP + 8XP 18 Novice
Stealth 3XP3Novice
Stick Fighting 1XP1Novice
Story telling 7XP7Novice
Subterfuge 3XP3Novice
Tactics 2XP2Novice
Unarmed Combat 10XP10Novice
Weapon-Dagger 19XP19Novice
Wilderness survival 15RB +1XP16 Novice

Skill Experience Total Rank
Rhetoric 40XP40Competent
Seduction 5SP + 21XP26 Competent

Skill Experience Total Rank
Medicine 20SP+30XP 50 Expert

Skill Experience Total Rank
Observation 5SP + 95XP 100 Master
Socializing 82XP 82 Master

Human anatomy
Ascertaining the deception of lies through changes in ones voice
Wakening to the mystery of pain
Location - Syliras
Saved by a squire
Engulfed by Fear
Uttering a Warning
The Art of Prayer
Rowdy Tavern Men
Seeking Revenge
The Body's Ploy
All doctors aren't caring
The Life of a Bar Maid
Dealing with Cranky Customers
Kisetukai - insane
The Rogue Knight is real
The Bazaar, The Birth of a Friendship
Going Shopping
Fun for a barmaid
Getting Hurt
Kissing a Wolf
Interrupted pity party
Fallon - stranger
Accepting a girls night out
Just a day on the job
Sharing a friendly drink
Learning from past mistakes
Girl talk-Best cure for wounded heart
Drinks And Gambles
A Staring Woman
Isolde: Acquaintance
Isolde's Corpse-like Features
Isolde's A Nuit
Shiress The Invincible Woman
Did I Do That?
Taking Down A Brute
Forced To Stab A Man In Self-Defense
Isolde's Cowardice
Out Damned Ghost!
Endurance: To Take A Punch
Reliable Friends
The Brawl of 513
A wild festival - Stallion brawl
Sharing a fun dance in the streets
Reunited with Perc..for a tick
I kissed Seth and I liked it
Taking a mug to the head - OUCH
Leila and her dolly Cheryl
Using Bala's mark to cause a rose to bloom
Cooked inside the Fortress
Favion? Falcon? Faline... Fallon!
Fallon's pendant
Flashback: The same pendant as Fallon
First day on the job
Kayle: Customer
Azcadelia: Customer
Observational Insight: Friends and Foes
Philosophy: Just Desserts
Rhetoric: How To Insult A Man’s Pride
Observational Insight: Seeing Through A Façade
Bolivar: A Magical Newfound Friend
An Invitation From Richard
Accepting An Invitation With Min's Help
Slave No Longer
A Date With Richard, My Savior
Gift for Hadyn
Memories can be disturbing
Memories can also be sweet
Love of Niya
Razkar: Unusual looking man
Watch the Shadows
Pretty ones wear jewels
Orion Michaels: No longer seems as Important
Elijah Jorden: Hates Women
Given Charge Over Niya
Niya: Good For Me, As I'm Good For You
Strangers Speaking of Miranda
A Promise to Free Niya
Running For Freedom
Kidnapped in the night
Elijah's return: True fear
Elijah's death: Killing your master
Elijah's death: Revenge served
Lona: mugger/kidnapper
Shiress: Survivor
Number one way to kill: Stab, stab, stab
Captivity: An Experience Shiress Won't Soon Forget
Captivity: Knowing What a Slave Should Be
Death: Sometimes a Better Choice
Gad: Boldly Defiant
Leadership: Initiating a Calculated Plan
Leadership: Sometimes a Plan Fails
Tourmal: Rearing Stallion Patron
Ron: Grumpy Cook
Medicine: Treating Deep Burn Wounds
Medicine: Honey Could Cure Burn Wounds
Orion: He Lost A Wife
Rearing Stallion: Learning to Pinch Back
Wishing for Love, Wishing for Marriage
Rubby: Scary bug thing
Rubby: The Turtlebug
Rubby: Turtlebug Assassin Machine
Rubby’s Owner: Gadgeteer/Thief
The Broken Casket: Location
The Broken Casket: Shots are Given By Locals
The Broken Casket: Smells like the sea… And Zeltiva
Yoren: Orphan Friend to Ryia
Shadow: My Pet Cat
Orion: Jerk Squire
Markus: Syliran Knight
Markus Is From Zeltiva
Markus Worships Tyveth
Markus Likes Green Eyes
Markus: One Night Stand... Or Not
Kittens Are Skittish
Ashlyn: Daughter of Loren
Loren: Abused, wounded woman
Akon: Loren's aggressor and husband
Medicine: Diagnostic usage of pain for the unconscious
Identifying suspicious men
Snarling to intimidate
The difference between a slave and a captive
Resolve: never speak of your enslavement again!
Playing submissive to appease a captor
Using lies to sniff out a liar
Sayana: Beautiful and dangerous
Sayana: Demands a clean servant
Shiress: Gaunt hips, the mark of a slave
Interrogation: Using an appropriate approach
Shiress: Can’t ignore the pain of others
Shiress: Zeltiva is home.
Zeltivan accent is undeniable
Shiress: Convicted when on a mission
Shiress: Built up anger makes her stomach hurt
Leadership: Directing a child
Sharay: An East Streeter
Sharay: A little mama to her brothers
Becker & Decker: Sharay’s seven year old brothers
Unarmed Combat: Punching between muscles hurts
Wilderness Survival: Using flint and steel to start a fire
Tactics: Creating space after rudely awakening a stranger
Karyk: The drunk mountain
Rhetoric: Using an insult to divert focus
Shiress: A painful past like Sharay’s
Shiress: Uses words to alleviate her anger
Unarmed Combat: Don’t push someone bigger than yourself without a solid base
Cooking: Making coffee
Rhetoric: Giving advice from past experience
Zane: Shiress’ brother
Zane: Tortured by Sayana
Shiress: Too weak to break the hypnosis
Shiress: Deeply hypnotized to love Sayana
Zane: A wonderful Zeltivan man
Shiress: A troubled life after leaving home
Shiress: Apologetic amidst a troubled mind
Shiress: Stubborn enough to risk a second faint for some answers
Karyk: Has a sweet, sweet Zeltivan accent
Karyk: Worked with Shiress’ dad
Zachiah Underhill: Shiress’ father
Lorna Underhill: Shiress’ mother
Karyk: Family-Zeltivan
Rhetoric: Giving advice on parenting from a child’s memories
Interrogation: Feigning disinterest to press a point
Zeltiva: Home will always be home
Laughter is contagious
Medicine: Cleaning wounds
Swimming: Pushing a boat
Medicine: Checking for protruding bones
Medicine: Realigning a dislocated shoulder
Karyk: Maybe she loves him
Magenta Flower: Sayana's pretty flower
Keep One Eye on the Road
Elias: Cold, Old Eyes
Unarmed Combat: Yanking a Weapon out of an Opponent's Grip
Unarmed Combat: The Power of a Headbutt
Medicine: Using Pressure to Halt Bleeding
Medicine: Cauterizing an Open Wound
Maybe Don't Leave A Shop Without Paying?
Kelvics: A Boy Can Become a Wolf
Rook: The Kelvic Wolf Boy
Location: The Spicy Lass
The Consequences of Admitting to Your Crime
Slaves Have No Real Rights
Medicine: Making a splint
Medicine: Tying off the leg to slow the blood flow
Zavya: Kelvic Tiger
Zavya: Rykers slave
Zayva: A friend
Zavya: Worth saving
Elias: Considers her strong
Elias: Makes her feel safe
Elias: Lore of when he first saw snow
Elias: Loves her and needs her
Elias: Wants her to spy on Radcliff Lark
Alaric: Butler of Caldera Manor
Isabella: Handmaiden
Kelvic Bond: Redirecting emotion to keep bondmate unaware of danger
Location: Caldera Manor
Location: Valdinox Estate
Lore of first kiss shared with Zavya
Ravosalamen: Don't ask questions
Ryker: A true sadist
Seduction: The art of pleasing a woman
Seduction: Slow and sweet gets better results
Self: Determined to see Zavya free, even if she has to buy her
Self: Disgusted by Ryker's treatment of Zavya
Self: Not adjusting well to freedom
Self: Wonders if time spent with Zavya is a betrayal to Rook and Elias
Zavya: Has a rough tongue
Zavya: Saved her from Ryker's torture
Zavya: Smells like flowers and cinnamon
Magic changes you
Magic is a tool, not a toy
Magic's nature is volatile
Djed is part of you; is you
Authority and will over magic must be absolute
A student must be willing to obey her instructor
Hypnotism - A discipline only as robust as the mind that wields it
Hypnotism - The weaponization and deployment of a Mage's desire
Animals are simple creatures with simple minds and are ruled purely by their instinct
One must understand their djed into order to wield it
A hypnotist must understand their victim so as to assert control
Hypnotism is most effective when making the victim believe it was their idea in the first place
Trusting Elias completely
Elias - A soldier all his life
There are many uses for Hypnotism, not all of which are self-evident
Gift - Elias's memory of learning Hypnotism
Elias - Injured during the djed storm
Memory - Elias's pain
Djed - A well of energy within myself
Clearing your mind and focusing to use djed
The key to Hypnotism is in the eyes
Ambrosia - Sick Slave
Jeb - Slaver
Medicine - Snake Venum imitates death when administered to humans in a small dose
Caldera family - Wants to end caldera bloodline
Caldera - Hired an assassin
Larks - Hired asssasin
Emetic - Causes Vomiting

Bala's first mark of cultivation
Rak'Keli's first mark of healing

Equipment and Possesions

1 Set Of Clothing:
Faded black tank top
Pale green coat 2 sizes too big
Light brown carpenter pants cut off below the knees
Slide on canvas shoes

1 Water-skin
1 backpack which contains:
1 set of toiletries: comb(metal), brush(metal), razor, soap
Food for a week
1 eating knife
Flint & steel
Stiletto Dagger (Gift)

Heirloom: a gold band- perfectly fitted for her index finger

Purchase Debt Credit Tally
Starting +100GM 100GM
Housing (Temp) +500GM600GM
Housing (Half-Season 512AV) -4 GM 596GM
Bathing pool-1GM,1CM594GM,99CM
Cotton dress-5SM593GM,5SM,99CM
Salted Pork -3GM 590GM,5SM,99CM
Housing Spring 513AV-9GM,1SM 581GM,4SM,99CM
Kukri -8GM 573GM,4SM,99CM
Festival3GM,3.5SM 570GM,1SM,99CM
Housing Summer 513-9GM,1SM664GM,99CM
Living expenses(Winter 512 & Spring 513)-90GM574GM,99CM
Housing Fall 513-9GM, 1SM555GM, 9SM, 99CM
Living expense Fall 513-45GM510GM,9SM, 99CM
Shopping Spree 9th Day, Fall 513-30GM -9SM480GM,99CM
Scabbard, Dagger-2GM478GM,99CM
Housing Winter 513-9GM,1SM459GM,9SM,99CM
Living Expense Winter 513-45GM424GM,9SM,99CM
Favor at Soothing Water Spring 514-2GM422GM,9SM,99CM
Housing Spring 514-9GM,1SM413GM,8SM,99CM
Living Expense Spring 514-45GM368GM,8SM,99CM
Pet Expense(Shadow) Spring 514-10GM358GM,8SM,99CM
Housing Summer 514-9GM, 1SM349GM,7SM,99CM
Living Expense Summer 514-45GM304GM,7SM,99CM
Pet Expense (Shadow) Summer 514-10GM294GM, 7SM, 99CM
Housing Fall 514-9GM,1SM285GM, 6SM, 99CM
Living Expense Fall 514 -45GM240GM, 6SM,99CM
Pet Expense Fall 514-10GM230GM, 6SM,99CM
Housing Winter 514-9GM, 1SM221GM, 5SM,99CM
Living Expense Winter 514-45GM176GM,5SM,99CM
Pet Expense Winter 514-10GM166GM,5SM,99CM
Housing Spring 515-9GM,1SM157GM,4SM,99CM
Living Expense Spring 515-45GM112GM,4SM,99CM
Pet Expense Spring 515-10GM102GM,4SM,99CM
Housing Summer 515Inactive102GM,4SM,99CM
Housing Fall 515Inactive102GM,4SM,99CM
Housing Winter 515Inactive102GM,4SM,99CM
Housing Spring 516Inactive102GM,4SM,99CM
Living Expense Spring 516Inactive102GM,4SM,99CM
Pet Expense Spring 516Inactive102GM,4SM,99CM
Housing Summer 516-45GM57GM, 4SM, 99CM
Living Expense Summer 516-9GM,1SM48GM, 3SM, 99CM
Living Expense, Housing Fall 516Paid By Slave Master48GM, 3SM, 99CM
Spring 517Inactive48GM, 3SM, 99CM
Expenses, Summer 517Paid By Slave Master48GM, 3SM, 99CM
Expenses, Fall 517Paid By Slave Master48GM, 3SM, 99CM
Expenses, Winter 517Paid By Slave Master (Per Prophet)48GM, 3SM,99CM
Expenses, Spring 518Paid By Slave Master48GM, 3SM, 99CM
Expenses, Summer 518Paid By Slave Master48GM, 3SM, 99CM
Expenses, Fall 518Paid By Slave Master48GM, 3SM, 99CM
Expenses, Winter 518Paid By Elias Caldera48GM, 3SM, 99CM
Gift from Elias Caldera+2500GM2548GM, 3SM, 99CM
Expenses, Spring 519-135Gm2413GM, 3SM, 99CM
Expenses, Summer 519-135GM2278GM, 3SM, 99CM
Expenses, Fall 519-135 gm2143GM, 3SM, 99CM
Expenses, Winter 519 -135GM2008GM, 3SM, 99CM
Expenses, Spring 520 -135GM1873GM, 3SM, 99CM
Travel Expenses, Summer 520 -810GM1063GM, 3SM, 99CM
Expenses, Fall 520 -45GM1018GM, 3SM, 99CM
Expenses, Winter 520 -45GM973GM, 3SM, 99CM

Travel Supplies Summer 520AV

Total Cost-940gm

Ravok to Nyka 520AV-27 Days
IndividualCaravan FeeRation feeCargo feeCreditTally
Total Cost-110gm

Nyka to Sahova 520AV-19 Days
IndividualSailing FeeRation FeeCargo FeeCreditTally
Total Cost-77gm

Sahova to Sunberth 520AV-2 Days
IndividualSailing FeeRation FeeCargo FeeCreditTally
Total Cost-10gm

Sunberth to Zeltiva 520AV-18 Days
IndividualSailing FeeRation FeeCargo FeeCreditTally
Total Cost-73gm

Total Combined Expense Per Traveler for Summer 520AV
IndividualSuppliesTraveling ExpenseCreditTally
Horse's Sold (Nyka)00400gm+400gm
Total Days Traveled66 Days
Grand Total-810gm

Purchase Debt Credit Tally
Living Expense, Spring 521-45GM928GM, 3SM, 99CM
Living Expense, summer 521-45GM883GM, 3SM, 99CM
Inactive Fall, 521883GM, 3SM, 99CM
Living Expense, Winter 521-45GM838GM, 3SM, 99CM
Living Expense, summer 521-45GM883GM, 3SM, 99CM
Purchase-5GM878GM, 3SM, 99CM
Living Expense, Spring 522-135GM743GM, 3SM, 99CM
Housing Spring-120GM623GM, 3SM, 99CM
Living Expense, Summer 522-135GM488GM, 3SM, 99CM
Housing (Bungalow) Summer 522-100GM478GM , 3SM, 99CM
Contest+220698GM, 3SM, 99CM
Living Expense Fall 522-135GM563GM, 3SM, 99CM
Housing (bungalow) Fall 522-100GM463GM, 3SM, 99CM
Winter 522inactive463GM, 3SM, 99CM
Spring 523inactive463GM, 3SM, 99CM

Thread List

Summer 523

Spring 523
Winter 522

Fall 522
Summer 522


Slaves of a Chain, Link (Loxcia) - 3rd
All's Well That Ends Better (Milo) - 40th
Drawn To Paradise (Shade - 1st
Lonely Hearts Club (Multi) - 7th
Even Darkness Must Pass (Moritz) - 8th
Cursed Tenday (Multi) - 10th
Long Overdue Check-up (Alric, Lys) - 17th
Two Minds, One Task (Antelokes) - 20th
A Day Out (Shade) - 21st
Curses and Splashes (Cleon) - 22nd
May I Have a Word - 50th
5th Tenday - 50th
Cursed Conversations (Ora) - 59th
The Eagles are Coming - 65th-75th (will not return to Syka until the 85th)
Home is behind (Alric) - 75th
Where We're AT (Ambrosia) - 23rd Fall 519
Changing the Script (Madeira)
Aftermath of Violence (Caspian)
To See What Is (Rohka) -15th Day
Little Lamb Lost (Caspian) - 50th Day Winter 520
A Different Kind of Love - Summer 1st Day 520
You Put a Spell On Me (Elias) - 13th Day Spring 519
Slaves Ransom (Rook, Bel) -10th Day Fall 518
Grim Tidings (Elias) -15th Day Spring 518
Into the Tigers Den (Zavya) -5th Day Winter 518
Wicked Ways (Elias) -10th Day Winter 517
Twin Hearts (Rook) -5TH Day Spring 518
Thwarted Attemps (Elias) -Summer 517
Restless Winds (Rook) -Winter 517
Ale Brings Comfort, Wenches Bring Fury (Karyk)- Summer 517
Tables Turned (Sayana) - Summer 517
Reunion (Sayana) - Summer 517
Chains and Kisses (Sayana)- 75th day
All Hands On Deck (Sayana)-Fall 514
Curiosity Killed the Squirrel, er, Cat (Archailist)-Summer 514
Shattered (solo)-Spring 514
Baby Blues (Hadyn)-Winter 514
A cold Companion (Markus)-Winter 513
Stomping Ground (Orion Michaels)-Winter 513
Orphan's Day (Ryia)-Winter 513
Wishes and Rumors (Kyra)-Summer 513
Just a Sip (Letixia)-Winter 513
Barmaids and First aid (Tourmal)-Winter 513
Without a Quicker Blood (Orion Michaels, Hadyn, Accolade)-Spring 513
Meeting Shiress (Perc)-Spring 513
Between Two Lungs (Hadyn)-Fall 513
Lead a Horse To Water (Hadyn)-Fall 513
Ive Something to Ask (Bolivar)-Fall 513
A Crack in the Armor (Orion Michaels, Accolade)-Fall 513
Fancy Meeting You Here (Razkar)-Summer 513
Sleeping Stones (Hadyn)-Fall 513
First Impressions are Important (Bolivar, Ethan)-Fall 513
Come in and Take a Seat (Multiple)-Spring 513
Trouble Makers (Isolde, Hadyn)-Spring 513
I bet my dad can beat up your dad (Bolivar, Kisetukai)-Spring 513
Good Night for a Brawl (Multiple)-Spring 513
A Girl and a Squire (Fallon, Azcadalia)-Spring 513
Spring Festival Quest (Accolade, Multiple)-Spring 513
A Life Repaired (Alex)-Spring 513
One Free Drink (Kisetukai)-Spring 513
Girls Day Out (Azcadelia)-Spring 513
Thirst Quenching (Fallon)-Summer 513
Happy Hour (Multiple)-Summer 513
Come in and Take a Seat 2 (Multiple)-Summer 513
Atleast the Woman are Nice (Ximal)-Summer 513
Service With a Smile (Multiple)-Winter 512
A Guided Tour (Richard)-Winter 512
A Dish Best Served Cold (Orion Michaels)-Winter 512
A Wild Chase (Vile)-Winter 512
A Life Shattered (Alex)-Winter 512
Wounded (Orion Michaels, Richard, Min)-Winter 512
A child in need (Gia, Xadel)-Spring 508
The Slave Girl (Gad)-Summer 505
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