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Kawari Newid

Postby Kawari Newid on July 8th, 2016, 8:41 pm

Kawari Newid

ImageBasic Info
Race: Kelvic - Tanuki/Racoon Dog (Canid)
Date of Birth & Age: 23rd of Winter 514AV, 2 years
Human Appearance: Early twenties
Gender: Female
  • Fluent - Common
  • Fluent - Tanuki (Canine)
  • Poor - Pavi, place (No Gestures)
Starting City: Alvadas
Birthplace: Near the border between Sylira and Cyphrus (Cyphrus side).
Bound Status: Unbound

Appearance: Soft hair of varying hues of browns and black usually waves until just around Kawari's shoulders, framing large eyes that often shift through various shades of brown. Often found with odd smudges of clay covering both her clothes and lightly tanned skin, she is commonly found with a smile or thoughtful expression. Her build is lithe but lean in her youthful age, which has rapidly changed to match the maturation of her Kelvic form, but averages at 5'5" in height and 125lbs in weight. In her tanuki shape, Kawari resembles a small canine but shares the markings of a raccoon, weighing roughly 15lbs and stretches at 21" long from nose to tail. The brownish tinge to her fur is reflected in the colour of her human form's hair and both forms share the same eye colour and reflect light in the dark.

Character Concept
From childhood, Kawari has always had a streak of curiosity and a flare of stubbornness, alongside a strong dislike for confrontations, all bundled up with a playful fondness of games and pranks. At times, it can be difficult to tell whether she is teasing someone or genuinely innocent and does not understand or know the answer to the questions she asks.
She also enjoys tinkering with materials and the process of creating things with her own hands, which is mostly demonstrated in her love for pottery. In terms of her curiosity, Kawari treats learning as a game or challenging puzzle for which there isn't always a definitive answer; an example of this would be her hobby of observing and mimicking people, learning to recognize expressions and the appropriate response to give in return.
However, despite her more calculative side, Kawari often finds it difficult to leave others alone (stemming from her fear of abandonment, instilled by her mother abandoning her at a few months of age, as well in part by the Kelvic drive for companionship), and once she commits to something, she is all in and can be a bit excessive in her efforts, sometimes at the unintentional expense of her own well-being. On the flip-side, Kawari finds it difficult to fully accept help from others unless it is unavoidable and will often bottle up her worries, only spilling them in a fit of utter frustration or if she it is to a person whom she truly trusts.

Miscellaneous Characteristics
She loves wines, especially rice wines (though she has only ever had it a few times, with mixed results), as well as various kinds of tea (though she doesn't care much for any containing mint). Likes sweets that aren't too rich and savoury foods.
Her voice lays in a mezzo range with a clear tone. Although she has yet to learn the finer intricacies of how to sing, she can carry a tune, and will often hum as she works.

Character History

In a cave near Cyphrus' Suvan coast, Kawari was born to a Kelvic and Half-Drykas pair. Although she recalls little of them, she does remember her father's Kelvic form being huge and intimidating and usually smelled of water, plants, and fish. Her mother, whom she recalls more clearly, though large in comparison to Kawa, had large, dark eyes and was more on the smaller side- she often had a warm, earthy sent, tinged with berries and herbs. It was the young kelvic's mother, a half-Drykas woman, that taught her how to treat learning, mostly Pavi and Common, as a game, turning names into songs for memorization, and quizzing her on the different kinds of plants in their surroundings, edible, poisonous, and anything else they came across. Her favourite game was to mimic the sounds of other animals, and the competitions of who could find the most food, the later at which was increasingly exceeding at with her strong sense of smell.

About three months after Kawari's birth, the trio began to move North, towards the Syliran border, only to settle down momentarily just shy of it. Thinking back to this time, Kawari sometimes recalls a restlessness permeating between her parents, at least, the few times that her father returned from surveying the area, as though they were being hunted, but by what she could not say. That was, until one day, her father never came back. They waited a few days, her mother's shoulders tense, flinching at the slightest sound in the bushes. Once those few days had passed with no sign of Kawari's father, her mother bundled her up, along with what little she could carry and began making their way to Syliras. At pre-dawn, after what seemed like weeks of trekking through the woods, they arrived at the steps of a building, what Kawari would later come to know as the Orphanage. Giving her a small sack of clothing and two hollow pommeled daggers, Kawari's mother clutched her and told her to "wait" with a sad smile, before hurrying off in the direction they had come.

After a failed attempt at following her mother, Kawari finds herself at the Great Bazaar, drawn by the delicious scents, where she becomes overwhelmed by the crowds, and retreats to a lesser populated area. Wandering among the vendors, she comes face to face with the most beautiful objects she has ever seen- the ceramics and pottery of Sal's booth. Over the course of a few days, weeks even, her stubbornness and determination to learn how to create her own treasures pays off, and Sal finally gives in a bit and begins to teach her his craft- on the condition that she helps out around the studio. Over the course of a few seasons of learning the basics of making clay, glazes, forming vessels, firing said vessels, and running a pottery studio, towards the end of Spring 516AV, Kawari sets off on her own, drawn to the ever changing city of Alvadas by way of the stories she has overheard from passing travelers.

By ship, Kawari arrives in Alvadas around the beginning of Summer, 516AV.

Skills XP Level
Pottery 15 SP Novice
Wilderness Survival: Forest 10 SP Novice
Foraging 10 RB Novice
Botany 5 SP Novice
Escape Artist 5 SP Novice
Philtering 5 SP Novice
Food Preservation 5 SP Novice
Weapon: Dagger 5 SP Novice

. Pottery: How to Make Glaze
. Pottery: Making a Simple Vessel

1 Starter Set of Clothing (Very Colorful)
  • Linen Shirt
  • Linen Pants
  • Linen Undergarments
  • Wool Cloak
  • Simple Boots

Backpack 1
  • Comb (wood)
  • Brush (wood)
  • Soap
  • Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
  • Flint & Steel
  • 1 Preservation kit

Belt + 2 Belt Pouches
  • Heirloom: A hollow pommel dagger, the handle engraved with intricate designs that have been slightly worn away with time- it is the only memento from her parents.
  • 1 Sap Pommel Dagger
  • 1 Eating Knife
  • 1 Waterskin
Belt Pouches

Body Pack 1

Rucksack 1

  • 1 Hammock (24oz)
  • 1 Bedroll

  • Simple Apartment at The Wolf's Cave - Alvadas: At first, Kawari was greatly deterred by the name of the Inn, wolves being known to prey on tanuki, but after spending some time there, she has come to realize that it is not quite as scary as she had originally thought... for the most part. (1 SM/day)

Ledger :
Expense/Income Amount +/- Total
Starter Package +100 GM 100 GM
Cashed in Shelter + 500GM 600 GM
Bedroll -1 SM 599 GM 9 SM
Rucksack -1 GM 598 GM 9 SM
Pouch, Belt (x2) -2 GM 596 GM 9 SM
Preserving Kit -5 GM 591 GM 9 SM
Hammock -5 GM 586 GM 9 SM
Body Pack -10 GM 576 GM 9 SM
Common Living Expenses, Summer 516AV -135 GM 441 GM 9 SM
Rented Simple Room at Wolf's Cave, Summer 516AV -9 GM 1 SM 432 GM 8 SM
Seasonal Membership at Kal's Kiln, Summer 516 AV -25 GM 407 GM 8 SM
Rented Workshop (#5) at Kal's Kiln, Summer 516 AV -15 GM 392 GM 8 SM
Common Living Expenses, Fall 516 AV -135 GM 257 GM 8 SM
Rented Simple Room at Wolf's Cave, Fall 516 AV -9 GM 1 SM 248 GM 7 SM
Seasonal Membership at Kal's Kiln, Fall 516 AV - 25 GM 223 GM 7 SM
Rented Workshop (#5) at Kal's Kiln, Fall 516 AV -15 GM 208 GM 7 SM
Belt -2 SM 208 GM 5 SM
Dagger, Sap Pommel -1GM 207 GM 5 SM
Common Living Expenses, Winter 516 AV -135 GM 72 GM 5 SM
Rented Simple Room at Wolf's Cave, Winter 516 AV -9 GM 1 SM 63 GM 4 SM
Seasonal Membership at Kal's Kiln, Winter 516 AV - 25 GM 38 GM 4 SM
Rented Workshop (#5) at Kal's Kiln, Winter 516 AV -15 GM 23 GM 4 SM

Thread List
Summer 516AV :

Fall 516AV :

Winter 516AV :

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