IC Info Sunberth Job Board (J.B) and Reputation Tracker

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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Sunberth Job Board (J.B) and Reputation Tracker

Postby Anarkhos on July 12th, 2016, 8:34 am



Legend :
Jobs that require no types of skills, level or reputation to attempt.

"Jobs that require some skill to attempt but no level or reputation"

"Jobs that require skill, level and minimum reputation points"

"Jobs that require a moderate amount of skills, level and reputation points"

"Jobs that require a high amount of skills, level, and a reputation points. Consists of multiple minor tasks that must be done to complete the entire job"

"These are moderated special jobs that may require a team with different sets of skill, levels and high reputation points. Consists of multiple tasks that must be done to complete the entire job. Also has special circumstances that may need to be met in order to attempt."

The citizens of Sunberth have an undying hatred of mages, government, order, and people of high power that try and rule them. Living in a lawless city, the citizens act accordingly to their own unspoken law that everyone somehow knows and follows. The citizens of Sunberth are the life of the city as well as the judge jury and prosecution.

PHelp needed to clean the library

Unload the cargo from the ships at the docks

The citizens of Sunberth are holding a trial at the Gallows and need an executioner to man the lever

Please find lost dog last seen in tent city. Requirements: Tracking, Animal husbandry(dogs)

"P"The Drunken Fish needs a guard to monitor a party. Requirements: Intimidation, some form of combat.

"P" Spy on a man suspected to be practicing dark magic. Requirements: Stealth/Camouflage

A caravan is requesting a guard to escort them out of the city. Requirements: Lvl 2 weaponry, any form of combat. Minimum of 20 rp points needed.

Escorts needed for celebration at Brega's House of Happy Endings Requirements: Seduction/Flirting, Lvl 2 Dancer, Minimum of 15 rp points

Person needed to help cure poisoned husband. Requirements: Lvl 1 poison, Minimum of 25 rp

Grave diggers need to be dealt with in the The Dust Bed. Requiremenst: Lvl 3 weaponry, Lvl 2 unarmed combat, Lore: Map of the Dustbed Minimum of 30 rp

Steal the cargo log off of Sevra Ship. Requirements: Lvl 3 Stealth/disguise, lvl 2 Rhetoric/persuasion, minimum of 30 rp needed.

Baker's Butchery and Bakeshop require meat for their shop. Requirements: Lvl 2 hunting, lvl 2 tracking, lvl 2 trapping. Minimum of 35 rp
Daggerhand is one of the three most notable gangs residing in Sunberth. Easily the most nefarious of the criminal organizations, Daggerhand is regarded as little more than a congregation of thugs by the city at large. In recent history, it was arguably the most powerful gang in the whole of Sunberth; but that strength has since been lost with the execution of Robern Dalagnar. At present, the organization is a wounded shadow of its former glory and clings to the small scraps of territory that remains in its control. With enemies on all sides, the coming days will be difficult for the organization, but it is determined to survive and take back their mantle of power.


Deliver a package to an abandoned building

Lookout needed to keep watch while thief steals from rival gang

Housekeeper needed to clean up new drug house location

Make an example out of a man that owes the daggerhands money. Do not kill him. Requirements: Unarmed Combat

Gather information on any competition or unclaimed drugs that may be in the city. Requirements: Investigation/interrogation, intelligence

In need of a letter forged. Requirements: Writting

Transport a shipment of drugs to Daggerhand territory. Requirements: Lvl 2 weaponry, any level of intimidation. Minimum of 10 rp

Lead an attack on a rival gang's territory. Requirements: Lvl 2 leadership, lvl 2 weaponry, minimum of 15 rp

Collect information on lost merchandise from captured man Requirements: lvl2 intimidation, lvl2 torture. Minimum of 23 rp

Smuggle drugs into Sun's Birth territory to an inside man. Requirements: Lvl 3 Steal/Disguise, lvl 2 persuasion/rhetoric, lvl 3 unarmed combat/weaponry. Lore: Sun's Birth. Minimum of 40 rp

Find out what happened to a package that went missing at the docks. Requirements: lvl 3 investigation, lvl3 intelligence. Lore: Map of Sunberth. Minimum of 43 rp

Collect payment from dealers to return to Daggerhands. Requirements: Lvl 3 intimidation, Lvl 2 Mathematics, lvl 2 intelligence. Lore: Map of Sunberth. Minimum of 50 rp
Night Eyes
Who are the Night Eyes? Are they but a tale conceived to terrify children before bed? Are they an urban legend born of superstition and the unexplained? Are they...the very shadows? In truth, the Night Eyes are one of the three most influential organizations residing in Sunberth. Cloaked in obscurity, very little is known about the organization or its true motivations.

*Note*- All beginning missions from the Night Eyes are to be returned IC to the bartender of the "No Man's Land Tavern." Players are not allowed to attempt any other missions until contacted by the Night Eyes via moderated thread which will be obtained after reaching 30 rp points and meeting the required skills to join. (This rule does not apply if you are already a member of the Night Eyes.)

Eavesdrop on conversations and report any valuable information.

Sabotage the gallows

Cause a distraction so that a job can be completed.
A group of normal everyday citizens banded together to make the vigilante gang. The vigilante gang fights for the city of Sunberth making sure that everything in the city goes as it should. They are well known for freeing slaves, stopping gang activity and defending the city when ever the time is needed though some of the citizens hate the group seeing them as another form of control as well as making life harder on them by angering the gangs as well as interfering with the natural way of the Sunberthians. No one can tell if their intentions are good or bad due to some of their methods, but all in all they are just another gang fighting for some form of control."

Help stand guard at the Seaside market. Requirements: Observation, some form of combat.

Watch gang controlled businesses for any strange activity. Requirements: Stealth/camouflage

Sunset Quarter
The Sunset quarter faction consists of the orphanage as well as the homeless that reside in the territory. They do not indulge in the business of the city nor the gangs, but do take care and protect those that assist them as well as deal with those who come to cause harm.
Just because the people of Sunberth hate dominion over their lives it does not exempt them from hypocrisy. The Slave Market is one of the most profitable businesses in the city, where merchants can come and go as they please, charging whatever prices they want for whatever merchandise they have. There are no rules, no morals, children are sold alongside adults without regard for their fates and stations.
Suns Birth
The Sun's Birth is one of the three most influential organizations which call the city of Sunberth home. Born from a cell of rogue, Syliran Knights, the order was once dedicated to the liberation of their beloved city from itself. However, as time wore on, the Sun's Birth tasted prosperity and soon evolved into a dualistic entity. While there are some within their midst who still seek to bring stability to Sunberth, many now strive for profit over change and ideals. Today, having faced recent calamity, the Sun's Birth is in the process of regrouping underground and plans to make a glorious return to power.

Rp Skill Chart :
Title Reputation Action
Stranger 1-25 Factions are aware of your contribution to their cause, but still see and treat you as another person on the street
Associate 26-50 Faction recognize you though it may not be by name. You may now walk freely as you wish through their territory unharmed as long as you act accordingly and they may warn you of danger but will not lift a finger to help you
Ally 51-75 Factions will come to your aide if you are in trouble, and maybe even toss you a small bone or two once and a while. You may now use their establishments at their expense.
Investment 75-100 You are highly favored of this faction. You are one of the first people they call when in dire need. They will assist you with anything at their disposal. You need a place to hide? No problem. Need someone assassinated? Consider it done. No request is too small for someone that contributes as much as you have.

Title Reputation Action
Annoyance (-)1-(-)25 You have disrespected the faction with your actions. Though no words will be said to you, there will be angry glares and turned noses upon your arrival.
Irritating (-)26-(-)50 At this point you have angered this faction enough where your very presence will cause people to distance themselves from you. No one will care if you are in trouble or will lift a finger to help.
Growing Pain/Frustration (-)51-(-)75 Watch your back when you walk through this factions territory. You are a target to be robbed, scammed, and yelled at. Some businesses may not welcome or serve you and if they do there may be piss in your ale, you may get bad or spoiled food as well as bad merchandise or even scammed
Menace/Irked/highly disliked (-)76-(-)100 If you somehow managed to piss a faction off this much you can forget about visiting that part of town for a while. And if you somehow manage to get into that part of town undetected, if you are noticed you will be chased out of that territory if not beaten, killed and in some cases assassinated.

Player Name Reputation Points Faction Title Player name Reputation Points Faction Title
Ascen Amastacia
Citizens Citizenz
Daggerhands -11Annoyance Daggerhands
Night Eyes +7 Stranger Night Eyes
Vigilantes Vigilantes
The Quarter The Quarter
Slavers Slavers
Sun's Birth Sun's Birth
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Sunberth Job Board (J.B) and Reputation Tracker

Postby Anarkhos on August 28th, 2016, 6:53 am

Pc's may publish their own Job tickets onto the job board for other players to pick up and respond to. Personal job tickets work and operate just like faction tickets, the only difference being that payment would be coming from the player posting the ticket. If a player posts a ticket worth 50gm, that player would be required to pay 50gm miza to the pc that accepted the job, unless discussed between the players and myself. The same rules still apply, as well as a few more rules that have been added.

When a job is accepted, both players must pm me with a link to the job. This can be done simply in a group pm, that way we can all be on the same page.

When a job has been accepted, a "P" will be placed next to it to show that it is pending completion and cannot be claimed for the moment.

When accepting a job, players have 72 hours (3 days) to pm me a starter post on the job or it will be considered void and given back up to the Job board.

Players cannot hire other pc's to complete jobs from the Job Board for them. They can though hire the services of other players to assist them in completing their jobs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to pm me.

Code: Select all
[center][size=200]Job Ticket[/size]
[b]Requested Task:[/b] What do you need done?

[b]Description:[/b] Give a brief description of what the task(s) consists of.

[b]Pay:[/b] How much is they pay? Is it negotiable or a set pay?

[b]Skill & Requirements:[/b]  Is there any specific set of skills, knowledge, or type of people you are looking for? (mercenary, cook, teacher, etc.)

[b]Factions:[/b] Are there any factions that you wish to employ or do not want to answer the ticket?
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