[The Wildlands] Capturing Normal Or Trying To (Abashai)

The first day of a reunion and sometimes the most awkard.

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While Sylira is by far the most civilized region of Mizahar, countless surprises and encounters await the traveler in its rural wilderness. Called the Wildlands, Syliran's wilderness is comprised of gradual rolling hills in the south that become deep wilderness in the north. Ruins abound throughout the wildlands, and only the well-marked roads are safe.

[The Wildlands] Capturing Normal Or Trying To (Abashai)

Postby Nya Winters on October 2nd, 2016, 2:03 pm

Together they carried the meat and bloody hide back to the broken tower, dividing the burden between them. When they got within sight of it again, Nya paused and studied it. Lormar was broken, old, and forgotten. It was no longer hidden by her mother's magic. It looked lonely and foreign to her. She didn't want to return. Her memories of the place were good ones, when the tower was brimming with life and not when it was like this. Nya glanced at Abashai covertly. What must he think? She'd told such stories and now it was this place of ruin.

Yet in a way it reflected the way both her and Abashai felt and the state of their relationship.

She almost snarled as she started walking again, not commenting on why she'd stopped abruptly. Let him think she was tired and needed a breather at the small rise that put the tower in view. With half the deer slung over her shoulder, the burden was heavy. Maybe she did. Nya kept forgetting the Unity, the link that still bonded them, that ratted out all her feelings to the man standing beside her... the virtual stranger.

The cat shook her head and crossed the grassy field in front of the tower emerging from the forest that surrounded it. She walked into the kitchen and laid her half of the carcass out on the table. The Forest Cat studied Shai as he laid his half down and then she tipped her nose in the direction of a cutting block with sharp knives.

"Will you hang it up somewhere in here and then strip what you want to dry off of it? I can take care of the hide. I never have cured them but I've watched my mother do it a lot. I think I can accomplish it." She said softly, knowing he was better with sharp things, better by far. Nya was predisposed to just eat the corpse, offal and all, and not preserve it. Had she been hungrier they might have argued for doing just that. But she knew he was wise suggesting they preserve a lot of it, drying it for a trip that Nya thought was smart to take.

She then turned and opened a closet that was perfect for hanging meat that sat off the kitchen. The girl left the door open so Abashai could see its purpose (cold storage) and removed a large stand up frame from it. There was a coil of twine attached to the frame and an awl used to puncture skins. She set the frame up off to the side just outside the kitchen doorway. Then she came back and took a pot out from the pot rack, filled it with water, and carefully started the fire. Shifting then, not caring that Abashai saw her slip off her tunic yet again, she used her cat form to carefully remove the head of the doe with her powerful jaws and crack open its skull to reveal its brains. She licked at the deliciousness, but did not eat it, choosing instead to shift back, slip her shift back on, and then using a large ladle scooped the brains out into the pot of water. The water would boil the brains down, evaporating until it was a thick creamy paste.

Nya's only question was a simple one. "Do we leave the fur on or not? I'm inclined just to save the leather, but I don't know if you want fur where we are going?" She said, knowing the skin would make her a good tunic or him a fine shirt. Or they could even trade it. If they were staying here through the winter, they'd need fur. But such things were better harvested in the winter when animal skins were thick with rich warmth not in the fall or spring or even summer when coats were light. Regardless, she'd let him decide.
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[The Wildlands] Capturing Normal Or Trying To (Abashai)

Postby Abashai on October 3rd, 2016, 1:45 pm

There was an old familiarity to the tasks, skinning the kill, field dressing, carving it up and dividing it to carry back home. It had been stadard fare in the Bronze Woods, and the smell of fresh blood and meat, the forest and the cat sharpened those memories as they headed back up the trail.

Their progress halted momentarily when Lormar Tower came into view. Abashai had never seen it in its former glory, though he may have stumbled quite close to it when Nya's mother had it hidden from view. The kelvic simply stood and stared at the crumbling structure without a twitch to her features. Even with the liberty to brush Nya's conscious to feel her thoughts at the moment, the Benshiran felt it was unnecessary. Abashai knew how much her mother and father meant to Nya, how the Tower was a fond memory of home and family for her. Now, it was a bare skeleton jutting up from the earth, certainly a reminder that those days of love and comfort as a child were forever gone. Shai had tried to provide something like that for Nya, before. They were family, and wherever they laid their heads was their home. He knew back then that he was all she had, and as far as Shai was concerned, the kelvic was all he had too.

Abashai found in his soul a pang of desire, to provide that to her again, seeing how deadpan eyes looked upon the ruined home. They were far from those days of husband and wife, finding peace and comfort in one anothers arms, in the intimacy they had shared. But there was a truth that was still intact. They were all each other had, and there was a bond still strong between them that would not let go.

Nya's pensive moment passed without a word, and they carried their burden into the tower. Setting about to tend to the meat, Abashai found a place in the corner, near a breach in the wall, to hang the carcass halves. He set about his work, selecting a larger, sharp blade to cleave the flesh in large hunks, cutting through joints when necessary. The chunks were then set on the block. There, a cleaver was used to hack the flesh into more select cuts. Loin, shoulder, ribs, shank, no matter the cut, nearly all was sliced into strips for ease in drying. Bones were set aside for Nya to do with as she wished, the marrow within was tasty and nourishing, and he too may dig some out as a tasty treat. No scrap of meat was left to waste.

Retrieving a ceramic jar from his pack, Abashai opened the soup base he used to make meals when game or vegetables were scarce. He rubbed the salty, spiced powedered broth into the cuts of meat. The rub would help flavor and preserve the meat.

His head turned to Nya as she shifted and ripped off the deer head, cracking open its skull. As flash of pinpoint lights later, the woman slipped into her tunic again and set the brains to boiling. Then she prepared to tanning the skin, inquiring about the fur. "I don't think we will need fur where we are going." He offered her a small smile before getting back to his work. Once the meat had been prepared, Shai hung it over poles in the stone closet Nya had indicated. Discussions continued, plans to make ready for a long journey into what was truly the unknown.
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[The Wildlands] Capturing Normal Or Trying To (Abashai)

Postby Rufio on February 22nd, 2017, 10:40 pm


g r a d e

n y a


Trapping +1
Hunting +1
Tracking +2
Observation +3
Rhetoric +4
Running +1
Acrobatics +1
Weapon: Dagger +1
Seduction +2
Interrogation +1
Philosophy +1
Tactics +1
Planning +1
Butchery +2
Cooking +1


Abashai: Not the man he once was
Nya: Suffering flashbacks of her torture in Ravok
Trapping: Setting ground snares
Trapping: Set snares along rabbit trails
Tracking: Deer by scat, prints, broken brush & trail of blood
The scent of porcupine
The scent of black bear
Acrobatics: Rolling with a fall
Nya: Pleasure of the hunt, the kill
Abashai: Marked by Rhysol
Philosophy: Some cages are gilded & some freedoms not as they seem
Butchery: Skinning a deer
Cooking: Boiling down brains


+ Deer Hide, average quality

a b a s h a i


Reimancy +1
Philosophy +1
Observation +4
Trapping +1
Stealth +1
Rhetoric +3
Weapon: Shortbow +1
Hunting +1
Logic +1
Running +1
Tactics +1
Butchery +2
Planning +1
Food Preservation +1


Abashai: Corruption and Purity war within him
Abashai: Despises Rhysol
Abashai: Marked by Rhysol
Abashai: Turns again to Yahal
Reimancy: Sensing the limits’ edge
Nya: Not the woman she once was
Stealth: Strap gear & weapons closer to the body
Stealth: Cushion arrows with a rag to keep them from rattling
Hunting: Deer
Hunting: Leave a breeding pair for hunting seasons to come
The Bond: Love, lust, magic, history
Abashai: Will not be used ever again
Butchery: A deer
Butchery: Slit the throat to drain the blood
Butchery: Slit from neck along the belly to the genitals & taking out offal
Butchery: Quartering meat
Butchery: Leaving nothing to waste
Food Preservation: Curing meat
Food Preservation: Hanging meat to dry


+ 75lbs Dried Deer Meat

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