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Postby Abashai on August 28th, 2009, 3:23 pm



Physical Information
* Race: Human, Benshira
* Birthdate/Age: Spring Day 20, 479 AV; 37
* Gender: Male
* Height: 6'
* Weight: 210 lbs
* Hair Color: Dark Brown
* Eye Color: Bright Blue-Green
* Skintone: Swarthy

Physical Description
Abashai's six-foot frame is muscular and lean with skin a dull bronze. His hair is dark brown, with some graying at the temples. His mane is usually unruly and hanging loose past his shoulders to end in loose curls. He keeps a closely trimmed beard, framing a face lightened by piercing bright blue-green eyes that can at times appear either color or both. His face appears worn by the elements and hardships.

Abashai prefers dark garments, blacks and browns, with a long outer garment, leather riding boots and a wide belt, through which is thrust his khopesh and a dagger. A second, smaller dagger is carried in a boot sheath.

On Abashai's upper back is what appears to be a rudimentary tattoo roughly in the shape of a pair of wings, this is actually a first gnosis mark from Yahal. On the left side of his neck, below his ear, is a red scar, a Chaon mark given to him by Rhysol. Oh his chest, above his sternum, is a lacun mark mourning the ending of his marriage bond with Nya.. It is in the shape of two forms entwined, one feline, the other like a sword that twists into an Eytolian stringed instrument. On the back of his right shoulder is a tattoo in the design of the Salvatrice's of Ravok, a minor house under whom he served for a time. It has been branded over with the identical image, giving the tattoo an embossed appearance.

Character Concept
Abashai has been destined since before the Valterrian to know both great power and devastating sorrow, a pawn of the gods, a cycle he has lived out again and again over the ages with Nya Winters. Though divine one's themselves have told him that his fate is already written, he resolves to forge his own way. Again and again, all he had was taken from him, but Abashai begins again, anchored with devotion to whatever god ruled him in that life, determined to free himself, and hopefully Nya with him, from their destiny.

Character History
Abashai was born into the Tents of Eliab of the Sons of Havid. His father was eldest of four brothers, two traveled among his Tents and a third dwelt in Yahebah. The youngest of three and the first son, Abashai was a true blessing, being born to his mother Jaela when both she and her husband were quite old. Abashai was a strong infant and thrived in Eliab's tent. However, when Abashai reached the age of six, tragedy struck. While his father tended to the flock, his mother brought fresh fig cakes to him. A sudden and severe sandstorm blew in. In the unexpected blast of blinding, choking sand, the couple lost their way, and were unable to find shelter ... both were virtually consumed by the storm.

It was determined that Eliab's two brothers would each take in one of the orphaned daughters. Neither uncle was compelled to adopt the rambunctious Abashai, adopting the boy would decrease the inheritance they could leave to their own sons. It was decided Abashai would be sent to their brother in Yahebah, Joashel, whose chronic illness prevented him from living among the Tents in the desert. When a Rapa arrived at the Tents, the priest agreed to take Abashai upon his next journey to Yahebah.

Joashel and his wife Sarela welcomed Abashai into their home and their son Omri became as a brother to the young boy. When the boys came of age, Joashel managed to gain them admission to the Seat of the Sons school. Abashai, who grew agile and strong, studied the art of warfare in the school of Havid, while Omri, intelligent and perceptive, studied history in the school of Jeroab.

Abashai matured into a handsome teen, displaying great potential with both the bladed weapons of war and stringed instruments. He was chosen to train in the use of the Eypharian short bow, a rare weapon in the Benshiran forces. He faithfully worshipped Yahal, relishing in the precious Penita scrolls that once belonged to his father.

At the age of seventeen, in a moment of poor judgment, Abashai succumbed to temptation when seduced by the wife of a merchant who provided baked goods to the school. The two were caught in the act and charged with adultery, a serious crimeamong Benshirans and punishable by the harsh penalties. At the next High Masha, Abashai was given the traditional sentence for fornication and adultery, blackening of the palms. Black tattooed hands were a permanent symbol of an adulterer's impurity and shame. Devastated and horrified, Abashai sank to his knees. Then he heard the voice of his cousin, Omri. "I will be Abashai's Kiban." Sarela wailed mournfully and Joashel tore his robes in despair as their son volunteered to take Abashai's punishment. Abashai cried for Omri to stop, but Omri only gave him a loving glance and then allowed the yahalmen to take him away.

Wracked with guilt, shame and confusion, Abashai gathered together a handful of supplies, a sword and bow, and his father's penita scrolls. He managed to steal a horse from the stables and fled Yahebah into the desert night.

The next few years were ones of physical hardship, emotional torment and spiritual deadness. He could find no place in other's Tents. Shame prevented him from facing his uncles, both in Yahebah and his family's tents. Feeling infinitely alone and worthless, Abashai wandered dejected. He turned his back on the worship of Yahal.

Abashai learned to live on the hospitality of the nomadic Benshira, never staying long or wearing out his welcome. When asked about his Tent, he would simply say that he was orphaned and quickly changed the subject. Abashai became a courier and informer of sorts, delivering messages and news between Tents. A generous Rapa gave him a small stringed instrument called an ould, and Abasahi entertained his hosts with simple tunes. With the bow he was able to kill wild beasts, the meat and hides he could trade with both Benshira and Chaktawe. His appearance when danger threatened, astride his desertbred mount brandishing his khopesh and deadly bow, earned him hero status among some Tents. Eventually it didn't matter that he didn't belong to a Tent, and he simply went by the name Abashai of the Sons of Havid. The arrival of Abashai at the gathering of Tents became a welcome sight and a sign of blessing from Yahal. However, Abashai could never shake the guilt and loneliness he so carefully concealed from others.

One afternoon his life would change again. This event too began with a harsh, sudden sandstorm. Caught in the open, Abashai led his mount to the only shelter, a small rock outcropping. The only safety was in a narrow crevice, which Abashai was able to squeeze into face-first, leaving his back exposed. He held the reins of his horse, but in the fury of the storm, the beast panicked, pulled free and fled. After the sand settled, he found only the worn leather tube that still held his father's Penita scrolls. Though he searched for most of the day, he found no trace of his horse or his belongings. He had lost everything...his mount, his weapons, his ould, everything but the scrolls.

As evening neared and the sun began to sink behind the dunes, Abashai met a traveling Rapa. The elderly priest listened to Abashai's tale as they walked. With a wise and knowing smile, the elder spoke. "It seems Yahal has given you an opportunity." Abasahi did not see his situation as an opportunity in any way. "You have tried to find your peace by trusting in yourself. You cannot find true peace in any man. You must trust in Yahal. While you have lost all that made you who you are, you have been given the occasion to place yourself in the hands of the Holy One."

The two found a gathering of tents to take them in for the night. The generous nomads offered Abashai another horse, some food, water and supplies. The old priest gave him a small leather pouch filled with mizas. When Abashai asked why, the old man replied with a twinkle in his eye, "You'll need it where you are going." Abashai then realized that to truly put his trust in Yahal, he would have to leave the lands of the Benshira. Only outside of the care of the tents of the Benshira would he have to truly rely on Yahal.

Abashai's journey took him to Sylira where he met the kelvic Nya Winters. They bonded soon after, and eventually married. Eventually, the revelations came, unveiling their multiple lifetimes together and the quest laid upon them by the gods to undo what they had done eras earlier. Rhysol intervened, and the two were captured and taken to Ravok. Where their memories, their lives were destroyed. Even when they escaped together, Shai and Nya were different. They sought to pick up the pieces and continue their quest, but failure led to their separation. Abashai returned to the deserts of Eyktol.

Things to Know

    Languages: Shiber (fluent), Common (conversational), Tawna (poor)

    Home: Nomadic
    Employment: Currently none
    Religion: Worships Yahal
    Voice: Smooth baritone with a heavy accent

    Temperament: Good natured, passionate, occasionally brooding
    • Alignment: Neutral Good
    • Sexual Orientation: Straight
    • Humor: Subtle
    • Positive Traits: Courageous, Disciplined, Empathetic, Faithful, Friendly, Honorable, Protective, Sober.
    • Negative Traits: Cautious, Inhibited, Melancholic, Regretful, Secretive.
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Re: Abashai

Postby Abashai on August 28th, 2009, 3:36 pm


Skill EXP Total Proficeincey
Weapons- Khopesh 20SP +3+1+5+2+1+2+3+3+3+2 45/100 Competent
Play Musical Instrument-Oud 25SP +3+2+2 32/100 Competent
Weapons- Shortbow +3+2+4+1 10/100 Novice
Reimancy (primary Element- Earth) +5+4 9/100 Novice
Observation +1+2+1+1+1+3 9/100 Novice
Wilderness Survival +5+3+1 9/100 Novice
Interrogation +1+3 +1+4 8/100 Novice
Riding - Horse 5SP +1+1 7/100 Novice
Hunting +2+2+3 7/100 Novice
Storytelling +4 4/100 Novice
Hand to Hand Combat - Ry'Vata +3+1 4/100 Novice
Seduction +1+3 4/100 Novice
Dancing +3 3/100 Novice
Wrestling +3 3/100 Novice
Intimidation +1+1+1 3/100 Novice
Weapon- Longsword +2 2/100 Novice
Weapon -Dagger +2 2/100 Novice
Strategy +1+1 2/100 Novice
Body Building +2 2/100 Novice
Investigation +2 2/100 Novice
Teaching +2 2/100 Novice
Brawling +1+1 2/100 Novice
Riding -Talderian Forest Cat +2 2/100 Novice
Weapon- Mace +1 1/100 Novice
Rhetoric+1 1/100 Novice
Medicine+1 1/100 Novice
Philosophy+1 1/100 Novice
Running +1 1/100 Novice
Tracking +1 1/100 Novice
Climbing +1 1/100 Novice







1st Mark of Yahal :
Yahal's messenger marked Abashai with the Holy One's gnosis of Ennervism after he tried to help a man to retrieve the body of his slain wife. As Far as Light Excels Darkness

The first mark of Yahal grants the marked with an enhanced aura, visible to anyone with Auristics, that shines with a brilliant gold radiance. This aura helps protect the marked from magic and other gnosis' that may corrupt or control in a way that would make the marked go against their beliefs and vows to Yahal. This includes defending against hypnotism, chaon, krivas and similar magics. Essentially, this aura prevents the marked from being forced to do anything that would cause harm to themselves or others unless it was something they had already chosen to do on their own. Those within the aura's radius, 10 feet, also benefit from the protection it provides. Those who are already affected by a gnosis or magic that would cause them to harm themselves or others will find these effects (of a strength equal to or less than this first gnosis mark) nullified while they are within the radius. Leaving the aura's radius however will cause the negative effects to return.

1st Mark of Rhysol :
Abashai was involuntarily made a Chaon by Rhysol after he was deceived into abandoning Nya. Welcoming the Darkness.

Marked individuals will forever bear a crimson scar upon their body where they were touched by Rhysol's blood and are blessed with the ability to tap into the very essence of chaos. More often than not, the marked individual, or Chaon, is able to spread corruption through voice or touch. For example, a living being touched by a Chaon may have their hair fall out, lose sight in one or both eyes, have their senses twisted so that they perceive everyone and everything as being out to get them. With a few otherwise harmless words whispered into the ear of a target, the Chaon may plant a seed of corruption. This could be as minor as the target developing a horrific odor that will not wash away to something more extreme such as giving birth to a barely sentient, grotesquely deformed, minor servant of Rhysol (this can take a few seasons of frequent attempts at very subtle corruption). It should be noted that the Chaon may also pass their corrupting abilities through objects so that those coming in contact with said objects, are affected as if the Chaos spoke to or touched them while enacting the curse.

As Rhysol is a being who does not take kindly to competition thus using his mark to corrupt others does have limitations. Each curse may affect but a single person. Thus if one wished to curse an entire crowd of people they would have to approach each and every one of them and lay out the curse individually. Curses do not reveal their effects immediately. As mentioned, they are the seeds of chaos planted by a Chaon to slowly eat away at their targets mind and body. Minor corruptions such as loss of hair, sight, twisted senses or bad body odor take up to a couple of days to fully hatch and last a week at most unless further curses are applied. It is through the continued use of this power that one may bring about truly awful curses though it often takes a season or two of weekly corruption to bring about such dramatic affects. items cursed by the Chaon may only affect one person at a time; once the cursed item passes the curse on to a person, the item loses its ability to curse others.
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Re: Abashai

Postby Abashai on August 28th, 2009, 3:42 pm



•Black leather pants
•Black cotton pants
• Black cotton shirt
• brown wool shirt
• Cloak
•Riding boots
• Waterskin
• Backpack
• 1 Set of Toiletries (comb, brush, razor, soap)
• Flint & Steel
• 2 torches
• bedroll
• blanket
• Khopesh
• composite short bow
• 38 arrows/quiver
• Dagger
• Boot Dagger (with hand stamped leather scabbard - gift from Nya)
•1 whetstone
•1 rabbit snare
•Tent (one-person)
•Travelers Stock (20 day supply)
•Jerked game meat
•Dried apples (1lb)
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Re: Abashai

Postby Abashai on August 28th, 2009, 3:50 pm




Item/Date Cost Total Coin
Starting Coin NA 100GM
Weapons/Oud - Summer 509 AV -78GM 22GM
Cultural Council Stipend Fall 509 AV 300GM 322GM
Received Via Quest Fall 509 AV 550 GM 850GM
Composite Shortbow - Winter 509 -100 GM 750GM
Cultural Council Stipend Winter 509 300GM 1050GM
Zavian Pack Horse Winter 509 -100GM 950GM
Chainmail shirt Spring 510 -100GM 850GM
Living Expenses Spring 510 (including Nya Winters) -90GM 760GM
Living Expenses Summer 510 (including Nya Winters) -90GM 670GM
Living Expenses Fall 510 (including Nya Winters) -90GM 580GM
Living Expenses Winter 510 (including Nya Winters) -90GM 490GM
Living Expenses Spring 511 (including Nya Winters) -90GM 400GM
Living Expenses Summer 511 (including Nya Winters) -90GM 310GM
Living Expenses Fall 511 (imprisoned) 0GM 310GM
Living Expenses Winter 511 (imprisoned) 0GM 310GM
Living Expenses Spring 512 (enslaved) 0GM 310GM
Living Expenses Summer 512 (enslaved) 0GM 310GM
Dagger Fall 512 -2GM 308GM
Living Expenses Fall 512 (poor) -45GM 263GM
Living Expenses Winter 512-Summer 513(including Nya) (poor) -270GM 0GM
Fall 513-Sold spare items-purchased clothing 106gm - 9gm, 8sm, 5cm 96gm, 1sm, 5cm
Winter 513 - Inactive - 96gm, 1sm, 5cm
514 AV - Inactive - 96gm, 1sm, 5cm
515 AV - inactive - 96gm, 1sm, 5cm
Spring 516 - Inactive - 96gm, 1sm, 5cm
Summer 516 Expense 45GM 46gm, 1sm, 5cm
Fall 516 Sell-Buy transactions -10GM 36gm, 1sm, 5cm

Thread List
Summer 516 AV
20th - Loosing Fate In The Wind (Nya and Abashai are reunited)
21st - Capturing Normal Or Trying To (Nya and Abashai try to reconnect on a hunt)

Grandfathered/Archive Threads :
Summer, 509 AV
30th - Between Sunset and Sunrise the Forest Comes Alive (Nya Winters - Abashai bonds with Nya)
31st - The Temple of All Gods (Abashai joins Syliras' Cultural Council)
[Flashback] When The Sands Are Kind (Zaira - Abashai meets a lone traveler in the desert)
[Flashback] As Far As Light Excels Darkness (Abashai helps a desperate man and earns Yahal's mark)

Autumn 509 AV
5th -Teach My Hands to War, My Fingers to Fight (Solo weapons training)
15th - New Beginnings (Liriel and Nya - The bondmates make a new friend)
20th - Learning To Live Within One's Skin (Nya- Nya and Shai learn the martial art Ry-vata)
35th - Was it East or West at that River? (Nya and Ayla - The pair meet a Charoda - Dead)
40th - Learning to Play Well With Others - (Solo - Abashai has a jam session)
Mid-Fall - The Fall Meeting of the Cultural Council
70th - A Long Way From Home (Nya - Nya is captured by the Ebonstryfe, Abashai must find her before it is too late)
(Flashback) Where Horses Fear to Tread (Zaira - Zaira and Abashai part ways)

Winter 509AV
6th- Making Music, Making Money (Various PC- Shai interacts with a street musician - Dead)
10th- The Secret of Song (Illial- Abashai meets a fellow musician)
21st-Bring The Ruckus [Great Bazaar]( Stitch and Rhonn - Abashai battles the Diverse amidst a fire)
35th-[Syliras Location] The Feathered Shaft Solo -Shai buys a new bow)
46th- The Midwinter Fire Festival
46th- Iron Sharpens Iron (Terminus - Abashai meets Terminus Norin)
48th-[The Home Cave] Let Me Love The Wind (Terminus and Nya - Shai witnesses Nya being initiated into reimancy, Then Nya initiates Shai)
48th-[The Welcome Home] A Midnight Prowl (Stitch and Nya - Shai catched Nya prowling around the oprhanage)
60th-[The Home Cave] Letting the Cat into the Bag (Nya - Shai and Nya reveal their secrets and share wedding vows)
65th-To Be or Not To Be...Benshira (Azar - Shai meets an Benshiran who has denied her heritage - Dead)
66th-Amid a Winter Mist (Nya and Laeraix - The bondmates meet a kelvic eagle - Dead)
70th- (Stormhold Beach) Sandcastles and Silken Kites (Nya - The couple practice reimancy in the sand)
75th-A Glimmer Of The Future (Nya - Nya and Shai discover the next step in their quest)
Last Few DaysThe Bad Samaritan (Duvlayon - Abashai's perceptions are challenged by a benevolent Symenestra
(Flashback) Where Their Bonds Were Broken (Tarama - A young Abashai visits Ahnatep)

Spring 510AV
1st- Weapons of War (Solo - Abashai trains with his magical weapons)
2nd- Hunting Party (Nya - Abashai and Nya hunt a Talderian Bull Elk)
Very Early Spring- Lest He Forget She's Not Human (Nya - Abashai must prove he is fit to mate with Nya)
5th- What Secrets Does the Keep Keep? (Nya - The couple face a nightmare in Aressa Tallshade Memorial Keep)
Flashback-When Boy and Blade Meet (Solo - A teenaged Shai spars with a rival)

Summer 510AV
6th- Once upon a time there was you (Nya - Nya and Shai travel to Bloodsink to find the Power Cube)
45th-Wolves in Knight's Clothing (Nya and Shai foil a bandit ambush)
Flahsback The Pointy End Goes In the Other Guy (Solo - A young Abashai discovers the khopesh as his weapon of choice)

Fall 510AV
[Flashback ] Gym Class, Benshiran Style (Solo - Teenage Shai continues his weapons training)

Winter 510AV
10th - Amazing Grace (Grace - Shai meets an interesting conversation companion in the Wildlands)
15th - The Color of Our Words (Daeva - Shai takes refuge from a storm with an Akontak - Dead)

Spring 511AV
21st- Hope: The Greatest Evil ( Nya - Nya and Shai stray too close to Ravok)
(Flashback) Its a Guy Thing (Dimitri - Shai and a knight-in-training anger a wild hog)
(Flashback) Of Moonlight Dreams (Kamari - Shai the Wanderer meets a woman trapped by tradition)
[Flashback]Not So Unvincible (Fraha - Shai the Wanderer spars with a teenager who knows what she's doing)

Summer 511AV
Welcoming The Darkness Within (Torture in an Ebonstryfe prison bring an end to Nya and Abashai's kelvic bond and marriage)

Fall 511 AV-Summer 512 AV

Fall 512 AV
18th - Dark Inquiries (Aislin - Shai seeks information about a traitor at a Brothel)
25th - Strangers that Once Were Not (Nya Winters- Shai and Nya meet for the first time since separation)
TBD - Running Blind (Abashai tracks down Nya in the wilderness after she kidnaps his son)
(Flashback) So We Meet Again (Abashai the Wanderer runs into Fraha in Yahebah)

Winter 512 AV-Summer 513 AV

Fall 513 AV
1st - The Great Baazar (Abashai sells some spoils for living expenses)
3rd - Prelude to Revival (Nya and Shai seek a way to approach the Knights for asylum)
7th - Can't Buy Life (Nya and Abashai meet a harlot with heart)
15th - Reaching Past (Nya)
75th - We Are Not Brothers (Abashai meets Wrenmae)

Winter 513 AV - Spring 516 AV
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Re: Abashai

Postby Abashai on September 1st, 2009, 3:27 pm

to be updated
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Re: Abashai

Postby Abashai on March 9th, 2010, 4:59 pm

Nya Winters

Image Race: Kelvic
Age: 9
Relationship: Ex-Bondmate, Ex-Wife, Best Friend, Unity Bondmate

Fate and enemies had destroyed us and tore us apart. But she would be a part of me as long as we both lived. I could exist no longer with the void she once filled, so I sought and found her. We have begun again, as friends, to resume the quest we had pursued before The Fall. What we will become, the two of us, remains to be seen. For now, Nya is my best friend and eternal soul mate.

Unity Bond
Abashai and Nya possess a bond of Unity. After Nya's death (see What Secrets Does the Keep Keep?) Dira split Abashai's "life force" between himself and Nya to resurrect her. This created a peculiar bond between them called Unity that allows shared awareness and sensation. They are also bound in death, should one die, the other dies as well. A side effect of giving Nya his life force is the fact that Abashai now ages twice as fast.


Race: Human
Age: 3
Relationship: Son
His mother, Kialandra Salvatrice, was evil and manipulating. She marked me as her property and made me her personal thug and manwhore. My freedom was secured when Nya ripped her head off and we escaped with my son. Nya was a good foster mother to him, but when we parted ways, I returned to Yahebah, where I left Micah with my family. He deserved a normal life, to be raised like his fathers before him. I was marked by too many, too damaged to care for him as he deserved. It was only another heartbreak upon the rising pile I had endured when I left him in search of Nya.
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