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Postby Rufio on June 22nd, 2015, 1:21 am

         I am of the salted sun,
          skin which browns to earth;
            desert & canyon blood;
       my grass-sea bones remind me
                 of a language my mouth has
          f o r g o t t e n—

               I offer it to the l i v i n g
                 who mourn the d e a d

                        inspired by casandra lopez    
         Rufio's appearance has undergone a radical shaping after spending the Spring & Summer of 517AV wandering the Sea of Grass. Spending her days with strangers—sharing her wit, charm, wisdom and fortune-telling in exchange for shelter—it is the people she has met which has had an impact on her, outwardly and in.

        Once where her wiry ebony hair was cropped short and unruly, Rufio has grown it out and a summer-time lover has woven blonde horse hair dreadlocks in, believing it would attract good fortune for her companion as they parted ways. Seasons spent living life under Syna's generous rays in the sea of grass has been a tougher life than she was used to in the city, and has forged her—5'2", 168lbs—body stronger, made her face leaner. Warmth radiates from her dusky Benshira complexion, which has grown earthier in the hot seasons and is scattered generously with freckles, courtesy of her Drykas father. As Rufio returns to Endrykas she looks as wild as she ever did, yet tempered by a feminine vibe, with three gold nose-rings, a tendency for bare feet, a bold resting stance and windmarks etched vibrantly into her left arm, Rufio still poses a striking drykas semblance. Her seeking ochre gaze now dances with a sense of adventure, and the mysterious.


Image Image

Rough, ugly scarring along lower rib-cage
Claw-marks over left shoulder
     ENFPA Free-spirit, creative, intuitive, charming, independent.

        A free-spirit with an 'earthy' vibe about her, Rufio lives life through a prism of emotion, compassion & mysticism, always looking for deeper meaning. Independent, to a fault, but sociable and invested in creating connections with others. After spending two seasons wandering the sea of grass and living with outlying pavilions, Rufio has cultivated her confidence and discovered her love of people and their stories, which is where her compassion lies. By no means a leader, Rufio will follow those she believes are strong and faithful of heart. Energetic & passionate with a 'boyish' charm to her, she dances between a calm 'go with the flow' vibe and a spontaneous, mischievous humor that can catch the most stoic off guard. Where before her wanderings, Rufio was burdened by grief, loss and fears, after her soul-searching in the sea of grass, she feels more grounded, and freer, than ever.

Pavi fluent  ↠  Shiber basic  ↠  Common poor

ImageLiving on the generosity of the wilderness, Caiyha has a significant place in Rufio's prayers.
a vision from caiyha
"...there came a warmth and the quick movement of shadows dancing back and forth against the ground in the firelight. Music and sweet burning scents overwhelmed her senses before a familiar thundering of hooves took her vision to the Sea of Grass where the wild horses and historical figures of her pavilion roamed free; her Strider waiting for her. As she raised her hands to caress the horse, she found her limbs to be decorated with the unmistakable etchings of the Drykas Windmarks. As the Strider turned its head to glance at something, tangled in the thick of its wild mane was the small, carved figurine of a lion and below that a circular piece of flat gold with its centre missing."

Image Rufio regards Zulrav with fearful awe after[/googlefont] witnessing a man struck by lightning. She prays to him for courage & protection.

Image While Rufio believes that the Drykas spirit reincarnates through The Web, she believes Semele is the mother of their corporeal bodies & will await them with Dira at the end of each life. She prays to Semele for protection.

Image Rufio holds Yahal quietly in her heart to honour her Benshira heritage. She prays to him for conviction & faith.

Image As a fortune-teller, Rufio feels an affinity to The Moon & reflection. She prays to Leth for wisdom, perception & peace.

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Postby Rufio on July 12th, 2016, 8:42 pm


BORN 32winter 495av The child of a benshira woman, Eb'lyn, and the drykas traveller, Davyd Wildmane of the Emerald Clan, who loved and stole her away to Endrykas.
Fall 506av Davyd succumbs to a restless heart, what the family believe is the 'Wandering Wildmane' curse. He has been irritable, feverish and rambling of late, pulling out his old maps and odd trinkets he brought back from lands unknown. At dawn one day, he vanishes into the Sea of Grass.
Winter 507av Heartbroken and struggling in a land not her own without her husband, Eb'lyn falls into deep depression. She spends her days lethargically in bed, and her nights staring south into the grassland, pining for home. As Winter comes to its close, she falls ill with a fever and dies after 3 days of fighting.
Arcs 507 - 515av Rufio struggles with the grief of losing her mother, though as the seasons pass, her sorrow fades and like all drykas she takes to living life with passion and meaning.
Winter 13 515av Rufio bonds with a Strider in Wanah'ite
Winter 33 515av Endrykas is attacked by a fleet of pirates, and the Wildmanes suffer heavy loss of life
Winter 92 515av Tal'c, the Wildmane Ankal, blames Rufio for the pavilion's bad luck. He banishes her
Spring 516av Rufio bonds with Ixzo a night lion kelvic
Fall 516av Rufio & Ixzo join the Stormblood pavilion and begin life in the Diamond Clan. Soon, though, zith attack the drykas, and Rufio is taken captive! Ixzo joins a small party of warriors, which set out to avenge their people and rescue those taken. Ixzo dies in the raid
Winter 516av Rufio spends the winter avoiding her grief for Ixzo's death. Suffering nightmares, she plunges herself into work and spends too much time alone
Winter 516av A drykas named Jonas Pridesun has been gathering walahk and preaching of a Dual-God. He denounces the drykas pantheon and invokes the wrath of Caiyha, Semele and Zulrav. Jonas is killed by Zulrav, and as Caiyha decrees the drykas always remember their heritage. In her awestruck moment, Rufio's grief for Ixzo breaks over the walls of denial that have held it at bay all season.
Spring 516av After witnessing the events of Winter and confronted with her grief, Rufio leaves Endrykas. Is it "The Wandering Wildmane" curse?


Fall 501av Naiya & Rufio play in the grasslands.
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Postby Rufio on July 12th, 2016, 8:44 pm


Acrobatics +2 2 Novice
Acting +1 1 Novice
Animal Husbandry +1 +2 +3 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 11 Novice
Astronomy 10SP 10 Novice
Bodybuilding +1 +3 +1 +1 +1 +1 8 Novice
Botany 5SP +1 +1 7 Novice
Brawling +2 +1 +1 +1 5 Novice
Carving +1 1 Novice
Cleaning +2 +1 +1 +1 5 Novice
Climbing +1 +2 +1 3 Novice
Cooking +3 +2 +2 +1 8 Novice
Cosmetology +1 1 Novice
Dancing +1 1 Novice
Deduction +1 1 Novice
Endurance +1 +3 +2 +2 +1 9 Novice
Escape-Artistry +1 +1 2 Novice
Fishing +2 2 Novice
Flirting +1 +2 +1 4 Novice
Foraging +1 +1 +1 +1 4 Novice
Fortune-Telling 10SP +3 +3 +1 +4 +1 +2 +30 26 Novice
Grooming +3 +1 +1 2 Novice
Herbalism 10SP +1 +1 12 Novice
Horsemanship 10SP +2 +1 +2 +2 +3 20 Novice
Hunting +1 1 Novice
Intelligence +1 +1 +1 3 Novice
Interrogation +1 +1 2 Novice
Intimidation +1 +1 2 Novice
Investigation +1 +1 +1 +1 4 Novice
Land Navigation +1 1 Novice
Leadership +1 +1 2 Novice
Logic +1 +3 +5 +1 +1 +2 +2 +1 16 Novice
Medicine +2 +1 +2 +1 +1 7 Novice
Meditation +1 +1 +1 3 Novice
Negotiation +1 +1 2 Novice
Observation +3 +5 +4 +1 +1 +5 +5 +5 +2 +2 +3 +3 +3 +2 +2 +1 +2 +1 +1 +3 +2 +2 +4 +1 63 Expert
Organization +1 +3 +1 5 Novice
Persuasion +1 +2 +1 +1 +2 +1 +1 9 Novice
Philosophy +1 +2 +1 +1 5 Novice
Philtering 5SP +1 6 Novice
Planning +2 +1 +3 +2 +1 9 Novice
Rhetoric +2 +4 +4 +3 +1 +3 +2 +1 +1 21 Novice
Riding, Horse 15RB +2 +2 +1 +1 +3 +2 +1 +1 +2 +1 +1 +1 +3 36 Competent
Running +1 +2 +1 +1 5 Novice
Scavenge +1 1 Novice
Sewing +1 1 Novice
Singing +1 +1 2 Novice
Socialization +3 +5 +1 +1 +5 +5 +5 +2 +4 +2 +2 +5 +2 +2 +2 +2 +1 +2 +1 +2 +1 +1 58 Expert
Stealing +1 1 Novice
Stealth +1 +1 2 Novice
Storytelling +2 +2 4 Novice
Subterfuge +2 2 Novice
Tactics +1 1 Novice
Tanning +1 1 Novice
Teaching +1 +2 +1 3 Novice
Tracking +1 1 Novice
Unarmed Combat +3 3 Novice
Weapon, 'Antler Sword' +1 1 Novice
Weapon, Falx +1 +1 2 Novice
Weapon, Kopis +1 1 Novice
Weaving +2 +1 3 Novice
Wilderness Survival, Plains +2 +2 +1 +1 +1 +2 +1 10 Novice
Wrestling +1 1 Novice



↠ Benshira Heritage: Yahal
↠ 'The Wandering Wildmane' curse
Rufio: A kind soul
Rufio: An aspiring herbalist
Rufio: A humorous woman
Rufio: Superstitious
Rufio: Prefers short hair
Rufio: Brawls with an Olidosapux
Rufio: Kills an Olidosapux
Rufio: Has conviction in her own beliefs
Rufio: Is not an actor
Rufio: Understands not everyone believes in fortine-telling
Rufio: A foreboding dream
Rufio: Stubborn, insisting and creative
Rufio: Makes a mean stew
Rufio: If looks could kill!
Love and grief make good teachers
Rufio: Wastes nothing
Rufio: Envious of Windmarks
Rufio: Regards her mother's book as precious
Secret Lore: Louka and Rufio half-siblings
Rufio: Always up for a challenge
Rufio: Fears Zulrav's Lightning
Deer Antler: Used against wolves
Rufio: Banished from the Wildmanes
Rufio: Says good-bye to Wildmanes
Rufio: Made of many colors
Stormblood Pavilion: Present and future harbor
Wildmane Pavilion: Belongs in the past
Rufio: Trouble-Seeker
Rufio: The Mad Tactician
Rufio: Taken by the Zith!
The fulfillment of a vision with the appearance of another
Rufio: Vengeful toward the zith

Caiyha: Goddess of flora & fauna
Caiyha: The First Witch
Caiyha's Tears
Syna: The sun goddess
Yahal: God of Faith and Purity
Zulrav: Father of storms
Zulrav, very real, storming over our plains
Zulrav: Calmed by Semele's voice
Semele truly does walk our lands
Flower of Storms, Gems, & Beasts: Enchanted a procession of beasts
Enchanted Beasts: "Blessed to guide you in the hard times to come"
Makutsi: Goddess of Water
Lightning Strike Omen: The "Dark One" is near
Grief is the brother of love

Ancestral Story: Ruins after a Great Storm
Mystery surrounding The Dark One
Storytelling: The Dark One
Rumours spread like wildfire in Endrykas
Never leave a Strider behind
Striders are drawn to our gods
Striders' windmarks glow within the presence of our gods
The Third Zith Attack
Moving on is the Drykas way
Pirates attack the drykas
Drykas Culture: Children are sacred

Wildmane: Known as wanderers and wilderness experts
Wildmane: Of the Emerald Clan
Wildmanes: Free-spirited
Wildmanes: Wandering spirits guided by the stars
Wildmane: A small pavilion
The Wildmanes will always party
Wildmanes: Worried for their Ankal
The Wildmane curse will break with Tal’c
Tal'ck: Ankal of the Wildmane Pavilion
Tal'ck: Knows his path
Tal'ck: Abrasive
Tal'ck: Mourning his lost loved ones
Tal'ck: Does not tolerate disrespect
Tal’c: Made cold & reckless by his grief
Tal'c: Blames Rufio
Yama: Wife to Tal'ck
Mar'ck: Son of Tal'ck and Yama
Yama & Mar'ck: Killed in the pirate raid
Raen: Great grandmother to the Wildmane Pavilion
Grandmother Raen: A force to be reckoned with
Grandmother Raen: Lead mare of the Wildmanes
Grandmother Raen: Amazed by Rufio's bond to Ixzo
Alar'ck: The boastful cousin
Alar'ck: Always making jokes
Louka: Rufio's favourite Wildmane
Louka: Lanky and Awkward
Louka: Clumsy but willing to help
Louka: Fearlessly fights the pirates
Louka: Killed in the pirate raid
Farha: Killed in the pirate raid
Masuli: Killed in the pirate raid
Azmere: Watchman with starry eyes
Azmere: Of Stormblood Pavilion, Of Diamond Clan
I'm safe with Azmere
Azmere: Appreciates a blow well landed
Stormbloods: Wandering spirits tied together by their ankal
Stormblood Pavilion: Lodai
Lodai: Imposing Drykas warrior
Rufio & Lodai: "Stare down the wolf"
Stormblood Pavilion: Asher
Asher: Has a bad leg
Asher: Sarcastic grandfather
Jasmine: Strong, beautiful, skilled
Jasmine: Beaten by a violent ankal
Jasmine: Child of an affair
Dravite Blackwater: A man of the Watch
Dravite: Mysterious
Dravite: A brave soul
Dravite Blackwater: A husband, a father
Dravite and Rufio: Comrades in misfortune
Dravite: Abandoned his goddess
Dravite: A good teacher
Dravite: Practiced and methodical
Konrad: Covered in scars
Konrad: Golden eyes
Konrad: Knows no gods
Konrad: Angered at the mention of his scars
Konrad: The Wolf and The Dog
Konrad: Will kill Hypnotists
Konrad: Trusts no one, not the gods, nor the wyrd
Konrad: Haunted by a 'wolf'
Merevaika's return to Endrykas
Merevaika: A childhood friend
Merevaika: The show-off
Merevaika: Can turn into an elk
Ixzo: A Kelvic
Ixzo: Bondmate
Lollu: Not Ixzo's daughter
Ixzo: Born Summer 76th
Ixzo: Cooks a mean elk
Ixzo: Likes hot peppers
Ixzo: A friendly competition between bond sisters
Khida: A kelvic bird
Khida: The Watchful
Emry: Does not believe reading chavi is speaking with the dead
Waisana: Doctor & leader
Sakita The Zavian: Easily spooked
Sakita The Zavian: Loyal and determined
Loha The Strider: Likes to run free
Loha The Strider: Better instincts than his rider
Loha The Strider: Protective warrior

Fortune-telling: What the future holds is what people want to hear most
Reading fortunes is about understanding people
Empathy is a powerful and, sometimes, overwhelming tool
Fortune-Telling: Interpretation is inherently ambiguous
Fortune-Telling: Relying on intuition for interpretations
Fortune-Telling: Three Car Lay - Past, Present, Future
Fortune-Teling: Tarot Card - 'The Fool' means new beginnings, free spirit, courage, renewal
Tarot, Ace of Swords: Sudden change, loss, clinging to old things
Tarot, Ten of Cups: Happiness, love, alignment
Tarot, The Tower: Anguish, pain
Tarot, The Tower - Upright: Disaster, upheaval, change and revelation
Tarot, The Fool - Inverted: Foolishness, risk-taking, recklessness, naivety
Tarot, Nine of Swords: Vengeance
Fortune-telling: Casting bones
Fortune-telling: Casting bones need to be cleansed
Fortune-telling: Never share casting bones with others
Casting Bones: Cleanse by bathing in saltwater then set in Leth's full light
Two types of Fortune Telling: Tarot cards & bone casting
Tarot Card: Specific meaning, questions, answers & seeking direction
Bone Casting: Broad meaning, journey, ancestors & guidance
Reading emotions in body language
Meditation: Relaxing on measured breaths
Medicine: Adrenaline is a powerful hormone
Medicine: Adrenaline is an antidote to drugs
Medicine: Cover a wound with a poultice for healing
Medicine: A poultice forms a healing seal on a wound
Medicine: Visible symptoms of a lightning strike
Medicine: Keep down liquids
Medicine: Knowing the difference between the flu & a cold
Investigation: A new Myrian medicine
Medicine: Checking for signs of heat stroke
Medicine: Pressing to staunch bleeding
Herbalism: Vyfox leaves cleans a wound
Herbalism: Vyfox leaves help blood to clot
Herbalism: Plaintain draws out poisons and infections
Herbalism: Lavender eases pain
Herbalism: Chewing leaves to make a poultice
White Sage infused Olive Oil: Good for healing sore muscles
Herbalism: Comfrey & Forget-Me-Nots staunch bleeding
Yarrow poultice for pain & bleeding
Foraging: Appearance of a bramble bush
Cooking: Stew is better with meat
Hyssop tea has a minty aroma
Cleaning sleeping furs by beating dust & dirt out
Weaving: Do not pull hard enough to break the thread
Weaving: Requires much practice
Weaving: Pinch wool between thumb and finger
Weaving: The thread that you begin with is the leader
Sewing: Sometimes thread doesn't cooperate
Riding: Using your legs
Riding, Horse: Assisting a second rider to mount
Riding, Horse: Weight changes to cue turns
Riding, Horse: Falling from a horse
Riding: Thigh tense & tongue click; to go forward
Riding: "Hyah"; to gallop
Riding: Signalling a halt
Animal Husbandry: Fight the fear & anxiety
Animal Husbandry: Soothing an animal by humming
Grooming: A horse
Horsemanship: Ensuring a good fit in tack
Horsemanship: Gentle words to soothe a horse
Wilderness Survival: Make-shift weapon
Wilderness Survival: Damp kindling will barely hold a flame
Split the wet wood from dry wood
Wilderness Survival: Gathering dried animal dung to fuel a fire
Foraging: Where there is wood look for mushrooms
Fishing: A new experience
Hunting: Pigeon coos will lure away hunting cats
Tracking: Damage to brush from passing animals
Stealing: Appropriating an unattended item in easy reach
Unarmed Combat: Opponents with more weight are hard to pull to the ground
Unarmed Combat: When your hands are bound, use your legs
Unarmed Combat: Groin is an optimal target for kicks
Unarmed Combat: Top of foot is an optimal target for a heel stomp
The kindness of a stranger
Socialization: Celebrating with a feast
Socialization, Myrian: Gifts for birth-days
Rhetoric: Cheering another on
Singing: A Benshiran lullaby
Flirting: Quips to deflect from circumstances
Leadership: Dividing & delegating tasks
Interrogation: Asking clarifying questions
Teaching: Relaying rote information
Persuasion: Tailoring justifications to another's concerns
Persuasion: Reminding a leader he is needed & valued
Observation: The look and feel of quality fabrics
Observation: Using your sense of smell
Organization: Listing tasks by necessity
Never waste that which can be used to create something useful
Planning: Packing for the unknown
Observation: Hearing hoof-beats through the earth
The sensations of a close-by lightning strike

The Sea Of Grass is unforgiving
Wood is rare in the Sea of Grass
Botany: Knot-weed a bamboo-like plant
Voodoo Moss: A powerful herb
Voodoo Moss: A poison in large doses
Yarrow: Appearance & habitat
Plantain: Leaves & plant appearance
Death comes to those trapped in the mud
Mudslides are a danger in torrential rain
Chigrin: Hunts in Wanah'ite

Map x Peoples
Location: Where our Gods brought us peace
Cyphrus Location: Lari River
Cyphrus Location: Wanah'ite
Cyphrus location: Stardown Crater
Endrykas: The Heart Fire
Akalak: The people of Riverfall
Zith: Feed only the special slaves
Zith: Wish to be entertained by slaves
Zith: Will kill useless slaves
Zith: Living within ancient Drykas Ruins

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Postby Rufio on July 12th, 2016, 8:53 pm


Rufio lives with the Stormblood pavilion, as part of the Diamond Clan, in Endrykas.


Image Casting Bones
Image Tarot Card Deck, missing The Fool
Image Lion Bone Carving
Image Antler tips

Image Kopis

3 gold nose-rings
4 underthings
Large mustard wool scarf
Beige crochet vest
Green wool pants
Large beige wool scarf
Beige wool vest▵
Hare fur lined leggings▵
Linen dress
Leather plaited belt
Leather woven sandals▵
Low boots

In Yvas Bags
Large yvas bags▵
Burlap sack for foraging
Eating knife▵
Flint & steel▵

At Pavilion
Stowed between the cart & yvas bags while traveling.

Tooth-powder (16oz)
Wood Brush▵
Sewing Kit

Simple brazier
Rabbit-fur blanket▵
Un-dyed wool rug
Olidosapux horn

Iron kettle
Cooking pot (2-qrt)
2 dinner forks
2 soup spoons
2 clay cups (10oz)
2 clay bowls (8"/28oz)
Jug (32oz)
8 jars (16oz)
Mortar & pestle
Pail (gal)

Honey (2Pts)
Olive oil (3 qrt)
Dried hyssop (1lb)
Dried sage (1lb)
Fresh ginger root (1lb)

Storage cart
One-horse cart harness
Large tent▵
Large tarp▵
Animal grooming kit
Fishing tackle & hooks

Image Loha Strider ♂ 16hh Born SPR 509AV Gruff, courageous, wilful, stubborn
Image Sakita Zavian ♀ 15hh Born SPR 510AV Playful, anxious, impish, faithful

Image Buck Born SPR 514AV Wily, lusty, stubborn, often aggressive
Image Ah Born SPR 511AV Lead doe of the herd, best at finding the sweetest spots to graze, wilful though friendly
Image Ah's kids ♀♂ Born SPR 517AV
Image Buh Born SPR 511AV Sister of Ah, calm, steady & matronly, may bite
Image Kuh Born SPR 515AV Youngest, placid, friendly, a little ditsy
Image Kuh's kid Born SPR 517AV
Image Duh Born SPR 513AV Friendliest, gentle, obedient
Image Duh's kid Born SPR 517AV



75G 8S Mizas
SUM 517 expenses inactive 75G 8S
SPR 517 expenses inactive 75G 8S
4 goat kids -4G 75G 8S
WIN 516 expenses -45G 79G 8S
⅓ WIN 516 WAGES +124G 3S 124G 8S
Fox Pelt, gift for Naiya -5C 5S
Large Exquisite Basket, gift for Naiya -9G 5S 5C
Ginger Root (1lb) -15C 9G 5S 5C
Dried Sage (1lb) -16S 9G 7S
Dried Hyssop (1lb) -16S 11G 3S
FALL 516 expenses -45G 12G 9S
SUM 516 expenses -45G 57G 9S
SPR 516 expenses -45G 102G 9S
Sewing Kit -18G 147G 9S
WIN 515 expenses -45G 165G 9S
⅓ WIN 515 wages +124G 3S 210G 9S
Kopis -4G 86G 6S
Casting Bones -10G 90G 6S
Goat (Buck) -10G 100G 6S
Goats (5 Does) -20G 110G 6S
Large dyed wool scarf -6S 8C 130G 6S
Large wool scarf -3S 131G 2S 8C
Leather boots -6S 131G 5S 8C
Fur-lined hide leggings -8G 132G 1S 8C
FALL 515 Expenses -135G 140G 1S 8C
SUM 515 Expenses -45G 275G 1S 8C
⅓ SUM 515 Wages +123G 319G 1S 8C
Common wool rug -40G 196G 1S 8C
Tarot Card Deck -15G 234G 1S 8C
3 gold nose rings -6G 249G 1S 8C
Animal grooming kit -10G 255G 1S 8C
One-horse cart harness -2G 265G 1S 8C
Cart (3 Person) -15G 267G 1S 8C
Wash basin -2G 282G 1S 8C
Burlap Sack -1S 284G 1S 8C
Pail (gal) -5S 284G 2S 8C
Mortar & pestle -1G 284G 7S 8C
Jug 32oz -2S 285G 7S 8C
Clay dish 8" (2) -8C 285G 9S 8C
Clay cup 10oz (2) -12C 286G 6C
Soup spoon (2) -2C 286G 1S 6C
Dinner fork (2) -2C 286G 1S 8C
Cooking pot, 2-qrt -2S 286G 2S
Iron brazier -5S 286G 4S
Iron kettle -8S 286G 9S
Jar 16oz (9) -9S 287G 7S
Olive oil (1 gal) -5G 288G 6S
Honey (2 pints) -2S 293G 6S
Toothpowder 16oz -1G 2S 293G 8S
Toothbrush -3G 295G
Leather belt -2S 298G
Dyed undergarments (4) -6S 298G 2S
Dyed wool vest -6S 298G 8S
Dyed Wool Pants -1G 2S 298G 8S
Linen dress -4G 300G
Sold backpack▵ +2G 304G
Sold 2 torches▵ +2C 302G
Sold compass▵ +200G 300G
SUM 515 Start +100G 100G

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Postby Rufio on July 12th, 2016, 8:54 pm



Image wildmane
Rufio's birth pavilion

Rufio was once close with her freckled cousins, although she often denounced the 'Wandering Wildmane' curse they so fervently believed haunted the family. When pirates attacked and members were killed in the chaos, the ankal believed the curse rang true. Fearing that Rufio had invoked it, he blamed her and cast her out of the pavilion. Rufio visited once after to say goodbye to her grandmother. Since, she has not seen them. As time passes her hurt fades.

Image ixzo
Met, bonded SPR 516
Killed, unbonded FALL 516

While their bond was short, Ixzo has left her night-lion paw-prints on Rufio's spirit. Rufio has learnt to be fierce, strong, courageous, and, a sense of pride and belonging from the kelvic. Though it has been a year since her death, the kelvic lingers in Rufio's thoughts. From the myrian's influence she seeks to learn the magic of malediction and, fearing to feel so helpless as she did the day Izxo was killed, seeks the skills of a warrior.

Image stormblood
Rufio's adopted pavilion

Here Rufio met an ankal whose deep soul reflected hers, and pavilion sisters that she felt at home with. When her bondmate was killed the following Fall, Rufio found solace in her adopted family. Though she has left them to wander the Sea of Grass—ironically fulfilling the 'Wandering Wildmane' curse—the Stormbloods are the anchor that keeps her tied to where she belongs and keeps her from disappearing like her ancestors.

Met WIN 515

Regarded with respect and admiration at his strength—within as well as in his physical prowess. Rufio finds the Stormblood ankal's presence warm, comforting and tinged with a spark that reminds her of a storm. It has her lightly intimidated, and deeply intrigued.

Met FALL 516 ↞

With hair like golden wheat, eyes like the Bluevein river in Summer and a smile as radiant as Syna's glow, Rufio thinks Jasmine is the epitome of drykas beauty. Rufio enjoys Jasmine's warm and gentle presence. One day she hopes to know her better.

Met FALL 516

Rufio feels a kindred spirit in Taurina, and cherishes her deeply thought-provoking company. The depth of her fondness and affection for the Ethaefal might surprise herself if she ever took the time to think about it. Rufio feels the Ethaefal is destined for something special, quietly believing Taurina is a blessing to the drykas from Leth.

Met FALL 516 ↞

Knowing so little about Haena, or her children, Rufio regards her pavilion sister with welcome and curiosity. She admires her for her talent with herbs and the resilience of her children. Rufio wishes to know her better.

friends, foes, acquaintances
Met as children

Admired for her spirit, her community warmth and her enduring strength. Rufio remembers their childhood adventures with steadfast fondness and cherishes Naiya's presence in her life, however often or little they get to see each other. She feels at home with Naiya, and a sense of belonging without sacrificing any of her wild.

Met as children

If only Rufio knew of her friend's tricks and thieving—would it make her laugh or scowl?! Rufio has fond childhood memories of Merevaika, they were wild, misfits, and since growing into women, Rufio respects Merevaika's independent spirit.
Met WIN 516

Ambivalent, superstitious, fearful, curious—are the words that frame the mixed feelings Rufio has about this foreigner. She finds him intimidating, while at the same time he invokes in her a matriarchal instinct she didn't know she inherited from her Wildmane grandmother. Something about the man feels familiar to her, and this is something that draws her to him. If she could meet the foreigner again, perhaps Rufio would place the familiarity—he reminds her of Ixzo in his fierceness, his temperament, his myrian heritage. Last time they met, she left him with a wolf-fang memento.
Met FALL 516

When mysterious bones were scattered across the Sea of Grass, Rufio joined Khida and The Watch in a hunt for the source. After fighting—and surviving—Yukmen together Rufio harbors respect for the kelvic's ingenuity and ferocity as a warrior.

Met FALL 516

When the healer saved Rufio from a vicious, bloody death at the hands of their zith captors, Rufio was struck with admiration for Waisana's strength. Though she had spent many more moons a prisoner of the zith, Waisana protected Rufio, and the drykas feels indebted to her for that. Now, Rufio avoids thinking back to the season her kelvic bondmate was killed, but there is a part of her that wishes to reunite with Waisana, and know her better.

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Postby Rufio on July 12th, 2016, 8:56 pm


Year 517

Image Rufio spends Spring & Summer wandering the Sea of Grass, leaning on the hospitality of an outlying pavilion. After this time of rest & introspection Rufio decides to return home in Fall on her host ankal's coaxing. Rufio quietly re-kindles her passion for life, sense of family & belonging, and self-discovery.

Spring & Summer

Coming Home Writing Rufio meets a knight whose roots are with the drykas, she tells his fortune
Girl Found Writing Azmere ambushes Rufio before she is ready to return to the pavilion
Ashka's Seeking Writing Ashka seeks a fortune reading

Year 516

Image At the beginning of 516AV Rufio bonds with a night-lion kelvic & soon joins the Stormblood pavilion in the Diamond Clan, finally finding a sense of 'home'. Settling in doesn't last long, though, when zith attack the drykas & her kelvic bondmate dies in rescuing her. Rufio deals with her grief with denial all Fall, until the drykas gods descend to put a stop to blasphemous zealots & in the emotional moment she is reminded of her loss. At the end of Winter, Rufio takes to the Sea of Grass seeking solitude & healing, consequently fulfilling 'The Wandering Wildmane' curse for her family.

The Beginning Rufio bonds with a night-lion kelvic, Ixzo
Feels Like Fever Ixzo takes care of an ill Rufio
Goat Rescue Squad A storm brews, Rufio & her goats are restless

Gone Fishin' Ixzo & Rufio take to the river on a hot Summer's day
Loose Ends Rufio visits her grandmother to say goodbye
Unnamed thread with Naiya Placeholder Naiya and Rufio get up to things
It's The Thought That Counts The Stormbloods celebrate Ixzo's birthday
Seeing Seirei Rufio learns a little about casting bones

Share a Blessing Rufio's oldest friend, Naiya, has a baby
Monstrous Surprises Rufio joins Khida & the Watch to investigate mysterious bones
Monstrous Surprises II Stalled Khida & Rufio fight Yukmen & survive to tell the tale
Seeing Sisquoc Rufio learns a little about casting bones
Writ In Ink Submitted Rufio meets an Ethaefal & trades stories
A Break In The Storm Submitted Rufio spends an afternoon with Jasmine
Shadows and Flame Zith attack the drykas & Rufio is taken!
Newcomers Waisana the healer keeps Rufio alive during their zith captivity
Counter Attack! Submitted Rufio finds her freedom but loses Ixzo

Diamonds in the Rough Azmere takes Rufio in the Sea of Grass to teach her something
Déjà Vu Rufio has visions in a mysterious fog & puts to bed a few ghosts
Bad Beat Rufio tells Konrad's fortune
Trials of a Tempest The Stormbloods weather a storm
Can You Feel It Coming In The Air Tonight? Semele, Caiyha & Zulrav visit the drykas

Year 515

Image As Rufio grows into the drykas life she is met with struggle. Witnessing a man struck by lightning, Rufio suffers nightmares & begins to question her faith. After pirates attack the drykas & the Wildmanes suffer many losses, the pavilion fear that the family curse is real. The Wildmane ankal falls into a bitter depression & fails to lead his family. When Rufio challenges him, she is made scapegoat & banished by her ankal in the cold of Winter.

Simple Things The kindness of a stranger
When the Lightning Strikes A man is struck by lightning & Rufio is haunted by his dying words
Foreshadows Rufio suffers nightmares with a foreboding omen
Flora Fiends Stalled An old friendship with Naiya is rekindled
Déjà Voodoo Rufio follows a dazed Watchman into the Sea of Grass, together they take down an olidasopux
Déjà Voodoo ii Dravite teaches Rufio something about family & belonging

The Dark Rufio suffers nightmares
A Horsey Reunion Rufio meets with old friend Merevaika
Caiyha's Tears Rufio receives a vision from Caiyha

Festival Of The First Frost ii Rufio gets drunk and dances with a mysterious chaktawe woman
Inviting Trouble Rufio tells her Ankal's fortune, unknowingly inviting betrayal
Bone Whispers Rufio picks up casting bones and invites a nightmare
The Bonding A walk turns into an adventure and a strider bonding
Lost Girl Azmere meets Rufio and rescues her from the steppe
Red Sky at Dawn Pirates raid Endrykas and The Wildmane curse reigns strong
In the Wake The Wildmanes struggle to hold together in their grief
It Will Thunder Rufio is banished from The Wildmanes

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