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Postby Ellenwyn on July 26th, 2016, 2:22 am

• Lillianna Strenger •

• Basic Stats •

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 20 years old
Birthday: Winter of 595 AV, 75th Day
Birthplace: Lhavit
Location: Syliras
Occupation: Veterinarian
Lifestyle: Common

• Appearance •

Though the striking qualities of the Inartans skipped over Ellenwyn's mother, their heritage is reflected in all of the young woman's bold features. Soft skin mottled with freckles, contrasting starkly with a naturally pale complexion that deepens through the summer. A round face with eyes like the sky after a storm, framed by a long mane the color of fire, wild and tousled by the wind.

Her lips, as likely to share a smile as they are to twist with a snarl, are often chapped by the sun. Ellen runs small like most of her ancestors, scraping by at 5'2" and 100 pounds. Because of her size she is easily underestimated, but the fiery young woman holds her own. On the back of her right hand, the old scar of her Freeborn brand. Familiar to those who have been to Kenash, but otherwise appearing out of place.

Upon her back, always hidden away from prying eyes, are ten terrible scars. Much more unsightly than a faded burn, the ropey and uneven tissue stand out against her otherwise smooth skin like the claw marks of a vengeful beast. A gift from one of the Magistrate's officers and his merciless whip.

• Character Concept •

(+) A naturally adventurous person, Ellenwyn has always had a sense of wanderlust she could never quite scratch. Her mother always compared her to her grandfather, a wild and untamable Svefra that sailed all of the outer oceans in his youth. This itch leaves her with a reckless sense of bravery and willingness to try anything new, as well as a dangerous draw toward the unknown.

(-) Though a vibrant and lively young woman, Ellen is also the victim of crippling self-esteem issues. This is mostly the product of the scars marring her back, but the negative image she has of her own body has nevertheless rooted so deeply into her psychy that she can't bear to be seen without clothes. Because of this her love life has suffered and rumors have circulated from the tongues of several spurned men that she's an uppity prude.

• Character History •

Ellenwyn's mother and father were both lowborn in their respective cultures. Her mother Nora, a Dek in Wind Reach because of her brown hair. Her father Alexander, a slave in Kenash owned by the Morealis Dynasty. Through years of hard work, each of them climbed the social ranks and shed their shackles. Nora attained the highest honor of Endal after being chosen by a young Wind Eagle named Attica. Alexander became an accomplished glassworker and was ultimately released from servitude to share his trade as a free man, though the brand from his prior years still twisted his cheek.

The two of them met when Alexander traveled to Wind Reach in order to study the Inartan craftsmen. Their courtship was slow, for Nora distrusted the outsider and her eagle was fiercely protective. It was almost a year before the fiery young woman yielded to his advances, but from that point they became inseparable. After a passionate summer together, tragedy struck. Attica succumbed to an unknown sickness, and after a short battle, was suddenly gone. The grief Nora felt for his loss nearly overwhelmed and took her as well.

If not for the discovery that she was pregnant, she might have lost the will to survive. It was then that Alexander decided to take her back to Kenash and leave the painful memories of his wife's lost companion far in the north.

Originally born Lillianna Strenger, named for her father's mother, the young woman grew up relatively privileged in Kenash. Though she witnessed many atrocities as a child, she eagerly listened to the hushed reassurances of parents that benefited financially from the slave system. She spent the first handful of years of her life innocently oblivious to the torture and bloodshed that kept their city running.

It wasn't until she received her Freeborn brand that young Anna began to doubt what she previously found comforting. On that day she came to understand pain for the first time, and saw each cruelly marked slave in a new light. Not long after this shift of perception she met a young Vantha girl owned by the Askara family. Her own brand was as fresh as Lilly's, but their opposing marks each meant something vastly different in their society.

Despite the odds stacked against them, the clinging innocence of childhood allowed them to bond over a mutual love for animals. The Vantha slave, named Ellenwyn and originally from Frostfawn hold, was a gifted handler tasked with working at the Askara Dynasty's stable. As they grew older their bond only managed to strengthen, and Lillianna learned much from her friend.

A New Life
Eventually, Kenash catches up with everyone. No one is safe from the politics and cruelty that strangle the swamp like the coils of a constrictor. Over the years Anna had grown restless and began to feel like an outsider. She felt little pleasure during her days other than what time she spent with Ellenwyn at the stables, but on one day, her friend was nowhere to be found. A week went by and finally it was her father who found her.

It was a hot summer day, the air humid and stagnant. The current Magistrate had posted a warning in the main square. Four naked bodies hanging above the street, bloated and discolored in the sun, each with a crude sign hanging around their bruised necks.


Ellenwyn swayed on the end of the row, insects buzzing about her face and carrion pulling out her hair. It drove Lillianna to madness. Enraged and inconsolable, she attacked one of the Magistrate's peacekeepers. It was only through grovelling by her parents and vast bribes that she kept her life. Instead of joining her beloved friend at the end of the rope, they administered ten lashes as a warning to other sympathizers. She was sixteen years old.

It took months for the physical wounds to heal, giving her enough time to decide it was time to leave Kenash behind. Not only because she would always be suspected of associating with Rujaro, but the psychological damage that remained from the murder of her companion and the personal torture she endured. So she stole away with tobacco traders en route to Zeltiva, travelling with them as far as Syliras.

With Kenash now behind her, Anna decided to abandon her old self and began introducing herself as Ellenwyn - the first name that came to mind. She hasn't looked back since.

• Skills •

Skill Name Skill Points Skill Level Info
Riding: Horse 15/100 Novice 15 RB

Skill Name Skill Points Skill Level Info
# # # #

Skill Name Skill Points Skill Level Info
# # # #

Skill Name Skill Points Skill Level Info
Horsemanship 10/100 Novice 10 SP
Animal Husbandry 10/100 Novice 10 SP
Medicine 10/100 Novice 10 SP
Drawing 10/100 Novice 10 SP
Cooking 5/100 Novice 5 SP
Herbalism 5/100 Novice 5 SP

Fluent: Common
-Her first and primary language, spoken every day.
Basic: Pavi and Grassland Sign
-Ellen picked up enough of the Drykas language through business dealings with the nomadic people to get by with simple conversations.
Poor: Nari
-She learned a few trills and whistles from her mother. Mainly how to introduce herself, ask for help, and then explain how she does not in fact speak Nari.

• Lores •

Lore of Medicine: Disinfecting Wounds
Lore of Animal Husbandry: Equine Anatomy

• Possessions •

-Linen shirt, undyed
-Cotton pants, khaki
-Linen undergarments, undyed
-Wool coat, gray
-Tall leather boots, brown
-Leather belt, brown, steel buckle
-Leather gloves, brown

-Wooden comb and brush
-Toothpaste, 12 oz
-Bar soap

-Preserved rations, 7 days
-Flint and steel

Horse Tack
-Riding saddle
-Bit and bridle
-Saddle pad
-Halter and lead
-Large saddlebags

ImageName: Lady
Age: 8 years old
Height: 14.3 hh
Breed: Grade horse (Eyktolian + Windrunner)
Color: Grullo
Training: Riding
Location: Windmount Stables

Ellenwyn purchased Lady about a year after moving to Syliras. Her intentions that day hadn't been to buy a horse, but when she heard the animal was suffering from colic and founder and was scheduled to be put down, she couldn't stand idly by without trying to help the young beast. Ellen spent weeks nursing the filly back to health, alternating sleeping outside and inside her stall between days of care. Through this stressful period they developed a close bond. When Lady finally recovered she proved to be an trusting and loyal companion.

When she fled Kenash, on top of stealing enough coin to start a new life she also took her mother's old talon sword, the last remnant of a heritage long abandoned. The hilt is smooth glass that when catches the sun shines with a kaleidoscope of colors, and the sharp blade has a slight curve to its shape.

• Property •

Ellenwyn lives in a standard 20x20 apartment in the Maiden District.

Furnishings and Storage :
Hearth, average
Bed, average
Wardrobe, average
Wash basin, average
Chest, average
-Camping gear
End table, average
Dining table, average
4 dining chairs, average
Couch, average
Arm chair, average
Shelf set, average
-4 clay bowls, 28 oz
-4 clay cups, 12 oz
-4 clay tankards, 16 oz
Cupboard, average
-Clay pitcher, gallon
-4 dinner forks
-4 table spoons
-4 dinner knives

• Ledger •

516 AV
Purchase Cost Total
Summer of 516 Wages +552 GM Pending season change
Summer of 516 Expenses -135 GM Pending season change
Summer of 516 Stabling -46 GM Pending season change

Purchase Cost Total
Starting funds +100 GM 100 GM
Leather gloves -1 GM 99 GM
Leather belt, simple buckle -4 GM 95 GM
4 table spoons -4 CM 94 GM 95 CM
4 dinner fork -4 CM 94 GM 91 CM
Toothbrush -3 GM 91 GM 91 CM
Toothpaste, 12 oz -3 GM 88 GM 91 CM
4 clay bowls, 28 oz -16 CM 88 GM 75 CM
4 clay cups, 12 oz -28 CM 88 GM 47 CM
Clay pitcher, gallon -7 CM 88 GM 40 CM
4 clay tankards, 16 oz -36 CM 88 GM 4 CM
4 dinner knives -4 CM 88 GM
Cupboard, average -2 GM 86 GM
Table, average -1 GM 85 GM
Wash basin, average -2 GM 83 GM
Wardrobe, average -2 GM 81 GM
Shelf set, average -5 SM 80 GM 5 SM
Couch, average -3 GM 77 GM 5 SM
Arm chair, average -4 GM 73 GM 5 SM
3 chairs, average -2 GM 4 SM 71 GM 1 SM
Mixed-blood mare -50 GM 21 GM 1 SM
Riding saddle -10 GM 11 GM 1 SM
Bit and bridle -2 GM 9 GM 1 SM
Saddle pad -1 GM 8 GM 1 SM
Large saddlebags -8 GM 1 SM
Halter and lead -1 SM Broke!

• Thread List •

Summer of 516 AV, 5th Day A Song of Summer
Summer of 516 AV, 11th Day An Isur's Trade
Summer of 516 AV, 21st Day All the Pretty Horses
Summer of 516 AV, 42nd Day Sprains and Stallions
Summer of 516 AV, 47th Day The Help
Summer of 516 AV, 48th Day Porcupine's Revenge
Summer of 516 AV, 50th Day The Farmer's Plight
Summer of 516 AV, 61st Day Child's Play
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Character sheet


Postby Astator on August 20th, 2016, 9:12 pm

Welcome to Mizahar! There are a few errors with your character sheet so lets get started

  • As Winter of 516 has not came around yet you would still be 20.
  • Even though you were born near a city, you would not be able to survive being born on the Kabrin Road. Sorry this will need to be changed.
  • Your history contradicts itself. Your parents were slaves (A Dek is pretty much a Slave in Wind Reach) and yet you wrote this:
     the young woman grew up relatively privileged in Kenash. 
    The child of a slave is a... Slave. How are you born a Free Born?
  • How did you learn Pavi? That is a DRYKAS ONLY language and therefore WILL NOT be taught outside of the Drykas. Same goes with Nari being an Inarta only language and wouldn't be taught outside of Wind Reach.
  • Your Lores are TOO many. It is ONE specific bit of information for each lore. You are granted 2 lores at started. You have.... 5 total, lumped into two...
  • You can ONE heirloom. The money you stole would be your starting money, fine. But you cannot have both a Talon Sword And the scabbard... Also, how is a Dek in Wind Reach getting a Talon Sword?
  • Also! You have mentioned Fall Expenses and Summer threads... Well, hate to tell you this but your Fall expenses need to be Summer Expenses... You must pay for the Summer.

Once you have completed what I have asked please let me know via Private Message.

Thank you,
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