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Beauty and the Beast

Postby Amelia on August 8th, 2016, 8:30 pm

31st Summer

Despite her somewhat rigid beliefs pertaining to social convention and law, Amelia (wrongly) liked to think herself as open-minded. She could just about forgive a person for wearing pink and orange together (although pink and red was unforgiveable and quite possibly the most reliable sign of madness and/or colour blindness), and likewise she understood that not everyone had been given the countless lessons in social etiquette that she had received as a child.

But even a patient, charitable and all round flawless person such as Amelia found herself a little jarred by the appearance of the woman who now stood before her. Her eyes darted from the mohawk (an actual mohawk, really?!), to the earrings (are they bones?!) to the hideous eye tattoo that stared right back at Amelia from the woman’s forehead.

And the blonde, unable to stop herself, flinched and gave a dramatic little gasp.

The act was soon swallowed up by a tiny cough, a readjustment of Amelia’s posture that indicated her self-control had once again got her initial shock under control. She stood there, the vision of a perfectly groomed young Lhavitan socialite, opposite a woman who could only be described as…


Amelia gulped, still taken aback by the sight in front of her, if no longer openly horrified. “Oh. Hello. I’m Amelia.” She said cautiously, her clipped pronunciation softened by her intense astonishment at the appearance of the woman. She was utterly taken aback; Amelia could spot at least six of the most basic fashion laws that had been broken in the single individual who now stood before her.

I get that most people aren’t as stylish as I am, but this is a whole new level…

Still, Amelia gestured to the materials and tools that lay on her table. If there was ever a woman who was in dire need of a make over and style advice, it was this poor creature. Quite quickly the seamstress’ surprise gave way to something else; pity and a desperate need to show this woman the Light. “I’m giving free make overs and style advice today. So if you’re interested, I can sketch you a couple of new outfit plans,” How much easier it was for Amelia to pull herself together when she was no longer looking at the woman! Her green eyes thus remained trained on the silks and cottons that she now touched, “or perhaps give you a make over, or…” Unavoidably her green eyes lifted back to the face of the strange woman. It took every inch of self-control for Amelia not to grimace, “…a new way to style your…” She swallowed as her gaze rose higher and higher, to the very tips of the woman’s ridiculous mohawk, “hair..?”

And so, with great effort, Amelia pulled her painted lips into a smile that she could only hope concealed her utter terror.
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Beauty and the Beast

Postby Urkut on August 9th, 2016, 5:00 am

Urkut snorted at the woman's words in disdain before she could stop herself. Amelia was obviously a Lhavitian by birthright, and yet she hardly spoke Common! How ignorant!

She seemed more involved in her fabrics and tools than in her customer, which made Urkut wonder at how she had ever succeeded as a business woman with her attitude. Perhaps, Urkut thought, She hasn't been a good business woman, and that's why she must resort to giving free makeovers and advice. The poor thing works for free.

"I am Urkut of the Tiger Eyed clan in Taloba." She introduced herself formally, as she usually did, so that her companion would feel they knew her well. However, Amelia seemed to skip right over the name. At first offended, pity soon washed over the Myrian as she listened to the woman struggle for words.

“I’m giving free make overs and style advice today. So if you’re interested, I can sketch you a couple of new outfit plans, or perhaps give you a make over, or……a new way to style your…hair..?”

Urkut raised her eyebrows as if impressed and nodded encouragingly. Yes, hair is the word. You've got it; good job. She returned Amelia's tense and nervous smile with what she hoped was a gentle one of her own to show acceptance of the mistakes she would make.

"I would like makeovers, I think. And maybe new style for hair, if you think of better one." Her hand reached up to slick back her perfectly styled hair, which popped up again of its own accord. She was proud of her hair, but she would allow Amelia to touch it as long as she did no permanent damage.

"You show me first what you are doing and I will let you go." Realizing this sounded a bit insulting to the woman's competence, she quickly reassured her. "I am nervous for new looking, and so I want to see before, you know? I will not be surprised that way." It was a lie, of course, but hopefully just a white lie to save Amelia's feelings.
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Beauty and the Beast

Postby Madeira Craven on February 1st, 2019, 6:09 pm

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  • Observation: 1xp
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  • Acting: concealing disgust
  • Lore of the fashion flaws of the wild woman

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-Mizas spent

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