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Postby Kiera on August 15th, 2016, 7:04 am

⚜ Kiera ⚜


⚜ Demographics

Race: Mixed [Half-Vantha]
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 4’ 11’’
Weight: 103lbs
Birthday: 21, Winter, 500 AV
Birthplace: Kenash
Status: Freeborn(?)

Location: Kenash


Standing at just 4 feet and 11 inches (5’ 0’’ With boots), Keira does not look like she can do much and that is not too far from the truth, physically anyways. With sleek black hair and bright brown eyes inherited from her Vantha mother, the girl looked too soft to be of much harm. It did not help that the roundness of her face is accented by loose bangs and a waterfall of hair she often let flow or braided and slung over a shoulder. She wears, what she can get, though an item that never changes is the item she wears around her neck. It is usually adorned with a simple black choker, the only other personal item she has left from her household.

At work as a maid at an inn, Keira dons a disguise in hopes of making it easier for her to move around undetected. Her normal dark hair is usually pulled up and tucked beneath a blonde wig which is half pinned, away from her face. The dress she wears is brown in color and standard in shape but a lot nicer than the one she wears away from work. An apron is often secured to her small body to keep grime from damaging the outfit.

Picture :

⚜ Character Concept

Dethroned ‘princess’ of her family, Kiera knows that it is like to be at the top and then topple to the bottom, hard. Once hailing from the well to do Lorak Dynasty(due to blood relation*), the young girl was educated, curious, and soft. She was also a child that had wanted nothing and needed nothing. She was set, so to speak, until her family took a turn for the worst. All it took, was one botched move for a bid to power and the entire family was eliminated. The once sheltered girl was forced to grow up fast to survive at the bottom of the social ladder. All it took, was a few weeks, for her to understand that the world was much, much, darker than the image her mother and father had painted her. Stripped bare of what she knew, Kiera was turned into the very thing she had been raised to fear. Now lower than scum, the girl flits through life, as nothing, hiding, biding her time, and plotting. Vengeance burns deep within her and nothing is going to stop her from exacting her revenge against those that she feels are responsible for her loss. It is what drives her, beyond her want to right some of the wrongs in the world. That last ideal, though, does not quite stop her from being malignant.

Shrewdness was and is a learned trait but it is one that is still tempered by the still quite white morals she has. There are lines she has yet needed to cross but her hands are at the very least, dirty enough for her to know that things cannot stay as they are forever. It is simply hard to discard who you are at the core. Behind the hard shell, she now carries lies the more, innocent child that is willing to lay her life on the line for the people she cares and once cared about. That is not to say that she will not readily throw herself away if the need finally arises. She lives for the absolutes and firmly believes that complaining is useless. That it is whining, if a solution is not proposed, and whining, will not bring back her family nor fix the space they left behind.

*Vantha mother is cousin to Doromer Jalius Lorak

⚜ Character History

Kiera, has not always been known as Kiera. Just a little over a year before, she was known as someone else. Someone, who once been much, much, happier.

Not all children are born with a silver spoon, but in the case of a Reika Adonai, the child was blessed enough to be just that. Born to a human father and a Vantha mother, Reika, was a child that was loved and cherished by her parents. Eventually the only daughter of the family, the girl managed to grow up never lonely. Her parents were around and they were an intimate bunch, though, where everyone seemed to know each other and every little information seemed to be shared. Life in the girl’s home was pleasant, she knew not of the harshness of the world, only the finery the rich could afford.

Growing up in that environment left her stunted in many ways. There was no danger for her to hone her senses with, there was no imminent threat of hunger, driving her to work. So the girl mostly existed as a little princess; taught only the basic necessities of the inner workings of a Dynasty when she was old enough to sit still. Days would pass by in a series of lessons and play. There was nothing she was left needing or wanting. Everything was as happy as it could be for the growing girl, but behind the joy lay something just a bit darker. Rank was rank, and power was power; everyone loved power and Reika’s parents were no exception. Once a humble home, the two had slowly grown dissatisfied with their lack of prestige and in a bid for more power, the two incubated a scheme that might have bolstered their climb to the top if not for a….minor setback. In their bid for influence, the both of them unwittingly slighted a fellow member of their Dynasty. That particular hiccup would eventually cost them and the immediate family, their freedom and lives.

Betrayed by the people Reika once considered her family, the young girl was forced to watch as one by one, the proverbial guillotine was brought down upon her close family members. If one was not killed, one was sold into slavery. Maybe it was luck, maybe it was a mother’s love, but ultimately sacrifice made an opening for Reika to escape. At a not so young age of 15, the girl was left with no other choice to feel her home and the bloodbath in that aftermath. Tossed into the streets with no knowledge of just how harsh the world is, the poor child was pushed to grow fast if she wanted to survive. So grow, was what she did. What she lacked in physical fortitude she made up in mental strength. It would be what would keep her alive in the harsh city.

For a little over a year, Reika stuck to the shadow as if she was its’ second skin and changed her name. And so, Kiera was born. Discarding her name had been easy enough with the hatred she bore. The once soft girl bore more edges, and as she grows, so does the anger that she keeps bubbling inside her. It was her drive and it continues to burn brighter and brighter. Selling what little she had to buy what she hoped she would need, the girl now primarily works under disguise for stay and tips at one of the inns around Kenash.
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Keira Adonai

Postby Kiera on September 10th, 2016, 5:03 am

⚜ Proficiency

Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Vani
Poor Language: N/A

Skill Exp Total Proficiency
Disguise 26SP +1 27 Competant
Intelligence 14SP 14 Novice
Observation 5SP +2 +2 +1 +1 +2 13 Novice
Running +1 1 Novice
Skill Exp Total Proficiency
Socialization +2 +1 3 Novice
Rehtoric +1 1 Novice
Philosophy +1 +1 2 Novice
Antropology +1 1 Novice

Skill Exp Total Proficiency
Playing the Lyre 5SP +2 7 Novice
Story Telling +10 RB 10 Novice
Drawing +2 +13 Novice

Dynasty history
Knowledge of Etiquette
Music: Vantha Lullaby
Gile: Pleasant but a Little Odd
Gracefully saying "No"
Never Turn Down Free Food
Kenash After Dark: Not a Good Place for Kiera
Better Dead than a Slave
Gile: Not Normal, but Kind
The Naivete of Big Dreams
Kenash Corrupts Everyone
Blessed with the Company of Books
The Gift of a Slave
Kor: Kelvic Slave... and Friend
The Sadness of Mortality
Researching Kelvics
Kor: Protector and Friend
My Vow Never to be Helpless
The Agony of Losing a Friend
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Keira Adonai

Postby Kiera on September 10th, 2016, 5:06 am

⚜ Possesions
Simple dress
Simple Undergarments
Simple Cape, Full
Boots, High
Apron (Work Apron)
Cotton Dress (For Work)
Wig, Blonde
Red Ribbon (Gile's Gift)
1 Waterskin

1 Backpack which contains:
Brush (Wood)
Map, Kanesh
Water Pack

3 Gold Mizas
Heirloom: Mother’s Necklace

Housing: In a spare room, inside the The Fantasia Zulaca where she works at.
House: N/A

⚜ Ledger

Event Change Total
Starting 2 gm +0 2gm
Gile's Gift +1 and Red Ribbon 3gm
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Keira Adonai

Postby Kiera on September 10th, 2016, 5:55 am

⚜Thread List

Pet Series In which a pet forces Kiera to grow.
A Slave Kiera receives a gift from her father, a very special gift.
A Friend Kiera is in for a bit of a surprise.
Family Things are looking a lot more strained for Kiera
Nothing In which Kiera feels a lot more and a lot less all at once.

Summer | 516AV
Pluck, Plink, Kaching (Gile) [Summer- Year 516 AV] Help a poor girl earn money...or not--
Surprise Visit (Gile) [45th of Summer- Year 516 AV] In which Kiera barges in for help.
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